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837495 Rosie Gunzburg, Group 1


Measured Drawings The object I have chosen is very difficult to measure. It’s composed by two circular frames, one curve frame and curve panels. In the Floor plan, the diameters of circular frames were measure from center point of the circular frame to the curve frame. After drawing the circular frame, two point of the curve frame were marked out. By measuring the top point of the curve frame can easily draw the curve frame. The curve panels are the most difficult to measure in this case. The length of each curve frames were measure at the beginner of this process. Measuring the angel between the circular panels by using protractor to get the dimension for the object. For the elevation and section, the measure process is very similar and much simpler than plan view. Each component was measure directly from the object.

Elevation View


Section View

Plan View



The object is composed by one small circular frame, a bigger circular frame, one curve frame and few curve panels. The circular frame is connected in the both ends of the curve frame. The curve was cut out a litter piece to intersect with circular frame. The curve frame is a joint to connect those curve panels with nails through the small holds on the curve frame. The curve panels are folded by a plaster sheet and connect to the curve frame. Each of the curve panels has different angel. It follows rules that’s the angle of curve panel is 60 degree to the pervious panel. Each of the curve panel is not placed in the same position. They are placed slight further than the pervious one.

Circular Frame 1

Curve Panel


Circular Frame 2


Digital Model



Sketch Model

Top View


Left Elevation View

Bottom View

Right Elevation View


Sketch Design #1

Sketch Design #2 Virus, Weapon, Monster

Armor, Warrior

The idea is inspired by an animation of Japan. By repeat the pattern of the curve panel in small scale to create a something look like a virus that winding on the arm. The gap of each panel is look like muzzle. Each panel is made by folding and it will be connecting to each by folding the material as well.

The idea is inspired by the shape of the object. The bigger piece of curve are connect together can constitute to be an armor to protect people’s body. The circular frame is also designed as the connection for the armor as the original purpose of the object itself.

How does this respond to your personal space? The idea of this design is to create an atmosphere to protect the personal form and try to zoom out the friendly zoom. It also reveal that the personal form can be extend or zoom out by the size of the object that we wear and the atmosphere that the object gave. 10

How does this respond to your personal space? The design is based on protect the personal space and extending the personal zone to the audience zone. An extra layer of protection of the body can make the wearer with no fear on anything so that to extend the personal form. 11

Sketch Design #3 Fashon, Clothes, Shawl The idea of this design is based on the shawl. By using different size of the curve panels to design and irregular layering, twisting to create the object. It looks like kind of small wing on the shoulder. The connection in this case will be fold with the paper, the shape of the curve panel will be cut a litter bit to make it stand on the paper.

How does this respond to your personal space? The idea of this design is to extend the social zoom with attract people from audience zoom. By doing a beautiful shawl to attract people to come around and have alook.






DDF Landscape M1 Journal  

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DDF Landscape M1 Journal  

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