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Voscur 2013 - 14 Supporting Voluntary Action This report is a snapshot of the work that Voscur does to help Bristol’s voluntary and community sector organisations. Through listening, research and collaboration, Voscur identifies the key issues affecting people, communities and organisations. This enables Voscur to provide tailored programmes, education and support, which are instrumental to the effectiveness of these organisations.

Who is Voscur Helping? Voscur supports a wide variety of voluntary and community sector organisations, which help a vast range of people and their communities. Of these, most organisations focus on Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, Women, Disabled People and Children & Young People. Black & Minority Ethnic Communities (24%) Women (16%) Children & Young People (14%) Disabled People (14%) Faith Communities (9%) Older People (9%) Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual (4%)

Frome Vale 15 organisations

Southmead 11 organisations Eastville 12 organisations

The breadth and range of people supported by voluntary organisations is significant including:1

Ashley 70 organisations

Voscur’s Area of Impact Voscur operates across the city of Bristol, helping 536 voluntary and community sector organisations. The majority of which are based in these areas:


Easton 25 organisations Cabot 72 organisations Lawrence Hill 71 organisations Southville 21 organisations Hartcliffe 9 organisations


Low income families

Single Unemployed Victims Homeless or lone people of domestic people parents abuse

Teenage parents

The Key Issues Voscur found the key issues being faced by people and communities was varied but the most common were:1

Filwood 15 organisations

1. Welfare changes 1

2. Social isolation

3. Poverty

Issues in Communities Survey, March 2014

4. Unemployment

5. Mental ill health

6. Discrimination

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