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Isabela Mantovani!

Social Media! Portfolio!

Isabela Mantovani!

I’m a graduated Fashion Designer who fell for online marketing, specially social media. I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different areas in marketing: fashion retail, beverage goods, beauty products and construction companies. In marketing I have knowledge in planning, content writing, monitoring, consumer’s support and data analysis.

Working! Experience!

Working! Experience!

I began my social media work in a digital agency called BeeBuzz, where I had my first professional contact with planning and writing content. After that, I headed to F2F agency, where I got to work with different consuming goods, having my first experience on monitoring and crisis management.

Working! Experience!

In 2014 I began my work on data analysis and crisis insight planning, at Gauge I worked with great accounts of the Ambev group. My work was combined to monitoring and insight planning, analysing the accounts’ health and consumer’s image of it. It was a great experience on social behaviour of users online and brand management.

Working! Experience!

My last job was at a fashion retail company: Valdac. The main challenge was content writing and planning for three different brands, public and products. From planning, to content and monitoring, I’ve had the full 360º workflow. I improved the marketing area, helping to structure a consumer’s service department and giving support to stores across the country.

Side! Projects!

Personal! blog!

I have a personal blog about fashion, vintage lifestyle and social behaviour. I really like to share knowledge, researching about new themes and how it reflects on people’s opinion in general. Since content writing is my main strengh, I keep blogging since 2012.


In 2013 I realized how many never worn clothes and accessories I had, gathering with a friend we founded a swaping project called Trocaderia. We allow people to have a place to change items, experiences and a great time together :)

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