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Index: What is the atmosphere?……………………………………….. Pg.3 Troposphere and stratosphere………………………………….. Pg.4 Mesosphere and thermosphere………………………. ………... Pg.5 Exosphere and ionosphere……………………………………… Pg.6 Relationship between altitude, temperature and pressure……… Pg.7 Why the Earth’s atmosphere makes it suitable for life on Earth...Pg.8 Bibliographies………………………………………………….. Pg.9

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What is the atmosphere? The atmosphere is the layer of

that are need little amounts for life

gases that covers the earth. Also it

and also it has 0.93% of other

is it is constantly changing with the

gases. The atmosphere is composed

atoms and the molecules of gases


moving around. The atmosphere


also is like many layers that protect

stratosphere and troposphere but

living things from radiation and

also has exosphere and ionosphere.






protects the earth from being hit by things coming from space. The atmosphere is made out of nitrogen, oxygen,




vapor and many other gases but also has particles of liquids and solids. The atmosphere has 78% of nitrogen that is the gas most abundant on the atmosphere, has 21% of oxygen that is essential for life, has 0.36% of carbon dioxide

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Troposphere The troposphere is the lowest layer

vapor and dust particles in the

of the atmosphere. This layer is 9-

atmosphere are on the troposphere.

16 km thick. On the troposphere is

Also this layer has many clouds so

where weather occurs. The higher

it has more water vapor. All of the

the layer goes the colder it is. Most

living things are place on the

of the mass is on the troposphere

troposphere and has 75% of gases

(75-80%). Almost all of the water


Stratosphere The stratosphere is above the troposphere. This layer extends 1250 km above the Earth. This layer has the ozone layer that makes the atmosphere suitable for life because it protects the earth from ultraviolet rays and radiation. The stratosphere is very dry because it contains little amount of water vapor because it has less clouds.





Mesosphere The mesosphere is the middle layer

the temperature is about -100 ºC.

of the atmosphere. This layer

On the mesosphere all gases are

is about


mixed together on the air. On top of

mesosphere protects Earth from

the mesosphere, the air is so thin

meteoroids as they burn up as

that atoms and molecules of gases

shooting stars and on this layer it

almost never run to each other, the

makes them disappear. This is the

gases get separated depending on

colder layer of the atmosphere and

the elements (nitrogen or oxygen).




Thermosphere The thermosphere is the outermost layer of the atmosphere it is the fourth layer. This layer is 80 km up above the Earth. This layer is the biggest layer of the atmosphere extending approximately 545km on distance




divided into 2 parts: ionosphere and exosphere. On the thermosphere the air density is so low that most of the thermosphere is what we said is outer space.

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Exosphere The exosphere is the outermost layer of the atmosphere. This layer is part of the thermosphere.


extents 550km and up, the layer becomes





exosphere. On this layer atoms and molecules escape to space. Also on the exosphere satellites are place.

Ionosphere The ionosphere is the lower layer an it is part of the thermosphere. The ionosphere extents 80-550 km above the Earth. On this layer ultra violet







Relationship between  altitude,  temperature   and  pressure   The relationship between the altitude, temperature and pressure is that each one affects one another in some way. The higher you go the less the air pressure you would have. At higher places, the amount of air pressure is higher because more air is compressing. Also when temperature increases air pressure decreases this is how climate happens.


Earths atmosphere  suitable  for  life from meteorites that can hit the The earth’s atmosphere is suitable for life because without it

earth, radiation and ultraviolet rays. The earths atmosphere is suitable for life because also it maintains air pressure stable all the time. Another

life couldn’t be possible. The atmosphere is suitable for life because it contains many gases needed for life that helps us breath because it provides oxygen and carbon dioxide. Also because the atmosphere prevent and protects us


thing is because on the atmosphere is where weather occurs so with out it we wouldn’t have weather and store heat so we don’t freeze.



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the atmosphere  

this is a magazine that has inside al inforation about the atmoshere

the atmosphere  

this is a magazine that has inside al inforation about the atmoshere