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INA Principal's Newsletter

2 4 April 2015

Announcements Request for outgrown uniform

Do you have any items of uniform that your child has outgrown and you no longer need? If this is still in good condition, we would welcome taking it off your hands in order to have a stock of spare uniform items to hold within the Academy. Please arrange for your child to bring the uniform into school and hand it in to Ms Akram at KS3 Reception. Thank you for your consideration. Eleanor Seale Office Manager

Exam Invigilators

We are looking to appoint exam invigilators for the 6 days from 8th -15th June 2015. Their role is to put out and collect in exam papers and to supervise the students while they sit their exams. This may well suit parents or other family members. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Gina Webb on 0208 911 6666. Mark Crowther-Green Assitant Principal

Student Printing

Following a review of the amount of printing undertaken by students, we have decided to set a student limit per half term of 50p funded by the school. This will take effect from 20th April 2015. Students will be charged:1p per black and white copy/print 6p per colour copy/print If a student reaches their limit, they will be able top up with cash via student reception. 2  INA Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,


hope that you had a great Easter break and enjoyed the unusually good weather.

This term is a key one for all the students. The end of year exams are fast approaching: they are being held from Monday 8th to Monday 15th June. Please ensure that no medical/external appointments are made during this period. The exam timetable will be published next week. In the newsletter today are revision tips. On 6th May all the Year 7s will attend a revision and study skills seminar to support them in their preparation. It was fantastic to see so many primary and secondary parents at the Growth Mindset workshop on Tuesday this week. For anyone who was unable to attend, the slides that accompanied the session can be found on the INA website under Community > Resources for Parents.

With all best wishes,


achel Macfarlane, rincipal


>>> News BRIDGES Mentoring Wednesday 13th May

The second BRIDGES mentoring session takes place on Wednesday 13th May from 1:45-3:45pm. All students will be given a fifteen minute 1:1 coaching session with their BRIDGES mentor. This is an important opportunity for students to reflect on how they have developed or strengthened their BRIDGES dispositions since the last BRIDGES mentoring session, to discuss the dispositions they consider to be their strengths and the ones they need to work on further. Students will leave school after they have had lunch at around 1:20pm and should go straight home. They are not permitted to go to local shops. They should return to school for their allocated session. Students with appointments at 1:45pm or 2:00pm may wait for their appointment in the hall. We are unable to supervise other students as all staff are BRIDGES mentors and will be engaged in mentoring sessions throughout the afternoon. Parents are not required at the sessions but will be given feedback on how their son or daughter’s BRIDGES skills are progressing towards the end of the year. Please note that enrichment will be cancelled on this day. Jo Spencer Vice Prinicpal

Humanities Trip to Ypres – 23rd October 2015 To commemorate the centenary of World War One and to complement the year 9 History, Languages and English curriculum, the Humanities department will be running a one day school trip to Ypres in Belgium. This will be a trip where students will be shown the battlefields of World War One, they will look at the poetry which stemmed from this area of Belgium and they will spend some time in the town centre putting their French to good use. This trip is open to all students currently in Year 8. A letter containing further details about the trip including approximate costings has gone out to all interested students. There are only 90 places available so it is imperative that those students who are interested and able to attend return their reply slips by Thursday 30th April. For more information please contact Ms Balsdon (Head of Humanities). INA Newsletter 3

Les Trois Mousquetaires On Thursday 30th April, Freshwater Theatre Productions are going to visit INA to put on a version of Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers). The show covers the introductory chapter of Alexander Dumas’ famous novel and will introduce every student at INA to 17th century Paris and D’Artagnan’s quest to become the fourth Musketeer. Thank you to all those parents and carers who have already made the £2.50 contribution via wisepay. Please could all remaining payments be made by Monday 27th April. Thank you for your support. Ms. Davies Head of Languages


The ‘MOCK  GENERAL  ELECTION’  is  here.     Find  out  about  the  main  poliAcal  parAes  and  vote  for  the     party  you  think  should  run  the  country.  

Cast your  votes  on  Thursday  7th  May  2015   You  Discuss   You  Debate   You  Decide  

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End of  Year  Exams   8th  –  15th  June  2015  

Designed to  test  the  full  range  of  content,  knowledge   and  skills  covered  during  the  course  of  the  year   Designed  to  be  similar  in  nature  to  the  end  of  KS4   examina=ons   Designed  to  gauge  a  student’s  level  of  understanding   and  track  their  progress  over  =me   To  inform  your  summer  term  grades  and  your   baselines  for  next  year  

Revision )ps  –  being  prepared  

•  Ensure you  have  caught  up  on  any  missed   learning   •  Ensure  you  have  completed  all  your  green  pen   correc5ons  and  ACTION  points  from  STA  marking   •  Ensure  you  have  spoken  to  your  teachers  so  you   know  what  is  covered  in  the  exams   •  Set  out  a  revision  5metable  in  advance  so  you   know  what  you  are  revising,  when  and  for  how   long  and  use  the  EASTER  BREAK!  

Revision )metable     1st May 2015   Subject Topic 5pm - 6pm     6pm - 7pm     7pm - 8 pm     8pm - 9pm     Parent Signature:


INA Newsletter 5

Planning your INA revision Planning Your Revision – Top tips

Exams are not about remembering everything and favour those with a good memory. They are about showing what you have understood. But don’t worry if you feel that you haven’t understood everything from your course. There are bound to be areas of uncertainty. In the run up to exams it is better to consolidate what you have learned rather than worry about what you haven’t learned.

Revision strategy Given that exams are about what you understand not what you can remember your revision strategy should be based on pulling ideas together then making links and connections between them. Revision gives you the opportunity to round off a course and get your thoughts in order.

Allow enough time

There is no set formula for working out when to start revising. It depends on so many things. How much time you have? How much material you have to review and your own personal way of studying? If you are reading this, then you are probably thinking about revision and therefore now is probably a good time to start.

Key points for effective revision • Get hold of past exam papers. This confirms the format of the paper and familiarises you with the language and style. Look to see if the exam paper has a structure which corresponds with your course. Is it divided into sections or themes? This information is important in guiding your revision strategy. • Ask your teachers for advice and guidance. She or he may direct you to selected areas of your course. If you have a lot of course material you might use this advice along with evidence from past papers, to help you judge which sections of your course you are going to concentrate on. • Sort out your course materials. Group or file it by section or sub-topic. Include notes, handouts, photocopies, essays, and coursework. Try and limit the number of sections or sub-topics to seven. If handouts or notes seem to cross between sections you may find that you have to mark up documents by using highlighter pens, where each colour represents a section or sub-topic. Or you may have to photocopy the document so a copy can be included in each relevant section. • Draw up a timetable. Identify how many hours you have for revision between now and the exam. Divide the hours by the number of sections or sub-topics. If each section or sub-topic on your course carries equal weighting in the exam then you need to allow equal time to revise each part. • Identify the central issues with each sub-topic. You may have to ask yourself fundamental questions about the topics in order to find these. For example you may have to ask, what is this part of the course about? Or, what is the point of X or Y? • Make condensed notes on the central issues. Work with each topic at a time to reduce the amount of information so they concentrate only on the main themes. • Summarise your notes onto a single sheet of paper or index card. This creates a highly portable revision system which you can carry with you in the weeks and days before the exam. The purpose of making summaries is to extract the essence of a section or sub-topic and turn it into a manageable format. Your summaries could be bullet points, diagrams, flowcharts or other images depending on which format works best for your subject or personal preference.

6  INA Newsletter

• Attempt as many past exam questions as possible. Don’t write out a full answer but spend 5-7 minutes jotting down the main points, just as you will in the real exam. Use your notes to check for anything you may have missed. • Work with other students where possible. This is so you can share useful strategies and to give mutual support. Revise by testing or quizzing each other on key sections.

Practical Tips Before the exam • Mark the date, time and venue of the exam clearly on your calendar. • Try and give yourself a break from revision the night before the exam. Relax, watch television or go for a walk. • Get a good night’s sleep On the day of the exam • Allow enough time to get to the exam. • Think positively. This is a chance to show what you have learned. • Have a clear strategy for tackling the paper. In the exam room • Scan the paper for the questions you have prepared for. Mark them. • Tackle your best question first. This helps to get you started. • Note the time you start writing by each question and stick to the time you have allocated beforehand for each answer. • Make a brief plan for essay type answers before you begin. • Tackle all the questions. • Jot down quickly any new thoughts that occur to you while you are writing. • Do your best to write legibly. Cross out any rough notes with a straight line. What do the questions on the exam paper mean? Look at the keywords below and then check your understanding using past papers.

Glossary of exam words Word Compare

Meaning Are the things alike or are there important differences? Which do you think is best? Why? Contrast Look for differences Criticise Use the evidence to support your opinion on the value of merit of ideas, facts or views of others Define Give the meaning Describe Write in detail Differentiate Explain the difference Discuss Write about important aspects of the topic, are there two sides to the question? Consider the arguments for and against Distinguish Explain the difference Evaluate Judge the importance of success/failure Evaluate (Maths) Find the numerical answer to a problem Explain Make clear Illustrate Give examples which make the point clear Interpret Explain the meaning in your own words, for example you may have to interpret a graph Justify Give reasons to support and argument of action Outline Choose the most important aspects of a topic. Ignore the minor details Relate Show the connection between things State Write briefly the main point Summarise Bring together the main points

INA Newsletter 7


Praise and Recognition



Form Totals Year 7 A N I C S W T E

1322 1290 1165 1101 1098 1001 998 898

Year 8 T E N S A I W C

968 867 816 781 758 706 677 626

Year 9 W N E S T A I C

836 779 655 645 634 511 476 440

42.09 37.09 37 34.46 33.96 32.09 30.77 29.17

Year 9 W N T E S A I C

36.35 35.4 28.82 28.48 28.04 22.22 21.64 20

Form Averages Year 7 A N I C S W T E

57.48 53.75 50.65 50.05 49.91 43.52 43 40.82

Year 8 T N E A S I C W

1 s t p l a c e : N ( 2 8 8 5 m e r i t s) 3 r d p l a c e : A ( 2 5 9 1 m e r i t s) Wi l l there be a ny cha nge at the top th is term?

Jennifer Byrne Year 8 Pastoral Leader, i/c Praise and Recognition

8  INA Newsletter

Biker's Breakfast Launch

Cycle to school and collect a stamp on your biker's loyalty card from the Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTA) each time you cycle. The YTAs will be at the bike racks from 8am till 8.20am every day to stamp your card. Once you have ridden to school 5 times you can claim a free breakfast (one food item and a drink). Loyalty cards will be available from the YTAs next week there will be a ÂŁ10 Amazon voucher prize for the student who collects the most stamps during the summer term.

Saturday Stretch Workshops Every month at INA we invite students from university to deliver workshops for our students. We have upcoming sessions in the following subjects: Sports and Exercise Science- Saturday 16th May Drama and Performing Arts-Saturday 20th June If your child is interested in attending either one of these workshops please email FAO Ms. Hussain at Sarah Hussain, Saturday Stretch Ambassador INA Newsletter 9

Le Château de la Baudionnere

During the first week of the Easter Holidays, 28 students and 4 brave staff members went to Normandy for 5 days to experience the magic of the ‘Château de la Baudionnere’ – a chateau located in the rural outskirts of Avranches. We left sat 10am on Monday 6th April and, after a few teary parents waved goodbye to our enthusiastic and eager francophones, we were on our way to Portsmouth for the ferry crossing to Caen. The crossing was very smooth with everyone finding their sea legs very quickly and before we knew it we had arrived at the Chateau to a welcoming ‘chocolat chaud’ and our comfy dorms. The week that followed was spectacular. The French weather could not have been better, with 5 wonderful days of sunshine and temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees all week. Students took part in a variety of activities including archery, climbing, aeroball, circus skills, bread making and a very muddy assault course to name a few. All the activities were done in French with absolutely no English being spoken by any of the chateau staff. Our students made us proud with their excellent questioning, listening and beautiful French accents. Before the end of the first day they were all talking in French to the animateaurs at the chateau and some even to each other. During the week they also looked after the animals at the farm and made friends with the rams, pigs and chickens. However the baby rabbits and lambs were the favourites, being played with, chased and cuddled all week long. The food at the chateau was also varied and very French, giving our students the opportunity to try French cheeses, salads, and a variety of French pastries and yes… snails! Their arrival was greeted with a few wary grins but the tray was empty by the end of the dinner. We were all sad to leave the chateau on the Friday morning because even though we had all made new friends, tried new things, and learnt so much, we all felt we still had more to do. Our crossing back home was just as smooth as our departure and it was lovely to come back to the sunny British coast. All in all, I can safely say I could not have been prouder of our students. They were a joy to be with and their level of French on the journey home blew us all away. We are so grateful to the chateau staff for making our stay so comfortable and fun.

Ms. Davies Head of Languages 10  INA Newsletter

A guide  to  help  you  understand  the  data  report   The  level  of   your  child  at   the  start  of   Year  8   The  level  of     your  child  at   the  start  of   Year  7  

Your child’s   current  level  

The level  your   child  should   achieve  by  the   end  of  the  year  

The progress  in   sublevels   made  this   year  

Progress tracker  for  this   The  level  your   year  -­‐  See   child  should   colour  key   achieve  by  the   below   end  of  Year  9  

The progress  in   sublevels  made   since  the  start   of  Year  7   Progress   tracker  from   beginning  of   Year  7  -­‐  See   colour  key   below    

Ready 4 Revision! Seminar All Y7’s will participate in the Tim Foot - Ready for revision seminar on Wednesday 6th May in preparation for the end of year exams in June (More information to follow) “They certainly remembered and loved your session when we did our feedback. We even had a role play where one of them played you!” – Head of Year 9

Seminar Aim · ·

To help KS3 students improve their revision skills To give students the confidence to tackle revision tasks

Topics covered 1. 2. 3.

Active Revision Methods. Improving Memory. Organising a Revision Sessio INA Newsletter 11

Summer term all through menu

12  INA Newsletter

Spring Term Awards Assembly

I would like to make a sincere apology for the error on the awards sideshow where Kunal Rathod’s first name was spelt incorrectly on the Humanities Heroes slide. The name of the Humanities teaching group is given next to each student’s first name. In future, we will include the students’ first and surnames in addition to the class name to ensure clarity.

Congratulations to Kunal and the other students for their achieving recognition for their effort and contribution in Humanities. Jo Spencer Vice Principal INA Newsletter 13

The Mathematics department would like to encourage all students to enter next week’s Mathematician of the Moment competition. Have a look at the problem below. Answers to be written on a Maths postcard to be placed in the Maths post box no later than 4.10pm on Wednesday 6th May. Good luck and may the best form win!!!

14  INA Newsletter

INA Newsletter 15


EDUCATIONAL VISIT TO HILLTOP OUTDOOR CENTRE In the Easter holidays a group of Year 7 students went to the Hilltop Outdoor Centre in Norfolk. They stayed at the centre for 2 days and 2 nights, participating in exciting activities such as climbing, archery, assault courses and the terrifying powerfan and super swing! Here are some photos.

Next week’s extra-curricular fixtures: MONDAY Year 8 & 9 Handball Tournament (H) THURSDAY Year 9 Boys 2nd XI Football v Loxford (a) 16  INA Newsletter


On Wednesday 22nd April INA took the year 7 Cross country team to their first ever event, The Secondary Redbridge Cross Country Championships 2015. All team members performed very well and really showed great determination to run such a long distance. The following students participated in the event: Boys Ilyas Vaseem , Musa Bukhari , Ayman Oulad- Lafkuih , Luke (Lucas) Overton , Arjun Sandhu, Cian Clinton Girls Kaiya Greenidge, Shakurra Wellington, Sehmi, Mya, Sumayyah Ali , Nehaal Khandwalla, Khadija Chaudhry. A big congratulations goes to Ayman Oulad- Lafkuih who finished an outstanding 31st place out of more than 300 students.


AFTER SCHOOL – 4.15 – 5.15 DAY MON




CLUB Table Tennis Year 9 Football


Year 7 Football


Judo Alternative Sports/ Mixed Sports Year 8 Stretch & Challenge Cricket Ultimate Frisbee & Volleyball Rounders & Softball Fitness

Outside club MCG

Badminton club



LUNCH - 1.00 - 1.30

VENUE Activity Studio Sports Hall/ MUGA MUGA/Sports Hall Sports Hall MUGA/Activity Studio Sports Hall Knox Field MUGA/Sports Hall Knox Field Activity Studio/ KS4 hall Sports Hall


CLUB Seated Volleyball (Open to everyone) “Raising the Bar” WED Year 7 and 8 Netball THUR Year 7 Basketball Club (Open to everyone) FRI Basketball team practice



Sports Hall


Sports Hall


Sports Hall


Sports Hall


The BRIDGES focus for the fortnight Monday 27th April – Friday 8th May is:


Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A London-based ‘consulting detective’ whose abilities border on the fantastic, Holmes is famous for noticing even the smallest details and his astute logical reasoning. What appears to others as chaos is, to Holmes, a wealth of useful information. Noticing Concentrated observing to enable seeing details that are not immediately evident. Respectful attention or consideration. Behaviours Spending time to notice how you and others learn and feel, concentrating on attention to detail, looking ‘beneath the surface’, being alert and aware, resisting becoming self-absorbed, not ‘judging a book by its cover’, identifying great ideas, seeing what things are made of and how they behave, letting an underlying pattern of connections emerge. Using all your senses. Top tips Students Review your work at home after each lesson. After two weeks see what improvements you notice in your understanding and retention of learning. Notice your environment/audience and adapt your behaviour/language appropriately. Notice other people’s feelings and emotions and offer support/assistance. Parents Encourage your son/daughter to review their days learning and notice where there learning can be improved. Look at a painting or work of art with your child and discuss what you notice Jo Spencer, Vice Principal 18  INA Newsletter

INA Newsletter 19


e t a y Up d

e have enjoyed a sunny first week back after the Easter break and the children have shown their excitement in starting their new topic about ‘Amazing Animals’ and their new enrichment clubs this week. An ‘Amazing Animals’ topic information sheet has been put into your child’s book bag to help you with ideas on how to support this half term, along with information about the topic and what will be covered. If anyone has contacts with a vet who you think would be happy to come to school one afternoon next half term to talk to the pupils, do let us know. The children’s role-play area will be based around a vet’s surgery; a visit and talk from someone would really help to support the children’s learning.

P r imar

As part of your child’s learning and demonstrating a ‘good level of development’ for their age, they must be able to dress and undress themselves. This will also help them as they move up to Year 1 in September. This term, on Mondays, the children are expected to come to school in their normal school uniform and will need to bring their PE kit with them to change into for their afternoon lesson. They will remain in their PE kit for the rest of the day, bringing their school uniform home in their bag. Can you please ensure that every item of clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name. There is now a lost property box in the main reception area for any items found around the school, or for you to drop off any items that your child may have taken home by mistake.

Guided Reading

Please remember to bring your child’s ‘guided reading’ book back on the correct day. Your child also has home record book in which you can write your comments about your child’s reading and progress. You could also include any extension activities that you may have done with the book too. In the rare event that a book is lost or damaged, we will ask parents/carers to pay for the cost of replacing the book. Thank you for your support.

20  INA Newsletter

Well done and congratulations to the following pupils who are class ambassadors for this half term: Curie Class – Ali Ullah & Malaika Hussain Maxwell Class – Hari Virdee & Aashvi Govil Newton Class – Nadia Khan & Rayaan Vakas

Headteacher’s Lunch

Well done to the following pupils who have been nominated for the Headteacher’s Lunch for next Thursday, 30th April; an invitation will be given to the children during our Friday Celebration and Awards Assembly Avneet Chaggar Zahraa Aamanee Emaan Hassan Daniyal Sheikh Saba Akram Mohammad Siddique Jeevat Palray. Every week each teacher chooses two children from their class to receive a certificate in assembly, one in recognition of a child demonstrating our BRIDGES habit of the week, and the other in recognition of a pupil’s academic effort throughout the week. Well done to the following children, who have been recognised this term!

Curie Class: Fahmid Khan – Headteacher’ Habits Award (for looking at patterns with numbers and shapes and discovering similarities Imani Salim – Scholar of the Week (for making valuable contributions to whole class learning and discussions.)

Maxwell Class: Amber Carless – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for asking great questions and being a fantastic discoverer.) Haidar Shaikh – Scholar of the Week (for fantastic number work and counting up to 58.)

Primary Praise and Recognition

Class Ambassadors Every half term we award two children from each class the honour of being the class ambassador. Each class teacher has chosen two children from their class to represent them over the course of the half term, to welcome visitors to their class and explain some of their learning to them and to help the staff with other special jobs. A purple pin badge will be presented to the class ambassadors in assembly which will need to be worn on their uniform every day. Certificates will be given to the children who have represented their class last half term and we thank them for their work in their role.

Newton Class: Ishaan Mutha – Headteacher’s Habits Award (for showing grit and being determined to work and try hard during lessons.) Avneet Chaggar – Scholar of the Week (for coming back to school with a positive attitude to learn and trying really hard in all her lessons this week.)

INA Newsletter 21

At Isaac Newton Academy every student is set the target of 100% attendance. The class with the highest attendance at the end of every week is awarded the attendance trophy during Friday’s Award & Recognition assembly. Curie








Well done to Maxwell Class, the first winners for the Summer term! Let’s see if one of the classes can make it to 100% next week!!

It is important that the children attend school every day and do not miss any learning. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is at school every day. 22  INA Newsletter


Regular attendance is a crucial factor in students’ educational development and ability to achieve their full potential.

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton BRIDGES are habits of mind or learning characteristics that develop a pupil's character and learning power and enable him/her to grow into a well-rounded individual and resilient learner. There are seven BRIDGES habits that we will be working on, which will rotate on a weekly cycle throughout the year. The BRIDGES habit of the week will always be introduced at the beginning of the week during the Monday assembly and reinforced throughout the week across the curriculum. Each class teacher will award a certificate to a pupil that they feel has demonstrated the BRIDGES focus for the week. Each week we will update you on the BRIDGES habit that will be introduced in the coming week and offer some top tips on how to reinforce the habit at home too. Please also refer to the Primary BRIDGES wheel above Week commencing 27th April – Grit Grit Displaying habits of patience, resilience, determination, managing distractions, perseverance and concentration. At home and school: It is very important for all of us to manage distractions and this is a habit that needs to be encouraged at a very early age. Managing distractions and concentrating will help your child with their learning and understanding each day. It is equally important that children adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and do not give up on task too easily, even when they present them with a challenge, learning that ‘practice makes perfect’. Trying something again, even though we may find it difficult, will lead to success. •Encourage your child to try and complete things more independently – when they say they can’t do something – tell your child to have a go and to try a little harder. If then they are still completely stuck with a task, offer a small amount of help to get them started. Offer encouragement and praise your child’s effort. Tam Broadway, Head of Primary

INA Newsletter 23

Parent Information Board Enrichment

Day Club We have got off to a flying start with our Monday 4.00enrichment programme this week; every parent Football 5.00pm will have received a letter informing them of their child’s club. If you have any queries regarding this, then please do not hesitate to call the office Monday 4.00- Construction Club staff. Every child is expected to participate in one 5.00pm enrichment club each week; this is an all-though school expectation. The current enrichment programme will run for the duration of the half term; towards the end of the half term another letter will be sent home updating you on the club choices in preparation for your child to choose an alternative club next half term. It is important that the children have the opportunity to try different activities over the course of the year and to also understand the commitment of working for a number of weeks in one club for them to progress and improve their skills.

Tuesday 4.00Judo 5.00

Tuesday 4.005.00 Tuesday 4.005.00 Thursday 4.00- 5.00 Thursday If your child is attending a club, they are supervised between 3.45- 4.00pm to help them get 4.00- 5.00 changed into their PE kits if this is required for Friday 4.00 – their activity. They are also offered a light snack of 5.00 fruit and water before their enrichment begins.

Gardening Enrichment Club As well as the after school enrichment clubs, Ms Rayner and Ms Heywood have kindly offered to run a gardening enrichment club at lunchtimes. At some point over the course of the year every child will have the opportunity to work with them. 24  INA Newsletter

Lead By Ms Mackay & Ms Uddin Ms Broadway Heart of Oak Judo Club

IT Club

Ms Ali

Cooking Club

Ms McKernan & Ms Selvetti

Arts & crafts Ms Kourris Singing

Ms Harris


Ms Broadway

Parent & Headteacher Forum Meeting – Friday 15th May A suggestion that was made by a few parents was the idea of having a meeting once every half term whereby parents/carers would have the opportunity to contribute to discussions or suggest future events going forward. This is a great idea, and as we are now entering our last academic term and preparing for another cohort of children in September, I would appreciate some constructive feedback as I begin to plan ahead. If you would like to come along, it will be held in the dining hall at 9.00 on Friday 15th May. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. I appreciate that morning events may not be convenient for everyone, so will happily organise the following half term’s date in an evening.

Primary Reminders IMPORTANT REMINDERS Wisepay Details Wisepay details • Please make sure that if your child has long hair it is tied back have been given neatly. Hair decorations must be small and plain to everyone • Schools starts at 8.45; it is important that your child arrives now, which will on time every day so that the teachers can start the lesson promptly. The school gate will be open from 8.25 and will close at allow you to 8.45. order uniform • If any of your details have changed e.g.. your address or phone items and also number – please ensure you contact the office to inform us, so to book a place that we can update our records. • Your child must be wearing a black coat. for ‘Breakfast • Nail polish is not permitted. Club’ or ‘After • Only small stud earrings can be worn for safety reasons. School Club’. If • We expect every child to be in full uniform every day with their top button done up you experience ensure your child attends school every day and on time. If any problems, • Please your child is sick then you must call the office to let us know by please contact 8.15am. Ms Rayner who will be happy to help Breakfast Club & After School Club If you would like to book your child in for a place for either Breakfast Club or After School Club, you can make bookings through the Wisepay facilities, if you need any further help in doing this; please contact either Ms Rayner or Ms Heywood, who will be more than happy to help you.

Breakfast is available each day from 7.45am and costs just £2 per day. The children enjoy a range of cereals, toast and different topping, juice or milk and fruit. Any child attending must be brought to the main reception area by 8.20am at the latest. After School Club runs from 3.45pm – 6.00pm and costs just £5 per hour. The children enjoy a range of snacks each evening and a variety of games and activities Tam Broadway, Head of Primary INA Newsletter 25

Key Dates for 2015 Summer Term Monday 20th April - Tuesday 21st July Tuesday 21st April Parent workshop about Growth Mindset 6pm Saturday 25th April Saturday Stretch: Optometry Tuesday 30th April Year 8 Shaking Up Shakespeare performance Year 7 Three Musketeers performance Wednesday 6th May Year 7 Study Skills and Revision Workshop Parent workshop on Applying to University 6pm New Reception Parents Information Evening Friday 8th May Trumpet Workshop and Concert Tuesday 12th May Official opening of the Primary School Wednesday 13th May BRIDGES Mentoring pm (no afternoon lessons in the secondary school) Thursday 14th May Year 7s trip to Rochester Friday 15th May Year 7s trip to Rochester Saturday 16th May Saturday Stretch: Sports Science Tuesday 19th May Humanities Games Y8 I S A C Wednesday 20th May Information Evening for Year 6 parents Thursday 21st May Humanities Games Y8 N E W T Monday 25th May Residential trip to Barcelona Thursday 4h June Sports Day Monday 8th June - Monday 15th June KS 3 exams Tuesday 16th June Ark Athletics Wednesday 17th June Parent workshop on Literacy 6pm Thursday 18th June Bug Man Science visit Friday 19th June Author Visit: James Dawson Tuesday 23rd June Humanities Games Y7 I S A C Wednesday 24th June Humanities Games Y7 N E W T Year 9 District Sports Thursday 25th June INSET Day Friday 26th June INSET Day Wednesday 1st July Royal Society Science Trip Year 7&8 District Sports Thursday 2nd July Year 6 Transition Day Friday 3rd July INSET Day Wednesday 8th July PE Awards 6-7pm Tuesday 14th July Reception parents meeting Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th July School Production Monday 20th July Year 9 Awards Assembly 6pm Tuesday 21st July End of Term Award Assemblies Half Term: Monday 25 – Friday 29 May 2015 Staff Training Days: Friday 26th June, & Friday 3rd July 26  INA Newsletter

Term Dates for 2015-16 Autumn Term Monday 7th September - Friday 18th December Half Term 26th - 30th October Spring Term Monday 4th January - Thursday 24th March Half Term 15th - 19th February Summer Term Monday 11th April - Wednesday 20th July Half Term 30th May - 3rd June INSET days to be decided

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Newsletter 27