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REPORTI NG VERBS INTRODUCTORY VERB + to –inf agree claim * demand offer promise * refuse threaten *



‘Yes, I’ll go with you.’ ‘I saw the muggers.’ ‘Give me that.’ ‘Would you like me to help you?’ ‘I’ll return the book as soon as I can.’

He agreed to go with me. He claimed to have seen the muggers. He demanded to be given that…. She offered to help me. She promised to return the book as soon as she could. They refused to do it. She threatened to punish me if I didn´t stop shouting

‘No, I won’t do it.’ ‘Stop shouting or I’ll punish you’

+sb + to –inf advise allow ask beg command forbid invite order remind * warn

‘You should be more careful.’ ‘You may go alone.’ ‘Could you do me a favour?’ Please,don’t go alone.’ ‘Put your hands up.’ ‘You mustn’t get home late.’ ‘Will you come with me?’ ‘Go home.’ ‘Don’t forget your assignment.’ ‘Don’t touch it. It’s hot.’

He advised me to be more careful. I allowed her to go alone. She asked me to do her a favour. He begged me not to go alone. He commanded me to put my hands up. She forbade me to get home late. We invited them to go with us. I ordered him to go home. She reminded me not to forget my …. She warned me not to touch that becauseit was hot.

+ -ing form accusesb of

‘You committed the crime.’

She accused me of committing/having committed a crime. I admitted (to) giving/having given away …… I apologized for being late. He boasted of being the best… She complained of having noisy neighbours. He denied having littered the room. She insisted on being sent … She suggested doing it together.

admit (to) * apologise for boast about/of * complain to sb of * deny * insist on * suggest * +that –clause explain

‘Yes, I gave away your secret.´ ‘I’m sorry I’m late.’ ‘I’m the best student in class.’ ‘ I have noisy neighbours.’ ‘No, I didn’t litter the room.’ ‘You must send me an e-mail.’ ‘Let’s do it together’. ‘I don’t like him becausehe’s rude.’

She explained (that) she didn’t like him becausehe was rude. ‘The results will come out today.’ She informed us (that) the results would inform sb come out on that day. ‘What a glorious day!’ He exclaimed/remarked that it was a exclaim/remark glorious day. Note: the verbs marked with an * can also be followed by a that – clause in reported speech He claimed that he had won a prize. He promised that he would call. He threatened that he would leave. He reminded me that I had a meeting that afternoon He admitted that he was wrong He boasted that he was very rich He complained that no one listened to him. He denied that he had taken the money He insisted that we should work on Saturday He suggested that we (should) take our loan Grammarway 4 – Virginia Evans / ExpressPublishing For more information check: central- grammar- reportingverbs.htm

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