Hiring Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

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Tips for aspiring or new Executive Assistants who want to know what to expect on the job

INTRODUCTIO N We all know that the team with the best players always wins, so it's no wonder that recruiting managers are doing their homework when it comes to hiring the right people! Candidates can frequently feel overwhelmed by the number of exciting, up- and-coming organizations available. Finding and hiring unicorn Personal assistant in London who wow you on a daily basis with their work ethic and stay for years may be a minefield! We made the decision to establish Irving Scott as a boutique domestic staffing agency that would be more attentive to our clients' demands. Employers can now filter out the less suitable prospects from a large pool of candidates while doing a broad search.



Do you recommend job sites


Identify people you admire who appear to be getting a lot done.


Track down personal assistants.


Get comfortable with chaos.


What do you think is more important when interviewing a candidate

DO YOU RECOMMEND JOB SITES This is critical because personal assistants are now available for every aspect of your life.

Job sites are fine for the correct level of role - I recommend doing some research to determine which job sites are most relevant to the role and industry – but if it's for a specialised role, especially a highly trained technical role, a specialist recruiting consultant will be worth their weight in gold! Using employment boards may generate a lot of noise and work for you (or your assistant), and your inbox may become overwhWelhmeIdg with inexperienced candidates who haven't read the job ad thoroughly. s ho p allows you to focus on your day job while still getting the results you wan t -b y s ree n g interviewing o Usinn gonly aapnroonflselected, einsesional thoroughly vetted, and shortlisted experts who canJanhnaanhdle the job and are more likely to succeed.

IDENTIFY PEOPLE There are thousands of people in your industry and position who use helpers to get a lot done. Make the most of your resources. You can even "reverse engineer" this phase by seeking for personal assistants first, then researching their customer base to identify people you admire who have comparable situations to yours.

Key Attributes: Your most precious asset is your time. You are your own administrator if you don't have one. Begin looking for a personal assistant right now.

TRACK DOWN PERSONAL ASSISTANTS This appears to be the most difficult phase, but it's actually the simplest. When we have something excellent, it's only natural to want to share it with the rest of the world, and social media amplifies our voices. A quick skim of a few months' worth of social media posts. Contact the customer personally if the Private personal assistant isn't mentioned in the client's social media feed. Tell them you love their work and inquire whether they have a personal assistant. Many assistants do not work full-time, and if the client cares about their personal assistant, they will want to see them gain more work.


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