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Thank you for visiting Yellow Cab Company of Orange County and Pomona Valley — your number one choice for on-time, safe and courteous transportation service throughout Orange County and the Pomona Valley. You can easily make your reservation through our site or contact us by telephone. Our services are not only great for Orange County and Pomona Valley visitors, but also our local residents and businesses that have transportation needs as well. We proudly operate the largest fleet of alternatively-fueled taxis in America! Again, thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to taking you where you need to go.

Free Yourself in Fontana with Yellow Cab Company 

With more than six decades of success and experience, Yellow Cab Company operates the largest fleet of alternative-fueled taxi cabs in the industry, proving that Yellow Cab Company is committed to the future of the environment and the economy of having fuel-efficient vehicles. Yellow Cab Company is also committed to outfitting every Yellow Cab taxi cab with the most advanced GPS technology to ensure each taxi driver knows the quickest and safest routes to every client’s destination.

As California’s “City of Action”, Fontana is constantly updating its roadways with various public works projects, which can mean unexpected traffic delays and detours. Multiple pavement and road rehabilitation projects occurring at one time severely limit travel options, making the commute to work or a night on the town a real challenge.

So, leave your car at home and call Yellow Cab Company. You’ll save on gas, reduce wear and tear on your car, and Yellow Cab Co. drivers are 100% committed to getting you to your destination on time. It’s easy to reserve your cab online or through your mobile phone by visiting There are also discount options available online, and five people ride for the price of one – another great point to consider when making your evening plans. Yellow Cab Co. takes the worry out of transportation so you can get where you need to without the headache of a roadblock or flagman delaying your every mile.

Once you choose Yellow Cab and see how convenient it is having your own inexpensive Yellow Cab chauffeur, you will choose Yellow Cab for all of your transportation needs. Whether you’re going to a party or having celebratory drinks for someone’s birthday, Yellow Cab can be the only transportation you need. Yellow Cab Company taxi drivers are also the perfect Designated Drivers – they don’t complain that they can’t party too, and they always make sure you get home safe no matter how late it is.

Yellow Cab Company combines the success and tradition of its 60 years of service with the constant advancement of technology to ensure residents of Fontana and surrounding Southern California always have the best transportation options at their fingertips.

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About Yellow Cab Company

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Yellow Cab Company provides dependable, cost effective transportation whether you are traveling to the airport or going out for a night on the town. Yellow Cab Company guarantees smoke-free, on time, 24-hour service in clean, reliable, safe vehicles with air conditioning for those hot summer days. Visit to set up your reservation and review discounts available in your area.

For information about our company, rates, and services, please contact us at If you would rather talk to our friendly customer service representatives we can be reached at 800.649.1222 (714.776.7777 – Espaùol). Address :575 Anton Blvd. 3rd Flr. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Free Yourself in Fontana with Yellow Cab Company