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Ticket Prices General Admission $10 Seniors/Children/Students/Military Discount $8

Day Pass Friday $25 Saturday $50 Sunday $50 Monday $50 Tuesday $50 Wednesday $50 Thursday $50 Awards Presentation $20 VIP Pass $250 Access to all films. VIP reserved seating will be held up to 10 min. prior to the screening.

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Kevin Derek - Festival Director Jack Kaprielian - Executive Director Samy Chouia - Coordinating Director Ray Roschmann - Marketing Director Renee Hendrixson - Programming Kristin Hess Dalton - Volunteer Coordinator Vera Kaprielian - Festival Coordinator Oscar Alvarez - Youth Division Director

Special Thanks to Tony Lyons Joseph Slowensky Don Hall Natsu Furuichi Natalie Kampelmacher Brady Bowen Jennifer Warren Kate Amend Mitchell Block Coner Barrett



8:00 PM

11:00 AM BLOCK

A Rising Tide - 97 min (Feature Narrative) Escargore - 5 min (Short Animation)


Indecisions - 4:26 min (K-12) Change - 7 min (K-12) Super Movie - 8 min (K-12) The Promposal - 3:43 min (K-12) Below The Surface - 4 min (K-12) Starlight - 9 min (K-12) Resonant - 5 min (K-12) _________________________________________

12:00 AM BLOCK

Just My Luck - 5 min (Short Animation) End & Eternity - 3 min (Short Animation) The Looking Planet -16:38 min ( Short Animation) Nine To Five Ned - 4 min (Short Animation) Scaredy Bat - 4:30 min (Short Animation) _________________________________________


The Mother - 11 min (Short Narrative) Natural Insemination - 18 min (Short Comedy) Flight Fright - 6:20 min (Short Comedy) Simon - 11:58 min (Short Narritive) Helio - 19:43 min (Short Narrative) 1440 And Counting - 14 min(Short Narrative) _________________________________________


Aero - 14:40 min (Short Narrative) Strings - 13:24 min (Short Narrative) For Ofelia - 15 min (Short Narrative) Grandpa Arnold - 13:09 min (Short Narrative) Drone - 14 min (Short Narrative) Room 731 - 18:48 min (Short Narrative) _________________________________________


Winter Light - 28:30 min (Short Narrative) Laws Of Attraction - 18 min (Short Comedy) Monogamish - 20 min (Short Comedy) A Social Life - 8 min (Short Narrative) Reservations For Three - 13:20 min (Short Narrative) A Walk In Winter - 15 min (Short Narrative) _________________________________________


The Truth About Lies - 100 min (Feature Narritive) A Frame - 6 min (Short Experimental)

Trick Or Treat - 5:25 min (K-12 Animation) A Worthy Fight - 9:18 min (K-12 Doc) Rabbit People - 3:26 min (K-12) Black Widow - 9 min (K-12) Sleep - 3 min (K-12) ____________________________________________

1:00 PM

The Last Great Circus Flyer- 118 min (Documentary) ____________________________________________

3:30 PM

Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton - 90 min (Doc) ____________________________________________


Hano A Century In The Bleachers - 53 min (Documentary) Kawergosk: Home Made Of Cloth - 31 min (Short Doc) ____________________________________________


Dog Bowl - 19 min (Short Narrative) The Gnomist - 20 min (Short Documentary) Whispering Pines - 16:13 min (Short Narrative) Chau, Beyond The Lines - 33 min (Short Documentary) Coeur D’Alene (FKA Rabbits) 14:28 min(Short Narrative) Killing Happy - 14:44 min (Short Narrative)


The Light Thief - 19 min (Feature Narrative) The Song Of Seashore - 26 min (Short Narrative) The House Job - 15 min (Short Comedy) ______________________________________________


Boy Upside Down - 90 min (Feature Narrative) The Stutterer - 12:54 min (Short Narrative) ______________________________________________


Angel Of Nanjing - 70 min (Feature Documentary) ___________________________________________


I Want To Be King - 70 min (Feature Documentary)





The Present - 13:48 min (Short Narrative) Close Up - 14 min (Short Narritive) One Shot - 10 min (Short Experimental) Welcome - 28 min ( Short Documentary) First Love - 11:40 min (Short Narrative) Replace - 15 min (Short Narrative) Night Is Meant For Sleeping - 28:30 min (Short Narrative) Jakob - 16:04 min (Short Narrative) Intensions - 15:30 min (Short Narrative) _____________________________________________


Don’t Speak - 82 min (Feature Narrative - Horror) Night Of The Slasher - 11:16 min (Short Narrative - Horror)

The Last Day Of Freedom - 31:39 min (Short Doc) Claude Lanzmann: Spectres Of The Shoah - 40 min (Short Doc) ________________________________________


Little Miss Perfect - 82 min (Feature Narrative) ________________________________________

8:00 PM




Newman - 90 min (Feature Documentary)


Luminosity - 4:41 min (K-12 Claymation) The Ballad Of The Homeless - 9 min (Short Animation) Enchanted Ink - 6 min (Short Animation) Daewit - 15 min (Short Animation) Hot Air - 4:05 min (Short Animation) The Santa - 6:07 (Short Animation) _____________________________________________

5:30 PM

Istoria - 63:49 min (Feature Documentary) _____________________________________________


7:30 PM

Oblivion Season - 91 min (Feature Narrative)

IrvineFilmFest.com FESTIVAL SCREENINGS AT: LAGUNA HILLS MALL CINEMA 24155 LAGUNA HILLS MALL ROAD LAGUNA HILLS, CA 92653 ***Schedule subject to change without notice.


A Rising Tide An inspirational story of redemption, Hell of a View tells the tale of a young chef, Sam Rama (Hunter Parrish). After the destruction of his family’s well-established Atlantic City restaurant during Hurricane Sandy, Sam must grow up quickly, taking the biggest risks of his life, both in business and love. When Sam comes to the aid of a wealthy patron (Tim Daly) and then falls for the newly separated Sarah Bell (Ashley Hinshaw), a chain of unexpected events unfolds for all of them, as they discover the only way to achieve their dreams may be to acknowledge what they owe to others, and realize that the greatest investments take more than cash. 97 min (Feature Narrative) Director: Ben Hickernell Expected to Attend

Escargore This snail horror comedy is so scary it’ll shock your shell off! Claude and his friends are out of their element and in a whole lot of trouble when they choose the wrong lettuce for lunch. 5min (Short Animation) Director: Oliver Hilbert

SATURDAY, JAN 16TH 11:00 AM CHANGE - Director: Jake Bowren - 7 min (K-12) SUPER MOVIE - Director: Nathanael Burns - 8 min (K-12) THE PROMPOSAL - Director: Ryan Porter - 3:43 min (K-12) BELOW THE SURFACE - Directors: Neema Sadeghi & Rona Ahdout- 4 min (K-12) STARLIGHT - Director: Lorraine Shaller - 9 min (K-12) RESONANT - Directors: Ryan Beard, Elizabeth Cassell, Sanders Evans, and Shantel Winslow - 5 min (K-12) INDECISIONS - Director: Hope Alexander - 4:26 min (K-12)

12:00 PM BLOCK Expected to attend

Just My Luck

A short animated film about a man who longs for a partner in his life but encounters a number of unfortunate incidences. 5 min., USA (Short Animation) Directed by Alex Del Rosario Expected to attend

End & Eternity

If we live without any purpose, reward or meaning, time flows mechanically. Meaningless life is not worth continuing. 3 min., USA (Short Animation) Directed by Yoomi Kim

Expected to attend

The Looking Planet

During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression. 16 min., USA (Short Animation) Directed by Eric Law Anderson

Expected to attend

Nine To Five Ned

One day, while typing in his office cubicle, something rather extraordinary happens to Ned that could change 4 min., (ShortUSA Animation) 4 min., Directed by Brandon Ray

Scaredy Bat

Expected to attend

A tired frog is trying to sleep, but keeps being woken up by a crying bat who is scared of the dark. 5 min., USA (Short Animation) Directed by Greg Perkins

1:15 PM BLOCK The Mother

Expected to attend

When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband’s death. 11 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Paolo Monico

Natural Insemination

Expected to attend

A romantic farce about a happily married couple and the increasingly desperate measures they take to get pregnant. 17 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Crosby Selander

Flight Fright

Expected to attend

An airline passenger with a fear of flying starts to see strange things after taking nerve medicine. 6 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Jim Politano


Expected to attend

A man prepares for his final entry onto the grand stage, only to be confronted by his inner self. 12 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Camille de Galbert

Expected to attend


A sci-fi noir set in a dystopian underground city on the eve of a revolution. 20 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Teddy Cecil

1440 And Counting

Expected to attend

A burned-out, retiring teacher is confronted by a desperate man from her past. She’s packing up her classroom and her life, but when she discovers one of her beloved students is in great danger, her life turns upside down within minutes. 14 min., USA (Short Narrative) 14 min., USA- Directed by Tony Gapastione

3:30 PM BLOCK Expected to attend


A troubled drug dealer encounters a dying supernatural being who can save him and his girlfriend’s life if only he can restore it’s health. 15 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Arturo Vargas

Expected to attend


When a couple add two new members to their long established String duo, the newly formed quartet faces substantial personal and professional challenges as they work to become a cohesive group. 13 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Tanner Jarman


Expected to attend

A rebellious young boy, living in 1960’s Philippines, struggles against his mother’s obsession with dressing up her sons as girls so that he may gain acceptance from the community and the affection of the prettiest girl in school. 15 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Christopher de las Alas

Grandpa Arnold

Expected to attend

After the death of his grandmother, Kevin must spend his summer with his grandfather in a boring small town, but they start bonding when Kevin falls in love with the girl next door 13 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Anatoliy Kim


Expected to attend

A rookie Air Force drone pilot finds himself increasingly attached to a target he watches from halfway around the world. 14 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Justin S. Lee

Room 731

Expected to attend

A young Chinese girl who has no memory, wakes up, alone, in an abandoned factory. She encounters horror upon horror as she tries to discover the truth about who she is and why she’s been chosen as its next victim. 19 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Youngmin Kim

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5:30 PM BLOCK Winter Light

Expected to attend

When an aging college professor confronts two hunters trespassing on his property, he begins an escalating battle of wills that will test his faith in everything he holds dear.

29 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Julian Higgins

Laws Of Attraction

Expected to attend

We always want what we can’t get. A lighthearted comedy about perception, attraction and deception. Outspoken and sassy, but always narrated with a wink. 10 min., Switzerland, U S A (Short Narrative) Directed by Andreas Graf


Expected to attend

With their marriage on the rocks, Helen and John desperately attempt to salvage their relationship. 20 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Bill Hendricks

A Social Life

Expected to attend

A Social Life is a short film about a career driven woman who’s living the life she always dreamed of… online. 8 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Kerith Lemon

Expected to attend

Reservations For Three

Two people, One menu, lots of reservations! 14 min., Austria, USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Steven Bennett

Expected to attend

A Walk In Winter

Conrad has returned to his hometown in the middle of winter. Riding with the sheriff, he is on his way to find out whether the ruined corpse found nearby is his long-disappeared mother. 15 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Ryan Moody



The Truth About Lies Gilby Smalls is having a meltdown. He’s just been fired from his job, lost his apartment in a fire and his girlfriend gave him the boot. And it’s only Wednesday. Now, at the ripe old age of thirty-something, he is forced to move in with May, his booze-swindling man-obsessed mother. This is the last straw. Gilby’s life is bleak until best friend Kevin drags him to a family get-together, where he meets Rachel, Kevin’s very beautiful but very married sister. Rachel is the very thing Gilby needs to get his life back on track. Desperate to impress her, Gilby starts to weave a web of lies; one bigger than the next. Now in a sticky mess, Gilby is forced to face the uncomfortable truth about himself before he can find a way out of his very own Lies. The Truth About Lies explores the potent role lying plays in relationships and life with some surprising results! 100 min., USA (Feature Narrative) Director: Allocco Phil Expected to Attend

A- Frame Surf photography at it’s core. 6 min., USA (Short Narrative) Director: Reno Champ

SUNDAY, JAN 17TH 11:00AM TRICK OR TREAT - Director: Debbie Stone - 5:25 min (K-12 Animation) A WORTHY FIGHT - Director: Katie Hoffman - 9:18 min (K-12 Doc) RABBIT PEOPLE - Director: Logan Evans - 3:26 min (K-12) BLACK WIDOW - Director: Jennifer Smart- 9 min (K-12) SLEEP - Director: Mary Aupperle- 3 min (K-12)


The Last Great Circus Flyer The greatest trapeze performer of all time reflects on his illustrious circus career and reveals why he unexpectedly quit flying. 118 min (Feature Documentary) Director: Philip Weyland Expected to attend


Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton 90 min (Feature Documentary) Director: Jennifer W Stein Expected to attend “Travis� is a 90-minute documentary film recounting the now world-famous 1975 UFO abduction of Travis Walton and the impact it has had on his life over the intervening forty years - and on the lives of others who were also involved.


Hano! A Century In The Bleachers Experience the untold story of the extraordinary life and times of 93-year-old Arnold Hano, who just might be the Babe Ruth of writers. One of the most prolific and influential writers of the 20th century, Hano is a legendary sportswriter and freelancer who interviewed a constellation of sports, television and movie stars. Author of one of baseball’s most iconic books, ‘A Day in the Bleachers’, Hano has also led a life of social activism, successfully battling racism, land developers, big corporations and the federal government. 53 min., USA (Feature Documentary) Director: Jon Leonoudakis Expected to attend Kawergosk: Home Made of Cloth After fleeing war in Syria and crossing the border into Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Syrian Kurds attempt to build a life in Kawergosk Refugee Camp. 31 min, Iraq (Short Documentary) Director: Elizabeth Wuerffel & Saddam Al-Zubaidi Expected to attend

7:30 PM BLOCK Expected to attend

Dog Bowl

A heartbroken girl spiraling through life stumbles upon the true nature of her existence after stealing the vest off of a service dog.

19 min., USA - Directed by Gordy Hoffman Expected to attend

The Gnomist

When fairy homes mysteriously appear in a suburban forest, three women, driven by unequaled curiosity about the origin of this whimsy, find that believing in magic is the medicine they need to 20 min., Australia (Short Documentary) Directed bySharon Liese Expected to attend

Whispering Pines

Finding that his life as a career criminal has left him empty, a middle aged gangster decides to retire for marriage and love. Tough choices must be made if he is ever going to have a chance at happiness. Directed by Jason E. Johson

Chau, Beyond The Lines

16 min., USA

Expected to attend

Chau, a teenager living in a Vietnamese care center for kids disabled by Agent Orange, struggles with the reality of his dream to one day become a professional artist. 34 min., Viet Nam, U S A (Short Documentary) Directed by Courtney Marsh

Coeur D’Alene (FKA Rabbits)

Expected to attend

When her father tries to teach her a hard-edged lesson before going away to prison, twelve-year old Dani must choose between submission and revolt and decide what kind of person she will become. 15 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Merlin Camozzi

Killing Happy

Expected to attend

Michael has always sucked it up and done as his mother requested, and no request is beyond her. But tonight, as Michael’s family helps to prepare for her birthday dinner, she goes too far. 15 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by David Brandvik

FEATURE SCRIPT FINALISTS OH MOTHER by Russell Davis and Michael Bernieri COLD CURRENT by Terrance Mitchell Thibodeaux DANCE OF THE BLESSED SPIRITS by Matt Pacini INCINTA by William Schlichter RIM OF THE WORLD - by Bettna Moss LIONHEART - by Bobby Serros ELLE - by Kaitlin Puccio SPARKLE - by Phillip Barron VALLEY OF SPIRITS - by Warren R. Hull. THE LONELIEST WAR - by Tony Kayden SHORT SCRIPT FINALISTS THE WEEPING WILLOW - by Aminah Galal THE DIRTY NATURALS - by Derek Willis GO IN PIECES - by Laura Richardson RICHTER’S WAR - by Daniel P. Douglas LOIS, SUPERMAN AND WILLY - by Stefano Jay Bozzo THE WORDSMITH - by Mathew Holy


MONDAY, JAN 18TH 2:00 PM BLOCK The Light Thief When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name, what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? 18 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Eva Daoud

The Song Of Seashore A young Japanese soldiers save a Chinese ‘comfort women’ in the war. 27 min., China (Short Narrative) Directed by Long Yang

The House Job In debt with a dangerous loan shark, Paulo plans an insurance fraud to get money. However, a series of events puts his plan in jeopardy. 15 min., Brazil (Short Narrative) Directed by Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra


Boy Upside Down A tragicomedy about an 11-year old boy whose parents die in a car accident. The boy refuses to mourn; instead, he develops an obsession of investigating the accident. Oliver gets to know a peculiar man – a vagabond – who knows something about the accident. A reluctant friendship develops between the boy and the man. All the well-kept secrets of the man are revealed while the boy is forced to face the facts and the emotions caused by his parents’ death. 90 min., Finland (Feature Narrative) Director: Juha Lehtola

The Stutterer A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment - but an eloquent inner voice - must face his greatest fear. 13 min (Short Narrative) Directed by Benjamin Cleary


Angel of Nanjing The Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing is one of the most famous bridges in China. It is also the most popular place in the world to commit suicide. For the past 11 years Chen Si has been patrolling this bridge, looking to provide aid for those who’ve gone there to end their lives. Incredibly, he has saved over 300 people since he began - nearly one every two weeks. 70 min (Feature Documentary) Director: Frank Ferendo & Jordan Horowitz

Killing Happy ‘Kill my dog before dinner.’ Michael has always sucked it up and done as his mother requested, and no request is beyond her. But tonight, as Michael’s family helps to prepare for her birthday dinner, she goes too far. What’s a son to do? A late in life coming of age story. And it really happened. 15 min (Short Narrative) Director: David Brandvik


I Want To Be King Abbas, an Iranian ambitious job-creator, has a successful business in eco-tourism with his family’s help. Now he wants to remarry to promote his business, but his wife is against him. 70 min (Feature Documentary) Director: Mehdi Ganji

3:00 PM BLOCK TUESDAY The Present The Present is about one man’s attempt to re-connect with the love of his life despite knowing a tragic outcome will never change. 14 min., USA (Short Narrative) Directed by Hank DeVos

Closing Up The widowed owner of a picture store unearths painful memories when he closes up shop for the last time. 13 min., Israel (Short Narrative) Directed by Achva Herstik

Welcome An amazing innovation reaches a tiny school lost in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community: the internet. 28 min., Spain (Short Narrative) Directed by Javier Fesser

First Love First Love is a nostalgic coming of age story about two bestfriends that set out on a quest in pursuit of their first crush. 12 min., Ireland (Short Narrative) Directed by Brian Deane

Expected to attend

One Shot

One shot is enough to trigger a series of dark events: an unsettled drug deal, a prostitute who shouldn’t have 10 min., Spain (Short Narrative) Directed by Andrea Casaseca

Replace After having been married for many years, Phoebe is finally pregnant. Due to her rare blood type, the risk of death during labor and delivery is high, and the doctors recommend abortion. However, Phoebe ultimately decides to ignore the doctor’s advice and continues on with the pregnancy. 15 min., Taiwan (Short Narrative) Directed by Mark Ang

Night Is Meant For Sleeping Karim studying law and working hard to succeed. When his little brother is killed, Karim’s desire for revenge will undermine his principles and place him before a choice that could tilt its existence. 29 min., France (Short Narrative) Directed by Adrien Costello

Jakob Jakob, a humanoid robot, has just committed the first crime on a human. Intended to be destroy, a lawyer will try to save him. Together they have 12 hours to explain this murder. 12 hours before the judgement. 3 min., France (Short Narrative) Directed by Eymeric Jorat

Intensions Cris finally got a date with Natalia. But Roberto, her father, is clear about her daughter not to date anyone. 16 min., Spain (Short Narrative) Directed by Ivan Casajús


Don’t Speak A group of friends are having a party on a boat. In the distance, a small town watches them in silence. Suddenly, one of them is seriously injured and the group approach the village for help. No one attends, the few inhabitants they find order them to be quiet and disappear into the darkness. The group split for help and strange and terrifying things start to happen, some of them are killed in terrible circumstances. Those who still live, increasingly terrified, discover the reason for all these murders. If they want to leave the village alive and the house where they are locked, they will have to survive in absolute silence. 82 min., Spain (Feature Narrative) - Horror Director: Amadeu Artasona Night Of The Slasher A ‘shot-in-one-take’ slasher film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge. Director: Shant Hamassian 11min, USA (Short Narritive)


Newman In 1979, Joseph Newman, a self- educated inventor in the backwoods of Mississippi, claimed to develop a motor that defied the laws of physics. Mainstream news stations, and even an appearance on The Tonight Show, spread the revolutionary potential of his magnetic perpetual motion machine, which could end our dependence on oil and gas. Instead, as detailed in Jon Fox’s stranger- than-fiction debut, the maverick faced a decades- long, and increasingly paranoid, battle against the US Patent Office and the scientific establishment. 81 min., USA (Feature Documentary) Director: Jon Fox Expected to Attend

WEDNESDAY, JAN 20TH The Ballad Of The Homeless The Ballad of homeless is a poetic and surreal journey into the lands devastated by the earthquake in Emilia Romagna (2012), through the eyes of a child and his friends, a snail. 10 min., Italy (Short Animation) Directed by Monica Manganelli

Enchanted Ink Enchanted Ink is the story of May, a young Persian girl learning the magic of writing for the first time. May discovers that a moment’s distraction leads to a great mistake with even greater adventure... 6 min., USA (Short Animation) Directed by Brandon Scarry

Daewit A wolf child, a cat, an angel. 15 min., Germany (Short Animation) Directed by David Jansen

Hot Air The story of a cloud and a boy and a balloon 4 min., USA (Short Animation) Directed by Maggie Hughes

The Santa Santa Claus receives a letter from a rich man’s child, who, together with Santa, wants to deliver toys to the other children in a magical sleigh. 6 min., Armenia (Short Animation) Directed by Levon Petrosyan



Istoria Elias Demourtzidis, a Greek expatriate, is a survivor of the Greek Civil War and a period in history that most Greeks would prefer to forget. Ironically, Elias has been diagnosed with the degenerative brain disease Alzheimer’s. However, the disease is eroding his more recent memories first, leaving his mind to wander back in a time of war, civil unrest and unresolved family tragedy. ‘Istoria’ follows the journey of Elias, his son and grandson as they return to Greece for the last time to explore this troubled past and possibly even find a sense of closure for Elias.This reconnection with the village and the past could ultimately end in reconciliation or tragedy for Elias. 64 min., Australia (Feature Documentary) Director: David Ockenden


Oblivion Season An ex-prostitute starts a new life by marrying her loved one but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed before. Now she is the prisoner of her loved one and to earn her freedom she should fight with with the masculine society. 91 min., Iran (Feature Narrative) Director: Abbas Rafei Expected to Attend


Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of The Shoah In 1973, French journalist Claude Lanzmann began work on a film about the Holocaust that would change his life forever. Twelve years later, having shot more than 200 hours of footage, the maverick filmmaker finally completed Shoah, his nearly 10-hour-long masterpiece, which today ranks among the greatest documentaries ever created. In ‘Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah’, the 90-year-old iconoclast opens up for the first time about the trials and tribulations he faced while creating his magnum opus, and the weight it left him carrying. In addition to his years spent tracking down Nazi officials and traumatized death camp survivors, the filmmaker also discusses his teenage years fighting in the French Resistance, his relationship with existential philosophers Simone de Beauvoir and Jean‐Paul Sartre, and his hopes and expectations for the future, as Emmy-winning composer Joel Goodman (Clinton, JFK) provides a poignant and moving original score. Director: Adam Benzine 40 min (Short Documentary) Expected to Attend

Last Day of Freedom When Bill Babbitt realizes his brother Manny has committed a crime he agonizes over his decision- should he call the police? Last Day of Freedom, a richly animated personal narrative, tells the story of Bill’s decision to stand by his brother in the face of war, crime and capital punishment. The film is a portrait of a man at the nexus of the most pressing social issues of our day – veterans’ care, mental health access and criminal justice. 32 min (Short Documentary) Director: Dee Hibbert-Jones & Nomi Talisman Expected to Attend


Little Miss Perfect WORLD PREMIERE

Belle, an over-achieving high school freshman, stumbles upon an online pro-eating disorder subculture as cracks begin to appear in her seemingly perfect life. 82 min., USA (Feature Narrative) Director: Marlee Roberts Expected to Attend


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