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A Week At Barnabas


Mr. Magee and Me

My camper at Barnabas this year was Bobby Magee and he is one of the coolest kids I know. His passions in life are motorcycles, girls, and doing wheelies on his motorized wheelchair. He plays the drums at church and loves to read his Bible. If you’re ever looking for him, look for the kid with the cool shades.


Activities at Camp Barnabas

Here are some of the wild and crazy things we did at Camp Barnabas...


A C.I.A. is a Christian In Action. That is a Christian who comes to Barnabas from out of town or even out of state like all of us guys in the picture below. And this year we had some great ones.

C.I.A.’S OF CABIN B6 Starting on the left is Tyler, Alex, Myself, Tom, and Tim. They all came from Cleveland with a big group and they were all terrific. Tyler was very patient with his Camper, Keean, and did great his first time as a C.I.A. Alex was always helpful and wanting to help. Tom dealt with Tyson with Archery Fishing Horseback riding Canoeing Arts and Crafts Sing silly songs And much more

such wisdom as I think I’ll never have. And Tim gave Mark all the love (and muscle) he had.

Workers of Barnabas One thing that is terrific about Camp Barnabas are the people who work there. The work can be so tough and God’s presence is so strong that only the most quality people come back time after time. There’s not many people who are willing to dedicate a week of their (and sometimes entire) summer) to a group of young kids. The Pollack brothers are two of my favorites. Brad (pictured with me) and his brother Marty both have such hearts for the Lord. They spend their entire summers there and they love it.

Gary & Tripod

I met Gary Francis (left) my first year. We got to know each other through Bible studies. He wants to become a missionary doctor and is starting med school. And Tripod, the three legged cat, provided our campers with a furry friend.

My Cabin Counsellors

Seth Quillon and Matt Gilson (right) were the two counsellors in my cabin. They were both terrific with Matt’s wisdom and Seth’s character and sense of humour. I should also mention our Cabin Dad, Jim Hess (left). He was a big help to all of us and was always ready to take out the dirty laundry or help with whatever needed doing.

Yes, we had parties too! One of the best things about Barnabas are the parties. The first was a sci-fi night where everyone dressed up as a science fiction character. We had a swimming party where everyone went swimming. We had a renaissance fair where we had various

MARK COTTON “QUOTES” “I’m goin somewhere I think” “Amen cowboy!” “You can call the nurse now!”

MARK COTTON Mark Cotton is famous at Barnabas (and also infamous). But if you have Mark in your cabin you can be sure you’re not in for a dull time.


“Hey Shirley! Can you pass me my glasses?


Stephen is a new Kid at Barnabas. Once you get

maidens, knights, and of course, peasants. Afterwards, we had a western night where we were entertained by various desperado’s (including yours truly). Finally, we had the anxiously awaited ball where everyone came in suits and dresses.

to know him he’ll start having fun when he telling you the truth bursts out with “I’m about how ridiculous smokin now!” you look. He had a great time fishing and absolutely loved the pool!

KEEAN Another newcomer to Barnabas last summer TYSON was Keean. Keean was a Tyson is no newcomer guy we all came to love to Barnabas. With his and enjoy. And when he size he’s hard to miss. And if you ask him for a smiles, let me tell you it’s one of the most high five you won’t soon beautiful things you’ll forget it. You know he’s ever see.

About Barnabas THE HISTORY AND THE MINISTRY Camp Barnabas has an interesting history. It was a just your average Christian Camp. But there came a time when one of the campers got sick with cancer and she wanted to keep coming to Barnabas. Barnabas then set aside a week of the summer for children who couldn’t come to camps because of their health conditions. The girl later died from cancer. Her name is put on a cross at Barnabas along with the names of all the other kids who have come to Barnabas and since passed away. Barnabas later became a camp where all sorts of kids could come. Barnabas has weeks for blind, deaf, mental and/or physical growth disorders, chronic illnesses, burn patients, and it doesn’t end there. Barnabas has made it’s ministry one that helps special needs kids who are misunderstood by the world. Many of these kids live the rest of the year in order to have one week here because Barnabas is the one place on this earth where they can count on being treated as human beings created in the image of Almighty God.


I have learned so much at Camp Barnabas. I went there to help kids, and it turned out they helped me. They taught me so much about God’s love for his people. Of course I learned patience there; everyone who goes to Barnabas learns that or they wouldn’t last through the week. But I also learned wisdom and love at Barnabas such as I have never known them before.


Though my memories of Barnabas 2004 are full of joy, I discovered soon after I arrived that one of my friends I had made there two years ago would not be coming back to Barnabas. Mitch, a forty-eight year old man crippled by an aneurism in his thirties, had died of a blood clot. He had come to Barnabas in 2003 when I was a barnstormer and he was in my cabin. I trust he was a believer and I look forward to the day when I will see him in heaven. So until then, goodbye my friend. Mitch’s name is now on the cross at Barnabas.

Camp Barnabas Newsletter 2004  

A journal about my experiences working at Camp Barnabas in Summer of 2004.