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“to make or transform into a single unit”

Development resistance

semester GK5 type MASTERPLAN/OMRÅDEPLAN varighet 6 UKER med ARNE SVEINSVOLL Nominert til pris for utvist profesjonalitet ved AHO Works høsten 2011

The original Lierstranda - once a thriving industrial community on the outskirts of Drammen, now a run down suburb cut off from the waterfront, Drammen and Lier valley by E18 and the railway. The masterplan “DERAILED”, provides the premisses for UNITIZE, where the raised (or lowered) railway, creates a possibility for reintegration of the old Lierstranda, with the waterfront and the planned fjord city expansion of Drammen. Immediate proximity to a planned infrastructure hub encourages development of the area, which inevitably will occur. Raising the urban qualities of old Lierstranda now, will improve the odds of a successfull realization of the fjord city, which also can’t be built before rental contracts expire in the coming decades. There is no reason not to begin development now, preparing the area and the first development lots of the fjord city for a higher urban quality in the building period.

Development strategy


Old Lierstranda is a natural place to start immediate development, and commence the process of creating what might very well become one of the greatest urban areas in Norway.

cv+portfolio isaakelias 2012 v2  

Portfolio with selected projects. Architecture and urbanism student @ The Oslo School of Architecture and Design