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Author’s Foreword Step 1: Do Something About It Step 2: Dream Bigger Step 3: Master Your Tools Step 4: Celebrate Your Successes Step 5: Stay Positive Resources Afterword


Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Author's Foreword When a friend approached me to write an e-book, I was a little skeptical. I mean, what can I write? My narrative skill is mediocre at best and I don't really have a rags-toriches story to share. The thought was quickly brushed aside for that moment and we went on to have coffee and chat about other highly interesting things, like the weather and traffic. However, in the midst of our conversation, he jumped up and yelled, 'I know! You can write about how you are changing your life right now and how you are doing it.'

I laughed but the look on his face told me one of two things. One, someone had died, or two, he wasn't joking.

'Think about it. Are you a much better and more successful person than the year before?' (This being said after I quit my job only seven months before, with no backup plan)

I nodded and gazed at him with the look of an enlightened idiot.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was the start of this e-book. Of course, I did not write this book immediately but it took a couple of weeks of planning and overcoming distractions, before I actually started to sit down and write. I mean type. I mean seriously, who actually writes it out on paper nowadays?

To begin, I think it would be good to tell you a little about myself and how things are changing for me.


Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

I live in Singapore. That itself says quite a bit. Sorry if I sound a little too patriotic but I guess it is something to live here. We are ranked fourth for our GDP per capita in the world, so I take it that we aren't poor. We have no natural disasters barring the occasion slight tremor from an earthquake from the Indonesia side.

Aside from that, Singapore also enjoys one of the lowest crime rate in the world. We do have petty crime, but violent crimes are rare in Singapore. I could go out in the middle of the night and wouldn't be afraid of anything, except maybe a floating white sheet. The standard of living is pretty good here owing to the fact that we are a largely urbanised country. If I needed to pee in a proper manner, I think a ten-minute drive would ensure I didn't need to look for a tree or bush in a dark area. Great country to live in.

(If there are any readers who live abroad and wish to come to Singapore, I'd be more than happy to bring you around if my schedule permits. Just drop me an e-mail at

I was never poor, but I was never rich either. I come from a middle-income family which never had much problems with money. We always had enough to eat and always had a bit leftover to enjoy ourselves. I grew up having a happy childhood. My parents loved me. True, I was forced to study and excel in my academics like any other Asian kid, and the discipline was quite harsh, but hey, in retrospect, I appreciate the tough love bestowed upon me. To be perfectly honest, I was and am blessed.

I had an education. Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts degree and got a job being teacher in a secondary school (high school


Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

equivalent). Being a teacher in Singapore pays quite well. In fact, we are one of the highest paid teachers in the world, but we are also one of the hardest-worked teachers in the world. I remember the days where I had to teach in the mornings, handle the extra curricular activities and remedials in the afternoons, then prepare lessons and mark at night. School holidays were usually taken up with camps, leading overseas trips and holiday enrichment classes. But, the job was an 'iron rice bowl' (Chinese phrase for a secure job) and the pay was decent.

So what was wrong?

Truth be told, it wasn't as though I was unhappy with my job. I think the word to use was 'contented'. A little too contented. At some point, I started to stagnate, like some glass of water left on the table for too long. I started to turn 'bad' in a sense. I hung on to my job even though there were certain things which I was strongly against and this had a negative effect on me. The passion for the job had vaporized. Do not get me wrong when I say that the passion for the job was gone. I still love teaching but the meaning of being a teacher in a school no longer held much significance to me.

Somewhere along the line, I became negative and I started complaining a little too much. I complained about work. I complained about the government. I even complained about how my clothes don't fit me properly anymore. Yes, I became a little tubbier after I started working. Being a little too contented does that to me. Thank goodness I had some good genes, so I suffered no problem that came about with that extra weight. I do however, have a family history of high blood pressure and diabetes so I knew I had to watch my health.


Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

A close friend of mine briefly mentioned that after a few years of working, I started to become very whiny (of course not in a feminine or a childish way, but you get the idea. ME MAN, ME MALE! *thumps chest*). This got me thinking very hard. Is this the way I wanted to live my life?

My English name, Isaac, was chosen when I reached 18. I wanted an easier name for my friends and acquaintance to call me by. My Chinese name is not easy to pronounce for non-Chinese speakers, and even for Chinese speakers, it isn't easy either. 'Isaac' means 'he who laughs'. I wanted to be happy. The life I had, not doing that for me.

Thus, began the great change. I went for personal development talks, pored through many personal development books as well as audios. These were all done in preparation for the change was about to take place, the change which I wanted.

I am not highly successful in terms of wealth and health yet, but I do think the direction I am heading is getting me there. I am in the process of working towards it and in this e-book, I will share with you five tips that I picked up along the way which made me a better person and could probably help ease your journey to become a better person as well.




Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Step 1 – Do Something About It

To me, this is one of the most important first steps to take. If you cannot remember any of the later steps, you must at least remember this one. To do something about the thing which is not making you happy. This sounds a lot easier than it looks. To put this into action requires:

1) You to be aware of your situation; 2) Accept the fact that it is not as good as you envision it to be and 3) Take action to change the situation.

Some people do not even get pass the first step. I have seen people who are in debt and have an endless stream of problems and yet they seem perfectly unaware that their situation is not in a very good shape. Either that or they know it but choose to ignore the


Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

situation and continue to do what they please, because I certainly do not see any action taken to try to improve their situation. The possibility that I could be blind to their actions has not escaped me, but even after a year of knowing them, their situation has not changed, so I highly doubt the problem is with my sight.

We all complain at some point in our lives. I should know. One of the many national past-times of Singaporeans is complaining. We love complaining. Prices of houses increase - complain. Prices of cars increase - complain. Clothes becoming ill-fitting complain.

The plus side to this is that this means that you are aware of the situation and have accepted the fact that it is not as good as you envisioned it. What then? Make noise and hope someone will do it for you?

There are many examples of this in our daily lives. As a Singaporean, I often hear people complaining about the morning squeeze for our trains during the peak hours. The government has heard these voices and have implemented a system where free train rides are given to people who go earlier for their morning commute. The problem still persists and people are still complaining. Action could have been taken to travel earlier and not have to squeeze into the trains but oh well, like I said earlier complaining is a national past-time. Maybe it is the way we start our conversations. Like us having a common enemy where we can scold and rant together against. Evil train service.

Jim Rohn, one of the Personal Growth gurus whom I listen to, once said that the world will not change. Another speaker whose name I do not remember, also said that even


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

if we distributed the wealth equally among every single person today, the world would be back in this state in about five to ten years. What does this all mean? It means that OUR situation will not change. YOUR situation can change.

About a year ago in 2012, it dawned upon me that I was not very happy in my job, I was getting fat, and I was not getting anywhere in life. (This is for those who had skipped the Author’s Foreword.) I don’t deny that I was blessed with a better headstart in life but I was heading nowhere. I could continue down the path but I did realise that I would not be a happy person. I could imagine myself being Oscar, the Grouch, sitting in my trashcan and shouting my grievances at anyone who passed by.

In November 2012, I decided enough was enough, and I took action. I did something about it. I tendered my resignation. Do note that I’m not asking everyone who is unhappy with their jobs to quit their jobs. It is certainly not my wish to raise the unemployment statistics of your country. Simpler steps could be taken to ensure a healthier, easier and happier way of making your job situation better, but it still means you have to take action.

Find out what it is that is making your job situation unhappy, and talk to your boss about it. Of course, you have to come up with a few viable solutions first before approaching your boss because you know your situation best and I do not think that you should expect other people to solve your problems. We should always wipe the shit off our own asses, not wait for others to wipe our asses for us. (Pardon the crude words, but writing it any other way does not sound as direct and funny as this. I’ve tried.)


Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

If you so choose to quit your job, a word of caution though, try not to quit your job without having a back-up plan like I did unless you have some savings. The next few months for me, were spent trying out different vocations and businesses to see what would work. From selling of precious metals to being an internet radio deejay, it was fun and I learnt a lot, but a big problem was, it was not bringing me any money. My savings quickly depleted and I was once again in a situation which I was not exactly pleased with.

Again, I did something about it. I went into tutoring and other online money-making ventures, and I am glad to say that in a span of 3 months, I managed to get an income which was close to what I was getting, but without having to work as long as I used to. With this influx of money and additional time on my hands, I could once again search for something which I could do to achieve my dream income.

Weight-wise, I lost 10kg, about 22 pounds, three months after I quit my job. I felt a lot better, healthier and more confident. The next section is about how I lost some flab and includes some simple tips to lose weight. If you are perfectly fine with your weight then you might want to skip this part.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Despite what some people or ‘motivational’ posters say, it is not okay to be fat. Apart from the obvious health issues, I think that there are other intangible disadvantages of being fat. A simple experiment to prove my point would be to do a simple word association. Think of the words that you would associate with a fat person. It would most probably be a word with some negative connotation. I highly doubt a positive word like ‘hardworking’ would be a word you’d use. Time to stop avoiding the situation, accept it and do something about it. (Oh, and replacing the word ‘fat’ with another more positive word like ‘voluptuous’ isn’t going to help.)

I kept myself happily busy so there was no urge to snack. Snacking is one of the greatest causes of obesity. I remembered snacking every time I went back to the staff room. The moment I sat down, it was either chocolates, sweets, chips or something sinful. It 12

©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

didn’t really help that a very nice colleague gave me full access to her pantry which was always well-stocked. There were instant noodles, raisins, biscuits, jelly beans, instant hot chocolate, and the list goes on. It was no surprise to my colleagues that I actually broke two office chairs (in my defence, I think the office chairs were of inferior quality). So, stop snacking!

I think that all those scientific evidence to show genetic predisposition to being fat is as good as cow faeces. Even if it were true, then you would have to work a tad harder to stop being fat. A trainer friend once told me, the body is like a machine. If you put in more energy than you use up, your body’s going to put that excess into your reserves. Simple logic. Your body’s not taking in divine energy from the universe and putting it into the reserves in your body. I laughed at the simple analogy and did something about it.

Fortunately, during my weight-loss regime, I chanced upon an ad on Youtube which talked about the ‘Afterburn Effect’. That changed my mind on how to exercise effectively. Basically, all you need to do is to raise your heart rate, try to maintain it for about 20 minutes and your body will continue to burn calories for about the next 48 hours even while doing nothing. A simple Google search would tell you more about it and you could implement it in your exercise regime to make it more effective. Allowed me lose the unnecessary weight in less time than I had expected.

Watching what you eat is also very important. Remember the analogy of your body being a machine my trainer friend told me? We have to watch what we put into our mouths. I know of people who claim to exercise regularly and still are fat, complaining that nothing is


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

working for them. Either they are not exercising hard enough or they are not watching their food intake. These people have yet to accept that their situation is not working out for them.

Watching what I eat hasn’t been an easy task. I’m a foodie, and my Achilles Heel is roasted pork belly. I used to have it every other day. Why? The skin of the pork belly is roasted to a light brown crisp, while the layer of fat underneath maintains its succulent juiciness and the meat remains tender. Heavenly. However, during the three months, I only had it once, as a reward after losing 5 kg. This is one, among many other foods, which I had to avoid to ensure I achieved the weight I wanted.

Additionally, if you want a more comprehensive weight-loss program on top of my suggestions, you might want to check out This offer comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, so it is risk-free just trying it out.

To date, I am still maintaining my exercise regime and still experimenting with various ventures to try to achieve my dream. I am now happy with my weight and my income is growing every month. I knew that if I sat around and continued the path that I was on, I would never get what I wanted. I had to do something and I did. If you’re in the same position as I was in, I think it is time you changed your situation. Do something about it.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Step 2 – Dream Bigger

The title of this chapter started off as ‘Dream Big’. After much though, I decided to use the comparative version of ‘Big’. The reason was because once you have achieved your dream, then what? DREAM BIGGER!

When I was much younger, times were simpler and an income of about five thousand a month seemed like a big deal. So, I said to my 12 year-old self that this would be my dream income. After a few years teaching, I actually achieved this and then I was contented. The problem was that I was too contented and started to stagnate. My life wasn’t getting any better. I was good but not better.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

My personal take on Life is that we should always be moving forward. To illustrate this, I can give you a simple analogy of taking a walk in the park. Life is somewhat like that. You start walking in the morning and you may or may not have a destination but you walk forward. Walking backwards is possible, but the question is why would you want to do that when forward offers you so much more? Now maybe you reach a spot where you decide to stop because you are tired, or you have reached a destination, or maybe just to enjoy the view. Good to do that. Gives you a breather and to take in the beauty of the environment and of the achievement of how far you’ve walked.

Then, comes this question. How long are you going to stand there? You are definitely going to start moving again. This is the way I see Life. I had to start moving again.

I started to Dream Bigger. Moving forward, I wanted a bit more. You cannot believe the renewed energy and zest for life which I got just from wanting that little bit more. I felt as though there was more meaning to Life again. With this renewed energy, I did things which I never knew I could or would have done before. Amazing things happened when I had the new dream.

There is this concept of the Law of Attraction where there is a ‘belief based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy’ - Wikipedia. I liked this concept but found the ‘pure energy’ part hard to digest. If this is applicable since the beginning of time, I also find it hard to imagine that if I were a caveman, and I was hungry, all I needed to do was to wish for food, and a dinosaur would come running to me for me to kill for food. This could be dangerous,


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

because if I were really hungry, I might wish for a big one and a T-Rex might come along and eat me instead.

The whole belief also sounds a little passive to me too. So, in my own simple logic, I have moulded this belief into something more palatable for myself. I call it the Law of Reception. (Hey, I just Googled this term at the point of writing this, and there’s nothing like this on the Internet. If ever you hear this term in future, be sure to note that you heard it here first!)

The Law of Reception is a much easier concept for me to grasp. Hopefully it would also be a concept which you can easily grasp and make use of to better your life. Basically, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by a lot of information, a lot more than before. We have ads telling us we want or need things, we have documentaries telling us about things happening across the world, and we even have the strong winds blowing outside the house to tell us that it is going to rain and we shouldn’t be heading outside. 17

Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

So with so much information, how does our brain process everything? The brain starts to filter out things which are irrelevant to us and we only receive information which we want at the point in time. If you’re a caveman and you’re hungry, you will head out and seek out signs of potential prey. Listening for the presence of any animals nearby. Watching out for tell-tale signs which animals have recently passed by, like warm turd on the ground. Well, if the turd is one huge piece, I think it would be good to move in the other direction because it might be that T-Rex seeking for information about you instead.

This is the part where dreaming big is important. If you have dream bigger, your brain will always be on a lookout for information which would allow you to achieve that bigger dream. From my experience, I have noted that it is easier to dream bigger in gradual stages, and it is easier for you to receive and process the information which you receive.

What I mean by this is that for example, if you are earning $3,000 a month, it is much easier to seek out and receive information for a job or a business which would bring in $6,000 a month. The information you receive will also be much easier for you to process to make it to that goal. Once you reach the $6,000 a month, then it would be time to dream about getting $10,000 a month and it would be easier for you to receive and process the information needed to make it there.

I am not saying it is not possible to move from $3000 to $10,000 a month but in my opinion, I think that the mind is just simply not ready to handle that information, hence you might end up in failure. I have noticed that of the past lottery winners of a million dollars and above, few have actually improved their situation after 5 years from winning that million


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

dollars. Their minds were simply not ready for it. Most squandered it away in less than 5 years.

Similarly, getting that $6,000 dollar a month job would also require you to improve yourself so that you will be worth that amount of money which they are paying you. They are certainly not going to pay you $6,000 for doing a $3,000 job. So these little dreams which get bigger and bigger will enable you to be able to manage the changes easily.

I did try to rush the process by dreaming huge and tried dumping relatively large amounts of my savings into investments thinking that they were going to make money. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready. I lost money because I did not do enough research into the tools and products. Now, after such painful lessons, I am a lot more cautious and careful in preparing myself and more importantly, my mind to achieve my goal. This will be covered in the next chapter: Master Your Tools.

Now, I don’t want to be a wet blanket, so if you start dreaming HUGE, and if you are sure that you are ready, by all means, go ahead with it. At the end of the day, there is no end to what you can achieve in life, but what you should not do is stagnate. So, Dream Bigger.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Step 3 – Master Your Tools

I’ve mentioned about preparing yourself and your mind in the previous chapter so that you can achieve your dreams. How do we go about doing this? Unless a divine being decides to directly bless you with the wisdom of the ages, or you have the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus Prime, I think the next wisest course is to look for a tool which would allow you to achieve your goal.

By the word ‘tool’, I mean a skill or knowledge which you could make use of to attain your goal. If you want the dream income, go look for ways to make the money that you want. If you want the dream weight, go look for healthy ways to gain or lose those pounds. If you want the dream relationship, go look for books to read up on how to improve your relationship. 20

©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Albert Einstein once said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ If your old tools haven’t been helping you, then I guess it is time to change tools.

In my humble opinion, I think that a person should never depend on one stream of income and to have multiple streams of income, just in case one collapses, there will be others to support you while you search for another source. This way, I feel, you will never go hungry. Fewer steaks for the month maybe, but never hungry.

There are many tools out there which can help you change what you want in Life. I’ve tried setting up traditional businesses, Foreign Exchange and currently I am also looking at setting up an online business. There is a potential in each of the tools but there is a common underlying thing about all of them. You have to spend time mastering them or it will be a waste of your time, energy and money.

This I learnt from trading on the Foreign Exchange (Forex). Forex is a highly volatile tool which could turn on you if you do not master it well. I lost quite a bit of money initially because I did not master the technique taught to me. I guess greed was also partially to blame. I was looking for a quick-ticket out from my job and in the end I got too greedy and was burnt.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Just like buying a chainsaw, you need to learn how to use it properly, if not you’ll hurt yourself. Even for the basics, like getting the chainsaw started, must be done correctly. Not that I’m very familiar with this tool, since I live in Singapore and cutting down trees is illegal, but I do know that one should not clasp the blade part of the chainsaw in between the legs while trying to start the motor. You might feel a bit of pain once the chainsaw gets started.

It took me a year after the great loss to get back on my feet and master the tool. Now it is one of the money-making tools which I have in my arsenal growing a part of my savings by 10% a month consistently. Doesn’t seem like much but, at least it is better than keeping the money in the bank. So, Master Your Tools.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Step 4 – Celebrate Your Successes

We only have one life to live and if your whole life is about work then I guess it will be very boring. As the saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I guess we all have to work unless we were already born with a golden spoon in our mouths stuffing endless amounts of wealth down our throats. I certainly didn’t have the gold spoon. Probably had a bronze one and I’m glad for it.

While writing this portion, I realised that I am making the assumption that we working is the norm and all of us have to work, some way or another, to make a living. Some of us may have ‘easier’ jobs than others, but work nonetheless. The point I want to make is that you need to take some time off from work and start doing things which you like, if not I think that your life on earth could be pretty boring and on your deathbed, you might regret not having time to have spent enjoying.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

I do believe that there are things which we can enjoy at that particular age which we cannot enjoy at a later age. For example, activities like wakeboarding and surfing (and I don’t mean the Internet) require some dexterity of youth to be able to do them. Go for it. Enjoy what youth or whatever that’s left of it, as much as you can.

Travel. As a Singaporean, I have to tell you that I’m a little sorry for some of the Singaporeans around. Singaporeans can be an arrogant bunch of people with a very narrow-minded perspective of the world. We live in a very small country and sometimes, we think too much of ourselves. Sad to say, I was a little like that until I had the chance to travel around the world and my whole perspective changed.

With that being said, you should also take note of this concept of Paying Yourself First. I do not remember who said this because I read it from an article but I found this highly useful. This concept requires you to make sure that at least 50% of your income goes into your bank account first, then spend the rest on your necessities, higher-risk investments and of course, celebrations.

So when do you take time off to enjoy? I think that an appropriate time would be when you have achieved your targets. It may sound like a simple thing but I have seen people overwork and burn themselves out and then at the end of the day, they become pretty negative. You’re going to be a sourpuss and you’re not contributing to anyone’s happiness? You’re not happy, your family is not happy, and even your pet may not be happy with a grouch coming home.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Personally, after all the books I’ve read and talks I’ve attended, I think that taking out 10% of your monthly income to enjoy yourself is quite appropriate. This should be guilt-free expenditure which you should spend to make yourself happy. It could be some frivolous little toy or some silly event, but I think that it is important for you to enjoy so that you will be motivated to strive on. 10% of your income would also mean that you will have to strive 10 times as hard so that you can enjoy better things. So, do remember, Celebrate Your Successes!!!


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Step 5 – Stay Positive

The last thing which I have found very useful in my journey to be a better person is to stay positive no matter what. Life’s going to be boring without its ups and downs, and staying positive helps you get through the down parts really well. As the saying goes, ‘when you’re down, there’s no other way but up’.

There are times where things have become quite trying and I have been quite disheartened, but after there is not much point in staying negative. By trying to be positive, I have discovered that I am more willing to look for solutions and figure out how to get out of my rut rather than think negatively and start moping around feeling sorry for myself. It is natural for anyone to feel sorry for themselves when things are really bad, but what I am saying is that do not let it last. Feeling sorry for oneself never got anything done. 26

Š2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Think positive. Think that the coming days will be better. Work towards making the coming days better, then will your coming days be better. Sitting around will not help make things better. Sitting around will just make your backside fat.

I have lived through having a few months with little or no income at all despite efforts to generate income. People around me were quite concerned. My parents, being parents, started to nag at me for having quit my job. I maintained my positivity and looked for new strategies. After a few months, things began looking up and I managed to stop using my savings and started accumulating savings as well. So no matter how bad things seem, Stay Positive.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Resource Page Here are the links to some products which I think would be useful to you. Firstly, Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 Program. – Helps to tune your conscious and subconscious mind to improve your life in all aspects:

Next, Fat Loss Factor. – For detoxification and a comprehensive and easy way to lose weight quickly and safely.


©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Other Mind-Changing related products include: Dr. Robert Anthony’s The Secret of Deliberate Creation – To assist in fine-tuning your mind to receive the needed information for a better life:

Mindzoom Affirmations Software – Wake up the Genius in you and improve your Mind and Body Effortlessly using your PC:

Other links which I think might be useful if you so choose to want to try to make some money online: AutoBinarySignals – To learn more about Forex and a system to make money off it:

Get Cash for Surveys – For that quick, extra pocket money:

CB Passive Income – If you so choose to want to build an online business:

Some dating offers in case you are interested in improving your relationships: Secret Survey: The Truth About Men – For women who want to know how to attract the men and how to keep them attracted to you: Tao Of Badass – For men who want to know how to charm and attract women. To be honest, I’ve tried some techniques inside and they worked. Not a bad offer to have a look.

All of the things which I’m introducing come with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. So it’s pretty risk-free trying them out. Hope you will find them useful! 29

©2013 Isaac Phoon ,

Afterword I hope reading this e-book has been helpful to you as much as it has been a joy for me to write. Seriously, I never thought that it would be much fun, since I hated writing essays when I was a student. If it hasn’t been useful, I hope it has at least been mildly entertaining. I have provided some links in this book which I have found useful and hope that they might help you in your journey in improving your life.

Feedback for this book is always welcomed and do feel free to drop me an email at to tell me how I can improve. If time permits, I shall try to update this book yearly to add on things which I have learnt along the way to further add value to this book as well as your life, so do subscribe to my free email newsletter if you haven’t already done so.

Do also email me to tell me how things have changed for you as well. I might also incorporate your success stories into this ebook to let others know of your achievements too.

A great, big THANK YOU for reading this ebook and may your journey to be a better person be an ever smooth sailing one.

With much love and gratitude,

Isaac Phoon 30

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