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Letter from the Editor: Over the past few years working with Isa Magazine I have learned that there’s a lot that the Editor has to do. I came in with no experience leading and training the staff and now I was in charge of everyone. I learned over time there are certain traditions and values that we take with us from year to year. As you get older, you learn and relearn as you have more experiences, go through your failures and mistakes and realize how far you have come !"#$%&'("(%)#*%+",-%,-."-(/0% This issue we are trying to focus on theme of Memories. Memories can be easily distorted and romanticized. This does not mean that our memories are bad. I believe it is more about the experience that you had that’s associated with the memory than the memory itself. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed going to the different events, the interviews with the people as well as become more aware of what San Diego has to offer to you. So step off the campus grounds and make your own memories.

Isa is the number “one” in Tagalog (Filipino), which is meant to acknowledge what the magazine’s focus is: to create a publication which is all inclusive of all identities and cultures. Isa Magazine has gone through three years of transitioning and grow th Mission Starting out as an Asian-American based journalism, Isa pledged to create a publication aimed at enhancing AsianAmerican consciousness within the community. Our purpose has evolved with the hopes of being the go to guide where ,-*/(1-,%2.1%+1/%(3(")-'415%-'()%1((/%-#%6(%#1%-#7%41%(3(")% sense of the word. We strive to create a space in which all ,-*/(1-,%2.1%2#$(%-#5(-'("%.1/%+1/%*14-)0%8"#$%.99%145'-(",:% hangovers, facebook, memes, social, political, spiritual bases this magazine hopes to shed light to all aspects of student culture which is relatable to daily and life-long issues. Goals: ;%8#2*,%#1%-'(%,-*/(1-<,%2*9-*"(%.1/%94!( ;%='.99(15(%#*"%34(&(",%-#%,((%-'415,%/4!!("(1-9)%41%6#-'% themselves and in the world 3


A.69(%#!%=#1-(1-, Letter from the Editor 1 White Frog 4-6 (Interview with the Writer & Producer) C.1%E4(5#%B,4.1%849$%8(,-43.9?K.24+2%B"-,%L#3($(1- 7-8 San Diego Lantern Festival 10 J*1%!#"%M#*"%N43(, 11 E(9%L."%L*/%J*1 12 DC%C.1/%C2*97-415%='.99(15(%O%PE%B"-%QG7#,4-4#1 13

Staff ='"4,%B,*124#1 Alice Kim W.11.'%>("1.6( V.,#1%='.15 Judy Jue Ada Espanola Linda Kha Jet Antonio Aimly Sirisarnsombat Angela Luh V#,(7'%J*.1-#XJ.$4"(F

Q/4-#"%41%='4(! B,,4,-.1-%Q/4-#"?K'#-#5".7')%E4"(2-#" Photographer Photographer Designer Designer Designer Designer Writer Writer =#$$*14-)%B/34,#"

Music Memory 14 R4,'4%>.,'4 15-16 HS1-("34(&%&4-'%R%>.,'4T =9.".%='*15%O%E.34/%='#4%.-%-'(%N#!- 17-18 I(-%-#%R1#&%M#*"%C2'##9% 19-20 (Interview with Sheng Poon & Professor Elise Kim) CU=BN%N#3( 21-22 HS1-("34(&%&4-'%VJ%N*.-%!"#$%W(."-,%O%A'415,T Punjabi Tandoor 23-24 Dear Photograph 25-26

@A'(%7*6942.-4#1%$.)%'.3(%6((1%!*1/(/%41%7."-%#"%41%&'#9(%6)%%!*1/,%.99#2.-(/%6)%-'(%BCD=CE0% However, the views expressed in this publication are solely those of (publicationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name here), its principal members and the authors of the content of this publication. While the publisher of this 7*6942.-4#1%4,%.%"(54,-("(/%,-*/(1-%#"5.14F.-4#1%.-%D=%C.1%E4(5#:%-'(%2#1-(1-:%#7414#1,:%,-.-($(1-,% .1/%34(&,%(G7"(,,(/%41%-'4,%#"%.1)%#-'("%7*6942.-4#1%7*694,'(/%.1/?#"%/4,-"46*-(/%6)%H7*6942.-4#1<,% name here) are not endorsed by and do not represent the views, opinions, policies, or positions of -'(%BCD=CE:%ICBD=CE:%D=%C.1%E4(5#:%-'(%D143(",4-)%#!%=.94!#"14.%.1/%-'(%J(5(1-,%#"%-'(4"%#!+2(",:% employees, or agents. The publisher of this publication bears and assumes the full responsibility and liability for the content of this publication.â&#x20AC;?


W HITE FROG White Frog is the story of an extraordinary teenager on a journey to the universal power of family, friendship and love. Chaz Young (Harry Shum Jr.), is the perfect son, the most popular kid in school, headed for Stanford, and unconditionally adored by his upwardly mobile parents, Oliver (BD Wong) and Irene (Joan Chen). 15-year-old Nick Young (Booboo Stewart), lives in his older brother’s shadow, brilliant but isolated by his Asperger’s Syndrome as evidenced by his exclusively blue wardrobe and displaying the most limited of social skills. Nick completely idolizes Chaz as his hero and window to the world. When Chaz dies in a tragic car accident, the family spirals into disarray. Chaz was the glue that held the family together and Nick is further isolated by his parents’ grief. Nick becomes obsessed with discovering Chaz’s life to somehow stay connected to him and stumbles upon his older brother’s secret life. Isa got an exclusive interview with the Writer/Producer Ellie Y(1% .1/% E4"(2-#"% Z*(1-41% N((% .6#*-% -'(% $.[415% -'4,% +9$% .1/% how it has inspired their audience.



How did you come up with the concept for White Frog? What 41,74"(/%)#*%-#%+",-%2#$(%*7%&4-'%,-."-415%*7%.%Y'4-(%8"#5\

Y'.-%4,%-'(%#3(".99%$(,,.5(%)#*%'#7(%-#%2#13()%&4-'%-'4,%+9$:%% White Frog?

Ellie: “My mom and I started writing the screenplay together right after I graduated from Stanford and moved back to L A . We did it as a fun hobby and didn’t even realize it might one day be $./(%41-#%.%$#34(0%S-<,%.%+2-4#1.9%,-#"):%6*-%,#$(%#!%#*"%2'.".2ters and settings were inspired by family friends or places that I grew with. For instance, the Firehouse center in the movie is inspired by a community center where I volunteered throughout high school.”

Quentin: “ The movie is about accepting yourself and accepting others despite imperfection. At the time we were getting the movie made, it was the height of gay teen suicide, high school bullying and “It Gets Better” videos. All that was in our consciousness of making White Frog.”

Quentin: “ White Frog’s script came to me through the motherdaughter writer producer team Fabienne and Ellie Wen some time beginning of last year. I was inspired by the script which was an poignant tribute to someone close to them who passed away and couldn’t be who he was. And as a director, I held onto that very personal dimension throughout the production.”

Ellie: “ The shoot went very smoothly, thanks to our great director Quentin Lee. The part that took the longest was probably raising -'(%+1.12415:%6*-%9*2[49)%-'.-%&#"[(/%#*-%.,%&(99]%Y(<3(%6((1% very fortunate that this movie became a passion project for everyone who was involved, so we’ve had so much support throughout the whole process.”

What were some of the struggles and tribulations you had starting production and directing the movie?

Y'.-%&.,%)#*"%34,4#1%#!%-'(%414-4.9%,(-%*7%#!%-'(%+9$%.1/%'#&%/4/% Y'.-%,(-,%-'4,%.7."-%!"#$%.1)%#!%-'(%#-'("%,-("(#-)742.9%+9$,\ 4-%7"#5"(,,%.1/%2'.15(%.,%)#*%+9$(/\ Ellie: It is very important to me and my mom to create non-stereoEllie: “I’ve always heard how drastically things can change from typical roles for minority actors and to increase the representascript to screen, and I have to say that I was very amazed by tion of Asians and Asian-Americans on screen. WHITE FROG how close White Frog turned out to be to my original vision. We 4,% .% +9$% &4-'% .% *143(",.9% $(,,.5(% .1/% 4-<,% .6#*-% .% !.$49)% -'.-% were lucky that everyone on the team was on the same page happens to be Asian-American, but this could be anybody’s and that our director Quentin Lee understood the heart of our family and the themes can apply to everyone. ,-#")0%S-%/(+14-(9)%(G2((/(/%$)%(G7(2-.-4#1,]^% Who is your target audience? “ When we were doing rewrites of the script, it was a very collaborative process. We were very lucky to have playwright David Ellie: “ We’d love for everyone to see WHITE FROG, but I think Henry Hwang as both our Executive Producer and script advisor our target audience is families and young adults.” and he really helped us get the script to where we wanted it to be. We got notes from everyone on the team and worked hard to incorporate them in subsequent rewrites.”

>(,4/(,%-'4,%+9$:%&'.-%/#%)#*%#"%&'.-%#"5.14F.-4#1,%."(%)#*% .!+94.-(/%&4-'%.1/%&'.-%/#%)#*%/#%-#%6(%$#"(%413#93(/%&4-'% the community? Ellie:“ Within the entertainment industry, I am a member of =BKQ% H=#.94-4#1% #!% B,4.1% K.24+2,% 41% Q1-("-.41$(1-T% .1/% 849$% Independent and they are both great organizations that care about increasing diversity in entertainment.” Y'.-%/#%)#*%-'41[%2#1-"46*-(/%-#%)#*"%+9$<,%,*22(,,\ Quentin: “I’d say it’s teamwork between the producers, actors, crew and me.”

absolute pleasure to work with. I love Harry’s warmth and energy and he’s a total heartthrob. BD is an amazing actor on screen and on stage. And I’ve been a fan of Joan since The Last Emperor.” Anything that threw you off guard? Z*(1-41`% @M(,:% 4-% &.,% -'(% +",-% -4$(% -'(% 945'-,% #3("'(.-% .1/% .% -#""(1-%#!%&.-("%2.$(%/#&1%-#%_##/%-'(%,(-0%S%-'#*5'-%&(%&("(% going to lose that day… but somehow the set dried off in three hours and we were ready to go. I really improvised as a director that day and got us wrapped an hour early. I was super proud that day.”

Z*(1-41:%2#$7."(/%-#%)#*"%#-'("%+9$,%HS%'./%.2-*.99)%6((1%-#% the SDAFF screening of The People I’ve Slept With is what 2#$(,% -#% $41/% -'(% $#,-T:% '#&% 4,% -'4,% +9$% /4!!("(1-% !"#$% anything else you have directed?


Quentin: “People is a sex comedy and White Frog is a drama, 6*-% -'():% 94[(% .99% $)% +9$,:% ."(% .6#*-% -'(% /(,4"(% #!% +1/415% connection.”

Quentin: “I just produced a feature called Chink, a thriller about -'(% +",-% B,4.1% B$("42.1% ,("4.9% [499("% /4"(2-(/% 6)% C-.19()% M*15% and written by The People I’ve Slept With writer Koji Steven Sakai. I’m quite excited about that… and I’d love to make a ,$."-%'#""#"%+9$%&4-'%-'(%2.,-%#!%Y'4-(%8"#50^

B,%.1%B,4.1XB$("42.1:%&'#%,-.""(/%41%-'(%+9$%:%/4/%.1)%#!%-'($% 41_*(12(%)#*\ Ellie: “ The cast is made up of all my idols and heroes and favorite actors. They were all literally our dream cast and &(<"(%,#%9*2[)%-#%'.3(%5#--(1%-'($%.99%41%-'(%$#34(]%>E%Y#15:% Joan Chen, Booboo Stewart, Harry Shum Jr., Gregg Sulkin, Tyler Posey, Manish Dayal, Talulah Riley, Amy Hill, Kelly Hu….I can go on forever, they’re all amazing.”

Ellie: “I’m currently working at CBS Films and I’m also develop415%.%2#*79(%7"#a(2-,%#1%-'(%,4/(0%Y(<99%,((%&'.-%'.77(1,%1(G-]^

Stay tuned for White Frog’s screening updates on their facebook and twitter or website: w w

Quentin: “Booboo Stewart, Harry Shum Jr., BD Wong and V#.1% ='(1% ,-.""(/% 41% -'(% +9$% .1/% -'()% &("(% .99% .$.F415% -#% work with. They are the Asian American stars of today and tomorrow. Booboo is an extremely hard worker and an

Written by: Christopher Asuncion Images by: Shane Sato Courtesy of White Frog LLC Designed by: Judy Jue


ollywood has come a long Hollywood has come wayCaucasian since Caucasian waya long since actor actor Mickey Rooney donned yellowface in BreakMickey Rooney donned yellowface in Breakfast fast at Tiffany's. However, main characters played at Tiffany's. However, main characters played by by Asian-Americans still underrepresented Asian-Americans are are still underrepresented and and overshadowed in today's movie industry. overshadowed in today's movie industry. Fortunately, the Paci+c Arts Movement (formerly the San Diego Asian Film Foundation) introduced the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) to the local scene thirteen years ago. Since its concepâ&#x20AC;&#x153; tion, +lms from all SDAFF IS NOTABLE over the world that FOR BEING THE cast Asian Ameri- SECOND LARGEST can actors have EXHIBITION OF used the festival ASIAN CINEMA IN as a way to reach NORTH AMERICA.â&#x20AC;? a larger audience. These +lms, ranging from indie to major motion picture, often center around story lines dealing with important issues relevant to the AsianAmerican community. The 2012 SDAFF will be running from November 1-9 at the Mission Valley Ultra Star Cinema. The largest +lm festival in San Diego, SDAFF is notable for being the second largest exhibition of Asian cinema in North America. This year, the festival will feature more than 150 +lms from 25 countries. Many are exclusive North American and West coast premieres that will be shown in screening locations reaching North County and Uptown aside from Mission Valley. In addition to the +lms, the festival will host live

Q & A's with +lmmakers and artists and a Gala Awards night where Paci+c Arts Movement will announce the organization's picks for top indie +lms of the Festival. Director Chung Chang-Wha will also be honored this year with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his in_uence on world cinema. Paci+c Art Movement's Executive Director Lee Ann Kim came up with the concept of the San Diego Asian Film Festival. "While I was working as a TV news anchor/reporter for KGTV (the local ABC station), I overheard a group of Caucasian men talking about how they would get together once a month to eat Asian food and watch Asian +lms," Kim said. "Somehow it planted a seed in me the idea that +lm is a powerful platform to bring people of different backgrounds together. The thought occurred to me, why not present an Asian +lm festival in San Diego to engage the larger community?" Kim explained further that the idea of the +lm festival stemmed from her experience growing up in the Midwest as an immigrant from Korea. "I always felt so different, and it didn't help that Asian Paci+c-Islander Americans were underrepresented (and misrepresented) in mainstream television and +lm," Kim said. "The Film Festival is an extension of my personal life goal of being the voice and providing a voice for the community." Although Kim admitted that at +rst the organization found it dif+cult to organize the +nancial and human resources required to put on the festival, she noted that the annual festival continues to

Centerpiece Film: EDEN

“SOMEHOW IT PLANTED A SEED IN ME THE IDEA THAT FILM IS A POWERFUL PLATFORM TO BRING PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS TOGETHER.” she noted that the annual festival continues to grow and reach more people as a result of the role the event plays in the San Diego community. "Locally, our content is unique in that it's speci+cally Asian and Asian American. We are also as much about having fun as we are in creating meaningful, transformational experiences. That's what creates the buzz and keeps audiences and artists returning to us," Kim said. "No one else is doing what we do here locally, and with the dramatic change in demographics (Asian population has increased 25% in the last 10 years), there's a demand for these stories." For more information on the San Diego Asian Film Festival, visit for +lm schedules, tickets, and venues.






San Diego Lantern Festival The fourth annual San Diego Lantern Festival in City Heights, San Diego commemorated a 2,000-year-old tradition rooted in Hoi An, a Vietnamese port city that historically celebrated the end of each harvest season by decorating the community with hand-woven silk lanterns. Based on the Moon Festival celebrated by the Chinese and Vietnamese around the autumnal equinox, the August 17-19 festivity hosted by the Little Saigon Foundation raised cultural awareness on Vietnamese customs and gave youth in City Heights an opportunity to volunteer in the community. “We want to infuse more life into [the community],” said Foundation president Frank Vuong. “It’s a great way for people of different cultures to come together.” The San Diego Lantern Festival held in front of Hoover High School attracts about 200,000 people a year. With so many people in attendance, the planning is not without its obstacles. “Trying to keep it affordable in this community [is a struggle],” Vuong said. “One of the challenges is accommodating everyone’s different needs. City Heights is known for its diversity. Y(<"(%-")415%-#%412"(.,(%C.1%E4(5#<,%#3(".99%2*9-*".9%/(+14-4#10^ According to The First Tee San Diego, the ethnically diverse neighborhood of City Heights is home to a large refugee population that speaks over 34 dialects. Many residents fall in a low socioeconomic margin. Records from the California Endowment show that the median income of City Heights is 56.7% lower than that of the general San Diego County. The area also suffers from low high school graduation rates. Vuong said the Festival is an opportunity for the Foundation to engage the community in an activity for people of all cultural backgrounds and ages, particularly the high school students in the area. “We get all of the residents involved, especially the youth,” he said. Volunteering at the Festival is an activity for one of the Foundation’s enrichment programs for youth, the Leader Development and Project Management Program. It teaches high school students leadership and business skills, people management and methods of communication: “all of the skills you would need to get into a school like a UC and get a job later on,” Vuong said. “A lot of these kids are really good in terms of working, but -'()%/#1<-%[1#&%'#&%-#%5#%.6#*-%5(--415%+1.124.9%.4/%#"%5(--415% scholarships.” Through partnerships with student organizations at San Diego State University and UC San Diego as well as cultural celebrations like the San Diego Lantern Festival, the Foundation strives to aid the young generation of City Heights students in their journey toward academic and social success. Events like the Lantern Festival also serve to raise awareness on the diversity of City Heights and to unite its residents toward celebrating its cultural uniqueness. Written by: Angela Luh Photography by: Alice Kim Designed by: Judy Jue

Photo credits

Happy go lucky Ar#cle by

Chris Asuncion


unning is an excellent form of exercise. It improves your overall level of health and is one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining weight. Running was one of our first primitive forms of escaping from a predator. It increases your adrenaline and kick starts your heart rate and I think that’s what why people hate going to the gym and running on a treadmill for hours on end. Running is boring. You may be able to go out to a jog with your dog or with friends but the one thing that’s missing is the excitement. Well the creators of Run for Your Lives have made it fun again. Derrick Smith and Ryan Hogan have both made this event one of the best experiences in the SoCal area. Starting out October 2011, they had over 12,000 participants and have started a huge tour around the United States and Canada.

Imagine living out your zombie fantasies of jumping, dodging and climbing away from zombies in this epic 5k run. There are no shortages of adrenaline pumping obstacles: blood pits, mud, rivers, fire, climbing walls and of course the undead are all working to try to pull away your life flags. How else do you celebrate running three miles through the woods with zombies chasing after you? You will end the night with a giant Apocalypse Party with live entertainment. Beer, food, fireworks, all of these things await you on the other side. You will walk away with a medal signifying your survival or “death” once you enter the “Safe Zone”.

zomging es in hortbstafire, the pull

Del Mar Mud Run Del Mar Fairgrounds October 6, 2012 '--7`??/(9$."$*/"*102#$?

K'#-#5".7')%6)`%W.11.'%>("1.6(:%V.,#1%='.15%O%='"4,%B,*124#1 Designed by: Ada Espanola

I was given the opportunity to take pictures for the Del Mar Mud Run for Isa Magazine. This 5k (3 mile) run, along with Vavi Sports and Social Club, encourage people not only to join the race, but to have good fun with all the participants. There were many teams of all ages and all walks of life, along with a wide array of costumes. Teams dressed up as ninja turtles, hill billies, famous pop stars and much more. Each team were in good spirits and were very enthusiastic despite all the dirt and grime they would have to go through. Among them was a team that really shows what perseverance is. Team Operation Rebound is a team of soldiers or first responders that have been discharged because of their physical disability. The team was able to show runners and volunteers alike that nothing is impossible, even a mud run. Aside from the actual 5k run, the team members also went through various obstacles, from the Monkey bars, the ropes course and going through hollow tubes. Operation Rebound not only inspired the other runners, but also reminds them that if you put your mind into it, one can do anything--even run in mud for 5 kilometers. Hannah Bernabe

Anybody got dirt? The Del Mar Mud Run spurred virally in the San Diego county. To some, they see it as an once in a lifetime opportunity to get in shape. For some, they see it as a way to run to get dirty. Runner, Jessica Luce, had her reasons to run this event. “I saw this as a way to support my teammate, who ran this event last year, but couldn’t compete this year because of a leg injury,” said Jessica. As ecstatic as the runners were, many mentioned that they did it for a personal goal to support others. Runners were hyped and waited anxiously to take off from the starting line as every second started to tick. “I literally can’t wait to start pumping my adrenaline, I’m not only doing this with my teammates, but I’m doing for my husband, whose currently in the Navy,” said Yesenia Mendoza, Runner #5169. Runners regained their energy after crossing the finish line, many started donating their shoes to charity after the race. Runner, Mark Skener, had this to say: “Although this was an intense run, I feel that everybody accomplished something grand today”. As runner continued to pass, their message and their experience was vital and motivational for people all around. When the day came to a close, their response for continuing a tradition to attend the mud run was a definite. Jason Chang

brate the after a ginterall of other medal eath”

13 14

US Sand Sculpting Challenge & 3D Art Exposition Date: August 31 - September 3, 2012 Time: 9:00 A M to 7:00 PM 1140 North Harbor Drive C.1%E4(5#:%=B%bcded '--7`??&&&0*,,.1/,2*97-41502#$?% Everyone as a kid has been on the beach, taken their water bucket and plastic shovel to make their own sand castle. It’s a pass time that we grew up doing as children but there are some people who have turned this beach activity into an artistic career. B-%-'(%DC%C.1/%C2*97-415%='.99(15(%)#*%&499% see creativity, ingenuity and amazing sand sculptures that many of us couldn’t even fathom how to create. Here at the event you can watch as 10 professional sculptures face head to head to create these incredible sand

carvings. The conceptualization, concentration and time that are put into these pieces is nothing to scoff at. The sculptures take all four days to build their masterpieces. On the fourth day the judges award the prize trophies. If you’re tempted to touch, I would suggest going to the public sandbox and making your own sand castle. All throughout the day there are 3D artists who show off their metal and glass sculptures, ceramics, wood carvings, jewelry. There are also performers, !##/%-"*2[,:%3(1/#",%.1/%29.,,(,%-'.-%+99%-'(% day. It’s something everyone can enjoy.

Y"4-("`%='"4,%B,*124#1 K'#-#5".7'("`%='"4,%B,*124#1 Designer: Jet Antonio

Article by Angela Luh Images from Google Images

There is no easy explanation for why Gym Class Heroes’ chart-topping track “Stereo Hearts” reminds me of wet asphalt, floral perfume, and a bitter Americano. For a song about a man desperately longing for his significant other to understand his burning passion for her, those associations make no reasonable sense whatsoever. Despite this illogic, science has shown that our cognitive faculties have capacities that are invariably and incomprehensibly complex. The role of music in extracting our memories is certainly one of those fantastic features. Much research has been done on music cognition and how music influences perception and memory. How exactly we select a particular memory among the many associated with commonly played music is less scientifically evident. Below are some fond memories that UCSD students associate with today’s most popular tracks. The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes Pritha Multani, 19 “This song encourages me to believe in myself and my abilities. When I listen to this song, I feel powerful, that nothing can stop me if I put my mind to it.” Set Fire to the Rain by Adele Geoffrey Pione, 20 “Driving around San Diego late at night, eating burritos in the car with my girlfriend. I know it’s supposed to be an emo song, but it reminds me of good times.” Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s Jenny Lee, 20 “It makes me so happy whenever [the song] comes up on the radio. I think of summer and all of the fun I had. I studied abroad in England over the summer and listened to this song on the bus into the city.” Just a Dream by Nelly Jaspreet Kaur, 19 “It makes me think of all of things I want to do in life. And when I wake up from it, it’s sad because it was all just a dream.” 15



Ishibashi, born November 4, 1975 in Seattle Washington he was introduced to music at a young age. Like most Asian-American parents, K had been trained in the violin from the age of six. Since then he has been the !#*1/415%$($6("%#!%V*74-("%U1(:%%-#*"(/%&4-'%J(541.%C7([-#":% of Montreal, and been in many commercials like the American Express commercial during the Oscars. This latest album: 151a which came out in April has had an amazing response .1/%[42[,-."-(/%'4,%2."(("%.,%.%,#9#%."-4,-0%>)%9##7415%'4,% sounds from his violin and voice he has created a symphony of intriguing new sounds that is both pleasing and catchy. I got to 41-("34(&%'4$%.1/%+1/%#*-%'#&%4-%.99%,-."-(/0

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Solo artists, I used to just like anything but working with 7(#79(%94[(%J(541.%C7([-#":%R(341%>."1(,0%K9.)415%41%.%6.1/% and talking to them. Have a respect in how they function and have an incredible commitment to their fan base. Their fans really just want to get whatever the artist has to offer so they feel pressured to give them everything. Giving them a good show and making a good album. I saw that work ethic and really respect and look up to them. It’s kind of what I’m trying to go for. I feel a great responsibility to my fans. Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?

When and why did you start playing? “ Violin is my main instrument. I started the same reason most Asian-Americans start, because of parents at six years old. My parents were always supportive of me playing music.”

@A'(%I*"*%C.1!#"/%J(*14150%N(."1(/%-'"#*5'%-'(%C*F*[4%34#941% method, great old traditional violin teaching system.” What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

Which instruments do you play? “Guitar, Piano and Violin.”

@U".15(%>9#,,#$%C7(24.9:%.%69*(5".,,%-*1(0%S%79.)(/%4-%(3(")% time my dad had guests over.”

What was the first tune(s) you learned? .Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the violin. Sesame Street. Japanese book melodies, records of Japanese songs Is your family musical?


“Mom plays a little bit of piano but they just love music. They’re not music snobs, they just like music in general.”

Giving them a good show and making a good album. I saw that work ethic and really respect and look up to them. It’s kind of what I’m trying to go for. I feel a great responsibility to my fans.

If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

How do you handle mistakes during a perfor mance?

“Experiment, Orchestral, Pop”

“Laugh it off. There’s really nothing you can do about it. That’s the nature of a live performance. If you want to hear a perfect rendition you should just go home and listen to the album, if you want to hear the artist doing their best to recreate it, go to a live show.”

How is performing live in public versus taped recordings? “ They’re totally different beasts that I feel I have to conquer. N43(%4,%"(.99)%!*10%J(2#"/415%4,%!*9+99415%6*-%)#*%/#1<-%"(.99)% get feedback like in a live show. In the studio you have a lot of time to tinker. I treat them like two different things.” What advice would you give to other up and coming musicians/artists? “Don’t get discouraged and keep creating. I’ve been creating -'4,%$*,42%!#"%-'(%7.,-%-&(1-)%)(.",0%>.,42.99)%)#*<99%$.[(% what you think is your masterpiece and if it doesn’t have the reception that you hoped it would, don’t let it crush you and move on and make something else. Keep creating and you’ll +1/%,#$(-'415%)#*<"(%'.77)%&4-'%.1/%)#*"%.*/4(12(%4,%'.77)% with. Artists get depressed a lot because they’re fragile, when people criticize their work, they’re criticizing their heart, so don’t take it personally and be honest to yourself.” “I have been committed to having a career and just making my own music. At least trying to get a career, which is very /4!+2*9-0%S-<,%.9$#,-%94[(%.%a.2[7#-0%Y'("(%4!%)#*%2#*9/%5(-% a job to create the music you want it’s like a blessing, like winning a lottery. It wasn’t until my album started doing well -'.-%S%&.,%-#%+1.99)%.69(%-#%/#%4-0%S<3(%6((1%,-"43415%-#%"(.2'% -'4,%7#41-%&'("(%1#&%S<$%a*,-%/#415%R4,'4%>.,'4%,-*!!0^%

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition? “Only if I’m unprepared, if I’m trying something new, but generally no.” What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous? “Do your best to be prepared. Don’t ever look like your having a bad time because that’s the worst thing for an audience to see. As long as you look like you enjoy what you’re doing, a lot of mistakes will be forgiven, so it’ll help you to be more relaxed during a performance.” What was your first childhood memory or experience with music or playing music? “I have a lot. Snapped my bow in half during a performance. That was terrible.” “ When I was in Australia two years ago, I was opening for J(541.%C7(2-#"%.1/%4-%&.,%.%,#9/%#*-%,1#&%.-%C)/1()%#7(".0% I got the biggest response I ever had. I got such a rush that everybody was so responsive, it kind of kick-started my solo career. It became the focus of my life the next few years.”

Basically you’ll make what you think is your masterpiece and if it doesn’t have the reception that you hoped it would, don’t let it crush you and move on and make something else. Keep creating and you’ll find something you’re happy with and your audience is happy with. What are you planning on doing in the next coming months? “First headlining tour the milestone for a new artist. This is when he gets to see how many fans he actually sees. Doing .%DC%-#*"%.1/%.%9#-%#!%34/(#,%2#$415%#*-0%J(.99)%(G24-(/%.6#*-% that I have time to do my own music.”

Y"4--(1%6)`%='"4,%B,*124#1 Kishi Bashi’s newest album cover for 151a

K'#-#5".7')%6)`%'--7`??&&&0[4,'46.,'402#$? E(,451(/%6)`%='"4,%B,*124#1


Clara C and David Choi C4--415%.-%-'(%2#*1-("%#!%'("%/"(,,415%"##$%41%.%_#&415%&'4-(% -#7%&4-'%.1%#7(1%$.[(X*7%6.5%6(,4/(%'(":%=9.".%='*15%2("-.419)% 9##[(/%-'(%7."-%#!%.1%.229.4$(/%."-4,-%5(--415%"(./)%!#"%'("% ,#9/X#*-%2#12("-0%C'(%&.3(/%*,%41%&4-'%.%6"45'-%,$49(:%7*,'(/% .,4/(%'("%6.5,%.1/%,(--9(/%/#&1%!#"%-'(%41-("34(&0%>*-%a*,-%.,%&(% &("(%.6#*-%-#%7"#2((/%&4-'%#*"%2#13(1-4#1.9%941(%#!%f*(,-4#1,:% ,'(%,-"(-2'(/%#*-%'("%9(5,:%(G24-(/9)%,'#&415%*,%'("%9#15%,#2[,% ./#"1(/%&4-'%54".!!(,0 @B"(1<-%-'()%2*-(\^%,'(%,.4/0%@A'()<"(%$)%!.3#"4-(0%W("(:% -.[(%.%742-*"(%#!%-'($0^ A'(%2#13(",.-4#1%#1%54".!!(%,#2[,%&#*9/%!#"(,'./#&%-'(% 79.)!*9%.1/%(22(1-"42%/)1.$42,%#!%-'(%2#12("-%-'.-%145'-%41%.1% .-$#,7'("(%-'.-%&.,%"(!"(,'4159)%2.1/4/0%A'(%U2-0%db%(3(1-% .-%D=%C.1%E4(5#%&.,%-'(%,4G-'%,-#7%41%='*15<,%1.-4#1&4/(%8.99% cedc%A#*"%&4-'%!(99#&%M#*-*6(%,(1,.-4#1%E.34/%='#40%A'(%145'-% '45'945'-(/%-'(%/)1.$42%7(",#1.94-4(,%#!%-'(%-&#%."-4,-,:%6#-'% #!%&'#$%a*$7,-."-(/%-'(4"%2."((",%#1%M#*-*6(%.1/%($("5(/% &4-'%(G79#,43(%,*22(,,0%='#4<,%'*$#"%.1/%='*15<,%#3("_#&415% (1("5)%%7"#/*2(/%.%2#12("-%(G7("4(12(%-'.-%&.,%"(9.-.69(%.1/% 41-(".2-43(`%='#4%,-#77(/%41%-'(%$4//9(%#!%'4,%,(-%-#%-.[(%.%7.1X #".$42%742-*"(%#!%-'(%2"#&/%#1%'4,%4K'#1(%&'49(%=9.".%(G7"(,,(/% '("%9#3(%!#"%A.2#,%Q9%I#"/#%41%C.1%E4(5#0%A'(%7.4"%.9,#%7("X !#"$(/%-'(4"%1(&%/*(-%@E."9415:%S-<,%M#*:^%&'42'%'./%4-,%#1941(% /(6*-%-'4,%,*$$("0%%B4$(/%-#&."/%7"#$#-415%1(&%,#15,%!"#$% 6#-'%."-4,-,:%-'(%-#*":%2#3("415%ce%$.a#"%24-4(,%41%-'(%DC:%6(5.1% &4-'%.%,4$79(%7"($4,(0 @A'(%-#*"%&.,%"(.99)%a*,-%E.34/%.1/%$)%4/(.:^%,.4/%='*150% @Y(%&("(%a*,-%#1%-'(%2#*2'%.1/%&("(%94[(:%gN(-<,%/#%.%-#*"]<%B1/% &(%."".15(/%4-%&4-'%#*"%6##[415%$.1.5(",0%S-%4,%"(.99)%a*,-%,#%-'.-% S%2.1%,((%-'(%7(#79(%&'#%9#3(%.1/%!#99#&%$)%$*,420^ ='*15<,%,(-%,'#&2.,(/%-".2[,%!"#$%'("%1(&9)%"(9(.,(/% .96*$%(,2:%4129*/415%@M#*<3(%I#-%4-%B99:^%@Z*(,./499.:^%@8.9,(% C-."-:^%.1/%@A'(,(%B"(%-'(%I##/%U9/%E.),0^%A'(%.96*$%'.,%.% 1(&%,#*1/:%='*15%,.4/:%-'.-%-'.-%2#13(),%.%/4!!("(1-%$(,,.5(0 2

@A'(%5"(.-%-'415%.6#*-%6(415%41/4(%4,%-'.-%)#*%/#1<-%'.3(%-#% '.3(%.%7."-42*9."%,#*1/%#"%,-)9(:^%,'(%,.4/0%@S%-'41[%S<3(%6(2#$(% .%9#-%$#"(%$.-*"(0%S<3(%5"#&1%*7%.%9#-0%Y'(1%S%+",-%,-."-(/:%S%&.,% .99%.6#*-%'.77)%.1/%7#7%$*,420%S<$%,-499%.99%!#"%'.77)%$*,42:%6*-% 1#&%S<3(%,((1%.1/%9(."1(/%$#"(%.6#*-%94!(0^ ='#4:%&'#,(%$*,42%,-)9(%4,%/4!!("(1-%!"#$%-'.-%#!%='*15<,:% ,.4/%'(%'.,%,4$49."9)%/(3(9#7(/%'4,%$*,42.9%"(,*$(0%W4,%,(-%/4,X 79.)(/%.%$4G%#!%7#7*9."%,#15,%!"#$%'4,%cedd%.96*$%@8#"(3("%.1/% Q3("^%.1/%'4,%$#,-%!.$#*,%-".2[,%@>)%L)%C4/(^%.1/%@A'.-%I4"9:^% &'42'%'.,%5.41(/%,(3(1%$4994#1%34(&,%#1%M#*-*6(0 @L)%41,74".-4#1%4,%$.419)%!"#$%94!(%XX%a*,-%$)%!.$49)%.1/% !"4(1/,%.1/%7(#79(%."#*1/%$(0%h=9.".<,%.1/%$)i%,-)9(,%"(.99)% 2#$79($(1-%(.2'%#-'("%6(2.*,(%,'(<,%!*99%#!%(1("5):%.1/%S<$% 1#-:^%'(%,.4/%&4-'%.%9.*5'0% A'(%"(2(1-%)(.",%'.3(%,((1%.1%412"(.,415%*-494F.-4#1%#!% M#*-*6(%.,%.%3(1*(%!#"%.,74"415%$*,424.1,%-#%/4,79.)%-#%&#"[%.,% &(99%.,%.1%*17"(2(/(1-(/%"4,(%#!%B,4.1%B$("42.1%."-4,-,%41%-'(% $*,42%41/*,-")0% @M#*-*6(%1#-%#19)%(G7.1/(/%$)%2."(("%6*-%5.3(%$(%#1(0%S-% $./(%7(#79(%."#*1/%-'(%&#"9/%[1#&%.6#*-%$)%$*,42:^%='#4%,.4/0% @S%,-."-(/%$.[415%$*,42%#1%M#*-*6(%&'(1%-'("(%&("(1<-%.%9#-%#!% B,4.1%."-4,-,%#1%-'("(:%,#%4-%&.,%"(.99)%2##9%-#%,((%.%9#-%#!%7(#79(% a#41%.1/%7#,-%-'(4"%34/(#,%.1/%-'(4"%$*,420^ A'(%a#*"1()%-#&."/%,*22((/415%41%-'(%$*,42%41/*,-")% "(f*4"(/%,(9!X2#1+/(12(:%,.4/%='*15:%@-#%,-42[%-#%&'#%)#*%."(:% -#%[1#&%&'#%)#*%."(%.1/%1#-%-#%2'.15(%!#"%#-'("%7(#79(%#"%!#"% &'.-<,%7#7*9."%41%$*,420^ @Y'(1%S%+",-%,-."-(/:%S%'./%!"4(1/,%&'#%/4,2#*".5(/%$(% !"#$%,415415:^%,'(%,.4/0%@S%&.1-(/%-#%$.[(%.%2#3(":%.1/%-'()% ,.4/:%g=#3(",%'.3(%-#%6(%6(--("%-'.1%-'(%"(.9%,#15,0<%>*-%-'(1%S% !#*1/%$),(9!%.%1(&%5"#*7%#!%!"4(1/,:%.1/%-'()%&("(%-'(%#1(,% &'#%(12#*".5(/%$(%.1/%,.4/:%gM#*<"(%"(.99)%5##/]<%C#%+1/%5##/% !"4(1/,%.1/%[((7%-'($%29#,(0^

B,%,#$(%#!%-'(%+",-%B,4.1XB$("42.1%M#*-*6(%,-.",%-#%5.41% $#$(1-#*,%7#7*9."4-):%='*15%.1/%='#4%."(%(G.$79(,%!#"%.1% *7X.1/X"4,415%5(1(".-4#1%#!%)#*15%."-4,-,%&'#%,-"43(%-#%.2'4(3(% ,4$49."%,*22(,,0%C*2'%$*,424.1,%4129*/(%V#'1%.1/%E.14(9%J'((:% ,-*/(1-,%.-%j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gI.151.$%C-)9(:<%'.,%.9,#%,'(/%945'-%#1%B,4.1% B$("42.1%$*,424.1,%94[(%='*15%.1/%='#40%=#13(",(9):%7#7*9."% B,4.1%B$("42.1%+5*"(,%543(%B,4.1%2*9-*"(%.%9."5(%.$#*1-%#!%34,X 46494-)0%N.-4(".%W.)1(,%.1/%A4!!.1)%A.)9#":%D=CE%K'E%2.1/4/.-(,% 41%64#$(/42.9%,24(12(,:%!#*1/%='#4%.1/%='*15%-'"#*5'%.%69#5% .6#*-%R#"(.1%7#70 @Y(%!#*1/%#*-%.6#*-%h='#4%.1/%='*15i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`%B15(9.%N*' K'#-#5".7')%6)`%W.11.'%>("1.6(  E(,451(/%6)`%V*/)%V*(

t a h w d n i f u Once yo e r u s e k a m you love, s i n o i s s a P . t you carry i e. v o l n a h t r e k wea

General Biology

Sophomore Cupertino, CA

Many college students start to seek what they want to pursue during their college career. For some, they get inspired. For others, they continue their ambitions. Sheng Poon is a college student that seeks the same education as every student. By day, he attends lecture and finishes his schoolwork. By night, he is an avid dancing machine. Sheng 's ambition for dance has exceeded him to where he is today. As a choreographer and dancer, Sheng took a chance that he never thought was possible by auditioning for bay area's competitive dance team, Academy of Villains. A month later, he and his team was asked to be featured in NBC's America's Got Talent and eventually made it to the finale. Since his journey, Sheng continues to strive as a dancer and wishes to become an impact towards the dance community. He is currently dancing for Studio 429's Breakthrough Dance team, UCSD's Ascension, and 20 a previous member of Academy of Villains and GTFO (Get the Funk On).

poon p Sheng sheng Poon

When and why did you start dancing?

What is the most fondest memory you had of dancing?

I started dancing at the end of middle school and I was also an 

My most fondest memory was mainly c­walking in sandals and 

avid YouTube +end, searching up tutorials and videos of people 

also breaking them due to tension. Just from breaking them, I felt 

dancing. I started out c­walking because it was popular at the 

that was a sign for me to dance. In high school, I started a dance 

time and  i  kept  practicing  constantly  through  the  tutorials  i 

team called GTFO (get theFunk on). Originally, we weren't close 

watched and eventually my slippers broke. During high school,  

friends when we started this group, but through the struggles and 

me and my best friend would always trade off and learn from each 

challenges we  faced  as  a  team,  we  started  to  become  close 

other in steps or in choreography. Since then, I've been dancing 

friends and that's how we developed a strong friendship and com­

ever since. Total of +ve years.

munity. munity. From there, we did a showcase back in San Jose and all in  all, we loved doing it and as well as the audience. Another fondest 

Is your family also talented?

memory was the hardest thing that I've ever done was competing 

Unfortunately, my mom isnt, but she supports what I'm doing.  My dad, however, used to be very solid with piano and as well  as my sister. I actually never saw myself becoming a dancer,  personally I thought I would go into sports or even become an  academic nut, speci+cally an engineer. 

on Americas Got Talent. I felt it was crazy because i was so lucky  that  I  didn't  expect  to  get  accepted  to  academy  of  villains  and  eventually have the opportunity to perform at America's got talent.  Just from that experience, I felt that it was perfect the time be­ cause I was having this experience and going to school.

Which dancers do you still admire today and why?

What advice would you give to up and coming artist?

There's actually a long list of candidates, but foremost. I would 

My advice to up and coming artists is to always remember why 

have to start with Brian Puspos, because I've been following 

youre doing something or creating that art. Remember that you 

him for awhile now and it's amazing how much improvement 

have to love what you do. If you’re doing it for another reason, you 

and development  he  has  grown.  Just  from  that  I  just  felt  in­

won't have the drive to do it. Once you +nd what you love, make 

spired from his motives. Other dancers that I looked up are also 

sure you  carry  it.  Passion  is  weaker  than  love  and  it's  a  step 

Keone and Mari (dancers who worked with YG entertainment),  

below. Passion: out going to do it, but still have other priorities. 

Pharside (Academy of Villains), DJ Daniel Jerome, and Christo­

Love: you have no boundaries to what you do, and you'll keep 

pher Jennings. I also believe that thanks to them, I feel that I 

doing doing it. Don't forget you're doing it because you love it. If you 

can make a career with it.

need a break, then do so. Written by Jason Chang | Designed by Linda Kha | Photography by Hannah Bernabe

–›‰‰Ž •›‹›š”š„Žˆ–Ž‰ŽŠ™•ŽŽ‘ I earned my BS in economics at Wharton, Univer­ sity of Pennsylvania, MBA in management at New  York University, and Ph.D. in marketing at Univer­ sity of Southern California.


•—‰™‘—ŠŠ[š›—‹‰›‰šŽ„Žˆ‰›—™• I teach MGT 103 ­ Product Marketing & Manage­ ment in the Rady School of Business

•—‰Ž‰•›‹“Ž˜Š•—‡›„Žˆ•—š I have  been  an  actress,  most  recently  in  Flower  Drum  Song  at  La  Jolla  Playhouse.  I  have  also  served as President of San Diego Asian American  Repertory  Theater  and  write  for  the  San  Diego  Union Tribune newspaper on theater.

•—‰—‹›„Žˆ‹•Ž˜˜”›Š#”‰›‹›Š‰Š I enjoy hip­hop dance, compete in a tennis league,  and have started golf. I also read voraciously and  like movies.

•—‰š”š„ŽˆšŽ‰•”Š—Š‰Šˆ›‹ I traveled to Barcelona with my husband and son.  We admired Gaudi's architecture, practiced Span­ ish, and ate lots of paella.

•„š”š„Žˆ–Ž”‰Ž‰•›‹Žœ›ŠŠ”Ž Žœ‰›—™•”– Both of  my  parents  are  retired  professors  who  valued education. Teaching is rewarding to me be­ cause I enjoy interacting with students while help­ ing them to become future business leaders.




L A C O S E V LO >

#"1%.1/%".4,(/%41%V.7.1:%VJ%N*.-%$#3(/%-#%C.1%E4(5#% when he was thirteen with his Navy family. This 8494741#%5"./*.-(%!"#$%CECD:%&4-'%.%>.2'(9#"<,%41% Political Science and Minor in Art does everything from print, illustration and graphic design. Now he owns and "*1,%'4,%#&1%29#-'415%941(`%W(."-,%O%A'415,0%M#*%$.)%'.3(% ,((1%'4$%.,%.%>#/)%J#2[%,7#1,#":%&'49(%'(%&#"[(/%&4-'% =*9-*"(%C'#2[%C.1%E4(5#0

How long does it usually take you to construct a piece? “ Took about 45 minutes to do one design, starting out and experimenting. Once I found a better process it would take around 10-15 minutes to create something. I basically sweatshop 100 designs in 1000 minutes.” Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.

How would you define your line’s fashion? @J(9.G(/%!4-0%I(-%*7%.1/%5#%-)7(%#!%29#-'4150%k#-%'45'%-4("0% It’s simplistic. A casual urban style. The go-to shirt, it’s very easy and quick.” When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? “I had been designing things for years. One day my friend asked if [he] could invest in my designs. Started out with the hearts thing and expand from that. I wanted more from it and suggested to do a clothing line.” What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? “It was while I was still at [San Diego State University] and was with Samahan. They asked people to design things for their t-shirts so I sent them three designs. They liked it and -'.-%&.,%-'(%+",-%-4$(%S%7"41-(/%#1%29#-'4150^% 23

“Sketches on paper, about 8-9 designs. Then the design team look at what they like and brainstorm if it will be effective in the market. If the audience will actually take it. We take top 3, do a little bit more t weaking then final presentation and final edits. Decide how many pieces to order, what colors, cuts, then we finally send it to printer. Once we get it back market and sell.” What are some of your accomplishments as a designer? @A'(%6455(,-%.22#$794,'$(1-%&.,%5(--415%'4"(/%6)%8KB=% H8(,-43.9%#!%K'4947741(%B"-,%.1/%=*9-*"(T:%-#%/#%7"41-%&#"[0% A'()%/#%.11*.9%(3(1-,%.1/%-'4,%&.,%-'(4"%cd,-0%>455(,-%41%C.1% Pedro…at Point Fermin Park.” Who are some of your favorite designers? “Ziggy Savella designs for the Philippines who does a lot of Zara clothing.”

Where can readers buy your clothes/ jewelry?

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

'--7`??&&&0'(."-,.1/-'415,0#"5?0%A'("(<,%.%C'#7,%941[0 How long have you worked as a designer? “ This is actually my first year in clothing, trying and learning. 14 years in Graphic Design.” What are some of your favorite clothing stores/ catalogs/ websites? @8#"%5".7'42%/(,451:%'--7`??.6/*F((/#02#$?%7#,-,%.%9#-%#!% inspirational illustartions, tutorials and free fonts…There’s -'4,%$.5.F41(%2.99(/%S,.%-'.-%S%94[(%-#%"(./0%=#$7*-("%B"-,0^

“Don’t get discouraged in the beginning. It’s all fun in the beginning but when times get tough don’t get discouraged 6(2.*,(%4-%&499%.99%6(%&#"-'%4-0%M#*<"(%5#415%-#%'4-%,#$(%,'4--)% ass patches. Also, get a good team together.” Wh at a re your favorite p atterns [prints] to work with a nd why? “Love working with Aztec prints, newer designs that are similar and you will be reminded of it.” Where ca n rea ders find out more a bout you a nd your work?

What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? “ Material you buy, the quality of the material is wearable, not heavy or thick. Have to be really careful with that and the amount of time you put into the design. I do a majority of the printing and the people who actually sow it into the clothing are the real designers.”

w w a little bit more about him is thehearts & things website or


“Sketching is fun, but sometimes I skip sketching and goes ,-".45'-%-#%/454-4F415%4-0%S%!((9%94[(%4-%!"((,%$(%*7%$#"(0%>*-% sketching is a very important part.”

Hearts & Things male and female tanks and pocket t‐shirts 

K'#-#5".7')%6)`%='"4,%B,*124#1:%W.11.'%>("1.6(%.1/%-'(%W(."-,%O%A'415,%&(6,4-( E(,451(/%6)`%='"4,%B,*124#1

Hearts & Things website:


Punjabi Tandoor



Activity Road Punjab Tandoor Clayton

Tucked away in a nondescript shopping center is Punjabi Tandoor, an Indian restaurant that has enlivened B2-434-)%J#./%&4-'%-'(%')71#-42%!".5".12(%#!%S1/4.1%,742(,% Ca since its opening ten years ago. Only about fifteen minutes m .&.)%!"#$%-'(%D=CE%."(.:%K*1a.64%A.1/##"%4,%.1%.22(,- ino Ru sible godsend for many locals, especially college students iz desperate for affordable, flavorful meals. At 3 pm on a Monday, the location was strangely empty despite my past weekend experiences of jostling through crowds to join the long line to order food. We discovered that 2-4 pm on weekdays is the best time to come if you want to avoid waiting, as weekends tend to be quite busy. Kamaljit Kaur Saini, wife of owner Jagdish Singh Saini, and her smiling family members behind the counter welcomed us eagerly into the restaurant as they rushed to prepare our entrees. % A'(%!4",-%79.--("%&.,%E411("%=#$641.-4#1%no:%#1(%#!% the most popular orders according to Kamaljit. For only $8.99, the hungry customer receives rice, their choice of 2 chicken or 1 chicken and 1 lamb curry, naan (leaven bread), and kheer (sweet rice pudding) for dessert. We devoured our groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unanimous favorite, the "42':%3434/9)%"(/X#".15(%='42[(1%L.['.14%2*"")%H2'42[(1% tandoored in a clay oven and cooked in butter, yogurt, and

M ck Bla

bcPl%B2-434-)%J#./:%C*4-(%ddd C.1%E4(5#:%=B%bcdcm% w w Telephone: (858) 695-0956 Monday to Friday: 11 am - 4 pm (Lunch); 5 pm - 10 pm (Dinner) Saturday: 11 am - 10 pm (Dinner) Sunday: 5 pm - 9 pm (Dinner) Languages Spoken: Punjabi, English, Spanish, Hindi

Miramar Road

M ck Bla nR

i nta

ou d



tomato gravy). We also enjoyed the peppery-spiciness of the Alu Mater curry (potatoes and peas with Indian spices). % A'(%,(2#1/%/4,':%E411("%=#$641.-4#1%nl%H.9,#%pq0bbT:% 2#1,4,-(/%#!%.%$49/9)%,742(/%='42[(1%A4[[.%L.,.9.%2*"")% (boneless chicken breast tandoored in a clay oven and then blended in curry sauce) and creamy Mushroom Masala curry (mushroom & vegetables with homemade cheese and creamy curry). These t wo curries paired seamlessly with rice or the still-warm naan, chew y and wholesome. Two vege t able samosas ($1.9 9) rounded of f our fe ast . Stuf fed w ith Indian turnovers, pot atoes and pe as, the flavor of these savor y pastries w ere enhanc ed w hen /477(/%41%-'(%,&((-%-.$."41/%,.*2(%.1/?#"%-'(%945'-(":% spicier gre en mint sauc e . For desser t Kamaljit surprised us w ith M ango L assi, a yogur t milk shake w ith mango pulp. The cold s w e e tness of the M ango L assi w ith the w arm khe er made for a delicious, balanc ed ending to our generously por tioned, spic e -he av y me al. Later, Kamaljit proudly explained that their three restaurants provide employment for all their hard-working family members. Her husband Jagdish has been cooking Punjabi cuisine for thirty years, managing the restaurantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s San Diego location with his brothers along with t wo other locations: one near Disneyland in Anaheim and most recently 41%=#"#1.%1(."%-'(%dl%8"((&.)0 On the phone Jagdish cordially explained some of the secrets behind their delicious cooking. The naan, for example, is always freshly prepared and baked (tandoored) in an oven, which enriches the flour with crisp flavor. Their curries also contain homemade chili powder and are made using family recipes that skillfully incorporate signature Indian seasonings. For more information on Punjabi Tandoor, visit their website at w w or call at (858) 695-0956.

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Isa Magazine Issue 8  

Issue 8 theme: memories

Isa Magazine Issue 8  

Issue 8 theme: memories