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Isaac Chang Work Samples

Evolutionary Infrastructure - the new mega form Spring 2012 Penn Design Department of Architecture Research Studio Instructor: Marion Weiss

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Isaac Chang



3R, 3915 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Phone: 215-290-7006

Considering there is a big opportunity between Architecture and Landscape, I am interested in creating a new relationship between the building and the land. I also believe there must be different specific form for different building types that we, as architects must find to combine it with our land deeply and find more eternal forms.

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.


Master of Architecture Taipei, Taiwan

Tamkang University


Bachelor of Architecture -Top Grade Scholarship for tow semester -Excellent work Prize, Urban Acupuncture, 2006

Work experience

-Total Cumulative Rank in Department: 4th / 59

ZA Studio

New York, USA


Shanghai, China


Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei, Taiwan


Miaoli, Taiwan


Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei, Taiwan


-Designer for preparing competition documents Justarchi Studio -Designer for making proposal for four Shopping malls -Negotiation assistant for Presenting project to China government officers EKUO Architects -Designer for facede of residential project and Art center -Designer for two gained gymnasium competition -Project manager assistant for one gymnasium project Min-Chin Weng Architects -Designer for Competition of Art center of Chiayi City Air force of Republic of China -Interior designer assistant Chiang Chih Hao Architects -internship ARTECH-INC




Rhino(Grasshopper&V-ray&Maxwell), SketchUp, Maya, 3Ds Max, AutoCAD, Revit

Graphic Design:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Processing

Word Processing:

Microsoft Office package


Chinese and English

Design Studio 11/20/2012


Reference letter for Isaac Chang

To whom it may concern: This letter is written in support of Isaac Chang who has proven to be a responsible and cable individual. I have known Isaac from the beginning of the August 2012, when he started his internship with Z-A Studio. As Z-A Studio is a small practice there are no hierarchies in the structure of the practice. This enabled me to follow every individual very closely and to be intimately involved in their work. I saw in Isaac a willingness to learn new software and a desire to produce renderings on the highest level. Isaac is responsible and will perform any task he is given, whether it was producing graphic layouts or working on a competition. I’m sure he will contribute to any design office environment.

Very truly yours,

Guy Zucker Z-A Studio Owner and President

306 West 38th Street, Suite 1007-A

New York, NY 10018 1/1