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Slipaway 88 min., USA Director: Julia butler Expected to attend Neglected by her family, Fall, an eclectic elder with good intentions but extreme measures, finds little companionship in our hyper-busy world. When she comes across Adam, a young street musician selling his keyboard, she buys it on a whim under the pretence of wanting to learn piano. Suspicious and wary, Adam agrees to teach her and quickly finds himself captured in an unsteady home with one feisty lady.

The Longest Road 100 min., USA - Director: Â Jennifer Salcido and Matthew Charles Hall, Expected to attend In the Northern Iraqi region known as Kurdistan, there are currently 2 million civilians who have been displaced by the terrorist regime, Daesh -- better known to the World as ISIS. A world away, former army sergeant Richard Campos struggles in the aftermath of serving in an unpopular war. Managing that struggle, he has decided to pick up where politicians have left off. He must return to Iraq. Recruiting fellow heroes and humanitarians along the way, Campos will come to the aide of Syrian and Iraqi minorities, all while battling personal demons from years past -- and serving in the shadow of very present new ones. This is The Longest Road.

Welcome to IIFF FILM FEST ‘17 How to buy Tickets You can buy tickets at the box office or online at We encourage you to order early to avoid sold out shows.

Same Day Tickets You may purchase SAME DAY TICKETS ONLY IN PERSON at the Festival venue (first come, first served basis). Box office opens one hour before the first screening of the day. Arrive Early – Whether you are a pass holder or a ticket holder, you MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your event start time to guarantee admission.

Ticket Prices General Admission $10 Seniors/Children/Students/Military Discount $8

Day Pass

Saturday $40 Sunday $40 VIP Pass $100 Access to all films. VIP reserved seating will be held up to 10 min. Prior to the screening. VIP seating at the awards presentation. Consider a Pass – A pass gets you a greater level of access and lets you bypass the regular ticketing process.

All programs and times are subject to change without notice. No refunds or exchanges. Hope you enjoy the festival.

Kevin Derek - Festival Director Jack Kaprielian - Executive Director Samy Chouia - Coordinating Director Ray Roschmann - Marketing Director Renee Hendrixson - Programming Kristin Hess Dalton - Volunteer Coordinator Vera Kaprielian - Festival Coordinator Oscar Alvarez - Youth Division Director Mike lubetkin - Festival Operations

Special Thanks to Tony Lyons Laurent Witz Nomi Taisman Courtney Marsh Tom Van Avermaet Judy Bart Jessica Lawson Tomasz Sliwinski Sahim Omar Kalifa

Living With The Dead 93 min., USA Director: Christine Vartoughian Expected to attend Max McLean is eighteen years old and can’t get out of bed. Since her boyfriend Adam killed himself over a year ago, Max has been using sex, drugs, and parties to ignore the pain until one day she wakes up in a hospital

Death by a Thousand Cuts 73 min., USA Director: Juan Mejia Botero

Expected to attend

The murder investigation of a Dominican park ranger by a Haitian charcoal producer reveals the complex, growing conflict between the Dominican Republic and Haiti in the battle for natural resources.

Tatara Samurai 120 min., Japan Director: Yoshinari Nishikori Gosuke, born in Tatara Village (famous for its steel), has spent his youth being groomed to become the next Murage (Master Blacksmith). After vicious raids on his village, Gosuke leaves his home behind to become a samurai instead.

OFFICIAL SELECTION FOR BEST K-12 FILM Foam– Director: The Story of a Shaper – Director: Ryan Schultz Straight to the Rim – Director: Eli Hall, Lily Casteen, Nick Buck, Sarah Lurie Cricket – Director: Allyssa Bainbridge Rogue Taxidermy – Director: Elizabeth Culbertson The Working Dead – Director: Becca Meaney, Brynn Jefferson, Caroline Cox, Karson Monger, Saunder The Best Laid Plans – Director: Avi Abrams His first time – Director: Angel Violet The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes – Director: Griffin Olis Slide – Director: Jayden Gillespie, Andrew Gillies, Cameron Colleran, Danny Sandler Attached at the Soul – Director: William Leon Holiday of Holidays – Director: Talia Cohen– Director: Vigder Time Out – Director: Alexia Salingaros


Expected to attend

Is the American Dream exactly that: a dream? Nine young Americans share their hopes for the future and the challenges they face. 26 min., USA Directed by Ned McNeilage

Becoming Cyborg

Expected to attend

There is a growing number of people who are exploring new ways of extending their senses. They are known as cyborgs: people whose physical abilities are enhanced by inserting implants into their body. The film looks at the medical and ethical issues surrounding this movement. 21 min., USA Directed by Katya Berger

Blood of the Martyrs

Expected to attend

On November 16, 1989, six Jesuits and two female employees were brutally murdered at the University of Central America in San Salvador by US trained and funded commandos of the Salvadoran army. 40 min., USA Directed by Erik Lohr

Brillo Box (3 ¢ off) ‘Brillo Box (3¢ off)’ follows a beloved Andy Warhol Brillo Box sculpture as it makes its way from a family’s living room to a recordbreaking Christie’s auction, blending personal narrative with pop culture, and exploring how we navigate the ephemeral nature of art and value. 12 min.,USA Directed by Lisanne Skyler

Chris Bianco: I Used To Say Never Expected to attend Meet Chris Bianco, a Phoenix chef and restauranteur renowned for his artisanal pizza and culinary craft. We enter a chapter of his life where many men might crumble. 20 min., USA Directed by Brandon Barnard

Coalville Gold

Expected to attend

Coal has long gone from Coalville. What’s left of this once thriving Leicestershire village is young men like Stevie, who dreams of glory in a now economically crippled community. 30 min., USA Directed by Ross Bolidai

Frame 394 Story of a young man from Toronto who entangles himself in one of America’s most high-profile police shootings. 29 min., Canada Directed by Rich Williamson

Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland

Expected to attend

Joshua Tree National Park, with its mysterious rock formations and iconic trees, has long provided a haven for those seeking an inspirational experience. But with current threats from air pollution, fires, and global warming, scientists believe the majority of Joshua Trees may be gone in less than 100 years. 14 min., USA Directed by Bill Wisneski

Nobody Dies Here Perma gold mine, Benin. Some dream to find something, others realized there was nothing to be found. Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, others died in the process. And a few of them say that here, nobody dies. 23 min., France Directed by Simon Panay

Soy Cubana

Expected to attend

This short documentary follows a unique and until now little known female Cuban a cappella quartet, the Vocal Vidas. 17 min., USA Directed by Jeremy Ungar


Expected to attend

Sarah is invited to show her film in Israel as part of a film festival bus trip. She is hoping for political discussions and friendship, except the conversation stops each time she brings up the occupation of Palestine. So instead, Sarah talks to her dead dad over a noisy phone line. 12 min., Sweden Directed by Sarah Gampel

The Mute’s House A building in Hebron, which has been deserted by its Palestinian owners, is called “The Mute’s House” by the Israeli soldiers stationed there and by the tour guides who pass by. The building’s only occupants are a deaf woman, Sahar, and her eight-year-old son, Yousef. 31min., Israel Directed by Tamar Kay

Expected to attend


At 22, Serena had always known that her grandmother, Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant, was an Auschwitz survivor, but never inquired more about the Nana she had lost at 11. After witnessing the Charlie Hebdo and Brussels Jewish museum attacks, Serena suddenly decides to read her grandmother’s memoir 100 min., USA Director: Serena Dykman

Mommy’s land Cambodia’s strongman government is stealing land from the poor, pocketing international money meant for development, and getting away with millions. That is, until they find themselves up against “Mommy” an elderly grandmother, and other women from her impoverished neighborhood, ready to fight to the death to save their homes and their country. 68min., Cambodia Director: Garret Atlakson

Crows of the Desert 62 min., USA - Director: Marta Houske Expected to attend A HERO’S JOURNEY THROUGH THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE is a documentary based on the memoirs of Levon Yotnakhparian. The film recounts the incredible true story of one man’s desperate struggle to not only stay alive but to help save his people from near extinction in the 20th Century’s first genocide.

Te Ata 92 min., USA Director: Nathan Frankowski Te Ata (TAY’ AH-TAH) is based on the inspiring, true story of Mary Thompson Fisher, a woman who traversed cultural barriers to become one of the greatest Native American performers of all time.

Daze of Justice

69min., USA Director: Michael Siv

Expected to attend

The intimate story of Cambodian-American women who break decades of silence, abandoning the security of their American homes on a journey back into Cambodia’s killing fields, only this time not as victims but as witnesses determined to resurrect the memory of their loved ones before the UN Special Tribunal prosecuting the Khmer Rouge.

The Tribe 92 min., USA Director: Roxy Shih Expected to attend An isolated family of three young sisters live out their days after a pandemic has consumed most of the known world. However when a stranger shows up, their world changes in ways they never could have imagined.

Arreo 93 min., Director: Tato Moreno- Argentina A family of passionate Argentine gauchos on an arduous goat herding journey through the High Andes, capturing both their reflections on the threat “progress” poses to their livelihood, and the essence and beauty of upland rural life.

I Voted? 76 min., USA Director: Jason Grant Smith It is Election Day. We mark our ballots and away they disappear for counting – tallied by reliable systems. Or so we hope. Few citizens realize that today’s elections offer scant guarantee that votes are recorded as intended.


Expected to attend

A father attempts to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city, discussing the over-protection phenomenon to children and related social issues. 7 min., USA - Directed by Junjie “Jake” Zhang

Alike In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But...what is the correct path? 8 min., Spain Directed by Daniel Martínez Lara, Rafa Cano Méndez


Expected to attend

Little Ami finds out her mother must leave on a business trip. Mom tells her a white lie to appease her mind while she is away. Find out what happens when the innocent lie turns true in a way neither of them expected. 8 min., Germany- Directed by Gonzalo San VicenteBien

Borrowed Time A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on. 7 min., USA Directed by Lou Hamou-Lhadj & Andrew Coats

Moom Have you ever wondered what happens to your forgotten objects? In this story, those objects with its ‘memory’ still attached end up rising from the waters of the magical lake. 14 min., Japan Directed by Robert Kondo & Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi

Official Selection For Best Short Narrative A Pirate’s Tale

Expected to attend

In a story told to her son, a mother relays an epic tale of adventure, romance and piracy.

5 min., USA - Directed by Lukas Colombo

A Children’s Song

Expected to attend

A girl meets a young female Chinese student during a music scholarship competition who performs an “original song”, the same song she grew up with. Determined to prove their respective family’s ownership, the girls soon uncover the long lost true story of the song’s origins, a story of salvation for over 20,000+ Jews from 1937-1941 in Shanghai. 27 min., USA - Directed by Shayna Cohen

A King’s Betrayal

Expected to attend

The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata, as told from the Piñata’s perspective. 8:27 min., USA Directed by David A Bornstein

Abstract A woman has a few hours to sell an non-existent product in her first day at work in an all-American company. 16 min., USA Directed by Marcos vaz

Between Shifts

Expected to attend

This modern-day fairytale explores the magic that surrounds us in our everyday lives - the extraordinary in the ordinary - if we’re just willing to see it! 11 min., USA Directed by Lysandra Petersson

Bleed the Night After being kidnapped, Audrey awakens and discovers her terrifying post-apocalyptic reality. 14 min., USA Directed by Reza Ghassemi

Expected to attend


Dr. Filip Kardel is an ambitious Polish neurosurgeon working in America, struggling to cope with the loss of his wife, Ania. As the memories of her untimely death and his neglecting her in favor of his career continue to haunt him, will he be able to escape the prison of his grief and guilt, or will it destroy him? 22 min., USA - Directed by Paul Kowalski Expected to attend


Jason (Beau Knapp; ‘The Signal’, ‘Southpaw’) hides in a motel room afraid of coming out. The only person he trusts is his girlfriend Lila (Maika Monroe; ‘The Guest’, ‘It Follows’), who takes him to meet a friend in a remote house in the desert. 17 min., Spain Directed by Jaime Valdueza

Coming to Terms Having to face the death of their father, Eddie and Sally try to do their best in understanding the concept of death. At their tender age of 8 and 10, they fully rely on their religious father’s teachings. When life in Heaven seems ideal, they make a decision that nobody could have expected. 12 min., Spain Directed by David Bertran

Eleven ‘An astronaut struggles to explain to his 5 year old daughter why he must go, and why she cannot come with him.

5 min., USA - Directed by Ken Fox

Enemies within

Expected to attend

This close-up on France’s troubled history with its former colonies has one man controlling the fate of another with the stroke of a pen during a turbulent period in the 1990s. 27 min., France - Directed by Selim Azzazi

Faceless, but Remembered It’s New Year’s Eve. Camp, a recent kidney transplant recipient, gets called in to work at a gas station with his Uncle Ellis, a transplant recipient 20 years prior. As the night wears on, Ellis stops at nothing to force Camp to be more appreciative of his second chance at life, resulting in nightmarish consequences. 24min., USA Directed by Shelby Baldock

Gardening At Night The period between knowing death is near and death’s arrival forms an unbearable state of regret, sadness and anticipation for Samantha. 12 min., USA Directed by Shayna Connelly


Expected to attend

Jada is 7 years old. Jada lives alone on Venice Beach. By following her through a day in her life, the story of who she is, why she is there, and the identity of the man who has come looking for her unfolds. 16 min., USA Directed by Doug Roland

Kill Your Dinner Things have been tough between Rhys and his dad Lawrence since the divorce. But after meeting a new woman and discovering his “spiritual” side, Lawrence comes up with a brilliant plan to reconnect with his son: to kill and eat a cow together. It’s going to be a really meaningful experience. 12 min., Australia Directed by Bryn Chainey Expected to attend


Is based on the TRUE story of the infamous FEMALE Italian Serial Killer Leonarda Cianciulli, also known as ‘The SoapMaker of Correggio’. 11 min., USA - Directed by Luca Brinciotti Expected to attend

Poor George

George lives in two worlds. One perfect, his dream world, the other, his mundane real life, a living hell. Taking drastic measures, he enacts his plan to be in his dreamworld forever with his perfect girl, Dora. 21 min., USA Directed by Jim Harris

Expected to attend


An elderly successful writer struggles to reveal his dark and troubled past while suffering from Alzheimer’s. 19 min., USA Directed by Al Plancher

Vicious Told through the eyes of those affected, a violent gang-initiation sets into motion a series of tragic and heartbreaking events over the course of one single fateful night. 20 min., USA Directed by Andrew Jeric

Smile When a husband’s abuse shifts from his wife to his small daughter, he is so consumed by guilt that he becomes the creator of his own retribution. 9 min., UK- Directed by Carolina Giammetta

The boy by the sea

Expected to attend

The story of an unlikely friendship. A young boy sitting by the sea, watching the stones he throws disappear beneath the surface. An old lighthouse keeper. A different truth beyond the water. 7 min., Netherland - Directed by Vasily Chuprina

The Champion When popular high school jock Andy notices the odd behavior of the shy Miles, he contemplates whether to lend a hand or ignore the issue. Andy ultimately makes a decision that can change the course of his life, and that of Miles. 11 min., USA Directed by Sonny Aguirre Jr

Three Hearts A stylised portrayal of a young couple dealing with an unexpected pregnancy 6 min., Australia Directed by Joseph Chebate


Expected to attend

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day. 15 min., Spain Directed by Juanjo GimĂŠnez

The Islands and the Whales 81 min., UK Director: Mike Day In their remote home in the North Atlantic the Faroe Islanders have always eaten what nature could provide, proud to put local food on the table. The land yields little, so they have always relied on harvesting their seas.

Off the Rails 87 min., USA Director: Adam Irving The remarkable true story of Darius McCollum, a man with Asperger’s syndrome, whose overwhelming love of transit has landed him in jail 32 times for impersonating New York City bus drivers and subway conductors and driving their routes.


Plancy’s World

Little Thing / Dicemedia


Dhruv and Kavya are on course to have a lazy plain Sunday even though they try their best to make it exciting. The fear of missing out on all the fun that they see their friends are having on social media makes Kavya spice up their day, at least on snapchat. Despite all the unsuccessful attempts, they manage to spend a good day together.

Winners is a new comedy web series about a houseful of actors, musicians, and comedians who lack the talent to “make it” and the sense to give up.

9 min., USA Directed by Jacob Lenard

16 min., USA Directed by Ajay B Huyan

15 min., USA Directed by Jared White

Expected to attend

Expected to attend

Expected to attend

A flower child goes about her heady adventures with mixed results


Lorn - Acid Rain Director: Julian Flores

Odesza - It’s Only Director: Dan Brown

Jain - Makeba Director: Greg & Lio

Valentino Khan / Deep Down Low

Director: Ian pons Jewell


Expected to attend

An unconventional television comedy about a group of extras navigating their way through the entertainment industry. 24 min., USA Directed by Edward Reid

Singled Out The lives of six friends living in Los Angeles are thrown into chaos after two of them sleep together. 22 min., USA Directed by Andrew Pinon

Hard Reset

Expected to attend

The dawn of artificially intelligent androids is upon us. During a rebellion which threatens to destabilize the delicate balance between man and machine, a young detective must choose between synthetic freedom and the future of humankind. ` 40 min., USA Directed by Deepak Chetty

Unfocused Follows the eclectic staff of Focality Marketing Solutions as they attempt to grow their mid-sized company beyond their suburban Chicago footprint while bitter personal and professional rivalries threaten to topple them at every turn 34 min., USA Directed by Owen Weber &Â Hunter Bradley

Reset Modern-day France. Following the outbreak of an unprecedented epidemic, five survivors have been barricaded in an apartment for several months. 34 min., France Directed by Christelle Gras


A Perfect Day

No matter the season, every day is a reason to let the imagination fly. (Created by young artists on the Autism spectrum) 5 min., USA - Directed by Exceptional Minds

A Walk Down the Aisle

Expected to attend

An ambivalent man recollects memories as he heads to church to meet his fiancé.

5 min., USA - Directed by Daniel Ajemian

A Young Nation: The future of Oman through the eyes of its youth youth in Oman addressing looming economic issues with entrepreneurship. The idea of entrepreneurship is new in the oil-rich Gulf nation, and the youth have many forces working against them, 21 min., USA


Directed by Hannah Gaber Expected to attend

A young, determined EMT and her jaded, veteran partner fight to keep an unexpected patient alive in the back of their ambulance. 13 min., USA


Directed by Michael Rich Expected to attend

Sophie is an unmotivated comedian. When her estranged young daughter is unexpectedly thrust back into her life, Sophie’s plans have to be reshuffled. While they both struggle to adjust to the new environment, Sophie must come to terms with the fact that she’s in over her head. 20 min., Canada Directed by Gloria R Mercer

Eden After a cataclysmic event makes Earth uninhabitable, clones are sent to space to preserve humanity. 17 min., USA Directed by Brodin Plett

Expected to attend

Film School Musical

Directing his own film is a dream come true for the soon to be film school graduate Tommy, until equipment failure, difficult actors and set drama threaten to make it a nightmare. 19 min., USA - Directed by Maan B. & Talha B. Expected to attend

Program 4

This film chronicles the subjective experience of people adapting to life with cochlear implants. The implant provides a unique opportunity for people with hearing impairments to regain the sense of sound. 15 min., USA Directed by Brianna PresseyPressey Brianna Pressey Expected to attend


In a remote Mayan village, a tenacious young girl’s dream of education is in peril when an unwanted pregnancy endangers her sister’s life. 17 min., Spain Directed by Eve Symington Expected to attend

The Chase

The camera spies on an Asian girl from afar while she cheerfully moves around the house. She realizes our presence and quickly changes into a Victorian dress and puts on a blonde wig. We play a game of “hide n’ seek” 5 min., USA Directed by Ivy Liao

The Lottery Billy, a starving orphan, steals a winning lottery ticket from the town drunkard only to later question and doubt his own morality. 13 min., USA - Directed by Han Rui Wang

The Adventures of Lucy In order to defeat the dark manifestation of her cancer, a young girl must use the power of imagination to overcome her fears.

15 min., USA - Directed by Teddy Valentovich

A Song for Manzanar In the 1945 Manzanar Japanese American Internment Camp a young mother, Sachie, is driven to instill hope in her playful son while trying to communicate with her sister and family who still lives in Hiroshima. 16 min., USA - Directed by Kazuko Golden & Phil Emerson

Saturday, Jan 21

Saturday, Jan 21



BLOCK ONE 10:30am Nobody Dies Here – Director: Simon Panay 23min Arreo – Director: Tato Moreno 93min

BLOCK ONE 11:15am AMI – Director: Gonzalo San Vicente 8min Nana – Director: Serena Dykman 100min

BLOCK TWO 12:45 Gardening At Night – Director: Shayna Connelly 12min Timecode – Director: Juanjo Giménez 15min Enemies within – Director: Selim Azzazi 27 min Smile – Director: Carolina Giammetta 9min Moom – Director: Robert Kondo & Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi 14min A Children’s Song – Director: Shayna Cohen 27min

BLOCK TWO 1:30pm Frame 394 – Director: Rich Williamson 29min The Mute’s House – Director: Tamar Kay 31min The Bus Trip – Director: Sarah Gampel 12min Coalville Gold – Director: Ross Bolidai 30min

BLOCK THREE 3:15pm Soy Cubana – Director: Jeremy Ungar 17min Eden – Director: Brodin Plett 17min American Dreams – Director: Ned McNeilage 26min Breathe – Director: Paul Kowalski 22min A Pirate’s Tale – Director: Lukas Colombo 5min Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland – Director: Bill Wisneski 14min FILMMAKERS NETWORKING HOUR 5:00PM We’ll start with a conversation and Q&A by filmmakers and the festival Directors about short films, production issues, experiences finally networking will be encouraged. Casual event...Sponsored by Hubert’s Lemonade. Guess what we’ll have lemonade and cookies served!!! BLOCK FOUR 6:30pm A King’s Betrayal – Director: David A Bornstein 8min Burned – Director: Jaime Valdueza 17min Remnants – Director: Al Plancher 19min The Champion – Director: Sonny Aguirre Jr 11min Coming to Terms – Director: David Bertran 12min Poor George – Director: Jim Harris 21min Between Shifts – Director: Lysandra Petersson 11min A Perfect Day – Director: Exceptional Minds 5min BLOCK FIVE 8:30pm The Tribe – Director: Roxy Shih 92min Exit – Director: Babak Habibifar

BLOCK THREE 3:30pm Kill Your Dinner – Director: Bryn Chainey 12min Living With the Dead – Director: Christine Vartoughian 93min BLOCK FOUR 6:30pm Three Hearts – Director: Joseph Chebate 6min The boy by the sea – Director: Vasily Chuprina 7min Bombing – Director: Gloria R Mercer 20min The Lottery – Director: Han Rui Wang 13min Tether – Director: Eve Symington 17min The Chase – Director: Ivy Liao 5min A Walk Down the Aisle – Director: Daniel Ajemian 5min Program 4 – Director: Brianna Pressey & Jack Sample 15min Film School Musical – Director: Maan B. & Talha B. 19min

Sunday, Jan 22

Sunday, Jan 22



BLOCK ONE 10:00am Brillo Box – Director: Lisanne Skyler 12min Off the Rails – Director: Adam Irving 87min

BLOCK ONE 9:30am Te Ata – Director: Nathan Frankowski 92min

BLOCK TWO 12:00pm Alike – Director: Daniel Martínez Lara, Rafa Cano Méndez 8min The Longest Road – Director: Jennifer Salcido & Matthew Charles Hall 100min BLOCK THREE 2:00pm Becoming Cyborg – Director: Katya Berger 21min The Islands and the Whales – Director: Mike Day 81min BLOCK FOUR 4:00pm Chris Bianco: I Used To Say Never – Director: Brandon Barnard 20min A Young Nation: The future of Oman through the eyes of its youth – Director: Hannah Gaber 21min Daze of justice – Director: Michael Siv 69min BLOCK FIVE 7:30pm Pokey Pokey – Director: Junjie “Jake” Zhang 7min Borrowed Time – Director: Lou Hamou & Lhadj 6min Blood of the Martyrs – Director: Erik Lohr 40min Crows of the desert – Director: Marta Houske 62min

BLOCK TWO 11;00am Slipaway – Director: Julia butler and Daniel Mentz 88min BLOCK THREE 1:15pm Tatara Samurai – Director: Yoshinari Nishikori 120min Block FOUR 3:30PM I Voted? – Director: Jason Grant Smith 76min BLOCK FIVE 5:30pm Breathe – Director: Paul Kowalski 22min Bleed the Night – Director: Reza Ghassemi 14min Abstract – Director: marcos vaz 16min Vicious – Director: Andrew Jeric 20min Leonarda – Director: Luca Brinciotti 11min Jada – Director: Doug Roland 16min BLOCK SIX 7:30pm The Adventures of Lucy – Director: Teddy Valentovich 15min Mommy’s land – Director: Garret Atlakson 68min

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IIFF 2017  

IIFF 2017  


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