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Irvington Presbyterian Church

Fremont, CA

December, 2011

The Word Became Flesh Sundays Worship 10:15 a.m. (Nursery and Children Sunday School During Service) J.O.Y. Bible Study: 9:00 a.m. Irvington Chinese Presbyterian Service: 10:15 a.m.

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At Christmastide we celebrate the central event in the history of the earth. What happened at Bethlehem altered the universe forever. Something really new took place when God became a human being: not an interpretation but an event. This was far more than learning something new about the way the world is. When Pythagoras discovered that the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides, he found something that was just as true the day before, though no one knew it. But in 50 B. C. to say, “God is Man” would not have been true in the same way in which it was true in 10 A. D. This changes everything. While Mary was pregnant, the angel told Joseph about the child soon to be born, “You shall call him Jesus, because he shall save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21) This is why he came, not to break the yoke of Caesar and to bring in the kingdom of David, but to break the yoke of sin and set up the kingdom of God. In His great love for us, He made the long cross-cultural journey from eternal glory to the conflict-ridden Middle East.

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people’s hearts, not just to free us from the penalty of sin and leave the bitter cause. He came to free us from the power of evil in our lives. He came to give new life, to heal us of sin within, to set us free to desire the right things in the right way. Jesus fully represents our fallen race. The genealogy in Matthew 1:2-16 lists men and women who were notorious for their evil character. “David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah’s wife.” (Matthew 1:6) A sorry tale of adultery and murder lies behind that brief verse. No one can be ashamed to claim his help. No matter how far you have fallen, no matter how well you think you have done, Jesus is fully adequate to bring new life. Jesus became a human being so that we can become truly and fully human for the first time. Merry Christmas from Pastor Michael

Irvington Presbyterian Church

November, 2011

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- Mary Wolfe

Nine Deacons attended our November 15 meeting. Geraldine Hoyt was absent due to illness. Also present were Pastor Michael, Ron Fong, Kamroon and Mustapha Baksh. Pastor Michael opened the meeting with prayer and a devotional. The minutes of the October meeting were approved as read. The treasurer’s report was accepted and filed for audit. Deacon Peggy Handono, presented a written report based on the information reported at the Session Meeting she attended on October 27. Karen Jaycox was scheduled to attend the November 17 Session Meeting as the Deacon’s representative. Geraldine Hoyt, Mary Wolfe and Dawn Lunn will prepare communion on December 4. Coffee assignments were confirmed. Parish lists were reviewed and eight new members were assigned to parishes. Members Tim and Jeanne Stachowiak will be relocating to Austin, Texas. We wish them well in the future. It was reported that the new total for “Let the Bell Ring Again Fund” was $3,904. Our original goal was achieved; sincere thanks to all who contributed. Praise be to God, as work continues to have the bell ringing again by year’s end. The Deacons have initiated a program that identifies and recognizes members of the congregation for providing a service or doing something good. This program, known as “Acts of Kindness” was conceived by and is also being implemented by Deacon Karen Jaycox. The first member recognized was Justin Chaikin. He was sent a card and a $25.00 gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery. Thanks, Justin, for your continued contributions to IPC. The meeting was closed with prayer.

Christmas Poinsettias - Shirley Murray In keeping with the Deacons’ annual tradition of celebrating the birth of Christ, poinsettias to decorate the sanctuary will be available for purchase by signing up with Shirley Murray on Sunday, December 4 and 11 during the coffee hour following worship. You may also place your order by calling Shirley at 408-269-1516. Poinsettias can be dedicated to a loved one, in memory of someone dear to you, a sick friend or any other occasion. Dedications will be listed in the Bulletin on Sunday December 18. The plants will be placed in the sanctuary on December 17, and may be picked up after worship service on December 25. The cost of each Poinsettia is $8.50.

Deacons in Action

- Editors

Sincere thanks to June Dawson for welcoming us to the November 15 monthly Deacon’s meeting. We had an opportunity to witness first hand our Ministry of Compassion and Service set the stage for their ongoing activities in service to our congregation. Most impressive, is the careful consideration and planning for each and every congregant to insure that the church resources are available to those in need. It was evident to us that our Deacons have their fingers on the pulse of the changing needs of our congregation. We now have a greater appreciation for their benevolent ministry.

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December, 2011

MissionS Update PRAY FOR OPPRESSED WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN SUDAN - Patti Boyland At IPC there is a group of us who meet monthly to pray for the women and children in Sudan. We are part of a larger national organization; “She is Safe” (SIS), devoted to helping women and children in the poorest and least-reached parts of the world. In today’s world women and children are the least fed, least educated, often most abused, abducted, abandoned and enslaved. They comprise 80% of the world’s refugees, 70% of the poor, 66% of the illiterate, and 80% of the unreached. Millions are trafficked and millions more endure female mutilation of which, 500,000 die each year. SIS is devoted to helping these women and children through ministries in Africa (Mali, Sudan, Egypt), the Middle East, India, Nepal, China and Indonesia. SIS has invited those who care, to be advocates in an area listed above. Advocates then commit to praying for and helping support ministries in their selected area. Prayer draws us together and connects us with God’s heart for at risk women and children. Prayer is also a powerful medium for us to join in God’s work to help free and empower these women and children. For more than a year our group has been meeting on the second Tuesday of each month in the McKowen Room at 10 AM and at 7 PM. We feel privileged to be a part of God’s work with our prayers. We would love for you to select a time convenient to you, and join us in prayer.


- Bonnie Nichols, Teresa Oliver

Faith promise is an individual’s promise of a monetary contribution for mission outreach. It is made after prayerful consideration and is used to support Missions Funds over and above donations to the General Fund. A willing donation to mission outreach provides the resources to help fulfill Jesus’ promise of salvation to people everywhere. Over the last 11 years, because of your generous contributions, Mission Outreach has continued to explore new opportunities and look for new ways to serve. In 2011 IPC provided prayer & financial support to three additional Missionaries: David & Sara Treece with Interserve, Richard & Wendy Yancey with Pioneers and Caroline Kurtz with the Light of Hope Ministry. In 2011 we were visited by several Missionaries who shared what God is doing in the remote areas with the support of your generous contributions: May – Jack Blanch with The Navigators August – David & Sara T with Interserve October – Caroline Kurtz with Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF) for the Arssi Oromo outreach. Funds from our well-attended Crab Feed in February were sent to the Arssi Oromo outreach. To learn more about the missions IPC is supporting, talk to one of your Missions Team Members: Pastor Michael Boyland, Patti Boyland, Kamroon Baksh, Mustapha Baksh, Mary Ellen McKowen, Bonnie Nichols, Teresa Oliver, Jenni Pellot and Virginia Stull. Each week use your standard offering envelope to make your contribution and record your faith promise amount on the “Missions” line. You may also mail your faith promise offering to the Church office and note “Missions Outreach” on your check. Help support Missions - The Heart of the Church!

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Session News & Notes

December, 2011

- Ron Fong


The Bell

Finance advises that general giving for 2011 is lower than 2010, but rental income is higher than 2010. We anticipate ending 2011 in the black, primarily because the budgeted re-roofing of the Social Hall will occur in 2012 instead of 2011. The 2012 budget will be adopted by Session in December after reviewing the stewardship drive.

Session authorized a $2,340 contract to install the bell on the roof of the choir room.

Nominating Committee (Nom Comm) Nom Comm is in the process of identifying candidates for 8 Deacon and 8 Elder vacancies. A Congregational Meeting to elect officers will be held on December 18.

Buildings & Grounds Session has authorized $1200 for commercial cleaning of the sanctuary carpets. Don Carson is working on revising our rental lease with the Communidad Church. Orion Security checks our facilities twice nightly. The Clerk plans to have bids by the end of the year for re-roofing Social Hall (funding in part by a CDBG grant from the City of Fremont). The goal is to complete re-roofing by June 30, 2012. PG&E and the Clerk are conducting an energy audit with the goal of reducing our energy consumption. This is may reduce our expenses, and minimize our footprint on the planet.

Worship Session approved: $350 to acquire new microphones. Youth Sunday December 11 concurrent with the Birthday Party for Jesus. Christmas Concert Program Saturday December 17.

Tri-City Free Breakfast In October 2011: 2443 meals were served, 594 provision bags were distributed, 629 hours were volunteered, an average of 134 guests were served at each breakfast and 178 lbs. of peanut butter were collected for distribution during our participation in “Make a Difference Day.”

Membership Session held a special meeting on Friday November 18, to accept 8 new members: Michael & Jeanette Santo, Waymond & Gustina Ho, Dave & Betty Burke and Richard & Mary Lou Craig. Session added 17 members to its inactive roll. The current church membership, including the new members, is 120. Per Capita Taxes for 2012 to Presbytery will be $32 per person.

Clerk Actions Session adopted Roberts Book of Order as its parliamentary guide with the exception of allowing online email meetings to be held within a fixed period, and affirmed at the next actual Session Meeting with minutes. There will be six Presbytery Meetings in 2012 January 31, March 13, May 8, June 12, September 11 and November 13. Joan Fong is a nominee for “delegate to the PCUSA 220th General Assembly” in 2012. This will be voted on at the San Francisco Presbytery meeting in Walnut Creek on January 31.

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December, 2011

Youth Ministry - Anh Truong 12 Stones Student Ministries:

Than Survive Your Faith.” to help them deal The goal of 12 Stones Ministry at IPC is to prepare with spiritual questions and problems they are likely to encounter as they approach adulthood. students 7th grade through college to accept Christ. The investment, dedication and prayers of This 30-day devotional will be used over a 30week period in our Sunday Youth Worship. IPC 12 Stones Ministry is to help insure Christ is known, living and constantly influencing the lives According to the author, of our youth. Ben Hardman, ”teenagers face numer12 SM: Youth Fellowship: ous challenges as they Just as a stone is a piece of rock that has been make the transition from refined through the course of its life, people also high school into adulthood, including the chalneed to be refined by Christ to be part of His King- lenge of maintaining a vibrant faith. The spiritual dom. topics of childhood and adolescence morph into new questions that often require deeper belief 12 Stones Youth Fellowship, therefore, set out to and understanding.” challenge students with life-changing decisions. The truth needs to be told, heard and lived. We do not want to change who you are and He does not want to either. Come as you are - Broken, Happy, Sad, Hardened, Failure, Powerful or anything else and join us on Fridays at 7:45 - 9:45 pm in room #3. For more information visit our Facebook group page: “12Stones Fellowship.”

12 SM: Sunday Youth Service

Hardman has worked with teenagers helping them to find answers to the spiritual questions and problems they face as they keep Christ the main focus in their lives. This book is designed to help teenagers explore “How decisions made now affect their future What idolatry is and how it still exists in our world

The point of Sunday morning service is more than Developing spiritual disciplines just waking up early and learning about Christ. It’s about being with the church body as one and worJourneying with God shiping. We use an array of teaching tools to get Understanding and living out the gospel.” God’s word known and understood. Join us SunOur goal in Youth Worship is to challenge our day morning at 10:15 -11:25 am in the Sanctuary students to explore the Scriptures with a new and in room #3 after worship. outlook. They can then question their choices 12Stones Student Ministries News: to help them satisfy their need for spiritual faith Sunday Morning Youth Service and guidance. We will begin with the origins of Scripture and explore ways our youths can inSunday Youth Worship is devoted to helping our students solve problems as they go through differ- corporate the Word of God in their lives. We strive to help our teenagers in their search for a ent stages of awareness of what Christ means to deeper relationship with Christ. them. We are using the book “Thrive - Do More

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December, 2011

Children’s Ministry November 27th-January 8th This winter, many will be without the basic resources needed to keep warm and healthy. You can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by giving the gift of warmth to someone in need this holiday season. I Kidz! invites you to contribute to IPC Coat Drive by bringing your gently used coats of any size to the Church on Sunday. There is a portable closet in the narthex where you can leave your donation. These coats will be donated to CityTeam Ministries, Oakland, during their January Coat Drive. They will then be distributed to the needy in the community. We need individuals who can assist iKidz in sorting, boxing and counting your donated coats. Contact Jeanette Beland via the Church Office if you would like to help.

Sunday December 17 It was a dark and chilly night….so begins the story that would change the lives of a group of shepherds for years to come. What happened on that “night of nights?” Join iKidz as we share our drama/musical “Which Way to the Stable?” as part of IPC’s Annual Christmas Program. What a great opportunity to invite family, friends and neighbors to a celebration of incarnation. There will be something for everyone.

Hirsch Kids Club - Jeanette Ollison Hirsch Kids Club, the Bible club at Hirsch Elementary School, is continuing to make a significant impact this year with 100+ students attending each week. Imagine so many students hearing Bible stories, praying, and learning about God each Monday afternoon right on the school campus! The children also have a chance to play sports, memorize Bible verses, and enjoy crafts and games, all centered around a weekly theme. For the next couple of weeks the students will be working on a Christmas presentation that will include a skit, songs, and memory verses that tell a part of the Christmas story. On December 12, there will be a Happy Birthday Jesus party to remember the time that Jesus was born. Kids Club will be extended an additional hour, with parents invited to watch the presentation and enjoy a few treats afterward. Please pray for the volunteers that we will be able to connect with the parents and encourage those who are not attending a church to worship at IPC. It would be wonderful to see the children and their families growing in faith and love for God.

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December, 2011

Activities Update Birthday Party for Jesus -

Bonnie Nichols, Teresa Oliver

It is that wonderful time of the year when we can all give a little to help many. Bring your unwrapped gifts for persons of any age on December 11 and celebrate with us. You may include paper and ribbon if you wish. The gifts will be distributed by Tri-City Volunteers to needy families in our community. The Lord has done so much for us so let us respond with generous hearts.

Christmas Concert

- Pastor Michael

The annual Christmas concert begins at 6 pm on Saturday December 17. This year’s program will feature the iKidz drama troupe performing a musical. As part of this musical, the children will lead the congregation in singing Christmas carols. Special song and instrumental selections will be performed by the IPC choir and Nancy and Brad Catania, our guests for the afternoon. Pastor Michael on his guitar and Patti on the flute, will perform a duet. Hot drinks and cookies will be served in Social Hall after the concert. CDs of Nancy and Brad Catania music will be available for purchase in the Social Hall.

IPC Ladies Lunch -

Eleanor Conwell

Our fellowship lunch for this month will be at The Olive Garden on Farwell Drive. Please call Jeane Garrett (796-8873) if you plan to attend. She will arrange for enough seating for our group.

Session in Action -


On Thursday October 27, Cornerstone Editors attended a Session meeting. Session is the Council for the congregation. It is composed of the Pastor, moderator of Session, and eleven members who were elected by the congregation to active service as Ruling Elders. “The Session has responsibility for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love and witness.” Session meetings at IPC are held on the third Thursday of each month. Any member of the congregation may attend a session meeting as a visitor and take part in discussions but cannot vote. One important appointee is the Clerk of Session, Ron Fong, whose functions include capturing and recording every detail of each meeting. See an edited version of the November 17 minutes on P4. In general, we gained a lot from this meeting. There was a formal agenda that the moderator used to keep the meeting on track. It was impressive to see the number of issues that were resolved or addressed in the allotted time. We ask that you continue to pray that Session be granted the guidance, wisdom and compassion to govern our church.

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December, 2011

Congregation News Wedding Bells Pastor Michael

Jeanne Stachowiak

Bradley Carter

Virginia Stull

Pat Hughes

Beverly Wagner

Leila Kalin

Michael Young

Denise Pennelly

Lisa Young

Shelley Smith and Robert Reavis were married on October 15 and are enjoying their new life together. Bob moved into Shelley's house at 5701 Antone Road, Fremont, 94538. Shelley can be reached at 651-4237. Bob can be reached at his original number 657-8421. May God bless this happy union.

Welcome New Members

Delores Anderson and Edward Kurtz Kamroon and Mustapha Baksh Jeanette and Michael Santo

New Arrival Matthew Young born Tuesday October 25.

8 new members were formally accepted to the church during worship service on Sunday November 27. This event was witnessed by Pastor Michael, Elders and the congregation.

Congratulations and best wishes to Lisa and Michael Young

Pictured above with Pastor Michael (from left to right) are new members: Dave Burke, Betty Burke, Gustina Ho, Waymond Ho Richard Craig, Mary Lou Craig,

Carol Reavis

Jeanette Santo, Michael Santo

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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December, 2011

Weekdays at IPC Communion — Pastor Boyland Anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ and has been baptized is welcome to partake of the Lord’s Supper in our church. It is a gift from God for us who do not deserve it, but who gratefully receive his love and his cleansing power. We prepare to receive the bread and cup by confessing our sins and doing our utmost to patch up any differences with other people. At IPC we celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month, and on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Church Directory Pastor:

Rev. Michael Boyland

Address: 4181 Irvington Avenue

Chinese Pastor:

Dick Hwang

P.O. Box 1336,

Youth Ministries Director :

Anh Truong

Fremont, CA 94538 Phone: (510) 657 3133

Children Ministries Director: Jeanette Beland Music Director:

Daniel Khuc



Daniel Khuc

Office Hours:

Office Manager;

Frankie Cabral

8:00 am —12:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Bible Studies Men’s Bible Study — Men meet with Pastor Boyland at Bay Street Coffee Roasting Friday mornings from 8 am to 9 am to discuss selected Bible sections. All men are welcomed.

Women's Bible Study - We continue our topical Bible study on Monday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00. The topic varies each week and may include anger, fasting and forgiveness. The study book guides us to the appropriate scripture that addresses each topic. We invite women of IPC (and friends) to come and learn with us in the McKowen Room, Monday mornings, 9:30-11:00.

Early Sunday Morning Bible Study– 8:15 to 9:00 in the McKowen Room. In addition to studying the Bible, we offer fellowship, support and prayer. This is an ideal class for those involved in church service and who are unable to attend other bible studies. Contact Jenni Pellot, Darlene Neesham or Mary Ellen McKowen for additional information.

J.O.Y Adult Bible School— Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the McKowen Room. Home Bible Study— Meet at Mary Ellen McKowen’s home on alternate Mondays at 7:00 pm. Contact Mary Ellen McKowen for more information (510) 657 6360.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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Knowing Your Congregation

December, 2011

- Editors

The Jaycox family have been members of Irvington Presbyterian Church for the last 4 years. Jeff and Karen are the proud parents of thee children: Brendan, Colette, and Adrian.

organizations such as the World Affairs Council in San Francisco and Model U.N. He greatly enjoys singing in the IPC choir and says, “the people there are the best.” Adrian Jeff was born into a Navy family. As a child he lived in many locations including Hawaii where he shares his views attended high school. His family was stationed in about the pros Guam in 1962 when Typhoon Karen, a category 5 and cons of being the last child livsuper-typhoon, devastated the island. Karen teases him that, even with that advance warning, ing at home: “The he still married a Karen! Jeff became a Christian advantage is that I have my parents’ undivided attention. The while attending church in Maryland. He received disadvantage is that I have my parents’ undihis electrical engineering degrees from MIT and vided attention.” began work in Dallas, TX. Karen was born in North Dakota, the youngest of 7 girls. Two of her Jeff is the Stewardship Elder. Most people sisters were missionaries and she became a know him as the man who asks for their pledge Christian at an early age. Karen taught in Japan card. Weekdays, he is an engineering program and Mexico and had decided to pursue English as manager at NetApp. He loves hiking up snowa Second Language in graduate school, which covered mountains with the IPC Alpine Club. would better enable her to travel the world. She Karen is a Deacon, program coordinator for the stopped in Dallas for the summer, met Jeff and Tri-City Free Breakfast Program and shares the laughs, “instead of traveling the world, I now live in monthly IPC “Life of the Body.” These appointFremont with 3 kids and a dog!” ments allow her to interface with wonderful Brendan, their eldest child, is 22. He was born with hydrocephalus that resulted in severe mental retardation. Brendan resides in a wonderful group home in Union City where Karen and Jeff visit him every Sunday. He loves all things musical and can entertain himself for hours on a keyboard.

people who give of themselves and show God’s love by helping others.

The Jaycoxes attended Sunnyvale Presbyterian in Santa Clara. When they decided to look for a church closer to home, they selected IPC. From the first visit, their kids loved Steve Dang, Colette, age 20, is a sophomore at Columbia Uni- the youth director; and the family felt uplifted by versity where she is majoring in political science the music of Dan Chaikin’s praise band. The with an emphasis on the Middle East. She thrives second week they attended a ministry fair. At in this academic environment and is having the the encouragement of Pastor Michael and othtime of her life in New York City. Arabic is her ers they attended a potluck the third week. The most challenging class. fourth week Mary Ellen asked Karen to be her guest at the ladies luncheon. By then the entire Adrian, age 17, is a senior at Mission San Jose Jaycox family felt they were part of IPC. Karen High School and an Eagle Scout. His strong states, “we were loved into the church.” interest in world affairs keeps him involved in

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4181 Irvington Avenue


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Fremont, CA 94538-0133

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Holiday Worship Schedule Christmas Eve at 7 pm: Service, Blessings, Carrols and Readings from Prophets Christmas Day at 10:15 am: Regular Service with lots of Joy and Christmas songs New Year’s Day at 10:15 am: Regular Service

Acknowledgements We do appreciate the time and dedication of all who submitted articles and provided information for December. You play a significant role as we work together in the name of Christ.

This month’s Cornerstone pictures were provided courtesy of Johnny Handono,

Peggy Handono, Karen Jaycox and Bob Reavis . Color printing provided by Ken Ariathurai.

Note: December 22 is the

Kamroon and Mustapha,

deadline for our January issue

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