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semester GK4 type KULTURHUS varighet 11 UKER med ARNE SVEINSVOLL

BRISKEBY KULTURSTASJON The site takes up large parts of the Hartvig Nissen High School school yard. Our goal was to give back as much as possible to the existing school, both in area and spacial quality. By linking the remaining school yard area to a new roof terrace oriented to the South, and placing the building partly onto the unfrequently used one way street “President Harbitz’ gate”, the net area loss is only 100m2, Dagens normale bysnitt

Mulig fremtidig bysnitt

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despite the new building having a footprint of 950m2. The school yard, previously segregated by the one-way parking street, now integrated, protected and shaped as two enclosed outdoor spaces stimulating slowing down and hanging out.

The proposed culture and music school utilizes the sites different heights to provide full wheelchair accessability to all levels and rooms, while maintaining a natural position on the site. Located right next to the changing rooms and auditorium storage, the system of ramps and stairs outside the main entrance functions as an additional auditorium for outdoor concerts.


A: 560m2 sse

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The buildings organization separates the circlulation of the artists, students and visiting audience, making for an easy and uncluttered everyday operation. The “Rock workshop” in the back of the building can be locked off from the rest of the building, making it possible to have it open, despite being after hours/weekends.


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Portfolio with selected projects. Architecture and urbanism student @ The Oslo School of Architecture and Design