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Tips on Buying Bird Food Whether you have parrots or other pet birds or you want to attract birds to your home, it is important that you buy the right bird food. There are several tips that will ensure you get the best possible food. Go for food that is grown in farms. Good companies in the industry grow their own food. Such food will be free from chemicals and fillers, meaning it will be healthier and more nutritious. This is also a good option because you will lower your carbon footprint and you are more likely to get a good price. Buy the food from a well-established brand since this ensures that you get quality products. Be wary of overly cheap bird foods since they might not be nutritious enough for your birds. Go for food products that have been tried and tested. You could read independent reviews, seek recommendations, join discussion forums, check with consumer protection agencies and ask vets for tips on the best bird foods. Consider the ingredients used in the food. Good food contains such ingredients as red/white millet, sunflower, oil seed rape, naked oats and canary seeds. The best foods are those that have multiple ingredients mixed. Go for a company that packs all its foods on site, one that does not have secondary distribution centers since this is where most of the foods are compromised and one that supplies the products to you directly since the removal of the middle man means lower prices. Consider the birds you want to feed when buying bird food since different birds have different dietary needs. Buy the bird foods in bulk as this helps you get lower rates. Do not shy away from haggling over the rates since most companies in the industry are flexible in terms of pricing due to the intense competition. References:,default,sc.html


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