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Ukraine Ukraine has always been a unique bridge between mysterious East and magic

West. It is located in the center of Europe and is one of its biggest states. Taking into consideration territorial peculiarities of Ukraine, incredible natural blessings, heroic history full of stormy events, rich culture and traditions, economic and tourist infrastructure, which is getting more and more important for the country development, it is impossible to describe all the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Ukraine in a few sentences. That’s why we suggest you taking a fascinating journey with us in Ukraine!

Chernivtsi Cherniowce


Chernivtsi is an outstanding city of Western Ukraine, political and economical centre of Northern Bukovyna. Local and visiting celebrities — classical poets, monarchs and stage stars — in a fit of admiration called it a "small Vienna", located halfway between Paris and Istanbul. That was a hint to a unique combination of European intellectuality and Eastern mysteriousness of the city. While living in Chernivtsi you will discover the spirit of ancient Bukovyna, legends of the Carpathian Mountains that are hidden in every corner of its ancient buildings.

AIESEC in Chernivtsi 5 years Up to 20 realized projects 30 members

250 X

Speak Out Language club “Speak Out� aims to develop leaders who spread the idea of recognition and respect for other countries and cultures. The project develops leaders through language and discussion classes. You will hold classes of English, Chinese, French, Spanish, or German for kids, students and adults. AIESEC in Chernivtsi is to make people aware of the importance of learning foreign languages and cultural understanding, therefore you will focus on reaching these goals. As AIESEC in Ukraine, we strive not only to develop leadership in young people, but also to Shape Ukraine by tackling the social issues we face today. Ukraine needs you. Shape Ukraine.

World without Borders As children are our future we consider it to be important to help them learn foreign languages, do sports, be proactive and open-minded. Therefore we are looking for people who share the idea of healthy life style and self-development. You will be part of a summer camp, language school or NGO during the project. You will deliver classes of English in an interactive way, prepare events and games and sport activities for kids. Also you will hold speaking clubs.

Eco Ukraine We think it is really important for youth not only to be able to speak foreign languages, but also be able to discuss significant problems. Thus we are looking for people who are eager to help children and youth to learn the English language and make them pro-active and open-minded. You will be living in a Ukrainian village during the project and work at a local school. You will deliver classes of English in an interactive way, prepare workshops and games and activities that can help the local environment.

We provide o Accommodation o Arrival Pick-Up o Welcome Party o IPS & Closing Seminar o Lead sessions (Personal coach, Feedback sessions etc) o Certificates for Successful completing an Internship

Life here Costs Average meal: 50 UAH Bus ticket: 3 UAH Trolleybus ticket: 1.50 UAH

Weather In summer the average temperature is 24 ĚŠ C

Ukrainian food 1. Borshch 2. Varenyky 3. Banosh 4. Uzvar 5. Paska We have got a lot of international food too!

Interns about AIESEC in Chernivtsi All this is just like a dream to me ~Holly Chiu

Thanks for helping me live my dream here – we were meant to meet in this world for a reason and I am sure it’s a really good reason ~Gilang Maulana

It’s about having the greatest people in my life, the people who feel everything… I feel like home with you ~Loren While writing these words I am saying goodbye with tears to this beautiful city ~Mido Esssam

Contact List Olar Iryna – LC VP iGV

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