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Welcome to Mga KapatidĘźs 28th Annual Pilipino Culture Night! Since 1987, the UC Davis Filipino American community has come together to produce our annual Pilipino Culture Night. Our student-run and studentwritten show provides not only a showcase of our passions, but offers an insight into our perspective as Filipino Americans. It is our goal to promote, preserve, and honor our Filipino heritage, while touching upon the varying issues and concepts that affect our community today For the members of the UC Davis Filipino American community, PCN serves as a way for us to express ourselves through performance, learn and teach about our culture and social issues, and bond with fellow students. Being one of the largest events of the year, PCN brings together students from all seven Filipino American organizations and requires yearlong dedication and commitment from many hard working participants. We are extremely thankful for everyone who has helped and supported us along the journey. We hope that each member of the audience enjoys and accepts our message with a clear mind and an open heart. On behalf of the cast and crew, we present to you Mga KapatidĘźs 28th Annual Pilipino Culture Night: A Forgotten Story. Enjoy the show and we hope you are entertained and inspired! In family, culture, and fun, Kristy Lauron Michael McClain


A ForgotTEN Story mga kapatid's 28th annual pilipino culture night


act two

Scene 1: Your Move


burong talo

Scene 1: Judgment

Scene 2: A Hard Dayʼs Work

Scene 2: Be Careful

Scene 3: Batara Dinner

Scene 3: Listen to Me!

Scene 4: The Fernandez

Scene 4: The Showdown


Scene 5: Savage?


Scene 6: The Hand

Scene 5: The Datuʼs Visit


Scene 6: Gossip Ladies

Scene 7: My Brothers


Scene 8: Civilize Em with a

Scene 7: The General and the



Scene 9: Thatʼs Enough

Scene 8: The Unlikely Friends

Scene 10: If You Love Him

Scene 9: The Camp

Scene 11: I Trust You

Scene 10: Abal Ali



Scene 12: Generalʼs Orders

Scene 11: The Handsome

Scene 13: Guidance of Allah


Scene 14: The Plan

Scene 12: Benevolent Assimi�

Scene 15: Crossroads


Scene 16: Major John Rogers

Scene 13: My Choice

Scene 17: Brothers and

Scene 14: A Gesture of Affec�



Scene 18: The Forbidden Love



Scene 15: The Grand Scheme



Scene 19: My Children

Scene 16: Alive?

Scene 20: The Betrayal

Scene 17: Silence

Epilogue: War


ENCore intermission

mk choir mk modern jk modern


background historical background

Our story takes place in the aftermath of the Philippine-American War (1899-1902) and the onset of the Moro Rebellion (1899-1913) on the southern island of Mindanao. After the United States formally annexed the Philippines in 1902, U.S. forces moved to expand beyond a military presence and implemented reforms that affected all aspects of civilian life. While many regions in the north adopted U.S. colonization rule, ethnic Muslim rebels in the south fiercely resisted such efforts. The American tried to alleviate the conflict by recruiting Moro constables (an equivalent to a soldier) and establishing the Moro constabulary. However, on the brink of ethonocide, the rest of the Moro people fought to preserve their way of life and resist foreign rule through a series of armed conflicts that often times led to the massacre of entire communities by troops led my Americans.

terms used during our production of "a forgotten story�

As-salamu alaikum - Peace be with you, Peace be unto you, Hello, Goodbye Wa-Alaikum-as-Salaam - and peace be upon you Mga Anak - My children Bismillahi wa'ala baraka-tillah. - In the name of Allah and with the blessings of Allah� (an Islamic prayer before eating) Moro people - Muslim people of the Philippines

During the play, we ask that all audience members please respect the cast and silence all phones. No flash photography is allowed. Maraming Salamat Po!


pcn creative team

The PCN Creative Team consists of highly talented PCN members whose creativity makes this production possible. From backdrops to costumes to the program youĘźre holding right now, these people are responsible for everything youĘźll see tonight.

PCN Coordinators Kristy Lauron Michael McClain


Gino Lucas


Rondalla Director Cyril Milendez

Costume Coordinator Miguel Bagsit

Costume Team

PCNterns: Admin

Krystienne Delarosa Katrina Hermoso Nicole Uychiat

Matthew Estipona Miguel Guerrero Marvin Nugal

Jasmine Dayrit Hillary Estrella Sabrina Lee Sheila Tuldanes


Stage Manager

Graphic Designer


Asst. Stage Manager

Lighting/Sound Designer

Scenic Designer

Sound Tech

Music Directors

Head Make-Up Artist

Carlo Maskarino Lindsay Antonio

Marvin Nugal Bryan Eglan Yvette To

Isabel Bagsik

Regina Agulto

Daniel Aniciete Alaina Kyra Cagalingan Matthew Yasay Vanessa De Cambra Brandan Nhan Joel Ramirez

Laryl Li

Zion Mengesha


president's address Welcome to Mga Kapatidʼs 28th Annual Pilipino Culture Night! We present to you our rendition of a long standing tradition honored by the Fil-Am Community at UC Davis celebrating our culture, experiences, and expression. Pilipino Culture Night, or PCN, is a yearlong production. The show is written, planned, and performed entirely by students. We often joke that the process involves “no adults, just us kids”, and while we are grateful for the support of all community members, faculty, family, and friends, PCN provides the unique opportunity to showcase what passionate and dedicated students can achieve. Months of long hours, shared Sundays, and late night rehearsals culminate to much more than just a performance. Rooted in “family, culture, and fun”, PCN is our opportunity as a Fil-Am Community to demonstrate our rich history and progress in higher education and cultural expression. Mga Kapatid or MK, translated as “My Brothers and Sisters” was founded in 1969, answering a call for student activism in regards to Filipino-American representation on the UC Davis campus. Mga Kapatid developed a strong foundation for Fil-Am students, but the wide variety of passions and career paths in the community called for greater outlets for expression and support. 46 years after MKʼs establishment, there are now 7 different organizations that make up the Fil-Am community. Each organization offers unique experiences individually, but combined provide a resilient and welcoming home that both enriches and challenges any person looking to get involved. I would like to thank the 6 other Fil-Am organizations, past and present leaders, and anyone that ever contributed to the growth of this community for providing not only a support system for their members, but also for creating a space for cultural appreciation, critical thinking, academic retention and leadership development. Whether you are an audience member or a participant, Pilipino Culture Night is a one of a kind experience. For the past 27 years, PCN has evolved, shedding light on the struggles, fears, and accomplishments of Pilipin@s and Filipino-Americans alike. Through the dances, stories, and bonds we share, we often find that although settings may change, we can always find a way to connect with our roots. Tonight, as we write the next chapter in Pilipino Culture Night history, we hope that you can connect and find yourself within our story, and within the people. PCN is not just a show, but a family and experience, living and breathing by all who take part in it. We hope to leave you feeling empowered and inspire to share or find your passions as we all have on that stage. Above all, we hope you enjoy the experience! In family, culture, and fun, Alyssa Marie Limbo Mga Kapatid President 2014-2015


mk board

The purpose of this organization is to provide personal, social, cultural, and academic support as well as spread political awareness and consciousness on issues relevant to the Pilipin@ American community. Furthermore, we strive and encourage the purposes and activities of all Filipino American organizations to enhance appreciation for Pilipin@ culture and heritage; to promote appreciation for, and develop the significance of the Pilipino community in the University of California, Davis and in todayĘźs society; and to always aspire to maintain an organizational atmosphere that lives up to our name, Mga Kapatid.


Alyssa Limbo

Vice President Annica Asilo


Elena Nicdao


Abby Saavedra

Academics Chair Archie Tan

Big/Lil Sib Coordinators Alex Chan Mellanie De Guzman

Community/Cultural Chairs Nikko Alegre Adrian Ang

Fundraising Chair Annie Yu

Balitaan Editor

PCN Coordinators Kristy Lauron Michael McClain


Katherine Clavel

MK Choir Rep John Saludez

MK Dance Troupe Rep Alyssa Binongcal

MK Modern Rep Kenji Santillan

Sports Coordinator Monica Gonzales

Public Relations Robie Camaquin Sidney Salvador

Trips Coordinator Almany Kabba

Webmaster Irina Adao

Abby Salvador


from our director and scriptwriters “We are brothers and sisters, mga kapatid tayo.” If thereʼs an event I have always looked forward to, itʼs the two days in May that sum up a yearʼs worth of dedication. This is the place where friendships are made, first opportunities are given, and that PCN Magic unfolds right before your eyes. To think, after sacrificing our Sundayʼs, our weekday nights, and sleep for many months now, there are only three chances to share that with you. Afterwards, it all becomes a memory that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. My upperclassmen friends really didnʼt lie when they said youʼll never get an experience like PCN ever again, and I never fully understood that until now. PCN allows all of these people, whether they identify as Filipin@-American or not, to learn and continue the different stories and traditions that make up the country in which our parents and grandparents came from. This yearʼs play is entitled “A Forgotten Story.” It delves into a time after the American occupation of the Philippines and the Muslim people who live in the South. Though stories like these are rarely told, that does not mean they never happened. Every culture has stories that have been lost, hidden, or even forgotten. In order to find these stories, we have to dig and search for them. This is why this production is so important. If there was no one to bring these stories to light, then no one would hear about them again. The same goes for why we perform traditional dances and present them to a modern audience. This is our past, our struggle, and our story. Last year, I addressed a saying we have in Davis, “everyone has a story.” Tonight is just another extension of that saying. PCN is not just a yearʼs worth of the clichéd “blood, sweat, and tears,” but a culmination of four years of love for my community. My hope is that whether you are a parent, a friend, or a future UC Davis student, you are able to realize why this event has meant everything to me during my college career. We call ourselves a Fil-Amily for a reason. This is our home away from home and tonight, we are inviting you in it to share this experience with us. On behalf of everyone involved, thank you for supporting PCN and making sure our stories will never be forgotten. This is still what dreams are made of. - Gino Lucas, The Director

When you ask your fellow Filipino Americans about Muslims in the Philippines, their responses would likely be somewhere along the lines of “conflict,” “rebels,” “massacre,” “terrorists,” and quite possibly “Abu Sayaff.” Yet many of us have little to no understanding of where such presumptions are rooted. A Forgotten Story sheds light on the period of Filipino history that is often overlooked and left untold. What we as young Filipino Americans are told, unfortunately, are lingering opinions of that time that border the lines of prejudice and bigotry. Parents and grandparents describing Filipino Muslims to their children as “terrorists.” What many of us do not know is that they have endured decades of discrimination, as they continue to be pushed out from their lands by non-Muslim Filipinos. Our goal is to create a room for understanding. The majority of the Moro people simply want to live peacefully, yet weʼve let the actions and words of a very few represent the Muslim culture. We hope that A Forgotten Story will spark within others the need for understanding and appreciation, especially towards our fellow kababayan. We hope that you enjoy our production and that it provides a proper means of looking back at our own history to better understand what it means to be Filipino. - Matthew, Miguel, and Marvin, The Scriptwriters


acting cast

A Forgotten Story explores a neglected aspect of Philippine history of the Islamic regions of the country, telling the story of two brothers, Liban and Abyan Batara, during the American occupation from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. The elder Liban believes in a diplomatic solution and joins the newly formed Moro Constabulary within the American military forces, while Abyan is skeptical of their motives. Exposed to a new culture and ideas, they separate on their ideology regarding coexistence with the American forces, all while witnessing a conflict unfold at large. A Forgotten Story explores themes of family and cultural identity while examining the interaction among different socio-economic groups prevalent during the period.


Zac Bides

Aling Josephina

Darlene Varquez


Kenji Santillan

Dona Pena

Kristy Lauron

Maria Elena

Sandrine Lipana

Datu Ali

Derrick Tran


Abby Salvador

General Walker

Michael McClain


Alyssa Limbo

Major Rogers

Almany Kabba


Ryne Hirang

Maria Carmina

Katherine Clavel

Don Fernandez

Gabe Ricafrente

Maria Christina

Gennina Bautista


Chryslea Cosme

Dona Fernandez Danielle Magadia


stage crew

The stage crew will help immerse you into the acting experience! These members set up and clear the stage to make sure A Forgotten Story runs smoothly. In order to make this story into a reality on stage, our light and sound technicians set all the light cues and sound clips that capture the essence of this time period. These two are essential to bringing the excitement and tension on stage! Stage Manager Carlo Maskarino Assistant Stage Manager Lindsay Antonio


Stage Crew Henry Wijaya Clarissa Aben Aira Ariola Elline Unisa Li-Wei Chu Kristell Ng Yodit Chere Rheanna Ostrea Michelle Cordero Nikko Carino (lights) Grace Chung (lights) Jeffrey Tai (lights) Cara Liao Jonathan Abel

rondalla and percussion

Some of the dances you will see tonight are accompanied by our live rondalla - an ensemble of stringed instruments such as the guitar, bandurria, octavina, and laud. Other dances are accompanied by our percussion section, which include the kulingtan and agung. Thank you Herna Cruz-Louie and Ervin Lopez for teaching our members how to play these instruments! Rondalla Director Cyril Milendez from ACPA/USF Christina Solitaria Ervin Lopez Herna Cruz-Louie Junn Geronimo Zach Raha

Members Yvette To Freddie Rayray April de la Fuente Bryan Eglan Mariella Manalac Katrina Hermoso Cyril Millendez Chryslea Cosme Jacqueline Reyes


jk modern

JK Modern is an all inclusive dance that is hip hop based but incorporates different styles, this year we have mixed hip hop cha cha and traditional dance styles. JK Modern this year is paying homage to its history. For this year the piece is a throwback to all the great moves and memories of JK in the past while putting our twist on them. Choreographer Almany Kabba Dancers Vanessa DeCambra Ocampo Brandan Nhan Rhea Lynn Mellanie DeGuzman Melanie Shem Annica Asilo Annie Yu


Krystienne Delarosa Alex Chan Alex Pura Elena Nicdao Nicole Uychiat Noelle Bondoc Adrian Cristobal Lindsay Antonio And so many more!

burong talo and asik

A fight between the Land and Sky Burong Talo is a dance displaying a form of martial arts of the Taosug people in Jolo, Sulu. The dance mimics a fight between a hawk and cat. Each warrior wields a fan and sword as they fight jump, and run across the stage showing their agility and strength.

Choreographer Trystan Velasco Dancers Cats


Alex Pura Almany Kabba CJ Lopez Nikko Alegre

Archie Tan Gerald Evangelista JP Ableda Nikko Carlino



Tinolabong is a traditional Filipino folk dance originating from the mountain people of Panilan and Loctugan, Capiz. It is a dance that imitates the movement of the Tolabong bird , which sits on the back of caraboas pecking at various insects.

Choreographer Nikko Alegre Dancers Nikko Alegre Adrian Ang Michael Baliton BJ Bautista Adrian Cristobal Kawayan De Guzeman Joel Ramirez Justin Tufono


Irina Adao Lindsay Antonio Jasmine Dayrit Francesca Dolor Lauren Elizabeth Ria Flores Ashley Jones Rheanna Lynn Kristell Ng Nicole Uychiat


Jovencita means "young lady" in Spanish. This Maria Clara dance is usually performed at a woman's debut or wedding. It originated from a love ballad written for a woman who then choreographed a habanera dance to accompany it. The motions of the dance show off the grace and beauty of the dancers.

Choreographers Sandra Gutierrez Justine Mercadal Dennison Gallardo

Dancers Irina Adao Jessica Agcanas Leslie Aniciete Alaina Cagalingan Mellanie De Guzman Jennifer Escobar Ria Flores Ashley Jones Bernice Lacerna Catherine Lopez Melanie Shem Melissa Villaber



Also known as Sayaw ed Tapew na Bangko, this dance is from the Pangasinan province in Luzon, Philippines. This lively dance is usually danced in town fiestas. Dancers test their balancing skills as they walk, jump and spin on and around the narrow benches. As the dance progresses, benches are stacked on top of one another.

Choreographers Patrick Ancheta Chryslea Cosme

Dancers Isabel Bagsik Gary Tam Sandrine Lipana Alex Pura Aurora Sanchez Andrea Arrojado Jessica Rose Agcanas Alyssa Binongcal Annica Asilo Catherine Lopez Bernice Lacerna Melissa Villaber Chloe Hofschneider SarahJo Arrojado Matthew Galang


Adrian Racela JP Abeleda Trystan Velasco Patrick Ancheta Sandra Gutierrez Leslie Aniciete Donita Barrameda Joel Ramirez III Adam Mauricio Solon Yiu Eric Man Lee CJ Lorenzo Kawayan De Guzman Chryslea Cosme


The Nilambay is a minetic folk dance from the municipality of Tubigon in the western part of Bohol. The dance is a mime of the side-walking of the blue crab.The title of the dance thus translated is "in imitation of the blue crab.

Choreographer Michael McClain Dancers Abby Saavedra Adrian Ang Alex Pura Alex Chan Allie Young Almany Kabba Alyssa Binongcal Alyssa Limbo Andrea Arrojado Annica Asilo Annie Yu Archie Tan Elena Nicdao Francesca Dolor

Irina Adao Julius Pasion Katherine Clavel Kristy Lauron Lauren Elizabeth Melanie Shem Mellanie De Guzman Monica Gonzales Nathan Galicia Nikko Alegre Robie Camaquin SarahJo Arrojado Sidney Salvador Veronica Fuente



Waltz is a classic, ballroom dance performed in triple time. As a smooth & progressive dance, it exists in many forms - each exhibiting elegance. Our routine incorporates fast turns, quick steps, and stunts for a

Choreographers Veronica dela Fuente Alyssa Binongcal


Dancers Melissa Villaber Kelly Wen Abby Saavedra Veronica dela Fuente Alyssa Binongcal Gennina Bautista Sandrine Lipana Sidney Salvador Monica Gonzales Irina Adao Ashley Jones Lindsay Antonio Lauren Padron Noelle Bondoc Ria Flores Jessica Agcanas Hannah Divino Sandra Gutierrez Chryslea Cosme Donita Barrameda Tammie Landicho Chloe Hofschneider Annie Yu Jilaine Abad Kristy Lauron Melanie Shem Hilary Estella

Aurora Sanchez CJ Lorenzo Mariella Manalac Adrian Racela Amberly Hsieh Patrick Ancheta Julianne Sison Jorvic Ramos Melissa De Guzman Alvin Gerald Samson Erika Fernandez Eric Lee Bernice Lacerna Rigo Aczon Aira Ariola Derrick Tran Mary Serafin Gabe Ricafrente Grace Sim Justin Tufono Matthew Galang JP Abeleda Joel Ramirez III Henry Wijaya Zac Bides Bryan Eglan Alex Pura Nikko Carino BJ Bautista Adrian Zamora Carlo Maskarino Jeffrey Tai Almany Kabba Brandan Nhan Alex Chan Gerald Evangelista Robie Camaquin Nikko Alegre Kenji Santillan Ryne Hirang Daniel Cababaro Adrian Cristobal Michael McClain John Martin De Guzman TJ Velasco


During each 13th moon, the Tagbanua Tribe of Palawan, believe that goddesses (diwata) descend on earth to celebrate good harvest, to heal the sick, and to celebrate with the tribe.

Choreographer Michael Baliton

Dancers Martin De Guzman Alex Pura Liane Hoang Noelle Bondoc Jonathan Abel Alyssa Binongcal Melissa De Guzman Katherine Clavel Henry Wijaya Kristy Lauro Kelsie Nebreda Annica Asilo CJ Lorenzo Arianna Dela Ross Jasmine Dayrit

Adrian Cristobal Gabe Ricafrente Rheanna Ostrea Chryslea Cosme Almany Kabba Donita Barrameda Lauren Padron Jilaine Abad Mona Mesa Nenette Tong Elena Nicdao Krystienne Delarosa Kelly Wen Nicole Uychiat Erika Fernandez Kristell Ng



Tinikling is one of the Philippine's most well-known traditional dances. The dancers imitate the tikling bird's swift movements as it maneuvers through grass stems, tree branches, and bamboo traps set by rice farmers. Dancers step through and in between a pair of bamboo sticks as two people clap the sticks together.

Choreographers Rigo Aczon Aurora Sanchez


Dancers Patrick Ancheta Adrian Ang DJ Aniciete Christabel Asuncion Alyssa Balisacan Vanessa De Cambra Bryan Eglan Katrina Hermoso

Tammie Landicho Tiffany Le Julian Merino Brandan Nhan Abby Saavedra Gary Tam Matt Yasay Annie Yu


Thanksgiving festivals are one of the many occasions for tribal celebrations. The movements in this dance of the Ifugao tribe, imitates those of a rooster scratching the ground. This symbolizes a thanksgiving prayer to the god Kabunian for a bountiful harvest of rice. Both men and women express their joy in this thanksgiving.

Choreographers Annica Asilo Almany Kabba

Dancers Abby Saavedra Adrian Cristobal Alex Pura Almany Kabba Alyssa Limbo Annica Asilo Annie Yu BJ Bautista Chryslea Cosme Derrick Tran Elena Nicdao Francesca Dolor

Gabe Ricafrente Jasmine Dayrit Jed Marvin Nugal Joel Ramirez Kat Zon Clavel Kristy Lauron Michael McClain Monica Gonzales Niki Torneros Noelle Bondoc Patrick Ancheta Ricky Tan Ryne Hirang Sidney Salvador Venice Santos

Special Thank You to Kyle Pengosro and family.


la jota manilena

The Jota is a Spanish-influenced dance accompanied by bamboo castanets held in the dancers hands, and the music varies in quick, lively tempo to a slow bridge. La Jota ManileĂąa originated in the capital city Manila in the 19th Century, but there are many forms of Jotas that come from different regions,

Choreographers Sandra Gutierrez Justine Mercadal Dennison Gallardo


Dancers Robie Camaquin Chryslea Cosme Ria Flores Bernice Lacerna Kristy Lauron Alyssa Limbo Michael McClain Alex Pura Justin Tufono Adrian Zamora Trystan Velasco

singkil and asik

Once upon a time… The Maranao people of Lake Lanao has a story about a Princess who got lost in the forest after she ran away from her captor, a Demon King. The Princess and her Asik, the Umbrella Girl, stay in the forest and learns how to live in and with the Jungleʼs storms. One day, a Prince in search of the Princess enters the forest and angered the gods. Their anger caused a storm. The Princess, Prince, and Asik must dance through the falling bamboos and harsh winds as they make their escape back to village. Bamboo Trystan Velasco Annica Asilo Alvin Gerald Samson Sandra Gutierrez

Princess Melissa Villaber Umbrella Girl Chloe Hofschneider Prince Matthew Galang

Asik Kristy Lauron

Fangirls Ria Bernice Lacerna Sandrine Lipana Hannah Rhea Divino Noelle Bondoc

This solo dance is performed by a servant girl of the Princes. The Servant dances to win the favor of the Princess to obtain the title “Asik”, the main servant of the Princess. The dancers wears long metal fingernails and dances gracefully, posing like a doll. This dance usually precedes Singkil.

Catherine Lopez Alyssa Binongcal Hillary Estella Jasmine Dayrit Aurora Sanchez

Choreographer Vintage Dance Troupe


mk choir

Mga Kapatid Choir, better known as MK Choir, is a non-audition vocal ensemble composed of current UC Davis students. Open to anyone with a passion for music and singing, MK Choir is known for singing a cappella pieces of new and old hits, including occasional Tagalog (Filipino language) songs. MK Choir proudly performs for Filam events and are always open to new members who love to sing and want to build their interest in music.

Choir Directors Bryan Eglan Yvette To


Performers Dana Alfafara Chloe Hofschneider Amunique Bee Ingrid David Noelle Bondoc Jacimil Varquez Vence Ma Tammie Landicho Mariella Manalac Ben Mok Alvin Lin TJ Velasco Matt Serrano Patrick Ancheta Freddie Rayray Jorvic Ramos Ivan Chu Joey Chua AJ Lopez

mk modern

MK Modern began when a group of students who were involved in Mga KapatidĘźs Pilipino Culture Night decided to take their passion for dance to the next level. From its humble beginnings MK Modern has evolved into a prominent dance group on the UC Davis campus, seeking out fresh raw talent and new opportunities to add to its continuously growing history. Directors Calvin Leung Monica Ota Nikko Alegre Yumiko Nakano Dancers Alex Pura Alexander Chan Amberly Hsieh Amy Lin Ashley Jones Casey Pao Cecil Lam Graham Chung J.C. Imperio-Solar Jonathan Wang Jordan Lorenzo

Julianne Sison Jun Quintos Kenji Santillan Kevin Lee Kevin Saicheur Kristin Nguyen Linda Wang Morgan Barnes Ryan Rana Solon Yiu Zoey Zhu


pcn all cast photo



pcn participants



pcn participants


Left to right:

Bryan Eglan

Jeffrey Tai

Miguel Bagsit

Nikko Alegre

Abby Saavedra

Catherine Lopez

Jessica Agcanas

Miguel Guerrero

Sandra Gutierrez

Abby Salvador

Chloe Hofschneider

Jilaine Abad

Mona Mesa

Gary Tam

Adrian Ang

Christabel Asuncion

Joel Ramirez III

Monica Rae Gonzales

Kristy Lauron

Adrian Cristobal

Chryslea Cosme

Jonathan Abel

Morgan Barnes

Carlo Maskarino

Adrian Racela

Cyril Milendez

JP Abeleda

Nathan Galicia

Adrian Zamora

Daniel Cababro

Julianne Sison

Nicole Caimol

Aira Ariola

Danielle Magadia

Justin Tufono

Nicole Uychiat

Alaina Cagalingan

Darlene Varquez

Katherine Zon Clavel

Nikko Carino

Alex Chan

Derrick Tran

Katrina Hermoso

Noelle Bondoc

Alex Pura

DJ Aniciete

Kawayan De Guzeman

Patrick Ancheta

Almany Kabba

Donita Barrameda

Kelly Wen

Rheanna Lynn

Alvin Samson

Elena Nicdao

Kenji Santillan

Ria Flores

Alyssa Binongcal

Eric Lee

Kristell Ng

Rigo Aczon

Alyssa Limbo

Erika Fernandez

Kristy Lauron

Robie Camaquin

AlyssaMarie Balisacan

Francesca Dolor

Krystienne Delarosa

Ryne Hirang

Amberly Hsieh

Freddie Rayray

Lauren Padron

Sabrina Lee

Andrea Mae Arrojada

Gabe Ricafrente

Leslie Aniciete

Sandrine Lipana

Annica Asilo

Gerald Evangelista

Lindsay Antonio

SarahJo Arrojado

Annie Yu

Gino Lucas

Mariella Manalac

Sheila Tuldanes

April Dela Fuente

Grace Chung

Matthew Estipona

Sidney Salvador

Archie Tan

Hannah Divino

Matthew Galang

Solon Yiu

Ashley Jones

Henry Wijaya

Matthew Yasay

Tammie Landicho

Ashley Seisa

Hillary Estella

Melanie Shem

Tiffany Le

Aurora Sanchez

Irina Adao

Melissa De Guzman

TJ Velasco

Austin Ambion

Isabel Bagsik

Melissa Villaber

Vanessa De Cambra Ocampo

Bernice Lacerna

Jasmine Dayrit

Mellanie De Guzman

Veronica Dela Fuente

BJ Bautista

JC Imperio Solar

Michael Baliton

Yvette To

Brandan Nhan

Jed Marvin Nugal

Michael McClain

Zac Bides










Kristy says thank you! First off, I want to give a BIG Thank you to my co Michael McClain. I couldnʼt have asked to have a better partner. Without your support and input, this show and my leadership would not be what it is today. Great minds think alike! You da best. Next, I want to thank Gino, this yearʼs director for not only his great work, but also his support and visions. Gino you have been a blessing to have and working with you has been great. You already know. Furthermore, I want to thank everyone on MK Board 14-15, my Creative Team, and the Choreographers! Without yall this show would not be possible. Marvin, Matt, Miguel – your script offers a great story to tell, thank you for submitting this gem. Choreographers - yall are clutch as puck! I hope that yall can walk away and feel good about the work you and your dancers put in. Thank you to the Alumni Choreographers – who took time from their lives and returned to share their talents. Miguel and Costume Team - yall are something fierce! These costumes are on point. Stage Managers - yall go above and beyond, I hope you enjoyed your PCN experience. To all the PCNterns, I hope you enjoyed being a PCNtern and got something meaningful out of it. Admin girls- yall are great and hilarious, itʼs been great getting to know you and all about the kults youʼre in ;) Artistic interns – thank you for taking pictures this year! Yallʼs hard work is noticed and appreciated. Isabel - your work rocks my socks! Thank you for sharing your talent with PCN this year. Thank you to everyone who joined PCN because I asked you to, haha. Your loyalty and support has made it an honor to have worked with all of you. Shout out to everyone who has supported me on this journey! You know who you are, particularly my parents, sisters, boyfriend, Emily, Krissy, Joey, Christine and Almany, yall have fed me, loved me, and emotionally supported me in more ways than one - you keep me sane-ish . MK Board 12-13, MK Board/E-Board 13-14, Filgrad 13 Team, past PCN partners, choreographers & coordinators: Yall have affected my life and have helped shape me into the person and leader I am today. Thank for the memories! To my sibs in DDR and my branch #starsalign – There will always be a special place for yall in my heart. As a freshman, yall gave me the support and fun I needed. And as I leave this year, not only do I hope that there is continued involvement in the FIL-AM, but I hope that at the very least, I would have inspired yall in some way. Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out to watch this show and support its participants. Without your support, this production would not have been possible.


michael says thank you! My senior year of college was shaped by PCN and I couldn't be more thankful for this experience. With that said, I would like to thank the two people who convinced me to run for PCN coordinator, Kristy and Gino. Kristy, there are not enough thank you's in the world to describe how thankful I am to have you in my life. It sometimes blows my mind that we met less than a year ago because of how close we are now. As a Co PCN Coordinator, your vast knowledge base and true passion for PCN often blows my mind. Thank you for always picking up my slack when I was busy with all of my other obligations. You taught me what it takes to be a true leader and how to work smarter, not harder. Gino, I am so happy that we finally connected in a way that I always hoped for. You were one of my first and only friends in the FilAm, and you always made me feel so welcome. I wouldn't be where I am now without your support. I am also so blessed to have you as this year's PCN director. You have a beautiful artistic vision, and I know that all of the passion and hard work you put into this production will radiate on stage. Thank you MK board for all of the great memories and endless support. It was so amazing seeing each of you grow as leaders in such a short amount of time. I would like to give a huge shoutout to E-board. I truly appreciate all of the hard work that you put into making MK strive. Your efforts never went unnoticed with me. I would also like to give a huge thank you to the PCN creative team, choreographers, and PCNterns. You all put in so much hard work this year, and I really hope you were able gain something from the experience. The process of putting this production together was very smooth because all of your dedication and perseverance. This show would not exist without the participants and the support from families, friends, and the community. As a past spectator and current participant, I know that there is much to gain from PCN. I hope that all of you can experience the same feelings that made me so passionate about PCN. Thank you for the endless support! I would like to give a few more shoutouts. I would like to thank my family, Nikki, Almany, Malakas, my littles (Alexa, Jackie, DJ and My), and my three families here at Davis (FilAm, Agape & Na Keiki O Hawaii). I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

matthew, miguel, & marvin say thank you! We would like to thank you (our peers, audience, and families) who took the time to actually read this note because the fact that youĘźre reading this means you care about Pilipino Cultural Night. For that, thank you and youĘźre the realest.


gino says thank you! First and foremost, I would like to thank my family, Dada, Mama, and Mika, for their unwavering support in literally everything I do. I know I told you all that last year would be my last PCN, but surprise, Iʼm directing again! Whether it was being the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz in 5th Grade to Directing PCN twice, I am so lucky to have a family like you who cheers me on every time. Acting Cast: Yʼall really pushed me as a director this year and I could not be prouder of you all. Thank you for believing in me even when I was stressed out and didnʼt believe in myself. You all have grown tremendously since we first began and I can honestly say that it was an honor working with you all. Thank you for helping me grow in my love for the performing arts. Participants: You all are the reason this show even happens! Thanks for a fun ride and keep the tradition going strong. Creative Team and Choreographers: The entire group of Creative Team and Choreographers was just extraordinary. Each and every one of you contributed to make this production what it is and I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you to Miguel and all of Costume Team for bringing the script to life in such an unbelievable way. It has been an absolute blessing to work with you all. Rhonee and Alyssa B: In my four years, I have never seen a modern dance this clean and this beautiful. You two raised the bar this year and helped my vision for that scene come alive. Almany: Guy, you understand me in ways I donʼt even understand myself sometimes. Thank you for taking the reins with JK again this year after the last minute decision to do so. You are what this community is all about and we are so very lucky to have you. Publicity Team: My PCNterns, DJ, Alaina, and Matt, you three held it down with taking those pictures every week. The program, headshots, and I <3 PCN pictures have never looked better. Having known the struggle of taking pictures, not once did any of you do it without a smile on your faces. Yʼall did work!!! Kat, Sidney, Robie, and Irina: Thank you for doing such a fantastic job with your board positions. Your contributions really helped the overall mission I had for marketing PCN and I donʼt think I could have done it without your hard work. Isabel: The designs for this year are fantastic. Thank you for capturing what this yearʼs theme is all about. Past PCN Coordinators Lauren, Kaye, Ricardo, Brandon, Vanessa, Kevin, Joey, and Ate Ruth: All of you have inspired me to keep going with PCN even when I felt discouraged. Thank you for instilling a love for my culture and community in me. I would not still be here if it wasnʼt for any of you. Iʼm about to name drop hella people, but this one goes out to all of the people who were my support this past year. Ate Ruth, Norman, Fruc, Michelle, Louise, Daniel, Yumiko, Fritz, Justin Uesugi, Charisse, Catherine, Gabby, Krizzia, Robyn, Loretta, Justin Tufono, Zac, “The Support Group” (Sandripdrop, Hillary0us, Yung Mateo), Choir Girls, Brown Sugah Milk Tea, The Bears, #EntertainmentCrew, MK WE-Board, Malakas Line, my lils Michelle, Michael McClain, and Noah, all the people who have visited my apartment and ate my food, and anyone else I had failed to mention: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY PUSO. I swear, whether it is collectively or individually, yʼall helped me get through this year even when all hope seemed lost. Thanks for helping make my senior year the best it could possibly be. Mga Kapatid, MK Board ʼ12-ʼ13, and the rest of the UC Davis Fil-Am: Yʼall are the reason I am proud to be a Filipino-American. Thank you for an unforgettable four years. Alyssa Cabaltera and Christine Mateo: Even though you two are not by my side for


this PCN, your support, your talks, and your hugs have been such a huge help in putting this yearʼs show together. Thank you for helping me find the strength to do this all second time. #TheDreamTeam will live on forever. Carlo and Lindsay: You two had absolutely no clue what you signed up, but the amount of work and organization you put into this show is the reason I am able to even function during rehearsals. It has been such a pleasure working with you two as my right hands and I am so very proud of the work you have both done. My Scriptwriters Matt, Miguel, and Marvin: It has definitely been a journey with you three. Never forget when the forgotten story was almost forgotten. Jokes aside, thank you for trusting me to with making your vision come to life. You three have written a very powerful and moving script and it was an absolute joy to be challenged by your material. Shout out to the #PCNSquad2015 one time! PCN Coordinators Kristy and Michael: It has been an interesting past year, but I donʼt think I would have it any other way. From the moment we all met up in El Burrito, then Teabo, then all of the aftermath, everything worked out the way it was meant to be in order to put this production on. Michael: Oh my lil sib, you have made me so proud. I know that we were always too busy to hang out with each other before, but I am so glad we got closer through PCN this year. Despite this being the first of many things PCN related for you, you have more than proven that you were meant for this job. Love you so much and thank you for making this all possible. Kristy: And Kristy, where do I even begin? Weʼve had such an interesting friendship, but this is why this works out. As the co of all coʼs, I really have to thank you for everything this year. There are times I would get really frustrated, but you were able to calm me down and let me have my dramatic moment. Weʼve come a long way from being the OG PCNterns to the OG JK Modern choreographers to where we are now. Itʼs been crazy, but worth it. Iʼm glad you convinced me to do this again. I know I would have regretted it if I didnʼt. Lastly, to the audience, thank you for supporting PCN and going on this journey with us. This show wouldnʼt happen if we had no one to perform it for, so to all of you watching, thank you for allowing me to share this all with you one last time.


acknowledgements Drs. Jeff and Jadine Andal* Mervyn Dale Antonio* Nathaniel A. Antonio* Romy and Angie Balagtas* Barnes and Noble BRIDGE: Pilipin@ Recruitment and Retention Campus Rec and Unions Event Services Andrew and Clarice Carandang* Drs. Anthony and Lynn Carandang* Center for Student Involvement Chi Rho Omicron Club Finance Council Brian Roberts and Sally Cosme Copyland Cultive Frozen Yogurt Herna Cruz-Louie Davis Senior High School Filipino Association for Health Careers Filipinos in Liberal Arts and Humanities Hayward Convalescent Hospital Kappa Psi Epsilon, Inc. Karaatan Dance Troupe Cheryl and Chuck Lauron* Dr. Rommel and Mary Ann Limbo* Belen Limbo Mga Kapatid MK Choir MK Modern MK Vintage Dance Troupe Narong Mok Dr. and Mrs. Natsuhara* Kyle Pengosoro and Family Katherine Peter Past PCN Coordinators Pilipino Americans in Science and Engineering PsPrint Santa Clara University Barkada Student Recruitment and Retention Center University of California, Berkeley PAA University of California, Davis Rolando and Mila Ventura* *Denotes generous donation to this yearĘźs show. And for anyone else we may have failed to mention, we extend our utmost gratitude for your contributions.



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Pilipino Culture Night 2015 Program  

Designed by Isabel Bagsik PCN 2015: A Forgotten Story

Pilipino Culture Night 2015 Program  

Designed by Isabel Bagsik PCN 2015: A Forgotten Story