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YEAR 10 ENGLISH PROGRESS CHECK 17 November 2011 PART A 1. Choose one of the cartoons below. In note form, identify the generation portrayed. Justify your answer. A




2. Find the correct preposition for each gap. Most young people at my age prefer shopping in the mall but I enjoy visiting street markets and looking for cheaper products. I walk around looking at each stall and asking about prices. Many goods on sale are less expensive than those in the mall, although the quality is not always as good. It also depends on how much you want to spend. Clothes are often cheaper but it is not easy to find something you are really interested in. If you like reading, it is worth looking at second-hand books, because you can save a lot of money in this way. I am a responsible shopper; I spend my money based on my needs and goals and I choose everything carefully. I spend most of my money in clothes, records and books. Unlike my friends who shop at the mall, I am never worried about money. I have complete control over my expenses. 3. Rewrite the sentences below using the words given in brackets and without changing their meaning. a)

My parents are against piercings but I’m determined to have one.


Although my parents are against piercings, I am determined to have one. b) My parents are very rich but they won’t give me an allowance.


Despite being very rich, my parents won’t give me an allowance. c) She had eye surgery because she wanted to look prettier.


She had eye surgery in order to look prettier. d) I won’t have a tattoo because I don’t want to hurt my parents.


I won’t have a tattoo not to hurt my parents e) Young people hate chores but they do them to get money.


Young people hate chores but they do them for money.


4. Write the verbs in the correct tense. a. Generations are just stereotypes. But they help us understand reality better. b. The characteristics of generations are cyclical. c. Young people have always crossed the line. That’s part of being young. d. Life wouldn’t be the same today if it weren’t for the hippies. e. Unless you become more assertive, you won’t be taken seriously. PART B Does Music Affect Teens Behavior?

Jan 26, 2008

Music is often blamed for influencing particular behaviors, but does it really do so? Why is music sometimes associated with negative behavior and actions? With music being so important in youth culture, it seems that each teenager has a “soundtrack to their life.” But, are they just innocently listening to their favorite tunes? Or are they in for something more? When something in a community goes wrong, certain groups that are connected with particular types of music, for example rap and hard-rock/heavy metal are accused by the media of causing all the trouble. The media say they did things because they were strongly influenced by the music they listen to. But does it truly work this way? Can the content of a song influence one’s actions and/or behavior? One of the most well-known music-influencing-behavior misconceptions is the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, on Apr. 20, 1999, in which 12 students as well as a teacher were killed. When it became public that the two shooters were heavy metal and Goth music fans, the media immediately instilled a moral panic about that particular type of music. More specifically targeted in the Columbine shootings was singer Marilyn Manson. After being accused by the media as an influence in the shootings, Marilyn Manson said, “I definitely can see why they would pick me. Because I think it's easy to use my image to attract audiences. Because I represent what everyone is afraid of.” Why would the media have mentioned the type of music that the killers listen to? The answer is simple: moral panic. A term that means a reaction to something based on a perception, which, in many cases, is highly exaggerated. Often based on stereotypes, panics are directed to a specific group. Since panics and fears often tend to derive from what we are afraid of (and that is often what we’re uncomfortable with), blaming a subgroup often seems like the easiest, but not necessarily the correct, thing to do. All things considered, the answer to whether or not music can affect a person's behavior is not a simple matter of a yes or no answer. However, if the music that people listened to had such a strong influence on their behavior, wouldn't the millions of Manson’s fans have destructive behaviors as well? Read more at Suite101: Does Music Affect Teens?: Can the Music Youth Listen to Affect Their Behavior? |

1. Say whether the following are TRUE of FALSE. Correct the false ones but do not quote. a. Certain types of music are more often associated with violence behaviour. TRUE b. In Columbine High School 12 students were killed by a teacher. FALSE – 12 students and a teacher were killed c. Marilyn Manson admits he, and his music, are bad influence. FALSE – He thinks the media uses him and that he’s just an easy target. d. The writer is critical of the media. TRUE 2. Complete the sentences according to the text. a. The writer asks many questions in the beginning in order to attract our attention and make us think. b. Moral panic is the consequence of stereotyping. c. The writer seems to believe that music does not have direct impact on young people´s behaviour.. 3. Do you have a “soundtrack to your life?” Explain. 2/2

PART C Does music influence young people’s behaviour? What is your opinion? Write an opinion text to be published in your school’s magazine about this topic. Write between 120 – 150 words. Organise your text in 4 paragraphs. For example: Paragraph 1 – introduction Importance of music for teenagers. Your opinion about how much it influences them/or not Paragraph 2 Your own experience

Paragraph 3 Another example that shows you’re right Paragraph 4 – conclusion Restate your opinion

Many people think music is responsible for teen’s misbehaviour. The media are always keen to show us that this is so. In fact, music plays a very important role in teens’ life but it is far from causing trouble. On the contrary, in my view, it has but a positive effect on them. Take my case. I love heavy metal but I am as peaceful as you can possibly think. Loud music, strong music makes me forget my troubles. I stop the music and I’m free. I can’t imagine life without my music. Why else would young people flock to attend music festivals? Have you ever heard of trouble caused by them? On the contrary, they become good students and good citizens because they have music to feel free from pressure and their innermost fears. In conclusion, I’d say this ‘stereotype’ may help sell papers but it is completely wrong.

PART D – LISTENING What to wear? A- Listen a first time and decide whether these are TRUE, FALSE. Underline the right answer. 1. Fashion is the same in all countries. 2. British girls put rings only in their ears. 3. ‘Glam’ girls don’t usually wear skirts. 4. The ‘sporty’ look uses a lot of colour. 5. ‘Girly’ girls wear short skirts.


B – Listen again and fill in the gaps. You’ll have to fill in between TWO and THREE words Finally, how about the ‘Tom Boy’ look? Wear flared jeans and a T-shirt with a logo. Don’t forget your waistcoat, of course. Follow the fashion tips above, and you shouldn’t feel out of place. However, it’s important to remember to wear clothes and choose a look that you feel comfortable with Don’t just be one of the crowd – be yourself!

PART A USE OF ENGLISH 1. 10 + 20 = 30 2. 10 x 2 = 20 3. 5 x 6 = 30 4. 5 x 4 = 20

PART B READING 1. 40 (5x4+2x10) 2. 10 x 3 = 30 3. 30

PART C WRITING Contents + organization = 60 Accuracy + fluency = 40




PÓS- APLICAÇÃO Relativamente ao texto pedir que façam um VR com (i) as expressões que acham que devem aprender EX: to tackle a problem (ii)

vocabulário específico environment / economics.....


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