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23 October 2015

Year 10 You will be sitting your first GCSE Mathematics Mock Exam Tuesday 17th November Period 4/5 1hour 30min paper Non Calculator This paper will provide us with your current GCSE working grade. It could include any content from the new GCSE specification (some of which you will not have covered yet). To prepare you should: • Review all learning from Units 1-3 • Use ActiveLearn to complete additional learning on target topics

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Dear Parents and Carers We waved off half of Year 9 and some surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staff at 5.45am today. They are heading for Ypres to see the First World War trenches as part of some cross-curricular learning around the war and the war poets. The day will end with them witnessing the Last Post at the Menin Gates. We hope that they have a really memorable day. A huge thank you to the staff who have organised and supported this visit. Last weekend some of our students were involved in the latest ‘Drop Everything and Draw trip: a guided art tour in Spitalfields. We also had 20 students participating in a Saturday Stretch workshop at school: read all about it in the following pages. I hope that you all have a great half term break. Just a reminder that Monday 2nd November is an INSET day so there is no school for students. Term starts at 8.25am on Tuesday 3rd November, when it will be WEEK B. With best wishes,

Rachel Macfarlane Principal


Year 7 Settling in Evening

I’m delighted to say that our students have started the year looking extremely smart wearing the correct uniform. As the autumn weather starts to set in, I would respectfully remind parents/carers of our uniform policy with regards to outdoor clothing and footwear.

I would like to thank all of you that managed to attend our Year 7 Settling in evening. I appreciate that attending such commitments is not always easy but we had a fantastic turnout from parents and students and I am sure you found it extremely informative. It was a pleasure meeting with some of you after the talk and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking such an interest in your child’s education, Your support and direct involvement in all things INA is hugely valuable.

Shoes Boys: Plain black school shoes (any laces must be black). Girls: Plain black, low-heeled shoes (any laces must be black). Boots of any kind are not permitted. This includes Kicker boots. Outdoor Clothing Outdoor coats must be plain black. They should not have logos (for example Superdry, Adidas or North Face) or splashes of colour. No leather or denim jackets or hoodies are permitted. Hats, gloves and scarves must be plain black, with no logos. Thank you in advance for continuing to support the school uniform policy.

Leanne Abbott-Jones Lead Pastoral Leader

For those of you that did not manage to attend ,please do feel free to contact your child’s tutor in the first instance regarding anything you feel you may have missed out on during the evening. I hope all Year 7s have an enjoyable, relaxing half term holiday. They have made a fantastic start to secondary school life and deserve a well-earned rest. All the best

Ms J Lapish Year 7 Pastoral Leader INA Newsletter 3

Saturday Stretch: Medicine

n the 17th of October 24, students O across Years 8, 9 and 10 had the opportunity to participate in the next much anticipated Saturday Stretch session. The session was delivered by Jayni Desai, a Medical student from the University of Manchester.

time, the doctors needed to think about how they were going to use their body language and voice to make the patient feel both listened to and cared for.

The session was a real eye-opening experience; the students were given information about the various routes During her time at school Jayni showed of study within Medicine and the a keen interest in the sciences and multitude of careers and specialisms realised that she wanted to go into they could go into once they have a profession that encompasses her finished studying. All in all it was passion. Whilst studying for her AS a great session which equipped the Levels she undertook work experience students with information and advice focussed around medical and dental about how they could pursue the specialities, after deciding these two discipline at both university and as a careers were routes she wanted to career. explore. Having experienced both professions, she decided that medicine After the session Jayni was more suited to her personality. commented on her She then volunteered in GP surgeries, experience of leading the maternity wards and in a care home session: “The students were which helped her in securing her place very attentive, they had at university to study Medicine. many relevant questions. It felt very rewarding to Jayni is currently in her fourth year of be able to talk to potential study at the University of Manchester. Medicine students about a Having completed three years of field I am very passionate Medicine, she is now undertaking about.” an Intercalated Degree in Medical Biochemistry (BSc) for the year, after When asked the question which she will return to Medicine to ‘do you think the session complete the final two years of her was helpful?’, some students degree. said: The session kicked off with a practical activity in which the students were challenged to identify internal organs and place them on a model skeleton. This certainly warmed the students up and supported them later in the session when they were faced with the task of making some diagnoses based on given patient case studies. The students then had the opportunity to see some medical practice and procedures in action. The first clip we watched was of a consultation between a doctor and patient. Jayni outlined for us the importance of building rapport and relationships with patients. She reinforced that some patients will be feeling anxious and worried and that a sense of comfort and care from the doctor makes a big difference. We then watched an abdominal exam, a student doctor taking blood (to Ms Rayner’s dismay) and were exposed to some of the routines when conducting practical examinations. Students then put their understanding into practice. We split into pairs and each student was given the role of either doctor or patient. In order to make the right diagnosis, the doctor was challenged to ask thoughtful questions in order to elicit as much information from the patient as possible. At the same 4  INA Newsletter

“Yes, I learnt what I need to do to get into Medicine and how to apply.” “Yes, I learnt about what kinds of things I would be doing if I were a Medicine undergraduate.” “Yes, the session taught me all about different topics that Medicine covers. This has motivated me to specialise in Medicine as a career.” When asked a question about how the session had impacted their view on university, some students said: “I have always considered university as a life goal; this session increased my passion for it.” “Yes, I definitely want to go to university and I want a career in medicine.” “Yes, the session made me want to go to the University of Manchester.”

Can you support INA?

We need more Work Experience placements!

Do you work in a career that would interest our students? If so please contact us: info@ Year 10 students will complete a work experience placement from Monday 20th June 2016 – Friday 24th June 2016 and we need your help! If you feel you can offer a placement please read the placement guide below and contact Mr Crowther-Green by email: info@ with the title Work Experience. Please provide a work address, brief details of the type of work, potential duties and include a contact name, telephone number and email.

Placement guide

• Employers must have a Health and Safety policy and Public Liability Insurance • Placements should be easily reachable from INA by public transport • Students should not be working in a confined space with a single employer (safeguarding reasons) • Employers offering placements will need to complete an agreement and send details of dress, days, times, tasks and any specific information • Students will complete a project which they will work through during their placement We welcome friends and family of INA students to offer placements to INA students. We want students to broaden their horizons and we want students to be completing a work experience that they could not easily organise themselves. Therefore students cannot complete work experience with family and friends. If you have an questions please contact Mr CrowtherGreen by email:

Mr Crowther-Green

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Year 8 University of Bedfordshire Trip – new date!

We are delighted to announce that we’ve got a new date for our Year 8 University of Bedfordshire trip - Tuesday 5th January and Wednesday 6th January. The University of Bedfordshire is a modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education going back more than 100 years. With campuses in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, they have more than 18, 000 students from over 120 countries, education partners in China, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia, and provide opportunities to study overseas such as summer schools in China and Vietnam.

We will be visiting their Luton campus, home to the following departments: Business; Media, Art and Design; Science; Computing; Law; Psychology; and, Social Sciences. Letters will go out after half term with more details. Please make sure to sign and return the Event Registration Form if you haven’t already.

Ms McEvoy, Assistant Principal

The new astroturf We are very excited to announce that over the holidays Isaac Newton Academy is having its Multi Use Games Area upgraded to an astroturf pitch. This will be a great playing space for lessons, and something that students will have the opportunity to enjoy at break and lunch times. We will have to respond to the change in surface with a change in the rules for how students use the area at break and lunchtime: • school shoes cannot be worn on the astroturf • only trainers or astroturf boots will be allowed (no moulded studs). We do not want to compromise our high uniform standards so will therefore ask that if students wish to use the space, they must wear school shoes to and from the astroturf and change into appropriate footwear at the pitch. They will then be expected to put their school shoes back on before returning to the school building for lessons. Leanne Abbott-Jones Lead Pastoral Leader 6  INA Newsletter

E-Safety Parent Workshop We would like to invite parents/carers to attend an E-Safety parent workshop, which is being held on Thursday 5th November, from 6.00pm-7.00pm at INA. We will be sharing information about: · · · · ·

Social networking (security and safety) On-line messaging Cyber bullying Tips for keeping children safe on the Internet Text and MSN abbreviations We look forward to seeing you on the evening. Leanne Abbott-Jones Lead Pastoral Leader INA Newsletter 7

Well done to the following students who are this week’s Mathematicians of the Moment. Please collect a merit from Mr Dukes

Announcement! Mathematician of the moment can now be found on fronter

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The Mathematics department would like to encourage all students to enter next week’s Mathematician of the Moment competition. Have a look at the problem below. Answers to be written on a Maths postcard to be placed in the Maths post box no later than 4.10pm on Wednesday 11th November. Good luck and may the best form win!!!

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PE AT ISAAC NEWTON ACAD Fixtures and Results

Year 9 & 10 Redbridge Handball Championship

INA entered a Year 9 team and a Year 10 team into the Handball tournament hosted by INA again. The Year 10s made a positive start to the tournament by beating last year’s winners, Oaks Park, in their first group stage. The Year 9 team had their work cut out for them as many other schools entered in the competition had just Year 10 students playing. Unfortunately the Year 9 team failed to win a game, but gained much needed experience and knowledge which will help them next year as our Year 9s last year found out. Stand out performances go to Maxwell Cameron-George and Jonah Robinson. The Year 10 team went through the tournament making it to the final against Oaks Park, the team beaten in the first game. However this time they were narrowly beaten. Stand out performances go to Feizan Kiani and Tyrese Joseph Mitchell, both influential in the success of the team.

The Year 9 Netball Team The Year 9s secured their first win of the season on Thursday 15th October playing at home 10  INA Newsletter

to Loxford. INA started strong with clean sheets in the first two quarters and a fantastic defensive performance from Sameera Yusuf. The team were hungry for victory and their perseverance paid off as some smart passing from Mya Sehmi and strong shooting from Manisha Mahil resulted in a 1-0 lead in the third quarter. The fourth quarter brought only more confidence for INA with quick passing and constant pressure on Loxford’s defence resulting in another goal from Manisha Mahil – her third in just two games! An outstanding team performance by all players whose grit and determination was inspirational!

Year 9 Football V Valentines The Year 9 boys got a hardearned draw last week away at Valentines. The boys were in control of the match in the first half and went ahead through goals from Ellis Currie-Ward and Yameen Aslam. The Valentines side came back into the game though and had the better of the last 10 minutes of the game, scoring an equaliser in the last 5 minutes. Man of the match performance came from Mohammad Awadh.

Year 10 Football V

Mayfield The Year 10 boys put in a spirited performance against a strong Mayfield side. The boys started slowly and found themselves 4 – 0 down in the first 15 minutes but Gagan Gill restored some emphasis for the boys just before half time. The boys battled harder in the second half and, through some good play and a goal from Rajan Virdee, ended up drawing the second half. A very strong performance from Donte Da Costa in the second half at centre back helped shore up the defence.

Upcoming fixtures 4th November • Year 7 Netball vs Mayfield at home • Year 8 Indoor Athletics hosted at Beal School 5th November • Year 8 Football vs Loxford Away • Year 10 Netball vs Mayfield Away

DEMY MUGA Surface Changes

We are excited to announce that in November we have a new all-weather surface replacing the current MUGA surface! This will allow the students to use the MUGA in all weather conditions and allows INA to continue to offer an exciting, full and varied curriculum and programme of enrichments. The conditions for use of the new surface are below: •

Break and Lunchtimes – students should wear trainers or astroturf boots (preferable astroturf boots) to play on the astro at break or lunch. No moulded studs are allowed.

P.E. lessons – students should wear trainers, astroturf boots or moulded studs (preferably moulded studs or astroturf boots). Shin pads have to be worn for these lessons. Please note that teachers will inform students as to whether their lesson is to be at Knox Field or on the MUGA.

Please note that this floodlit all weather pitch is available for hire outside school hours. For enquiries, please contact the school via phone or email.

PE department extra-curricular and enrichment clubs

After school

Lunch time








Sports Hall




Table Tennis


Activity Studio


Judo Club


Sports Hall


Yr 9 S+C


Sports Hall

Rugby Club



Yr 10 Football


Knox Field/ MUGA MUGA

Table Tennis


Activity Studio




Yr 8 Basketball JL

Sports Hall

Seated MB Volleyball Football/ TB Cricket Yr 7 Badminton club External

Activity Studio

Girls’ Sports club Bike Club





Football/ Cricket Yr8


Knox Field

MUGA Sports Hall


1st Lunch (Year 10)

2nd Lunch (year 7,8 &9) Boys Handball (Year 8 &9) Basketball club (Year 8&9

Basketball club (BH)

Girls Handball Year 8 & 9 Year 7 Handball Boys and Girls Basketball (Year 7) Girls and Boys

Mon Tues


Handball Club (BH)

Improve your skills! Try something new! Keep fit! Make new friends! Unleash your energy! Increase your chances of getting into a team! INA Newsletter 11

Praise & Recognition


Year 7 T E C S W I A N

428 371 363 312 304 290 211 184

Year 8 I C N A E T S W

315 301 292 281 270 220 215 187

Year 9 T E N S W C I A

457 254 139 134 118 107 94 53

Year 10 W E N S A C T I

113 92 88 76 70 53 50 28

Ahmed Al-Khafaji Award (Peer Commendation Award) The second awards have been decided by the previous week’s winners. Ahmed was well known for being kind, for helping others and for being extremely polite. He was also someone known for his hard work and absorption; the idea, therefore, is that the winner should be someone that encapsulated one of these qualities in that week. Year 7: James Evans 7I Year 8: Nathan Afsar 8C Year 9: We’ll have to wait one more week to find out as half the year group are away on the Ypres trip! Year 10: Faraaz Khurshid 10I Good Deed Feed Earlier in the week, a teacher fell on the stairs during key stage 4 lunch. A group of Year 10s asked what happened. Amongst them were Mohammed (Shafique), Gagandeep and Aerhan. The teacher was genuinely touched about their kind and caring manner and questions and the way they helped her. 12  INA Newsletter

Jennifer Byrne Year 9 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is a crucial factor in students’ educational development and ability to achieve their full potential.


98.6% 8N

99.1% 9T

99.5% 10C



98.3% 8A

98.3% 9C






96.8% 9W

97.4% 10I


At Isaac Newton Academy every student is set the target of 100% attendance. We know that attendance has a direct link to progress, and would urge you to really consider if a day off school is necessary.


97.4% 8I

95.5% 9E

97.1% 10S



96.1% 8S

95.5% 9S

97.1% 10A



95.7% 8T

85.4% 9I

96.4% 10E



95.2% 8C

94.5% 9N





94.1% 8E

94.5% 9A

92.5% 10N


Last week I told you that we would share the half-way point leaders for each year group. On track to be picking up that form attendance shield at the end of the term are… 7N, 7T and 7I – all joint leaders in Year 7 8N, 9S and 10I all topping the leader board in their year groups.


Year 10 97.1% Year 9 96.8% Year 7 96.6%

It is still possible for any tutor group to take the lead, so keep giving your form the chance to win by being here every day!

INA Newsletter 13

Wanted! Year 10 Guided Reading Men What s

Why is this a good opportunity?

do I have to do?

You spend one registration per week with a Year 1 student, helping them stretch & challenge themselves in their reading. See Ms Atkinson for more details.

You will develop leadership skills. You will develop teaching skills. You will get to read some great picture books!

What help will I get?

You will be given full training in guided reading.

Lessons on Reproduction After half term the students in Year 7 at Isaac Newton Academy are studying a topic called ‘Life on Earth’. This unit aims to explore concepts such as the characteristics of living things; cells, tissues and organs; variation and adaptation; evolution and natural selection as well as other fundamental aspects of modern Biology. This unit will also include a series of lessons that are based around the human reproductive cycle. Specifically these three lessons will focus on the following: • • • • •

How male and female sex cells fuse together to create a new and unique person Anatomically and medically correct terms for each organ and its constituent parts Knowledge that sexual intercourse is necessary for reproduction purposes The development of secondary sexual characteristics during puberty including the menstrual cycle The development of the foetus, the role of the placenta and birth

It is important to note that this is not sex education and that the students will be taught in their normal science groups. This topic is part of the National Curriculum in science and will not be treated differently from any other aspect of school science. If you have any questions or require clarification on any aspect of what will be covered in this series of science lessons, please do not hesitate to contact me. Alex Clift-Matthews Head of Science 14  INA Newsletter

Year 10 Science Revision Guides We are offering Year 10 students the opportunity to purchase a GCSE Science Revision guide for their GCSE course scheduled for examination in 2017. During Years 10 and 11, students will be following the Edexcel Science GCSE course either through the double science or triple science route. The textbooks we have chosen, published by Collins, cover the topics that are clearly labelled by grade, embed problemsolving and reasoning, and have been designed to build fluency and nurture confidence in GCSE – style practice questions. We would like to offer students the opportunity to purchase the textbook so that they can take a copy home, annotate where needed and complete additional learning independently throughout the course. It is not a requirement, but we consider it a helpful addition to their learning. The textbooks will be available at a subsidised price of £3.50 each and payments should be paid via Wisepay which can be accessed through the schools website. Double award science students will only need one book that covers all the content required for their two GCSEs in science. For triple science students it is recommended that they purchase a textbook for each of the science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and will therefore require three books at a total of £10.50. Should you wish to purchase a textbook but need financial assistance please contact me to discuss this. Students whose payments have been received will be given the textbook at the beginning of the week following payment. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 0208 911 6666 and ask to be directed to the Science department. Yours sincerely, Alex Clift-Matthews Head of Science

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16  INA Newsletter

Humility and Humanity

INA Newsletter 17


How we build learning power and develop character at Isaac Newton Academy “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton The secondary BRIDGES programme commences on Monday 14th September. BRIDGES are habits of mind or learning characteristics that develop a student's character and learning power and enable them to grow into well rounded individuals and resilient learners. On a two weekly cycle throughout the year, Year 7 and 8 students are introduced to one or two new habits of mind or learning characteristics that will permeate throughout the curriculum. This will take place through a range of interactive activities. In addition, the students will experience BRIDGES learning objectives in each and every lesson throughout Isaac Newton Academy. Year 9 BRIDGES lessons will focus on strengthening certain BRIDGES learning characteristics through exploration of PHSE topics and themes. Each fortnight you will find top tips in the newsletter of ways of supporting your child to develop the BRIDGES habits of mind and learning characteristics within the home.

Music Recital The 1st Music Recital of the year will be on Thursday 12th November at 6pm. It is an opportunity for students to perform in a small space in front of a small audience. Students are welcome to sing, rap or perform on any instrument they play in or out of school. We would like to invite students from all year groups to sign up on the sheet in F26 if you would like to take part. Ms Hope Music teacher

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Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2015: Secondary Monday 2nd November Thursday 5th November Friday 6th November Monday 9th November Wednesday 11th November Wednesday 11th November Thursday 12th November Wednesday 18th November Thursday 19th November Wednesday 25th November Saturday 28th November Tuesday 1st December Tuesday 8th December Friday 11th December Saturday 12th December Thursday 17th December Friday 18th December

Staff Training: school closed to students Parent Workshop re safety Reports sent home for Years 7-9 Physics trip to Newnham College, Cambridge Year 7 Maths Challenge Shakespeare Schools Festival Music recital Rohan Gavin, author, visiting Year 7 Parent Workshop re Literacy Staff Training: school closed to students Saturday Stretch: Psychology Year 9 Options Evening Community Party Christmas Lunch Saturday Stretch: Geography Winter Concert Awards Assemblies. Term ends at lunch time.

Spring Term Monday 4th January - Thursday 24th March Half Term 15th - 19th February INSET days: Monday 4th January and Friday 12th February Summer Term Monday 11th April - Wednesday 20th July Half Term 30th May - 3rd June INSET days: Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June, Friday 8th July

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