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APPLE Issue 5 December 2014

Welcoming 90 Reception Students to INA Primary INA Primary officially opened at the start of September Since September 2014, the reception pupils have been enjoying learning on the third floor of INA and they have quickly become part of the INA community.


Christopher Edge visits INA


INA students show off their


Award Winners


Interviewing the new Teachers


Christmas in other countries


Winter Wonderland


Yummy recipes for Christmas

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As you can see from the photos, the reception children are really enjoying being at Isaac Newton Academy. Ms Broadway, the Primary Headteacher, has been enjoying eating with all the children on the Headteacher’s table. In numeracy, the children have been working on the numbers, working on ‘one more, one less’ and making estimations. There are going to be ninety great mathematicians in INA Primary. Reception Pupil Inaaya is picturedbelow proudly showing her impressive Maths skills and it’s clear that she will become a fantastic mathematician. Sisay Shah (7W)

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SCHOOL NEWS Christopher Edge comes to INA Christopher Edge is a GREAT author. He came to Isaac Newtown Academy and he signed copies of his book ‘Twelve Minutes To Midnight’ which all Year 7 students and INA staff read over the summer holiday. I actually got to meet him and I got his autograph. Some students were able to do some creative writing with him in the workshop which followed his assembly to Year 7. We also asked him so many questions. The funniest moment was when we all called him Sir Edge. It was the coolest day at Isaac Newtown Academy! Dovidas Snioka (7W).

Maths Relay In Year 7, we had an excellent Maths Relay. Students collaborated very well in their very first Maths Relay and had great fun. The winners were 7T with a high score of 120!! Everyone had great fun participating in the Maths Relay and I am sure everyone is looking forward to the next one. 7T were really proud to win the maths shield. Well done 7T! Sisay Shah (7W)

Drama Let Me Entertain You! INA students show off their drama and musical skills Rajveer Kaur The Shakespeare Schools’ Festival

Shanzeh Haroon Charisma Patel Sana Mahmood Anika Ferdoush

On Monday 10th November, students from INA performed an abridged version of ‘A Comedy of Errors’ at the Shaw theatre. Their performance was very polished, perfectly timed and brought the house down! It was a really entertaining performance and made the audience laugh out loud. The performance was directed by Ms Field and Ms Rayner. Two students from INA, Jainna (7A) and Amaan (8W), compered the evening at which three other ARK schools performed their versions of Shakespeare plays.

Sabir Alidirie Hazna Haleem Esha Patel Mariam Parwane Djevia Elliel

INA Music Recital The first INA Music Recital of the term to showcase some of INA’s talented musicians took place on Thursday 23rd October Hall. Parents and staff were treated to some great performances from students in all year groups.

Haseeb Ahmad Mary Brant Taner Mustafa Nikita Spiridonovas

The Musicians: Noah 7A Maliha 7N Riann 7S Yewande 8E Anais 8E Naveen 9A araaz 9I Ahmed 9I Hashim 9W Thomas 7W Matthew 7T Yusra 9E Charisma 9E Humayra 8A Shafa 8S Shanzeh 9N Aniqa 8E Raeis 8E Mahdi 8E Aasif 8E Yasmin 8E Noshin 8E Eshun 8E Qashrina 7T Amber 8T

Aishah Patel Arjun Gadhavi

9S 9N 9E 9E 8I 8I 8I 8I 8A 8A 8C 8C 8N 8N 8E 8T

Winter Celebration Concert On Thursday 25th December three hundred INA students performed in front of parents, staff, governors and other students. The audience were entertained by INA’s House Band, the Big Band, the Latin Band, the Ska band, the Vocal Group, the African Drum Group, the Dhol Group, plus one hundred and fifty students singing ‘Waka Waka’ and, in what is now an INA tradition, the staff choir.

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National News EBOLA Virus Strikes! Having done research on the Ebola virus, this is what I have found. Ebola virus disease is a serious illness that started in Africa, where there is currently an outbreak. But for people living in countries outside Africa, it continues to be a very low threat, including the UK.

The current outbreak of the Ebola virus mainly affects three countries in West Africa: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Already fragile health services are not able to contain this outbreak, with a lack of trained health workers and vital equipment, as well as a lack of knowledge within communities about how to prevent the spread of the disease. If the Ebola outbreak continues to grow, the global famine warning system predicts West Africa could experience a major food crisis by January.

Flight crew are trained to respond swiftly to any passengers who develop symptoms during a flight from Africa. They will take measures to reduce transmission of the virus on board the plane. But this event is very unlikely, and so far there have been no documented cases of people catching the disease simply by being in the same plane as an Ebola victim.

The length of time between exposure to the virus and the development of symptoms of the disease is usually 2 to 21 days. 5% of cases may take greater than 21 days to develop. So please be careful and speak to your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms.

Dovidas Snioka (7W)

The English Corner In English we do a variety of activities in Year 7 such as poster stories, analysing poems and Roald Dahl extracts much more. In the poster stories, we talked about an important event in our lives. We brought in photos from home to create a photo story about an important event in our lives. We have also studied the poem ‘People Ask’ in which the poet explores writes about her parents and her culture. The next activity was the ‘Journey to School’ project. We had to design a ‘Journey to School’ poster of how we get to school. We then wrote a section of our autobiography. We had to think about all of the sights, sounds and smells on our journey to school. The last thing we studied was Roald Dahl’s ‘Boy’ and the description of Mrs Pratchett. For this part we had to describe Mrs Pratchett. As you can imagine, she is the most disgusting person in the entire world! For this task, we had to describe her from head to her really disgusting toes. Lailaa Malik (7C) In English we are studying a topic called ‘Island Life’. This topic is all about an English class going on a trip to Australia and when they are on the plane, it crashes into the sea .The children survive but unfortunately their teachers die during this tragedy. Suddenly, one of the students spots an island near them so they swim towards it. Then the class lives there until someone comes to their rescue. The big question is: Will anyone come to the rescue? Sisay Shah (7W)

Create Your Own Island! 12th January 2015 This competition is for all years, and it involves describing your own island. You can write about anything that is going to happen. Remember it has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. After you have completed your description, you can draw a picture of your island. THE RULES ARE TO MAKE IT COLOURFUL! Give your description to Ms Theodosiou and who knows, she might even publish it in the next issue! Good luck!! Lailaa Malik (7C) Page 5

Reading We’ve interviewed Mr. Butler to find out his opinions on most popular books. The most popular books borrowed from the library are: ‘Diary of Wimpy Kid’ ‘The Hunger Games’ ‘Falls in Our Stars’ Mr Butler’s favourite book is ‘The Castle’ by Franz Kafka. Students who have read the most books: Year 7: Thomas Catre, Sabba Hussain, Kinza Mir, Quasim Nawaz and Mina Imran Year 8: Summaya Hosenee, Khansaa Aweys, Avni Dhanjal , Maryam Rebhi Year 9: Aqsa Hussain, Abdur-Rahman Ihrahim

Mr Butler recommends: ‘Everyday’ by David Elethian ‘The City and the Stars’ by Arthur C Clarke. Dovidas Snioka (7W) Sanaan Hafeez (7I)


Did you know?!!! There are 7512 books in the library.

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We enjoy reading at the newspaper club Here at INA we persuade people to read books because we believe that if you want to develop as a person and become well-educated you have to spend time reading as many books as you can. That is the reason why we have got a library, an excellent librarian and a reading lesson that develops our reading skills. Many of the teachers at INA have got a favourite author and here are some examples: Mr Joseph – Enid Blyton. Ms Spencer– Harper Lee. Mr Taylor– Oscar Wilde. Ms Theodosiou – Roald Dahl.

Everyone loves reading! Sisay Shah (7W)

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Maths This term in Year 7, in maths one of the topics we have been studying is how to find out the area of a triangle. Firstly, you will have to times the Base X Height and once you get that you divide the answer by two. Example: Times the base and height (5 X 7 = 35) (35 divide by 2 = 17.5cm2) Sisay Shah (7W)

In Year 7 we have been studying the ‘Lattice’ method of multiplication and the ‘Bus Stop’ method of division. We do pre and post assessments. We have also been doing a project in maths. It’s about a family of five : Mr and Ms Newton, their children, ages eight, four, and eighteen months. We will have to plan a holiday to Finland, Lapland and we will have to calculate the budget, the accommodation, the days out, hotel and car expenses. Here is an example of what we have been doing so far:

Price for the each person!

£413 ×4=1652{price for flights altogether}.

Sisay Shah (7W)


Science Here at INA we do lots of fun activities in all subjects, including science. INA was named after a famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. At the moment in Year 7 we are researching the history of the periodic table and how a Russian Chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev, discovered the periodic table. It’s so much fun! Sisay Shah (7W)

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Humanities This term in Humanities we have been learning about Philosophy. We have been looking at many different Greek philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes. We have also learned ‘thunk’ questions, which are questions that have no right or wrong answers.

We are all looking forward to more lessons on Philosophy!

Dovidas Snioka (7W)

Arts In art, we do a lot of creative things here at Isaac Newton Academy such as painting, drawing, sketching. We are lucky enough to have splendid teachers who are really good at ART and DT. Ms.Walsh (an ART teacher) inspires us in ART a lot. When she was in secondary school, she loved ART and every single thing about it. DT is also a very creative subject here at Isaac Newton Academy. We have got excellent teachers who teach DT in a really creative way. Sisay Shah (7W)

Totem Poles In art we are learning information about totem poles. We are currently learning how to draw different designs, changes and colours. Another thing is that we can draw a light image with a pencil, then you can use ink to make the image more dense. Totem poles are fun and creative. You can even design your own totem pole. You can even make it with completely different animals like this. Lailaa Malik (7C)

Languages In languages, we have learned a lot of new things this term There are two languages: French and Spanish. At the moment in languages I am studying Spanish. My teacher is Mr Garcia who is really good. I had never learnt Spanish prior to coming to INA. We have already learned to say many different things in Spanish for, example what we have in our pencil cases and also how to have basic conversations with people. Some people in languages have been learning French. For example, Sanaan Hafeez (7I) stated, “I love French because it is so much fun and I have learnt a lot of new things. I have also I managed to be really open-minded and learn a lot of different words in French.� Aemy Rehman (7N)

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Sports Year 7 Away Football Match at Loxford School. Last week, we played against Loxford and, unfortunately, we lost 8-0. They played A team and B team players. One reason why we lost was because they were all over the place and they were playing really well in strike and defence. Unfortunately, they had an iron defence. We have also learnt many different things in PE such as techniques used in netball and in the first half-term we learnt about the 7 Strands of PE. It was so much fun! Sanaan Hafeez (7I)

BRIDGES BRIDGES is one of the best things about Isaac Newton Academy. It is a subject exclusive to INA. There are 52 dispositions on the BRIDGES wheel. These are from the 7 different sections, which are Bravery, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Discovery, Grit, Emotional Intelligence and Selfdiscipline. At Isaac Newton Academy, teachers and staff strongly believe that everyone in our school has the potential to go to a great university and beyond. There are lots of BRIDGES dispositions to focus on and they are really vital to learn from. There is a wide range of BRIDGES skills such as team work, organisation and managing distractions. These skills are also vital because they include a wide range of skills we need for life. For example, if someone is really good at speaking but not listening, they can learn from the developing the BRIDGES skill of listening. Another example is someone who is really good at listening but gets distracted by their friends, can learn how to manage their distractions. There is a BRIDGES assembly every fortnight which tells us the disposition we will be focusing on in our BRIDGES lessons over the next fortnight. Every single week on Monday we have a BRIDGES lesson with our form tutors which focuses on the disposition of the fortnight. BRIDGES helps children with their everyday lives, both in school and beyond. A famous quote by the great scientist who discovered gravity, Sir Isaac Newton is ‘We build too many walls and not enough bridges.’

Aemy Rehman (7N) Page 12

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Award winners As you know, students at Isaac Newton Academy are given award for a weekly maths challenge called ‘Mathematician of the Moment.’ If you would like to participate in the maths competition, you have to get a postcard and complete the question of the week and keep on trying. If you have a good answer, who knows, you may be awarded. Also, if you are not chosen but have the correct answer ,you get a merit. The English award is called ‘Star of the Fortnight.’ This is a great privilege and lots of people are interested in receiving this award. If someone is chosen for English they receive a merit, a postcard and their photo is placed all around the school. This is a great opportunity to show what a great student you are. The maths one is a bit different because you do get a merit and a certificate, but not a postcard. The winner’s photo is placed around the school. This is another opportunity for students to be proud of their achievements. If you are interested in the English one then keep trying hard and producing great pieces of writing. You never know when you will be chosen for this great prize. All the best! You might be next! Aemy Rehman 7N

Enrichment Activities

Shakespeare Festival

Poetry Slam

People making masks

Chess club

Students in Spanish Club

Stretch and Challenge

Sisay Shah (7W)

Students baking

Science Club

Musical Theatre

Getting to Know Some of the New Teachers! MR TAYLOR Q: What made you become an English teacher? A: I had a really good English teacher in school. Q: What do you like the most about English? A: I like books. Q: Do you enjoy dancing and singing? A: I like singing to the Smiths but not dancing. Q: What is your favourite book? A: My favourite book is ‘1984’ by George Orwell. Q: What do you do to relax? A: Listen to some music or play the guitar. Q: If you could choose another job what would be and why? A: Writing because it has lots of passion but I am not quite as good as Christopher Edge. Aqsa Karim (7W)

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Mr Joseph: Q: What made you want to become a maths teacher? A: I like maths. Q: What do you like the most in Maths? A: Maths is always the same. Q: If you could choose another job what would it be and why A: I would choose to be a music producer because I like making music. Q: Do you really enjoy dancing and singing? A: Yes, I do, very much! Q: What do you like to do after work? A: Relax, sit and try making some music. Q: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in school? A: I once fractured my ankle I had to walk around with crutches for a week but when I went back to my doctor he said that it wasn’t fractured. IIfrah Khan (7W) Ms Theodosiou: Q: Who inspired you to become an English teacher? A: My parents inspired me to become an English teacher.

Q: What do you like the most in English? A: Definitely reading books and stories, I also Iove teaching creative writing.

Q: If you could choose another job what would it be and why? A: I would choose to become a lawyer.

Q: What do you do to relax? A: I love listening to music.

Q: What is your favourite book? A: Anything by Roald Dahl! IIfrah Khan (7W)

Saying Goodbye…. Q. How long have you been teaching at INA? A. Two and a half years. Q. What was INA like in the first year? A. Smaller, very exciting and something new was discovered. Q. What is the most memorable thing that has ever happened to you at INA? A. First winter concert. Trips to Rochester. Q. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened in class? A. Year 9 faces when you tell them how people give birth. Watching my Year 7 class in the first year as they watched a video of steam trains. Q. What will you miss the most? A. Everyone at INA, staff and students. Lailaa Malik (7C) Q. How long have you been teaching at INA ? A. Two and a half years. Q. What was INA like at the first year ? A. Quieter, smaller, exciting. Something new everyday. Q. What is the most memorable thing that has ever happened at you at INA ? A. There was a nice winter concert and nice trips. Q. What was the funniest thing that has ever happened in class ? A. John in my first 7 class playing Lord Capulet in ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Q. What will you miss the most ? A. Staff at INA , all students , but I will be back. Sisay Shah (7W)

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Shaking up Shakespeare INA students tested their Discovery and Bravery disciplines to step into the shoes of a great Shakespearian character: Macbeth. The whole of Year 9 gathered excitedly in the Hall on Tuesday for a one-man production of this classic play. Anthony Glenn’s performance, full of energy and wit, also helped to give students a deeper insight into the themes of the text. There were also some wonderful supporting performances from INA students, most notably: Tyler Moore as Banquo’s Ghost (complete with white sheet); and Yusra Kilic as a chilling Lady Macbeth. Mr Matthew Knowles

Terror & Wonder at the British Library INA students tested their Grit and Bravery disciplines to journey into the world of the Gothic. Despite the rain and crowds and cancelled trains, thirty Year 8 students battled their way to the British Library to see the ‘Terror and Wonder’ exhibition and take part in a workshop. Some of the items that they were lucky enough to see were an original manuscript of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a newspaper about the case of Jack the Ripper, and film clips from early versions of Dracula. Everyone had a truly Gothic experience and the workshop leaders at the library were so impressed with INA students, that they asked when we were going to come back. Mr Matthew Knowles

Christmas in other countries Christmas in Canada Canadian children believe in Santa Claus. Canadians are especially proud to say that their country is the home of Santa Claus (although I'm sure the people in Finland would disagree!!) Many Canadian families have cookie-baking parties. They bring a recipe for Christmas cookies, bake them and then exchange them with the members of their family. At the end of the party, each family goes home with a variety of different cookies to enjoy over the Christmas season. At Christmas, Canadians eat sweets called Barley Candy and Chicken Bones! They are sweets made by local candy companies. Barley Candy is usually on a stick and is shaped like Santa, reindeer, snowmen, a tree and other symbols of Christmas. Chicken Bones is a pink candy that tastes like cinnamon. You melt them in your mouth and once melted, they reveal a creamy milk chocolate centre. Yum!!

Christmas in Greece Christmas ranks second to Easter for important holidays in Greece. Yet there are a number of unique customs associated with Christmas that are uniquely Greek. On Christmas Eve, village children travel from house to house offering good wishes and singing Kalanda, the equivalent of carols. Often the songs are accompanied by small metal triangles and little clay drums. The children are frequently rewarded with sweets and dried fruits. After 40 days of fasting, the Christmas feast is looked forward to with great anticipation by adults and children alike. Lots of meat and loaves of Christopsomo ("Sweet Bread") cover the table. This bread is made in large sweet loaves of various shapes and the crusts are engraved and decorated in some way that reflects the family's profession. Ifrah Khan (7W)

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Why we love Christmas! These are the different things that we all like about Christmas at the INA Newspaper Club:          

Getting presents Having fun with family and friends Roast dinner Decorating the Christmas tree Wrapping presents Playing games Watching ‘Home Alone’ or any other type of Christmas film Sitting by the fire place and watching the snow Parties in school Christmas Jumper Day

Community Christmas Party The INA Community Party was a great experience. I liked it due to the fact it involved a lot of older people from the local community. It was a great opportunity to sit down with older citizens and talk to them about their childhood. Some could not remember so much but they still said that it was a ‘walk down memory lane’. INA staff thought that it was a great opportunity for everyone in the community to gather around. I really enjoyed talking and serving our guests with all the delicious food. It made me happy to see the members of the older community at INA. I think everybody had a great time with the elders. My personal favourite was bingo because when someone won, everyone was happy. We were just like a big happy family. Aemy Rehman 7I

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park Activities at Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland provides fun, laughter and excitement for both adults and children. Skate around the stunning ice rink which circles the Victorian bandstand, enter the Magical Ice Kingdom with its 'ice forest' of frozen sculptures and gleaming ice castle, and enjoy the acrobatic wonders of shows at Zippos Circus and Cirque Beserk. If you're a thrill-seeker, there are plenty of rides to try. Younger children can enjoy gentle activities such as carousels, helter skelters and funhouses. Older children and adults, meanwhile, will love the adrenaline-fuelled rollercoasters.

Winter Wonderland's Christmas Markets Enjoy the Christmas markets full of arts and crafts trinkets, jewellery and decorations that make perfect presents for friends and family. Explore the Angels and Yuletide market, where charming wooden chalets are overflowing with festive goods.

Food and Drink at Winter Wonderland If you're feeling peckish or are in need of a warming drink, head to the various restaurants, bars and food stalls. Try some churros, sip mulled wine or keep warm with a frothy hot chocolate. There's also the chance to try some festive German fare, such as German sausage and gl端hwein in the Bavarian Village. Enjoy Winter Wonderland!!

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ENTERTAINMENT Can you spot the difference?

Aemy Rehman (7N)


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Ibrahim Sheikh (7C)

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Newton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies


    

250g plain flour 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 170g unsalted butter, melted 200g dark brown soft sugar

   

100g caster sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 egg 1 egg yolk

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 170 C / Gas mark 3. 2. Grease baking trays or line with parchment. 3. Sift together the flour, bicarbonate and salt; set aside. 4. In a medium bowl, cream together the melted butter, brown sugar and caster sugar until well blended. Beat in the vanilla, egg and egg yolk until light and creamy. Mix in the sifted ingredients until just blended. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand using a wooden spoon. Drop cookie dough onto the prepared baking trays, with each cookie around 4 tablespoons of dough (for smaller cookies, drop 1 rounded tablespoonful and adjust baking time as necessary). Do not flatten the dough. Cookies should be about 8cm apart. 5. Bake for 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the edges are lightly toasted. Cool on baking trays for a few minutes before transferring to wire racks to cool completely. Aqsa Karim (7W)

Newton’s Christmas Trifle Christmas Trifle INGREDIENTS

 

3 pints raspberries •1 quart heavy cream

    

•1/2 cup granulated sugar •1 teaspoon vanilla extract •1 large or 2 small store-bought pound cakes, cut into 1 inch pieces •2 cups lemon curd •24 ounces frozen sliced peaches, thawed

METHOD 1. In a food processor, puree one pint of raspberries and strain through a fine mesh sieve, discarding the pulp. 2. Whip heavy cream and slowly add sugar until the cream is silken. Add vanilla extract and raspberry puree and continue whipping, just until combined and soft peaks form. 3. Layer half of the pound cake in the bottom of a large trifle dish. Spread half of the lemon curd over the pound cake. Top the lemon curd with half of the peaches and one pint of raspberries. Pour half of the whipped cream over the fruit and spread gently. 4. Repeat layers, reserving a few peaches and raspberries for garnish. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Ifrah Khan (7W)

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at the INA Student Newspaper Team!

This newspaper was produced by the following Year 7 journalists who attended the Student Newspaper enrichment club in the Autumn term: Lailaa Malik, Dovidas Snioka, Aemy Rehman, Sisay Shah, Sanaan Hafeez, Ibrahim Sheikh, Aqsa Karim and Ifrah Khan, with the help of Ms Spencer and Ms Theodosiou.

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Student newspaper xmas 2014  
Student newspaper xmas 2014