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INA Secondary Newsletter

Shakespeare Schools Festival Pgs. 10 - 11

27 November 2015

Can you support INA?

We need more Work Experience placements!

Do you work in a career that would interest our students? If so please contact us: info@ Year 10 students will complete a work experience placement from Monday 20th June 2016 – Friday 24th June 2016 and we need your help! If you feel you can offer a placement please read the placement guide below and contact Mr Crowther-Green by email: info@ with the title Work Experience. Please provide a work address, brief details of the type of work, potential duties and include a contact name, telephone number and email.

Placement guide

• Employers must have a Health and Safety policy and Public Liability Insurance • Placements should be easily reachable from INA by public transport • Students should not be working in a confined space with a single employer (safeguarding reasons) • Employers offering placements will need to complete an agreement and send details of dress, days, times, tasks and any specific information • Students will complete a project which they will work through during their placement We welcome friends and family of INA students to offer placements to INA students. We want students to broaden their horizons and we want students to be completing a work experience that they could not easily organise themselves. Therefore students cannot complete work experience with family and friends. If you have an questions please contact Mr CrowtherGreen by email:

Mr Crowther-Green 2  INA Newsletter


Dear Parents and Carers

hope that those of you celebrating Guru Nanak had a good day on Wednesday. As staff, we were busy getting absorbed in a range of activities in honour of the memory of Ahmed Al-Khafaji. Ms Alibhai-Watson, Ms McEvoy and I travelled to Winchester in Hampshire to visit Peter Symonds Sixth Form College, one of the largest and most successful post-16 education colleges in the country. Our trip was part of extensive research that we are carrying out in preparation for setting up our own sixth form at INA. We are very excited about the opportunity to provide post-16 education at the school. Ms Alibhai-Watson will be leading on the establishment of the sixth form, in her new post as Vice Principal which commences in September. We will be holding a sixth form consultation evening on 21st January for Year 10 students and their parents to meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss their desires and aspirations for our post 16 offer. With best wishes,

Rachel Macfarlane Principal

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INA visits....


n Friday 20th of November 20 students gave up their Friday evening to attend a public science lecture at UCL. Braving the rush-hour commuter travel these students got to experience what it is like to attend a university science lecture and learn about mirror molecules and how they impact on the world of Pharmacology. They even had to endure listening to Mr Clift-Matthews nostalgic stories about being taught in the very same lecture hall! I want to thank the students for their patience in a packed out lecture hall and for being great ambassadors to the school. Though the lecture was exceedingly complex they did not look out of place in a room full of sixth form students and it leaves me very excited for the day when they study A-Level Chemistry with me! Ibraheem Bhaijee Milan Sehmbi Abdul-Samad Miah Awais Seyyad Amreen Sandhu Aishah Zahoor Amreese Toor Haneefa Sultan Manav Katavada Arjun Sharma Rawdah Hosenee

Dylan Bhurji Toby Summers Daanyaal Ali Simran Bilku Neha Rajput Halema Anjum Abdul-Jabar Butt Sneha Prasanna Unais Ahmed

The next instalment is on the 11th of December with a lecture titled “Would you really leave your family to go? Colonising Planet Mars as a one-way venture” by Professor Alan Aylward of the UCL Department of Physics & Astronomy. I will look forward to another glimpse into the sixth form future of our students. Mr A.Clift-Matthews Head of Science

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PE AT ISAAC NEWTON ACAD Fixtures and Results Year 7 Netball team Year 7 Girls finally managed to secure a very hardfought victory in netball, a victory which was fully deserved. They have been working hard and training with enthusiasm each week and their efforts paid off against a very talented Palmer Academy where they managed to win 4-1. This week a lot of the INA team were tested and played in a variety of positions and they showed they had the knowledge and skill to make sure they all played a part in securing their first win of the netball season. Well done to each of the players. Ms Lapish has promised to take a team photo next week so they can appear in the weekly newsletter! Congratulations to the year 7 netball team

Year 8 Football Year 8 football team were up against a strong Loxford team last Thursday. The 6  INA Newsletter

game was very tense throughout and there was very little to separate the teams throughout the duration of the game. With the final score being only 1-1 this shows the high standard of football that was on show and the high level of concentration throughout the game to not concede another goal. The stand out performance was from Ilyas Vaseem, who worked his socks off and provided the much-needed assist for the goal.

Under 13s Redbridge Handball Championship Isaac Newton Academy again hosted the Redbridge championships but this time for year 7 and 8 boys. With eight schools participating this was the biggest event so far. We entered two teams: INA Purple and INA Green. Both teams performed incredibly considering it was the first time many of them had played. INA G&P had only lost 1 out of 6 games in the group stages; unfortunately this allowed

only INA P to progress to the semi-finals. INA P showed great perseverance and skill to come from behind to beat Palmer Academy in the Semi Finals. INA P then faced Oaks Park in the final; this proved to be a very tough game and they were narrowly beaten 3-2 in a very competitive final, leaving INA Purple 2nd place in the Redbridge Handball Championships.

Upcoming fixtures 30th November • Year 7 Basketball vs Seven Kings (Away) 2nd December • Year 7 Netball vs Chadwell (Home) • Girls KS3+4 Badminton at Bancroft 3rd December • Year 10 Basketball vs Mayfield (Away) • Year 9 Basketball vs Wanstead (Home)

DEMY Our new 3G Pitch

Please note that this floodlit all weather pitch is available for hire outside school hours. For enquiries, please contact the school via phone or email.

PE department extra-curricular and enrichment clubs

After school

Lunch time








Sports Hall




Table Tennis


Activity Studio


Judo Club


Sports Hall


Yr 9 S+C


Sports Hall

Rugby Club



Yr 10 Football


Knox Field/ MUGA MUGA

Table Tennis


Activity Studio




Yr 8 Basketball JL

Sports Hall

Seated MB Volleyball Football/ TB Cricket Yr 7 Badminton club External

Activity Studio

Girls’ Sports club Bike Club





Football/ Cricket Yr8


Knox Field

MUGA Sports Hall


1st Lunch (Year 10)

2nd Lunch (year 7,8 &9) Boys Handball (Year 8 &9) Basketball club (Year 8&9

Basketball club (BH)

Girls Handball Year 8 & 9 Year 7 Handball Boys and Girls Basketball (Year 7) Girls and Boys

Mon Tues


Handball Club (BH)

Improve your skills! Try something new! Keep fit! Make new friends! Unleash your energy! Increase your chances of getting into a team! INA Newsletter 7

Well done to the following students who are this week’s Mathematicians of the Moment. Please collect a merit from Mr Dukes

This week’s Mathematicians of the Moment Khadija Ahmed  (7N)    

Sajjad Ali  (7A)    

Amaal Khandwalla  (8N)  

Keshan Becke<-­‐Edwards  (7S)    

Nikita Spiridonovas  (9N)  

Eleanor Brant  (7N)    





















9I 600


















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The Mathematics department would like to encourage all students to enter next week’s Mathematician of the Moment competition. Have a look at the problem below. Answers to be written on a Maths postcard to be placed in the Maths post box no later than 4.10pm on Wednesday 17th December. Good luck and may the best form win!!!

YEAR 7 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 30th November to Thursday 10th December

Find the  dimensions  of  a  rectangle  whose  perimeter  is   68cm  and  area  is  240cm2.

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

YEAR 8 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 30th November to Thursday 10th December You are at an unmarked intersection ... one way is the City of Lies and another way is the City of Truth. Citizens of the City of Lies always lie. Citizens of the City of Truth always tell the truth. A citizen of one of those cities (you don't know which) is at the intersection. What question could you ask to them to find the way to the City of Truth?

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

YEAR 9 - PROBLEM OF THE WEEK Monday 30th November to Thursday 10th December

The bag of sweets has gone missing! Andy, Bob, Cassie and David are questioned about the disappearance and ONLY ONE of them tells the truth. Andy said "Cassie did it." Bob said " I didn't do it." Cassie said "Bob is lying." David said " Cassie is lying." Who took the sweets?

Answers on a postcard to be handed to Mr Dukes (G42) by Thursday 4.10pm latest!

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Shakes Schools F

Earlier this month, a group of 20 actors and 3 technica Festival. On Wednesday 11th November, Isaac Newton of Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the RADA Studios on a pr

Students and teachers spent the afternoon doing a tech theatre practitioners, with all sound, lighting and stage Charisma Patel, Rajveer Kaur, and Misbah Hashmi.

In the evening, alongside Ark John Keats Academy’s ve Academy’s version of Twelfth Night, our students took which included a group of students from Isaac Newton

Macbeth was confidently played by Year 8 student Jasm a dark and sinister Lady Macbeth. The Witches (played Daanyal, and Jodie), set the eerie scene from the very o ensemble took us on a fast-paced journey through an a

Notable mentions must be made of Arjun Shah, whose electrifying. Sisay Shah, our most professional and focu Tathgar as a committed and believable Banquo, and Sim Macduff.

As an ensemble, our students worked intuitively togeth remaining cast members from Years 8 and 9: Finn; Noa Sanwar.

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speare Festival

al students participated in the Shakespeare Schools n Students had the privilege of performing their version rofessional London stage.

hnical rehearsal and a dress rehearsal with professional e management being provided by our Year 10 students

ersion of The Merchant of Venice, and Bolingbroke to the stage and performed to a sell-out audience, n who had come down to support us.

meet Dhaliwal, and alongside him, Jainna Bhalla was d by Year 8 students Janki, Tafcir, Simonida, Yusuf, opening moments of the play, and the rest of the array of battles, murders and betrayals.

e story telling as the nobleman, Ross, was engaging and used cast member, created a notable Malcolm, Arjan mran Chahal who played a passionate and sensitive

her to create the world of the play. Well done to the ah; Ekam; Adam, Aishah, Subhaan, Sinthuram and

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A Warm Invite to INA’s Awards Assemblies – Friday 18th December 2015 On Friday 18th December we will be holding our first awards assemblies of the year. This is an opportunity for the staff, students, governors and parents/carers to formally celebrate our students’ achievements at the end of the autumn term. There will be a separate assembly for each year group. Please note the times as follows: Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

12.00-12.45pm 11.05-11.50am 12.00-12.45pm 11.05-11.50am

At the assemblies we will be presenting awards in recognition of students’ academic progress and attainment, personal progress and the development of their BRIDGES dispositions. Excellent attendance and punctuality will also be celebrated. It is also a great opportunity for you to see some examples of the activities and events your child has been participated in this term. We believe that it is important that every student is represented by a parent at the Awards assembly for their year group and would like to invite one parent to attend on behalf of the family. If you would like to attend, please ask your son/daughter to collect a ticket for the awards assembly from his/her form tutor. Please request your ticket by Friday 11th December. Due to limited capacity in the viewing gallery, we are unable to accommodate very many additional family members. However, if you would like a second place, please notify the school office and we will do our best to allocate an additional ticket. I look forward to seeing you on the 18th December. Jo Spencer Vice Principal.

GCSE French and Spanish Controlled Assessments - Speaking Year 10 students will do their first Speaking controlled assessments during Friday 4th and Monday 7th December. This means that any student in Year 10 who is doing Spanish or French GCSE will be required to attend a 1:1 Speaking assessment with their language teacher for about 10 minutes. The controlled assessments will take place in formal exam conditions. The focus of the controlled assessment is sports and leisure. Students are preparing for the controlled assessments during their French or Spanish lessons. Students should also spend time as part of their independent learning revising and practising key vocabulary and phrases to ensure that they fully prepared and can approach their assessment with confidence. If you have any questions please contact your son/daughter’s MFL teacher. Jo Spencer 12  INA Newsletter

Community Languages GCSEs Does your son/daughter speak a language other than English at home e.g. Italian, German, Russian, Urdu, Bengali, Polish, Turkish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese? Can he/she read and write the language to a good standard? If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, your child may be able to take an early entry GCSE in the language at INA. Students will need to study independently for the exam. The school will supply past papers for students to practise and will pay the exam entry fees but we are unable to offer any tuition in the language. Students will need to make a commitment to studying independently for the exams. What happens next? Ms Spencer will be talking to students about the process in assemblies in the week beginning 17th November. Any students interested in finding out more should attend a meeting with Ms Spencer and Mr Crowther Green on Tuesday lunchtime. Ms Spencer will distribute a past paper GCSE paper and a mark scheme for the language for students to do at home. Parents will need to mark the paper and students should return it to Ms Spencer by Monday 23rd November. The school will then make a decision as to whether the student can be entered for the exams next summer. Mr Crowther-Green will contact parents directly to discuss the decision. Should a student not be deemed ready to take the exam, he/she may be able to take it the following year. If you would like to would like more information or you would like to discuss the matter further, please contact Ms Spencer or Mr Crowther-Green.

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Praise & Recognition Merits

Year 7 C T E W S N I A

710 698 634 519 486 452 438 411

Year 8 C N W S I A T E

520 474 460 444 435 398 382 354

Year 9 T E N W I S C A

558 425 258 226 174 158 155 103

Year 10 W E N S A T I C

187 153 138 132 118 111 106 92

Ahmed Al-Khafaji Award (Peer Commendation Award) The sixth awards have been decided by the previous week’s winners.

Ahmed was well known for being kind, for helping others and for being extremely polite. He was also someone known for his hard work and absorption; the idea, therefore, is that the winner should be someone that encapsulated one of these qualities in that week. Year 7: to be announced next week (Ahmed Al-Khafaji day meant the Year 7 assembly didn’t take place) Year 8: Sumeyyah Ali 8E Year 9: Djevia Elliel 9A Year 10: Simran Larr 10E

Good Deed Feed From Ms Abbott-Jones: Charisma in Year 10 went to find a student’s sister in an enrichment for me while I was dealing with her brother who had been injured playing football! Very helpful! From Ms Ahmed: Amber Khandwalla is always offering to go help her parallel form groups with Mathematician of the Moment (that’s 7T and 8T) From Ms Akram: Another nomination for Jaye Gohil: He’s been absolutely wonderful at lunch times, holding the door open for me almost every day this week and greeting me with a smile and also didn’t give it a second though when I asked him to help out at Student Reception – I offered him a merit but he declined saying that he didn’t deserve it. A lovely young man – displayed all round good manners and behaviour. From Mr Woracker: Yewande Oyebola – She brought in 5 shoeboxes full of toys, crayons, sweets, pens, gifts and toiletries for the Christmas shoebox appeal. She said that what she had seen in Nigeria had inspired her to help others. 14  INA Newsletter

Jennifer Byrne Year 9 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

A huge thank you to all parents, carers, staff and students for your donations to the Trussell Trust shoe box appeal. The generosity of both our school and wider community was overwhelming and I am very proud to announce that across the primary and secondary we collected an incredible 84 boxes! A very special well done to 7N, 8I, 9T, 10N and Fitzgerald class over at the primary for collecting the most shoes boxes in total! Prizes to follow…

Christmas Themed Non Uniform Day on Friday 11th December On Friday 11th of December we will have a non-uniform day to fundraise for Save the Children. Students will be invited to wear a Christmas jumper as part of their non-school uniform. Christmas colours of green, red, gold and white are encouraged! Students can choose to wear trousers, jeans, leggings or skirts but their outfit cannot be revealing and students are not permitted to wear any jewellery beyond that which is permitted as part of their day to day uniform. Students will need to bring £1 by Monday 7th December in order to be permitted to wear non uniform on the 11th of December. Ms Alibhai-Watson

INA Community Party On Tuesday December 8th we will be hosting the INA Community Party. Timings for the day will be as follows:

P1-P3 P4a 12:50-13:00 13:00-13:10 Ms Alibhai-Watson

KS3 Normal school day Normal school day PM Registration Whole school dismissal

KS4 Normal school day Period 4b lesson PM Registration Whole school dismissal

Only students involved in supporting the event will be allowed on site after 13:00. Should your child be eligible for free school meals we will have a packed lunch available to take away that day. Many thanks in advance for your help and support! INA Newsletter 15


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Planning and Prioritising

INA Newsletterâ&#x20AC;&#x192;17

BRIDGES How we build learning power and develop character at Isaac Newton Academy “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton The secondary BRIDGES programme commences on Monday 14th September. BRIDGES are habits of mind or learning characteristics that develop a student's character and learning power and enable them to grow into well rounded individuals and resilient learners. On a two weekly cycle throughout the year, Year 7 and 8 students are introduced to one or two new habits of mind or learning characteristics that will permeate throughout the curriculum. This will take place through a range of interactive activities. In addition, the students will experience BRIDGES learning objectives in each and every lesson throughout Isaac Newton Academy. Year 9 BRIDGES lessons will focus on strengthening certain BRIDGES learning characteristics through exploration of PHSE topics and themes. Each fortnight you will find top tips in the newsletter of ways of supporting your child to develop the BRIDGES habits of mind and learning characteristics within the home.

ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is a crucial factor in students’ educational development and ability to achieve their full potential.





















































At Isaac Newton 7T 96 8I Academy every 7A 95.8 8T student is set the target of 100% 94.5 8A attendance. We know 7W that attendance has a 7C 93.3 8E direct link to progress, and would urge you to really consider if a day off school is necessary.

Year 8 97.1%

Well done to 7N and 9E for meeting Year 7 96.8% their 100% target It is still possible for any tutor group to take the lead, so keep giving your form the chance to win by being here every day! Ms. Abbott-Jones Lead Pastoral Leader 18  INA Newsletter

Year 10 96.2%

Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2015: Secondary Saturday 28th November Saturday Stretch: Psychology Saturday 28th November Y8 STEM students to Imperial College, London Tuesday 1st December Year 9 Options Evening Tuesday 8th December Community Party Tuesday 8th December 20 Year 10 students involved in an Entrepreneurship workshop Friday 11th December Christmas Lunch Saturday 12th December Saturday Stretch: Geography Tuesday 15th December 20 Year 10 students involved in an Entrepreneurship workshop 3-5pm Wednesday 16th December 15 Y10 students on a medics trip to Kings College Thursday 17th December Winter Concert Friday 18th December Awards Assemblies. Term ends at lunch time.

Spring Term Monday 4th January - Thursday 24th March Half Term 15th - 19th February INSET days: Monday 4th January and Friday 12th February Summer Term Monday 11th April - Wednesday 20th July Half Term 30th May - 3rd June INSET days: Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June, Friday 8th July

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