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Irvington Presbyterian Church

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September, 2011

Who Is the Holy Spirit? Sundays Worship 10:15 a.m. (Nursery and Children Sunday School During Service) Adult Studies: 9:00 a.m. Irvington Chinese Presbyterian Service: 10:15 a.m.



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The Holy Spirit is God in us and among us. Most Christians have a pretty clear idea of God the Father, creator of all, who has adopted us as members of His forever family. We have a good understanding of Jesus Christ, God the Savior who came to give His life and rise from the dead in victory over sin and death. But the third member of the Trinity is more of an unknown to many.

won the victory for us over death and sin, the Holy Spirit is available to all who trust heir lives to Jesus Christ. We can gladly let the Spirit to his good work in us. Or we can grieve the

The one God is known to us in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is rather as a friend known to you as mind, body and spirit. The New Testament is very clear that God is one in Spirit with words or thoughts of anger, three. resentment or lust. (Ephesians 4:1932) As we welcome the Holy Spirit in Jesus said, “Go and make disciples our lives, He bears the good fruit of of all nations, baptizing them in the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, name of the Father and of the Son goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23). 28:19) The Holy Spirit gently guides us into Paul wrote, ―There is one body and the abundant life that is ours in Christ. one Spirit, just as you were called to Day by day and minute by minute we one hope when you were called‖. have the choice of letting the Spirit do (Ephesians 4:4) and ―There are differ- His lovely work of making each of us ent kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit into the new creation, or of following distributes them. There are different the old patterns of alienation, sin and kinds of service, but the same Lord. death. The Spirit is God in us and There are different kinds of working, among us, doing His sweet yet chalbut in all of them and in everyone it is lenging work of bringing peace and the same God at work.‖ (1 Cor 12:4- making us holy. 6)‖The Holy Spirit was there at creation, hovering over chaos to bring life and harmony to the universe when Yours in the love of Christ, time began. Now ever since Jesus Pastor Michael

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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September, 2011 - Mary Wolfe

DEACON’S REPORT Ten Deacons met for their monthly meeting on August 16. One Deacon was on vacation and Pastor Michael was unable to attend due to family commitment. The meeting was opened with prayer and a devotional given by Geraldine Hoyt. Session reports for June 23 and July 28 were reviewed. During discussion of coffee and communion assignments, Deacons happily agreed, for the remainder of the summer, to provide some food (fruit, cookies, etc.) with the coffee, tea, and juice customarily served in the social hall after worship. Possible ways to celebrate IPC’s 125th Anniversary were discussed. Two nostalgic and lasting endeavors were suggested. The first was to have our church bell re-hung so it could, once again, call us to worship. The second was to locate and re-hang the brass plaque that names ―The Alam Courtyard.‖ Reverend Theadore Alam was the IPC pastor when our current compound was built. Joys and concerns were shared and given to our Lord in prayer.

THE IPC BELL IPC has a large brass bell that measures approximately 24 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 600 pounds. We believe it has not rung for about 25 years. No one has been able to tell the true age of the bell. It could date as far back as 1886 when Irvington Presbyterian Church became organized and the Christian Church of Irving (later named Irvington) was built. This church was also known as “The Little White Church” located near the intersection of Washington and Fremont Boulevards. The bell could also be later-dated to 1950, when an extension to the original church was added. Soon the growth in church membership and area population prompted the church leadership to purchase nearby property at Chapel Way and Irvington Avenue. In 1958, a temporary sanctuary (which later became the social hall) and classrooms were built. In 1959, the beloved little white church was razed. Construction of the present sanctuary was completed in 1964 and the same bell which once rang in the old church, now rang in the new church. For many in the church community, it was a joy to hear the bell. It’s ringing symbolized a call to congregational worship, matrimonial celebrations and other special events. The bell was also rung to musical notation. Each Sunday, IPC Bell children lined up and took turns pulling the rope, bringing joy to both participants and listeners as the peals sounded. In recent years, the bell ceased to ring due primarily to weakening of its support structure by termite activity. When church renovations were done in 1999-2000, the bell was not reinstalled in the steeple; instead, it was placed in storage. A ―Lets Hear The Bell Ring Again‖ project is being planned. Watch for updates in future editions of Cornerstone.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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September, 2011

MISSIONS UPDATE The Ryons Now Have A Three-Year Visa—Patti Boyland We are happy to relate that Paul and Alice Ryon finally received their visa to England in early August and left for England on August 16. They are thankful to God and to all who prayed for them that they are now able to continue their work among the Gujarati people in the city of Leicester (pronounced Lester). Paul and Alice will be replacing John and Jeanie Fennell who have served with Christar, for 25 years amongst the Gujarati people. Christar is an international evangelical Christian mission based in Richardson, Texas. It was a long process getting this 3-year visa. So much red tape—many forms to be filled out and sent through many layers of bureaucracy. PreThe Ryons, Pastor Michael and viously they had to keep renewing their short-term visas, but now their Patti in a sweet shop in Leicester sending agency is registered with the British government and they will not have to renew again until August 2014. Leicester is a large city in the middle of England, known by many as ―Little India.‖ Soon Leicester will be the first city in Europe where the natives (the English) will be in the minority. One major ethnic group from India is the Gujarati, and the Ryons have been living among them for a number of years. We at IPC are blessed to support their ministry and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their Gujarati neighbors.

Caroline Kurtz to Visit IPC October 23—Tim Stachowiak Mark your calendars! Caroline Kurtz, Associate Director of the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF), is scheduled to visit IPC on October 23. Because of your generous donations, IPC started funding Caroline as well as the Light of Hope Ministry that she supports in Ethiopia for the Arssi Oromo people (see the August Cornerstone for more on Light of Hope). The Missions team will host a luncheon after worship so that the congregation can meet Caroline and learn more about her work and the Light of Hope Ministry. Caroline has a long history with Ethiopia: She was raised there as the daughter of missionaries. She returned to Ethiopia later as a missionary herself, along with her husband, and served there for seven years. After seven years in Ethiopia, Caroline and Mark were transferred to work with Presbyterians in war-torn South Sudan. There she taught teachers and worked with women’s groups in remote villages. Under New Sudan Council of Churches she organized a grass-roots peace conference. This enabled the reopening of a fertile no-man’s land along the Nile River between warring tribes. Now, Caroline is based in the U.S. and working with PFF to continue supporting the fast-growing church in Ethiopia. We are very excited to partner with Caroline and look forward to her visit.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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Session News & Notes

September, 2011

- Ron Fong

Worship Task Force


This task force met on August 17 and 24 at 7 pm in the Sanctuary and is planning another two sessions. The goal of the task force is to recommend changes that will enhance our worship experience. There are 24 participants including Elders and Deacons. To date this group has reviewed the worship process, identified areas where some modifications are needed and are in the process of forming sub-committees to make suggestions that will be acted upon. The meetings are moderated by Rev. Doug Stevens.

Three Elder commissioners, Joan Fong, Dave Wenger and Mary Ellen McKowen were elected to represent IPC at the Presbytery meeting in San Francisco on September 13, 2011.

Boy Scout Troop 102 IPC sponsored Boy Scout Troop 102 meets in the Social Hall on Monday nights. On August 18, a Water Ski Merit Badge Outing was held on the Delta and pics. from this event can be viewed at The Senior Patrol Leaders have started an annual calendar with the following September activities: 9/17—California Coastal Cleanup day 9/23-24—Campout and Dragon Boat Races at Lake Elizabeth, Fremont 9/30 —Shooting camp at Camp Rancho Los Mo, Livermore

Community Development Block Grant Session approved the 58% offer from the City of Fremont for re-roofing the Social Hall and the agreement is now with the City for final approval. The projected cost of the project is $51,150 with the City of Fremont contributing an amount up to $29,140 and IPC’s contribution of $22,010. The Social Hall is used to house the Tri-City Breakfast Program.

Special Meeting A Special Meeting was held on Saturday July 30, to accept 3 new members; Mindy Chin, Nick Look and Alex Chung. Mindy and Nick were received by the Congregation on Saturday August 21. Alex will be received when he returns from college during the Christmas break.

Church Procedures Book of Orders The new Book of Orders effective July 1, 2011, is different in many ways and the New Form of Government changed many items. A chart delineating the changes will be issued in late September. Two immediate changes include; 1. Quorum of Session—Session Quorum in IPC shall be the Pastor or other presiding officer and one third of the Elders on session, except for receiving and dismissing of members when the quorum shall be the moderator and two members of the session. 2. Notice of Congregational Meeting— Minimum Public Notice of a Congregational Meeting in IPC shall be public notices on two successive Sundays. The meeting may be convened following the notice given on the second Sunday.

Mission Study—no action since July. Anniversary Committee– See Activities Update.

For additional information contact Clerk of Session, Ron Fong : 510 490 8696

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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September, 2011

Youth Ministry - Anh Truong 12 Stones Student Ministries: The goal of 12 Stones Ministry at IPC is to prepare students 7th grade through college to accept Christ. The investment, dedication and prayers of IPC 12 Stones Ministry is to help insure Christ is known, living and constantly influencing the lives of our youth.

gregation through music and prayer. There were testimonies by Mindy Chin, Nick Look, two of our most recent members and Anh Truong, Director of Youth Ministries. Anh Truong, shared his background and events leading to his finding Christ, who continues to have a significant impact in his life.

12SM: Friday Night Youth Fellowship: We continue to grow together. This is the first summer where we had an active fellowship for our IPC Youth. With so much going on in summer—families on vacation and students taking summer School, it was hard to get everyone together. We managed on several occasions to break bread, read God’s Word, and practice fellowship. We are blessed to have many students committing themselves to the Lord and our ministry. Join us this Fall on Fridays at 7:35 - 9:35 P.M. in room #3. For more information please see our Facebook group page, 12Stones Fellowship.

12SM: Sunday Youth Service The point of Sunday morning service is more than just waking up early and learning about Christ. It’s about being with the church body as one and worshiping. We use an array of teaching tools to get God’s word known and understood. Join us Sunday morning at 10:15 - 11:25 A.M. in the Sanctuary and in room #3 after worship.

12SM: Student Ministries News: On Sunday August 21, the Youths from12SM conducted worship service. The group led the con-

12 Stones Music Group at Sunday Worship

Nick Look indicated that he did not come from a Christian family but was invited to a conference by a friend where he began accepting the teachings of Christ. This acceptance culminated in his baptism on July 30. Mindy Chin came from a church going family. When her mom went back to work, Mindy gave up the church. During the past few months she returned to her faith and was baptized on July 30. The testimonies and transformation of the lives of these three youths clearly demonstrated the mighty power of the Lord.

September Activities: Students from our Youth Fellowship, College, and Restoration will be enjoying a weekend of camping at Coyote Lake in Gilroy on September 9 through 11. 12 Stones College — Thursdays 6:30 pm 12 Stones Restoration — Sundays 6:30 pm 12 Stones Youth — Fridays 7:35 pm

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Children’s Ministry Tuesdays are a BLAST at IPC! If you ever wondered what happens in Children’s Ministries outside of Sunday mornings, you’ll want to check out Tuesday nights when BLAST returns on September 27th, from 6-8:00 pm and continues through midMay 2012. Our current midweek program has developed from the seeds planted by the LOGOS program and the work of WeFil led by our former Children’s Director. BLAST’s goal this year will be to strengthen family time. One of the most notable changes will be our new Family Night Celebration on the last Tuesday of the month. Family Night is an opportunity for parents and children to enjoy a meal together, meet and build new friendships and discover new ways to nurture family spiritual life. IPC members will host and introduce families to members of the community. After the children have moved on to their program, parents will have an opportunity for an informal group discussion on issues of interest to them. These discussions will be facilitated by guests from the local community, experts and members of our IPC family who can testify to the fact that: ―you can make it through these years.‖ Pre-registration for returning families has started. Registration for new students will begin on September 5th. If you know of children grades K-5 who would enjoy being a part of BLAST, refer them to the Children Ministries Office. For more information call: 510-657-3133

September, 2011 - Jeanette Beland

Behind the Scenes of iKidz! What do pirates, hikers, scoundrels and a bevy of characters have to do with Sunday School? Well, if you’re a part of iKidz! you’d say ―plenty‖! This year’s curriculum set sail with a voyage to find the most important treasure - a relationship with God through Jesus in ―Rated Arrgh‖, a pirate adventure. Utilizing a mixture of art, games, conversation and video our new curriculum ―Life Kids‖ explores basic Christianity through experiences that kids understand. One new feature is an emphasis on family participation where each week families will have an opportunity to work with their children on short, fun assignments. These include memorizing a verse and praying together; talking about a question over dinner or before bed; or letting the children know how special they are. Children will be divided into teams and the program will be scheduled in 8-week sessions. When parents sign and return the worksheet their children earn points for their team towards a special event at the end of each 8-week unit. Already there is positive feedback. The Bade family used the questions to create a special worship time together. The new features in the curriculum have been a great blueprint on how to have a family devotional time. We’d love to have you come and check out our time together. To schedule a visit please contact the Children’s Ministries Office at 510-657-3133. September Happenings 7: Special Event Team Mtg. 7-8 pm —All invited 17: Ministry Team Appreciation Dinner (RSVP by 9/12) 18: Fall Kick-Off Sunday 23: BLAST Team Meeting—Room 6 27: BLAST Begins 6-8 pm (Parents meeting 6:30-7:45 pm)

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September, 2011

Activities Update 125th Anniversary- Mary Wolfe

IPC Picnic - editors

Sunday August 21, more than 75 IPC members and their families got together in the Social Hall and on the church lawn to celebrate our annual picnic. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet of meats cooked by our own IPC chef, an array of Interesting facets of the church’s long history will side dishes, salads and be revealed, some for the first time. Various ethnic foods. And yes, a members and former members will share ―What 5-foot long table filled I remember‖ segments. The Musical Gala will include a flute duet, vocal solos, vocal duets and with desserts. a piano solo. The kids frolicked in a There are 100 dinner spaces available. You jump jack while adults may reserve dinner by either calling the Church engaged in eating, visitOffice or by signing-up in the social hall after ing and throwing horseshoes. If you missed our worship. Dinner charge is $5 per person. pastor (tie, no jacket) tossing horse shoes, watch This promises to be a once in a lifetime event for follow-up pics. that you won’t want to miss. Bring the family, come enjoy this wonderful evening and share in Long after the tables the rich history of IPC. were stored and the hall cleared, some Backpacks for Sunrise stuck around to throw The director of the Sunrise Village Shelter in horseshoes and visit. Fremont, would like to extend a ―Special Thank The picnic was a You‖ to those who filled backpacks with supplies stunning success with lots of positive feedback. for elementary and Jr. High School students. Thanks to all who brought side dishes and desThis year IPC donated 28 backpacks filled with school supplies for elementary and Junior High serts and to Bob Reavis, Jenni Pellot and Nick School. Thank you Ken Ariathurai for your con- McClure for the organization and planning. tinuing contributions to this benevolent project. Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. Irvington Presbyterian Church will honor its heritage with an historical review of the church and a musical gala in the sanctuary. Following this program there will be a catered dinner in the social hall.

Visit us on YouTube Were you unable to attend worship service? Would you like to replay the Pastor’s message or listen to our wonderful praise team? Well, simply visit YouTube where you will find the hymns and Pastor’s message posted, thanks to the Handono family. Johnny films and edits, while Peggy downloads the programs. IPC Collection YouTube or phandono YouTube

Volunteer to Make a Difference The Hirsch Kids Club is scheduled to resume September 26. The Homework club is also scheduled to start in early October. We need volunteers for both programs. If you would like to help these kids with their school work and teach about Christ, we really need you. Contact Carol Lynn 510 797 7993 or Jeanette Ollison 510 770 9646

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September, 2011


Bonnie Nichols

Amanda Pitman

Lyle Surdyk

Russ Pennelly

Carter Hennessey

Gregge Vernon

Crystal Collins

Sandra Hennessey

David Wegener

Thea Pex

Jean Bateman

John Dodge

Amy Wu

Most IPC members have heard about Rev, Phillip A. Prasad, a child of the Bhangis, who escaped the life of an untouchable, the lowest rankest ranked and most despised people of the Indian caste system. He returned to help his people find life and hope through Christ Jesus. His ministry, the Exodus Christian Presbyterian Church, leads families to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This frees them to live lives as sacred human beings created by a loving God, not as destitute, unclean outcasts. Some 5,000 rural congregations serve an area of 46,000 sq. miles in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. A fleet of 12 minibuses have enabled 2.400 children from these families to be transported to the 16 Exodus Christian Presbyterian Schools. These schools are so named because they enable the exodus of untouchable (Dalit) children from the brutality of the caste system through education, new skills and the love of God.

1,000 more of these children could be enrolled with the addition of 8 minibuses at $22,000 each. A loving and caring person to sponsor each of these 1,000 children at Darlene and Wayne Neesham—58 years $45/month would also be a blessing. This money covers books, uniforms, a daily lunch, transportation and Lynette and Ken Ariathurai—25 years healthcare. It also provides a modest living allowance for teachers, pastors and support workers who give spiritual Community Update and educational nurturance to the children. Lastly, a new The Fremont Police Department is using high school is also being constructed and 680,000 bricks a Community Notification Service called will be needed, costing $1/brick. The high school will enNIXLE designed to improve communica- roll 1,000 children of evangelized families. tion with its citizens. There are opportunities to be a part of this ministry, no NIXLE allows FPD to deliver messages matter what material gifts God has provided us. It is exto citizens via e-mail and cell phones, citing to see how God is working in the lives of people effectively expanding its community out- and, when God speaks to our hearts, to have the opporreach efforts. Sign up at tunity to be a part of it, whether through material gifts or to see how the system works and rethrough prayer. Donations can be made out to IPC with a ceive alerts for both work and home. designation for this ministry.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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September, 2011

Weekdays at IPC Communion — Pastor Boyland Anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ and has been baptized is welcome to partake of the Lord’s Supper in our church. It is a gift from God for us who do not deserve it, but who gratefully receive his love and his cleansing power. We prepare to receive the bread and cup by confessing our sins and doing our utmost to patch up any differences with other people. At IPC we celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month, and on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Church Directory Pastor: Worship Assistant:

Rev. Michael Boyland Mary Ellen McKowen

Address: 4181 Irvington Avenue

Chinese Pastor:

Dick Hwang

P.O. Box 1336,

Youth Ministries Director :

Anh Truong

Fremont, CA 94538

Children Ministries Director: Jeanette Beland

Phone: (510) 657 3133

Music Director:



Jonathan Fadner Daniel Khuc


Office Manager;

Frankie Cabral

Office Hours:

Facilities Manager:

Dan Kingman

8:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

Bible Studies Men’s Bible Study — Men meet with Pastor Boyland at Bay Street Coffee Roasting Friday mornings from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. to discuss selected Bible sections. All men are welcomed and the coffee is super.

Women’s Bible Study— Meetings will resume at 9:30 am beginning Monday, September 12, in the McKowen Room. We will start with Chapter 10 of the study book on Romans, ―Understanding God’s Grace and Power.‖ The first nine chapters were completed before our summer break and we are looking forward to a more in-depth study of the Book of Romans, Chapters 12 through16. New members are welcomed to join us! Contact Eleanor Conwell at 510 656 8208

J.O.Y Adult Bible School— Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the McKowen Room. Contact Nick McClure for more information.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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September, 2011

knowing your Congregation

- Editors

Jeane Garrett an Elder and Deacon (a couple of times) remarked for this article: ―I think, once a Deacon, always a Deacon". She continues to serve the congregation through Christ and her greatest goal in life is helping others. Jeane and her family started attending IPC in 1972 after relocating to Fremont from San Francisco. She was raised as a Christian Scientist but has no problems combining Christian Science with her Presbyterian faith. She learned a great deal about God by studying the bible in small-group classes—JOY, Paul McKowen's special classes and Women's Bible Study. Her knowledge was augmented with sermons given by Pastors Paul McKowen, Paul Cherry and Michael Boyland. Jeane is now retired after working 14 years each at Mervyn’s and Washington Medical Pharmacy, where we knew her as the kind, caring lady who filled our family prescriptions. During these working years, she volunteered as many hours as she could spare for activities at IPC. Retirement allows her to volunteer more hours as the buyer for Tri-City Free Breakfast Program. She is a frequent shopper at Costco, where the sales staff is quite familiar with her shopping habits. If she were to check out without eggs in her cart, the clerks chide: "Did you forget the eggs?" In addition to providing hot meals, Jeane rolls out the welcome mat at 7:00 a.m. making guests feel at home. She believes in ―going the extra mile‖ to insure each guest is made to feel special. Remarks by guests such as: ―I am treated like a king here‖, provide Jeane with her with some of her happiest moments. Her strong faith and dedication reassure her that she is doing exactly what God would want her to do. Jeane’s modesty does not let her take credit for the other hats she wears when working for the breakfast program. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she is in the kitchen at 5 am, scrambling hundreds of eggs. She washes dishes, cuts, dices, mashes, toasts, plates meals, sets up tables and serves countless meals to the needy. These are all done while she trains and mentors new volunteers. Green would have to be Jeane’s favorite color. She is an avid recycler and a stickler for following all recycling rules for the breakfast program. ―It's important to do all we can to take care of the world our Lord has entrusted to us for our future generations to enjoy. It is such a joy to be able to turn over all our problems and concerns to our Lord Jesus, and to know He will handle everything. Many times He has fixed problems for the Breakfast Program even before we ask for help; sometimes as soon as we ask for help, He is ready with a solution. Right now, we will ask God’s help to identify a Steering Committee Chair for our breakfast program. Pray for us as we continue to seek ways to improve our work and serve God.‖ The love and esteem that the congregation has for Jeane were clearly evident as we conducted our research to identify a member who has made significant contributions to IPC. Jeane was the overwhelming recommendation from everyone.

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September Calendar


Non-Profit Organization


4181 Irvington Avenue


P.O. Box 1366

Permit No. 52

Fremont, CA 94538-0133

Fremont, CA


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Acknowledgements Thank you for your positive feedback and comments on the August issue of Cornerstone. The Editors would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Ken Ariathurai, Ariathurai for his generosity in helping to print 225 color copies of Cornerstone each month. We do appreciate the time and devotion of those who submitted articles and provided information for September. We look forward to receiving and communicating your input in future issues. You play a significant role as we work together in the name of Christ.

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Handono, Peggy Handono, Pastor Michael , Anh Truong, Tim Stachowiak and Bob Reavis. Kamroon and Mustapha, Your Editors

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