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THE ABANDONED BOY Ivan Martínez Roque 1ºD

• Once cupon a time the boy that didn,t have a mother he have a avandoned _______ grandfather, who that want to have a boy , but ______ then_______ speak and thoughtful , itself decision to drive the orfanaghe but that cupon the taken.Speak with friends his but any to have a boy then decision to get into in a box and talk a bell to leave box the boy insideand to go running.

When open the door to go the box inside the house for that box_______ husband and the final to choose be left box the boy the day follow whing the woman cupon to go to buy things necessity for a baby clothes , a bed , napies……


The who to take the boy also cuponto change the car and the house hi have floor very small and that________ three. And like this to start a live new the thre toghether to go at the cinema , in a park‌. Also the boy to go to grow until who cuponto make big , the woman who cupon the to find _______whole the who to have pass when mother the avandoned and whole the who to happed behind that.


The boy to ask see________mother___________mother that want to have the boy to go the channel it CANADA and EEUU but the mot her to follow that want to have to insist , the final te mother that want to follow hide in a coffe and the boy

A Boy....