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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WALKING ELK PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCES NEW BOOK RELEASE -----------------------------------------------------------------Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium PORTSMOUTH, N.H., March 31st, 2011 -- Walking Elk Publications, an independent small press announced today the release of its latest project Cracking Open. The author Isabeau Esby, a local to Portsmouth, will be promoting the book via a book tour both locally and across the U.S. this fall. Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium is a non-fiction look into a two year window of Isabeau’s life told in a gripping story format. Once a professional business owner, accountant and skeptical agnostic, Isabeau was thrust into the world of the paranormal almost overnight. What follows is a detailed account of the highs and lows involved in shifting a human perspective. It is a real and very raw behind-the-scenes look into the world of the dead. “I am so excited for the release of this book,” says Walking Elk’s Editor. “We’ve received outstanding reviews from people all over the country, most of them saying they just couldn’t put it down.” Written over the last year, Isabeau worked intensively with three editors, participating in each step of the process to maintain accuracy throughout the book. Research of the stories, including interviews and gathering of receipts and documentation was completed and mentioned in the forward, written by AJ Kitt, founder of (KRI) Kitt Research Initiative, The Center for Consciousness Studies. More information, including an interview with the author, can be found at HYPERLINK “” About Walking Elk Publications: Walking Elk Publications is a private, small press located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It provides a creative venue from which writers and artists may express themselves outside constraints set to appease mass market. For more information on Walking Elk Publications, visit HYPERLINK "http://” About Isabeau Esby: Isabeau Esby is an internationally known psychic medium who has touched the lives of people all across the world through clearings, readings, teachings, and lectures. Isabeau has been tested by KRI for her accuracy and uses her experiences to teach other people and intuitive professionals how to live a life guided by intuition. She is the creator of Discovery MeditationTM and author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium. A student of Mathematics from the University of Minnesota with minor studies in Biology and Education, Isabeau maintains a balanced perspective between this world and the next. Isabeau also volunteers her time working with psychic youth, participating as a research medium , and building spiritual communities. For more information on Isabeau, visit HYPERLINK “” ###

For more information or an interview contact the author directly: Isabeau Esby Psychic Medium 603-973-2317

Press Release Cracking Open  
Press Release Cracking Open  

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