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Getting Affordable Accommodation at New Orleans Hotels Most people would love to stay at a hotel but tend to think that it would be way above the budget that they have set aside for their vacation. However, if you can be flexible with your travel plans and are willing to be patient with your research, you can come across some affordable accommodation without having to compromise on the quality. Here are some tips to getting affordable accommodation at New Orleans hotels. 1. Make your vacation plans as early as you can. The best way to get discounted accommodation rates would be to book the rooms that you would need during the low season. When it is tourist season, hotel rates go up because the demand is high. However, during the off peak seasons, the rates come down to attract customers. Plan your travel for these off peak months if you would like to save some money on accommodation without having to settle for substandard accommodation. 2. Enquire with different hotels if they offer package deals. Typically, package deals will include flights as well as accommodation. The New Orleans hotels and the airlines will partner up and this will give you a discounted rate for you entire vacation. With travel packages, you can end up paying much less than you would have if you booked your flight and accommodation separately. 3. Search for promotional codes. There are numerous websites that will offer promotional codes for various hotels. By visiting these websites, you can get promotional codes that will grant you a discount on the accommodation that you choose. However, you should note that these promotional codes tend to expire. So, ensure that you will be able to make use of them in good time. By booking online you also get a chance to enjoy discounts from the hotels themselves so be on the lookout for hotels that will offer you this option. References:


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