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A jewel of traditional nautical The Joaquin Vieta, a historic sailboat built in 1916 in the Ria de Muros e Noia, is about to celebrate 100 years of uninterrupted navigation. Today is the Dean of the boats that ply the seas of Galicia. In 2010 completed it’s rehabilitation to be converted into a recreational vessel and its own history museum, displaying their sails again to make the traveler feel all the excitement of the seafaring life.

A genuine crew Her benefactors, a skilled crew, formed by a group of old sailors born in Ria de Muros, Noia. There is no one better than them, to transmit with loving care the wisdom treasured for decades of having sailed the sea.

A comfortable equipment We have adapted a historic sloop for you to enjoy the sea with all it’s amenities without losing the purest of sailor’s tradition. - Fully equipped to navigate with groups, it has all the safety and seaworthiness certificates adapted to new tourism activity. - Equipped with combined mechanics, that allows both, sailing and motor navigation, that brings speed, reliability and maneuverability into navigation. - Equipped with a big cabin that allows great versatility to provide the service on board and combin e activities on deck and indoors.

An excellent service We offer a very professional service with a special human relevance, as key, to be able to meet the needs of our passengers at all times and be able to give them unforgettable experiences. – – 0034 619 099 528

Our offer for 2013 We offer you the possibilities; you then combine them to your needs. A seafaring day (special for groups). All year. Boat´s rental With catering on board, from 11,64 €/ pax popular sardinada (grilled sardines). Maximum passage: 1 group: 25 / 2 groups: up to 50 passengers. -Boat´s rental.

1.167,29 €

-Popular sardinada (grilled sardines).

11,64 € / pax

- With special sardiñada.

16,32 € / pax

- With seafood platter 1.

30,16 € / pax

- With seafood platter 2.

21,36 € / pax

-With cocktail type catering..

35,15 € / pax

-With menu catering.

67,76 € / pax

-With special menu catering.

67,76 € / pax

* Prices also apply to diving days. Joaquin Vieta´s scuba diving days (special for groups and clubs with families). All year. Boat´s rental. Minimum group to dive: 8 passengers maximum total group, with or without dive, 25 passengers. The same prices apply, to a seafaring day, for rental of the boat and the gastronomy on board. To these we must add the dives: - Boat´s rental.

1.167,29 €

- Diving baptism.

131,15 € / pax

- 1 Dive for amateurs and professionals.

28,66 € / pax

- 2 Dives for amateurs and professionals.

46,59 € / pax

- 1 Night dive.

42,89 / pax

Furthermore, these may also include the rental of heavy equipment, complete equipment or by items (Check our rates with all inclusive). Sailors’ rituals on board of Joaquin Vieta’s. The Virgin Carmen Festival. Summer Passage with sailor gastronomy aboard.

77,00 € / pax

Night Parties on board Joaquin Vieta's. Fireworks from the sea. Summer Passage with seafood aboard.

83,22 / pax

Other cruises scheduled. Every Saturday in the summer months of July and August, also the first week of September. Passage with popular Sardinada aboard.

74,41 / pax

The Joaquin Vieta is owned by the Association Joaquin Balandro Vieta. Joaquin tourist exploitation is performed exclusively V ieta Genuine Experiences, S.L. Torrecedeira Count No. 16, 6th D. 36202 Vigo (Pontevedra). Spain. CIF: B-27780832. Tel: 0034 619 099 528

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Catálogo de servicios para el 2013

Portafolio inglis  

Catálogo de servicios para el 2013