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Yurt Camping Is Ideal For First-Time Campers When one of our favorite family campground started offering Yurts, I'm very excited. I then researched the rates: $1,395 7 days during peak summer seasons. I'm shocked. It is exactly what I pay money for a Cape Cod bungalow with the water. How could an outdoor camping tent cost just as much to book for a Cape Cod house? Options never got word of a Yurt camping, it does not take epitome of Modern luxury camping. Yurt symbolizes: Year-round Universal Recreation Tent. Each yurt includes a wooden circular platform, plus a lattice framework and conical roof enclosed in a whopping, wind- and weatherproof canvas. Your roof includes a plastic skylight by which you can view the trees or watch snow falling and the moon rising. On this particular campground's website, in addition to that $1,395/week sale price, is really a report on what comes with your Yurt camping (!): - Pots & Pans, - Toaster - Cooking Utensils, - Eating Utensils (plates, cups, glasses, silverware, etc) - Paper Towels, - Toilet Tissue, - Kleenex - Bar Soap, - Sponge and scrub pad, - Dish Detergent - Broom - Grill, - Patio Table & Chairs, - TV with DVD - Heat and A/C - Complimentary bundle of firewood - Unit provides sleeping accommodations for six I am talking about, what is there left to bring? Yurts are advertised like mushrooms not only to private campground resorts but also in State Parks. The next time you search for a campground, ask around yurts. Or enter on yahoo: "Yurt Camping (A state)". An increasing number of state campgrounds are providing Yurt camping given it attracts families who does otherwise not spend a night outdoors. Yurt holidays

Yurt camping is ideal for first time campers  
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