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mily Martin, age 5, formed her first sentence with pride: I AM Emily. With those three words, she joined a revolution begun in 1662 by Friedrich Staedtler that awakened a willful sense of craftsmanship and brought personalization and precision to letterform. Staedtler’s fine writing tools have moved past the linking of letters and into a world where written words draw connections between people. For anyone who’s ever color-coded their day planner or doodled through a math test or simply loved a pen, Staedtler celebrates you with this book. We love your craft.

Kim –Professor

Taylor –Bored in class

David –Architect

Alex –Poet

Deshon –Future Pulitzer Winner

Dan –War Reporter

Staedtler Brand Book  

Staedtler has been in the writing instrument business for hundreds of years and has made countless contributions to the world of handwriting...

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