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Tolerance Means Acceptance


Where Have You Been?


If you Forget Me


Tell Me Why?


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Tolerance Means Acceptance From the beginning of time man was designed not to be alone. To search in others similarities that drives us to have a clean and non-interrupted company. But, what happens when we face situations in which we interact with people with whom we do not share the same way of act or thought? Our first reaction is to analyze the person who is different from us and determine if it is correct to interact with them or not. Most of the time coexistence with such people is not easy because they aren´t like us. It´s in that moment a value known as "tolerance" enters into scene. Nowadays this attitude has become the most popular in schools, work, and within society itself in which understanding the actions of others is encouraged. This includes the production of films, conferences, commercials and even books or texts in which tolerance is promoted. An example is the court opinion written by Justice, William J. Brennan *, in which he writes about a case presented in the state of Texas, US, in which a citizen, named Gregory Lee Johnson burned the national flag in protest against the government. This action was taken as an attack on the national integrity and the assailant was tried and punished by the government for his way of protesting. This Justice at the end of the text wrote: "The way to preserve the flag's role is not to punish those who think differently about these matters. It is to persuade them that they are wrong”. Certainly we are not the ones indicated to judge or punish people for things they do which are wrong or do not seem to be adequate, but what we can do, is generate a judgment to the attitudes or actions of these people and decide not to accept or encourage them. The text seems to be written after a long time of meditation and analysis and I perceive it as something right, because the things mentioned Justice Brennan defended the beliefs of the American people while establishing an opinion about the case. This makes us reflect on how we perceive until which point it is right to express our ideas and the way we do it. From my point of view it was not right that Johnson burned the national flag. This was not the way the situation.should have handled. We should meditate on what is right and when our freedom ceases to become debauchery and begins to affect the integrity of others. Lets reflect on what we believe and what is worthy to fight for and protect, as our integrity and the values that govern our society.

Texas V Jonhson Majority Opinion, Court Opinon by William J. Brennan*

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Where Have You Been? (The Sun) Where have you been? I ask to myself Why have you left me all this time? Don´t you know that I need you? You know that without you, my life would be dark I would not see others because of your absence My life is missing something I cant walk because you are my eyes The birds don't sing any more Everyone has left and now I´m alone Dreaming, I dream that you have come back, illuminating the room, as you always have But, Why Am I worried about it? If you always come back If when I open my eyes after the darkness has left, I see you there, always there, shining. 

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If You Forget Me Pablo Neruda

I want you to know
 one thing.

If you think it long and mad,
 the wind of banners
 that passes through my life,
 and you decide
 to leave me at the shore
 of the heart where I have roots,
 that on that day,
 at that hour,
 I shall lift my arms
 and my roots will set off
 to seek another land.

You know how this is:
 if I look
 at the crystal moon, at the red branch
 of the slow autumn at my window,
 if I touch
 near the fire
 the impalpable ash
 or the wrinkled body of the log,
 everything carries me to you,
 as if everything that exists,
 aromas, light, metals,
 were little boats
 that sail
 toward those isles of yours that wait for me.
 Well, now,
 if little by little you stop loving me
 I shall stop loving you little by little.
 If suddenly
 you forget me
 do not look for me,
 for I shall already have forgotten you

 if each day,
 each hour,
 you feel that you are destined for me
 with implacable sweetness,
 if each day a flower
 climbs up to your lips to seek me,
 ah my love, ah my own,
 in me all that fire is repeated,
 in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,
 my love feeds on your love, beloved,
 and as long as you live it will be in your arms
 without leaving mine

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Tell My Why? It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining on the sky and the birds were singing cheering those who heard them, but for Wong it was a different story. He has fallen asleep over some projects and now everything is wet, and apart from that he is late for work. Hurried he tries to clean his project, dries his face with a blue towel that was hanging on a chair and dresses up with new and just washed clothes that were smelling pretty good and went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee for himself to awake meanwhile he was brushing his very short black hair.

It was 9:00 when he left his apartment and went running to work. It was 9:24 when he arrived to the office where he works and his boss Mr. Thompson, Richard Thompson was already standing there waiting for him with a mocking face watching at his watch and to Wong who was just arriving. “Good morning, or I should I say good night, Wong” said Mr. Thompson “I hope you have slept well because as you just arrived late AGAIN, I left more job on your desk, so, have fun”. And he left adjusting his necktie walking towards his office as everybody was watching the scene and talking between themselves and Page !6 of !13

looking at Wong on the front door standing with a dissolution face.

It was another bad day for Wong, not just because he arrived late, again, but also because he was working for a very bad person, Mr. Thompson, who was a bad person just with him because he was a Chinese and Richard didn't like that. Wong was exhausted, he had to work doble quantity and fast to finish on time to get to school to nearly get to see his friend Miguel Angel on a special event in which he was performing.

It was 6:00 on the afternoon, Wong was running one more time on that day to get to see his friend, but unfortunately he was late, again. Migue was sitting there on the stairs waiting for his older friend to pick him up as it was getting dark. “You don´t have to explain” he said, “I know the whole story”. Wong did not said a word until they got home.

“Do you want something to eat?” asked Wong “I can prepare you something if you want“. “No thanks Wong, I´m find. Just go to sleep, you have a long day tomorrow, so don't be late please”.

After that Migue just went to his bedroom and closed the door with Wong watching at his back. Miguel and Wong have been friends since they met 4 years ago and live in the same apartment. And although Wong is 22 and Miguel 16 they have a good relation as friends. But since one year

before today they have been distancing Page !7 of !13

because of Wong´s work which has been taking all his energy and physical and mental strength, and it is not the fact that Wong´s work is difficult, it´s his boss the one who is finishing with him.

Another month has passed and nothing has changed for Wong and his Mr. Thompson. Holidays are getting near and Migue doesn't want to spend them alone on the apartment, so he take his Asian friend to see someone who he is sure will help him.

“Where are you taking me?” Wong asked. “I don't want to spend my holidays alone at home because your boss does not let you in peace, but I realized that we can do nothing about him, but we can do something about you, so, I brought you hear to talk with someone who I think will help you”. And saying nothing else Miguel guide him to a cafeteria that was in front of a park full of trees and people who went there to walk, play with their children or just for sitting below a big oak to meditate about life and watching others passing by, some of them stressed by job and others just walking and not worrying a lot.

When they entered a to the little cafeteria that had a retro style with flowers in every individual table that were next to the big window in the front that allowed a great view of the park and the pedestrians that could see the bar in the bottom of the local with a man cleaning the cups and aligning them adorning the place and giving a sense of order and symmetry, a man received Miguel giving him a big hug and a few pats in the back as if they were family and ask him about his relatives and how has he been Page !8 of !13

doing. Then, after a little chat about each other and another big and emotional hug, Miguel introduced Wong to Carlos, a very old friend of Miguel´s family who helped them to get over a very hard time in his family, as Miguel´s mom had died a few years ago and his father couldn't take care of he, Carlos helped him to leave ahead.

They sat on a big table with some napkins, and sugar packages in the middle. The waitress came and started taking their orders: “a big cappuccino please," ”I want and American coffee and a muffin with choco-chips," “Big Cappuccino with rompope in the bottom and a piece of bread for me please”. The lady was just writing in her little notebook all the orders to not lose any of them and with a charming smile she left.

They started talking about the warm morning and then the chat began to be directed towards Wong and his lifestyle. Wong told them about his past and how his family had come from China and stablished where now he lives since 3 or 4 generations backwards and the respect he has for their traditions and costumes even though he doesn't practices them anymore because he is too busy to do so. Page !9 of !13

“So, here we have: 2 Big Cappuccinos, one of them with rompope, one American coffee, one muffin and a peace bread, Is there anything else I could do for you?” Asked the beautiful black hair waitress that again was showing that charming smile accompanied by her deep dark brown eyes that could see into your soul, dressed up with a deep gray skirt that reached into the knees and a white red striped blouse with her name on it. “Non thanks, we are find Louisa (as it was the waitress name that was worked sew in her blouse) anything happens, I´ll make you know” Answered Carlos with a kind little smile showing respect and education.

Once all of them had tried their coffees, that started to talk seriously. “Wong, I know, for what Mike has told me that you have some troubles on your job with your Boss, this Mr Thompson. Please, tell me how is he? Asked Carlos putting his coffee by his side as he was moving forward and supporting his forearms on the light brown table. “Well, he is a difficult person. He´s one of those guys who want to control everything and is someone is different from what he considers the normal thing, he discriminates or overpressure that person, at least at work, and as I am Chinese and look different from others, I´m his daily target. Cant bare him anymore” answered Wong with a stressful face and moving his hands constantly from one side to another as he was explaining. Miguel Angel was just watching the scene and paying attention in case he had to say something related to Wong or something related to how his work has affected their friendship. “There´s nothing that would change that man…” ”And is there something you can do to change yourself” interrupted Carlos, “because as you Page !10 of !13

just told me the main problem is that you arrive late to the office, don't you?”. Wong was speechless and was thinking. “Well, yes, but, it´s not my fault to arrive late. It´s because Mr Thompson leaves me a lot of work and I have to finish it at home and sometimes I have to keep awake until high times of the night and…” Wong was interrupted again by Carlos, “And is there another way for you to finish on time, as much in your house as in your work? Is there anyway that you can re-schedule all your activities of the day? “Maybe, I haven't tried” said Wong. After a very long talk that lasted from the middle day until the closing hour of the cafeteria this was Carlos conclusion: “Wong, you cannot blame others for your mistakes or other errors in you life. You must be responsible of your responsibilities, Miguel Angel, Your house and the most important yourself, because none else will take care of you or do you job, it depends on you and just you. We cannot judge others for what they have done or how are they or for the intentions in their actions. The only thing we can do is to respect them, and even more respect those who are our authorities, because for something they are in major responsibility positions. Don´t try to change others because you can’t. Better change what you have to change of your personality and maybe, without trying it, other people will look at you and notice something different and say - I want to be as that guy - And they will follow you. that means that you have become leader, some who is follow without asking it and without trying to be someone else. Be yourself, and do not ever think to modify your personality to be accepted by others.

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Apart from that Wong, I recommend you one weekend or any other free day put all the pending things to the day, and start again all your activities, but now with order, ok?

After that, that finished their coffee, said goodbye and then went to their homes. A month past and now Wong is more relaxed because now he knows what to do, and also has noticed something different on Mr Thompson, so who knows what could happen.

Wong opened his eyes. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining on the sky and the birds were singing cheering those who heard them, but for Wong it was a different story‌

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Live Acrostic


iving is not just for yourself,

t is also for the wellbeing of those you love

astly blessed you´ll be if you do this, love everyone,

specially love God

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