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INA Secondary Newsletter

22 April 2016

Notice of Fundraising Events The Events Team are co-ordinating the following events to help raise money for the school production. Please help support the production!

Penalty Shoot Out Competition! Challenge the PE Teachers to a Penalty Shoot Out! 50p for 3 shots. Prizes for a hat trick! Date: Friday 6th May When: 4.30-5.30pm Where: MUGA Tickets on sale soon….  

Cake Sale All cakes 50p Date: Tuesday 10th May When: Break time Where: Dining Hall

Non Uniform Day Theme to be decided – watch this space! £1 per student Date: Friday 1st July

2  INA Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers The Year 8s had a treat this week when Anthony Glenn presented his Shaking Up Shakespeare drama experience on Monday morning. He certainly brought The Tempest to life in a most memorable way! Many thanks to Mr Knowles for organising the workshop. Mr Crowther-Green has been very busy over recent months sourcing high quality work experience placements for all the Year 10s. The list of available placements has now been published and students have just a few days to read the options carefully and complete a form stating their 3 choices in preference order. Alternatively, if anyone would like to source his/her own placement, it is not too late to meet with Mr Crowther-Green to discuss this option. There will be an evening for all Year 10 parents to give further details about work experience week (Monday 20th- Friday 24th June) on Wednesday 11th May at 6pm in the KS3 hall. And finally, I would like to give your all notice of the upcoming end of year exams which start on Tuesday 7th June and run for 3 weeks. You will receive a letter from each of your child’s teachers in the week beginning 3rd May with details of what he/she needs to revise for that subject to be fully prepared for the exams. The following week your child’s teachers will talk to him/her about how to revise and study skills tips. With best wishes, Rachel Macfarlane


achel Macfarlane, rincipal

INA Newsletter 3

Shaking Up Shakespeare This week INA students tested their Discovery and Bravery disciplines to get involved with a production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The whole of Year 8 gathered excitedly in the Hall on Monday for a one-man production of this classic play. Anthony Glenn’s performance, full of energy and wit, also helped to give students a deeper insight into the themes of the text. There were also some wonderful supporting performances from INA students, notably: Shakurra Wellington as the murderous Sebastian; and Huzaifah Patel as the lovestruck Ferdinand.

Business Promotion Opportunity? Would you like to promote your business and, at the same time, help to raise money for our schooproduction? £5

for half a page, £10 for a full page advert

On the 13th and 14th of July, the school will be hosting this year’s whole school production extravagana “Zero to Hero” based around the story of Hercules. We would be very grateful if any parents/careers/guardians of students who attend INA and who own businesses would be willing to advertise in our production programme. All money raised from the advertising would go towards the costs fo putting on the show. Interetsed? Please contact Mrs Webb on 0208 911 6666 or email her at Thank you for your support! From the Students on the ‘Events Team’ 4  INA Newsletter


Zac Goldsmith  


Caroline Pidgeon       -­‐Lib  Dem  

Peter WhiSle   -­‐UKIP  

Sian Berry   -­‐Green  

Sadiq Khan   -­‐Labour  

The ‘MOCK  LONDON  ELECTION’  is  finally  here.   Find  out  about  the  main  poli4cal  par4es  and  candidates  for   London  Mayor  and  vote  for  who  you  think  should  run  the  city.   Cast  your  votes  on  

Wednesday  4th  May  and  Thursday  5th  2015   Polling  sta4on:  Key  stage  3  Assembly  Hall      Before  school  8-­‐8.20am,  break-­‐4me,  lunch4me  and     aMerschool  4-­‐  4.30pm    

Bring your  Lanyard  with  you  to  vote   You  Discuss  You  Debate  You  Decide   INA Newsletter 5

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Free Screening!

The force will be with Isaac Newton Academy next Tuesday as Mr Butler-Zanetti hosts a free screening of the science fiction blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “I took a group of students to the see it in the cinema and we had an amazing time,” the Star Wars-mad librarian explains, “but I know there were a lot of students who weren’t able to come. This will give more of our kids the chance to watch The Force Awakens in the best way possible: On a big screen, with friends.” The screening will take place in the drama studio, from 3:15 to around 5:30. Anybody can come, but students are asked to let their parents know in advance to prevent interruptions to the film. 6  INA Newsletter

Year 10 Geography GCSE visit to Wales The final instalment is now due. Below is a chart with details of the remaining payment. Date

April 22nd 2016

Non free school meals £26

Eligible for free school meals £16

You should have received a further information letter from you child before the Easter holidays. This included timings of the visit and a kit list. You will receive the final letter 3 weeks before the visit. Ms Balsdon Head of Humanities

Year 7 English and Humanities visit to RochesterFinal Reminder: The year 7 English and Humanities trip to Rochester is fast approaching - Friday 6th May (ISAC) or Monday 23rd May (NEWT). The deadline for payment and the return of slips has now passed. If your child has not paid the outstanding amount of £12.50, then please can you ensure that this is done as soon as possible using their Wisepay account. If there is real financial difficulty, then please contact your child’s Humanities or English teacher in order to inform them of this in writing. It is also essential that all reply slips are returned to ensure that all medical and contact details are up to date. The work your child will do on the visit will complement the History scheme of learning on Medieval Times and the English unit on Journeys, which your child is currently studying. We have run the trip for the last 3 years and it would be fantastic to have every single student in year 7 attending the trip once again. Failure to return reply slips and /or pay the requested amount will prevent your child from taking part in this educational experience. If there are any concerns or questions then please contact Mr Woracker.

INA Newsletter 7

PE AT ISAAC NEWTON ACAD News & Results Cricket Trials Monday 25th April year 8 & 9 Cricket trials Thursday 28th April Year 7 Cricket trials

Fixtures coming up….. Thursday 28th May- Girls Year 10 Handball Vs Mayfield (home)

8  INA Newsletter

DEMY After school DAY CLUB





Sports Hall

Girls Can




Activity Studio Sports Hall

Lunch time Day

1st Lunch 2nd Lunch (Year 10) (year 7,8 &9)


Badminton Badminton Boys and (Year 7, 8 & Girls 9) Boys and Girls Girls Can! (Year 7,8 & 9 Girls) Basketball Basketball club Boys (Year 8 & and Girls 9) Boys & Girls Handball (Year 7, 8 & 9) Boys and Girls Basketball (Year 7) Girls and Boys


Judo Club

External provider External




Sports Hall

Girls Can





Resistance Sliding Table Tennis

External provider CD

Activity Studio Ks3 Hall




Activity Studio Astro



External KS3 Hall provider External Sports Hall provider EC, DH, BB MUGA



Badminton club Bike Club

Girls running RM club


South Park


Improve your skills! Try something new! Keep fit! Make new friends! Unleash your energy! Increase your chances of getting into a team! INA Newsletter 9

Well done to the following students who are this week’s Mathematicians of the Moment. Please collect a merit from Mr Dukes

This week’s Mathematicians of the Moment Haider Hussain  (7N)  

Cameron Salhotra  (7N)    

Shakurra Wellington  (8E)    

Zaynab Mahiya  (9A)  

Annan Ibne-­‐Anis  (8E)    

Ikran Shire  (9T)    

Here are the scores so far







































7T 10  INA Newsletter

9I 1150

The Mathematics department would like to encourage all students to enter next week’s Mathematician of the Moment competition. Look out for the new problem next term.

YEAR 7 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 18th April to Thursday 28th April

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

YEAR 8 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 18th April to Thursday 28th April

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

YEAR 9 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 18th April to Thursday 28th April

How many  ways  can  this  be  done  ?   What  is  the  greatest  number  of  cakes   Horace  could  have  bought  ?   Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

INA Newsletter 11

Scavenging Michelle Reader - Art from Waste London-based artist Michelle Reader makes recycled materials into sculptures, often incorporating mechanical elements such as the working parts of toys and clocks. Michelle scavenges city dumps, roadsides and charity shops to find materials she can recycle, including both household and industrial waste. Michelle says ‘I love the unpredictability of found materials and enjoy the inventiveness necessary to transform them into a sculpture. I try wherever possible to use materials that are reclaimed, things with a history that have been discarded and might otherwise end up in landfill.’ Perhaps her most famous work is the family portrait known as ‘Seven Wasted Men’ that was made from one month of household waste from the family.

TOP TIPS STUDENTS Use knowledge and skills learnt in one lesson in all your lessons. Transfer knowledge and skills that you learnt at INA outside of INA. If you need help with IL, think about where you me might find it yourself e.g. library, newspapers etc. Look round the house and see how many potential resources to help your learning you can find

PARENTS Discuss with your child what learning ideas they have scavenged and recycled during the week. 12  INA Newsletter


& Recycling

WHO HAS SHOWN SCAVENGING & RECYCLING AT INA? Iman Latif in 8S uses information gathered from Science programmes and reading to enhance class discussions and her knowledge. Amber Khandwalla scavenged and recycled concepts and ideas when she was on the Phillips Exeter summer school. Studying robotics, computer science and maths, in a cluster called ‘An Odyssey of the Mind’, Amber transferred ideas and knowledge between the three subjects. Ms Broadway and Mr Bowry transferred their knowledge and experience of setting up INA secondary to design the building, and building management systems for INA primary. Ms Broadway visited other primary schools, scavenged ideas from them and re-used them when designing the INA primary playground.

SCAVENGING & RECYCLING Being able to seek out knowledge, understanding or positive behaviour and re-use in the future. Being on the lookout for materials, resources and forms of support in the environment that can help you in your current learning or problem-solving. Taking stock of what you have learnt, distilling knowledge down to a pure form and using what you have learnt in other ways and contexts.

BEHAVIOURS Seeking out opportunities to knowledge, information, ideas and learning strategies in new situations, transferring skills and knowledge gained between different situations, using what you learn at INA outside INA and vice versa, using ideas that you have developed, read or heard in your own learning, recycling learning ideas and materials at INA and in everyday life. INA Newsletter 13

BRIDGES we build learning power and developcharacter characteratatIsaac Isaac Newton Newton Academy HowHow we build learning power and develop Academy “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton The secondary BRIDGES programme commences on Monday 14th September. BRIDGES are

The secondary BRIDGES programme commences on Monday 14th September. BRIDGES are habits of mind or learning characteristics that develop a student's character and learning power habits ofenable mind them or learning thatindividuals develop a student's character and to growcharacteristics into well rounded and resilient learners.and learning power and enable them to grow into well rounded individuals and resilient learners.

On a two weekly cycle throughout the year, Year 7 and 8 students are introduced to one or two of cycle mind throughout or learning characteristics will8permeate the curriculum. On anew twohabits weekly the year, Yearthat 7 and students throughout are introduced to one or two This will take place through a range of interactive activities. In addition, the students will new habits of mind or learning characteristics that will permeate throughout the curriculum. This experience BRIDGES learning objectives in each and every lesson throughout Isaac Newton will take place Year through a range lessons of interactive activities. In addition, theBRIDGES students will experience Academy. 9 BRIDGES will focus on strengthening certain learning BRIDGES learningthrough objectives in each of and every lesson characteristics exploration PHSE topics andthroughout themes. Isaac Newton Academy.

Year 9 BRIDGES lessons will focus on strengthening certain BRIDGES learning characteristics Eachexploration fortnight you findtopics top tips in themes. the newsletter of ways of supporting your child to through ofwill PHSE and develop the BRIDGES habits of mind and learning characteristics within the home.

Each fortnight you will find top tips in the newsletter of ways of supporting your child to develop the BRIDGES habits of mind and learning characteristics within the home.

ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is a 7W crucial factor in students’ educational development 7A and ability to achieve their 7E full potential.






















7N 98.2 8T At Isaac Newton Academy every student 7C 96.5 8C is set the target of 100% attendance. We know 7T 95.2 8E that attendance has a 7S 94.8 8I direct link to progress, and would urge you to 88.6 8S really consider if a day off 7I school is necessary. Well done to 8A, 9N, 9S and 10C who have got off to a flying start this term with 100% attendance.


























Our winning year group for the term was Y7, a great effort by all, well done!

Year 7 96.2%

to Year 9, currently in the top position for the first time this year, giving Mr Ayerh a great first impression!

Ms. Abbott-Jones Lead Pastoral Leader 14  INA Newsletter

Year 9 96.4% Year 10 96.0%

BRIDGES Mentoring Wednesday 18th May The first BRIDGES mentoring session takes place on Wednesday 18th May from 1:45-4:15pm. All students will be given a fifteen minute 1:1 coaching session with their BRIDGES mentor. This is an important opportunity for KS3 students to reflect on how they have developed or strengthened their BRIDGES dispositions, to discuss the dispositions they consider to be their strengths and the ones they need to work on further. Year 10 students will be engaging in a mock interview focusing on their preparedness for the Year 10 exams and work experience, and how they are further strengthening their BRIDGES dispositions to achieve success at GCSE and beyond. Arrangements All students will complete lessons p1 – 4 (Y10 students will complete lesson 4 as per KS3 timings). Students will leave school at 1.10pm. Students who are eligible for Free School Meals who request lunch in advance (via form tutors) can collect a lunch bag from the student reception as they leave. Students are expected to go directly home and return between 1.45-4.15pm for a fifteen minute 1:1 coaching session with their BRIDGES mentor. Appointment times will be issued to students at the start of next week. Students must attend their session on time. KS3 students must wear full school uniform. KS4 students may wear either school uniform or professional work wear (no jeans, hoodies, trainers, jewellery). We are unable to supervise other students as all staff are BRIDGES mentors and will be engaged in mentoring session throughout the afternoon. Parents are not required at the sessions but will be given feedback on how their son or daughter’s BRIDGES skills are progressing later in the year. Please note that enrichment will be cancelled on this day. Jo Spencer Vice Principal

Y10 Work Experience information evening Wednesday 11th May 6-7pm On Wednesday 11th May 6-7pm the process for Work Experience will be explained to parents Students have received this information but are welcome to attend Thanks Mr Crowther-Green INA Newsletter 15

Praise & Recognition



Year 7 C S

Year 8


















1139 1071


1148 744





906 888 860

Year 10

1237 1057 991 869 768 750



Year 9


















Ahmed Al-Khafaji Award (Peer Commendation Award) Ahmed was well known for being kind, for helping others and for being extremely polite. He was also someone known for his hard work and absorption; the idea, therefore, is that the winner should be someone that encapsulated one of these qualities in that week. Year 7: Dean Mamum 7E Year 8: Khadija Chaudhury 8C Year 9: Mohammed Awadh 9A Year 10: is Halima Anjum, 10N. Gabriel Ayerh Year 9 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

16  INA Newsletter

Music Notice for all year 9 parents You should have received a letter last week detailing how Big Band instruments are to be returned this year. Please read through the letter carefully. Save the date: Tuesday 26th April - all year 9 students (except for drummers) need to bring in their big band instruments to be checked and returned at the following times: • • • •

IS 1:50 - 2:50 (during lessons) CA 2:50 - 3:30 (9C & 9A students will have to stay behind at the end of school) EN 3:30 - 4:00 (9E & 9N students will have to come back to school with their instruments) WT 4:00 - 4:30 (9W & 9T students will have to come back to school with their instruments)

Save the date: Tuesday 3rd May - all year 9 drummers need to have brought in their drum kits by this date • On 3rd May all Year 9 drummers will come to KS3 hall. • GC, WM, SF & GHo (led by WM) will supervise students as they assemble and disassemble their drum kits from 2:50 - 4:30 Details on how to purchase your child's big band instrument are included in the letter. Thank you for your support with this. Mr. G Coughlin Head of Music Isaac Newton Academy

Good Deed Feed •

Mr Butler-Zanetti- Anish Mistry, 7C. For helping Usman Umarji, 7C with his reading. He did this completely on his own initiative, noticed a student was struggling and spent about 10 minutes listening to him read, helping him with difficult words.

Mrs Gurm: Muhammad Khan (Sal) year 8 for helping a student who had got a concept wrong

Mr Woracker: Anish Mistry 7C – For helping a fellow student with a lower reading age with his reading. He often gives one to one support to another student who is struggling with reading difficult words. He goes even further by listening to him read, all without a teacher asking him to.

• Mrs Stylianou: Umer 8T is always extremely polite and holds the door open in the morning when we have line up •

Mrs Abott-Jones- Hawwa Imran 7S and Rhea Virdee 7S have just been really helpful in my PE lesson. They do a great job of setting up equipment so that we make the most of our time playing football.

Mr Vaghela: Mohammed Awadh (9A) – A fantastic class demonstration on CAD: 2D design today, (how to vectorise and edit and image) Nikhill Bansaree (7A) – Fantastic Team player in class, assisting students, sharing great CAD Practice, excellent progress with year 7 bottle opener project Gabriel Ayerh Year 9 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

INA Newsletter 17

Key Dates for the Summer Term 2015: Secondary Summer Term Monday 11th April - Wednesday 20th July Half Term 30th May - 3rd June INSET days: Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June, Friday 8th July Friday 29th April Wednesday 4th May Thursday 5th May Friday 6th May Friday 6th May Wednesday 11th May Tuesday 17th May Wednesday 18th May Thursday 19th May Friday 20th May Monday 23rd May Wednesday 25th May Wednesday 25th May Friday 27th May Friday 27th May

18  INA Newsletter

Speak out Challenge Final Sept 2016 new Reception Parents’ Information Evening Year 7 to Oxford University Year 10 Maths Challenge Year 7s to Rochester Year 11s & Parents Work Experience Evening Primary Sports Day BRIDGES mentoring. No lessons in the afternoon Year 10 Geography fieldwork at Stratford Year 10 Geography fieldwork at Stratford Year 7s to Rochester Year 10 Science controlled assessments New Year 6 Parents’ Information Evening Music Recital Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Wales

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