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23 October 2015

Announcements Message from Year 1 Teachers Please can you ensure your child has their guided reading book with them every day along with their reading record. Thank you.

BRIDGES Workshop Many thanks to those parents that were able to attend the BRIDGES workshop last week. The powerpoint is now available for parents to access on the school website by going to the ‘Community’ tab and then ‘Resources for Parents’. Copies of the handout booklet are also available from the Primary office.

Dear Parents and Carers,


t has been another action-packed week at the primary. I am sure that everyone is ready for a bit of a rest next week.

Just a reminder that Monday 2nd November is an INSET day so there is no school for the children. We resume on Tuesday 3rd November at the usual time. Have a great half term. With best wishes,

achel Macfarlane, RP rincipal


can hardly believe that the first half term has gone by already! It only seemed like five minutes ago that we were welcoming the Year 1 children back after the summer holiday and settling the Reception children into their new classes. It has been a busy and fantastic half term and I am feeling incredibly proud of how hard everyone has worked and how much has been learnt. I hope you all have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing you all in November, feeling refreshed and ready to go again!

Tam Broadway, Head of Primary Britten Class Assembly

Enrichment Clubs Everyone should now have been informed of their child’s enrichment club for next half term. Please contact the primary office if you have any queries. The sessions will start again from Wednesday 4th November.

Britten class getting the resources ready for their assembly this week.

Composer of the Fortnight

After the half term break, we will be listening to and learning about George Friderick Handel as our Composer of the Fortnight. As a suggested activity to support at home, you could gather some facts about Handel in preparation for the coming weeks. Information can also be found on the following youtube link. 2  INA Newsletter


>>> News Year 1 Gurdwara Visit

As part of this half term’s ‘Me and My World’ topic the Year 1 children visited the Gurdwara Singh Sabha in Seven Kings to help them learn more about the Sikh place of worship. The children were given a tour and a talk about the gurdwara, explaining how it runs with the help of the Sikh community volunteering their time and how the ‘langar’, community kitchen, operates. The children were fantastic and listened to the information intently. Thank you to the parents who were able to help out this time; your help goes a long way. We would like to thank Jeevat’s father and uncle for their kind hospitality and for giving up their time to talk to the children.

Art Enrichment Pictures Mr Derry was really impressed by the art work that some of the pupils produced during their enrichment club. The children have used a range of art media and learned how to mix paints. We are looking forward to displaying their beautiful work to share with everyone.

Cooking Enrichment Pictures

The children enjoyed making Chocolate Cornflakes cakes.

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academic effort throughout the week.

Well done to the following children, who have been recognised this week! Curie Class:

Primary Praise and Recognition

week each teacher chooses two children from their class to receive EourveryBRIDGES a certificate in assembly, one in recognition of a child demonstrating habit of the week, and the other in recognition of a pupil’s

Keira Chana – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for listening and not calling out and being really self-disciplined.) Isra Hussain – Scholar of the Week (for counting confidently objects up to 7.) Maxwell Class:

Aryan Singh – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for not getting distracted and keeping focussed during the carpet time learning.) Safwan Khan – Scholar of the Week (for putting items into groups according to the required number.) Newton Class:

Aqsa Saeed – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for constantly working hard in her lessons and sounding out words before writing them neatly.) Kareem Al Khouli – Scholar of the Week (for showing dedication to his learning and now being able to write his name.) Britten Class:

Musa Malik – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for organising his time to produce excellent work during assessment week.) Nadia Khan – Scholar of the Week (for writing a fantastic paragraph including great power words in literacy!) Fitzgerald Class:

Siya Kamothi – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for showing the motivation to extend her learning by completing the maths challenges this week.) Tay’Shawn Holland – Scholar of the Week (for trying really hard to leave clear finger spaces in between his words so that people can read his amazing writing more easily.) Glennie Class:

Kashan Shahzad – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for getting changed for PE independently in under 6 minutes) Nassim Rebhi – Scholar of the Week (for displaying amazing handwriting in all his work – well done.) Headteacher’s Lunch Well done to the following pupils who have been nominated for the Headteacher’s Lunch for next Thursday 5th November. An invitation will be given to the children during our Celebration and Awards Assembly:

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Nassim Rebhi - Glennie Inaaya Islam - Maxwell Nirmalpreet Durhailay – Glennie Katrina Kaur - Newton Shakira Choudhry - Maxwell Mohammed Musa Ali – Curie Kaysha Reid - Fitzgerald

At Isaac Newton Academy every student is set the target of 100% attendance. The class with the highest attendance at the end of every week is awarded the attendance trophy during Friday’s Award & Recognition assembly. Curie












Overall Attendance: 96.3%

Last week we had a tie situation, but this week Glennie are the outright winners of the attendance cup. Well done Glennie class! I am sure we will see improved attendance after the half term break. It is important that the children attend school every day and do not miss any learning. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is at school every day. We always strive for 100%.


Regular attendance is a crucial factor in students’ educational development and ability to achieve their full potential.

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"We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton BRIDGES are habits of mind or learning characteristics that develop a pupil's character and learning power and enable him/her to grow into a well-rounded individual and resilient learner. There are seven BRIDGES habits that we will be working on, which will rotate on a weekly cycle throughout the year. The BRIDGES habit of the week will always be introduced at the beginning of the week during the Monday assembly and reinforced throughout the week across the curriculum. Each class teacher will award a certificate to a pupil that they feel has demonstrated the BRIDGES focus for the week. Each week we will update you on the BRIDGES habit that will be introduced in the coming week and offer some top tips on how to reinforce the habit at home too. Please also refer to the Primary BRIDGES wheel above Week commencing 3th November– Bravery Displaying habits of organisation, hard-work, absorption, practising, prioritising, planning, prudence, revising, self-regulation, independence and motivation At School: • • • •

We encourage the children to try new things an experiment every day, whether it is a food that they have not tried before or new activities that they may not normally choose during the afternoon sessions. We always encourage the children to have courage when they fall over and hurt themselves and to remain as calm as possible while we help them. We aim for all pupils to demonstrate their leadership skills by helping others, being smart in their appearance, being kind, having good manners and generally demonstrating all their BRIDGES characteristics. We encourage some of the quieter pupils to have the courage to share their ideas in class and to have work with optimism and develop a real ‘can do’ attitude.

At Home: Encourage your child to try as many different things as possible – whether it is food, different enrichment clubs etc. It is important that the pupils are able to try things without worrying about getting it wrong. Help remind your child at home about being smart in their appearance and role-modelling good behaviour through their leadership skills. Tam Broadway, Head of Primary 6  INA Newsletter

Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2015: Primary Monday 2nd November Thursday 5th November Tuesday 10th November Thursday 12th November Thursday 19th November Wednesday 25th November Wednesday 2nd December Thursday 3rd December Tuesday 8th December Friday 11th December Tuesday 15th December Thursday 17th December Friday 18th December

Staff Training: school closed to students Parent Workshop re Esafety Parent Workshop re Phonics Reception Information Evening for parents of 3-4 year olds Parent Workshop re Literacy Staff Training: school closed to students Reception Information pm for parents of 3-4 year olds Coffee Morning with Headteacher Community Party Christmas Lunch Pupil Progress Meetings for parents with class teachers Winter Concert Awards Assemblies. Term ends at 12pm.

Spring Term Monday 4th January - Thursday 24th March Half Term 15th - 19th February INSET days: Monday 4th January and Friday 12th February Summer Term Monday 11th April - Wednesday 20th July Half Term 30th May - 3rd June INSET days: Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June, Friday 8th July

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