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Running for Jim

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78 min., USA Directed by Robin Hauser Reynolds and Dan Noyes Expected to attend Running for Jim is a portrayal of grit, determination and the powerful will to finish. The film chronicles the story of Jim Tracy, the most decorated high school cross-country coach in California history, and his battle with fatal Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Tracy’s 2010 girls cross-country team and captain Holland Reynolds, age 16, bring his story to international attention when Holland collapses in the state championship race and crawls across the finish line to secure the title for her team and her ailing coach. First-time filmmakers Dan Noyes and Robin Hauser Reynolds present this film about the tenacity of the human spirit.

Autumn Blood

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100 min., Austria - Written & Directed by Markus Blunder - Expected to attend High in the Mountains on a secluded farm a widowed mother dies leaving her two children alone and orphaned. Fearing being taken away and split up they keep their mother’s death a secret and survive off the land with no one to rely on but each other. The sixteen year old sister (Lowe) is one with nature, innocent, and unaware of the evils that exist in mankind. Her ten year old brother is traumatized and mute from witnessing a disturbing incident years earlier (the death of his father) involving the town’s Mayor (Stormare). As the girl transitions into womanhood a harsh brutality destroys her innocence when savage hunters (Skarsgard and Uhlenbrock) led by the Mayor’s son (Vauramo) attack and rape her. A social worker (Bejhed) from a distant city arrives to investigate but ultimately it is the siblings who must come of age to protect each other and survive.

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Special Thanks to Tony Lyons Joseph Slowensky Don Hall Natsu Furuichi Natalie Kampelmacher Brady Bowen Jennifer Warren Kate Amend Mitchell Block Coner Barrett

Karen Black: On Acting SPECIAL SCREENING FOLLOWED BY PANEL DISCUSSION 75 min., USA Directed by Russell Brown Expected to attend WORLD PREMIERE In March of 2013, the late actress Karen Black revealed publicly that she had been battling cancer for several years. A few months earlier, in January, the Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner sat with director Russell Brown to share 40 years’ worth of insight intothe craft of acting. In 75 minutes, this in-depth interview covers everything from perfecting regional accents to finding a character’s inner needs from one of the most respected performers of her generation.


Caroline Sunshine In Person

From “Shake It Up!”

Our 2014 recipient of “Emerging Teen Actress Award”

Jan 16TH, 2014

ED ASNER In Person Sunday Jan 12TH at 4:45PM

ing n e e r Sc ussion l a i Specnd Disc A

Ed Asner is our 2014 recipient of“Lifetime Achievement Award” as an actor

John G. Avildsen IN PERSON - JAN 16TH Oscar Winning Director of “Rocky”

Our 2014 Recipient of “Lifetime Achievement Award” as a director


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85 min., USA Directed by Jeremiah Birnbaum Expected to attend

Set in a quiet California suburban town. TORN tells the story of Maryam Munsif, an upper-middle class Pakistani immigrant, and Lea Pelletier, a workingclass single mom, who are drawn to each other when their teenage sons are killed in an explosion at a local shopping mall. Brought together by this tragedy, the two women form a deep bond that brings much needed healing. But their relationship and their lives are stretched to the breaking point when Maryam’s Muslim son becomes the prime suspect in the explosion.





SUNDAY 11:OO AM Click to view trailer

Blood Brothers

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92 min., USA Directed by Steve Hoover Winner of both the Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award, Blood Brother is a documentary about the unmistakable power of love, as celebrated in the story of one man’s decision to move to India and restart his life among the children living at an HIV orphanage.

OFFICIAL SELECTION FOR BEST K-12 FILM Ferris Wheel Directed by Andrew Corl 4 min., USA - Trinity Education Center BJ

Directed by Anthony Liechti 9 min., USA - Orange County School of the Arts


Directed by Kira Britt 15 min., USA - Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV)

Woah Directed by Kelvin Rodrigues 5 min., USA - Downtown Community Television Center 10,000 Hours Directed by Nick Rua 3 min., USA - Sunlake High School Mr. McBob Directed by Pierre Schantz 7 min., USA - Sierra Vista Middle School



39 min., USA Directed by Jeffrey Karoff

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Expected to attend An unsung land artist who creates singular, cathedral-like ‘eighth wonder of the world’ sculptural caves with nothing but hand tools, grit and passion struggles with unappreciative patrons, financial hardship, and his aging body. He works to complete his magnum opus before his time and resources give out

The Lady In Number 6 39 min., United Kingdom Directed by Malcolm Clarke

**OSCAR TOP 8 LIST** Click to view trailer

The Lady In Number 6 is one of the most inspirational and uplifting stories of the year. 109 year old, Alice Herz Sommer, the world’s oldest pianist and Holocaust survivor shares her story on how to achieve a long and happy life. She discussed the importance of music, laughter and how to have an optimistic outlook on life.

Slomo 18 min., USA Directed by Joshua Izenberg

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Expected to attend Depressed and frustrated with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to the beach. There, he undergoes a radical transformation into SLOMO, trading his lab coat for a pair of rollerblades and his IRA for a taste of divinity.

Facing Fear


23 min., USA Directed by Jason Cohen Expected to attend

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The worlds of a former neo-Nazi and the gay victim of his senseless hate crime attack collide by chance 25 years after the incident that dramatically shaped both of their lives. They proceed to embark on a journey of forgiveness that challenges both to grapple with their beliefs and fears, eventually leading to an improbable collaboration...and friendship.


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12 min., Japan Directed by Nathanael Carton Yamamoto, Japan. 18 months following the Tohoku disaster, survivors left with nothing to hold onto their existence through pictures found and restored from the tsunami debris.


**OSCAR TOP 8 LIST** Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall Click to view trailer 40 min., USA Directed by Edgar Barens Expected to attend Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall is a moving cinema verité documentary that breaks through the walls of one of Americas oldest maximum security prisons to tell the story of the final months in the life of a terminally ill prisoner, Jack Hall and the hospice volunteers, they themselves prisoners, who care for him. WORLD PREMIERE The Last Week 19 min., USA Directed by Curtis Briggs Expected to attend How Lawsuits Doomed an American Icon follows the painful end of portable gasoline can maker Blitz USA. Viewers will see the devastation wreaked on one American manufacturing company and the impact lawsuits -- and the plaintiffs’ lawyers who brought them -- have on real lives in one small town.

Eddie Adams: Saigon ‘68 18 min., USA Directed by Douglas Sloan The story underlying the most influential and electrifying photograph to come out of the Vietnam War, and how the picture transformed the lives of Eddie Adams, who captured the moment on film, and Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the man who pulled the trigger.

My Mother’s Voice

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25 min., USA Directed by Mark Friedman Expected to attend Like the 6 million Jews lost in the Holocaust, Armenians lost an incredibly vibrant, successful and valuable gene pool of more than a million as a result of the Armenian genocide. This heartfelt documentary is about fourteen-year-old Flora Munushian who finds her way to America so she can marry a man she only knows from a photograph in order to escape. Her story brings an epic chapter in Armenian history to life and her voice is that of all the victims and survivors of the Armenian genocide…a story that must not be forgotten.

Karama has no walls

**OSCAR TOP 8 LIST** Click to view trailer

26 min., Yemen Directed by Sara Ishaq Yemen’s 2011 uprising. The film illustrates the nature of the Yemeni revolution in stark contrast to the gross violations of human rights that took place on Friday, March 18th 2011.

Cole Jenson In Person

Saturday Jan 11th from 12PM-2PM

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AKA Doc Pomus

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98 min., Canada - Directed by William Hechter Doc Pomus was the most unlikely of rock & roll icons. Paralyzed with polio as a child, Brooklyn-born Jerome Felder reinvented himself first as a blues singer, calling himself Doc Pomus, then as a songwriter, creating ‘Save the Last Dance for Me,’ ‘This Magic Moment,’ ‘A Teenager in Love,’ ‘Viva Las Vegas,’ and a thousand other songs. Doc was confined to crutches and a wheelchair, but he lived more during his sixty-five years than others could experience in several lifetimes. Packed with incomparable music and rare archival imagery, this emotionally gripping film features interviews with Dr. John, Ben E. King, Joan Osborne, Shawn Colvin, Dion, Leiber and Stoller, and B.B. King. Doc’s powerful journals are read in the film by his close friend, Lou Reed.

The Curse of Edgar

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92 min., France - Language English Directed by Marc Dugain This original docu-fiction weaves unique archival footage within a fictional story and sheds a new light on J. Edgar Hoover. This film reveals the FBI director’s battle to retain power from the Kennedy clan. From 1960 and 1963, two ideals of America come face to face and two sets of morals clash. Clyde Tolson, Hoover’s right-hand man and secret lover, is the last survivor of this psychological drama. He recounts this intense political period when America’s destiny has never been as dependent on one of the most powerful and mysterious figures of the time.

Based on the bestselling novel by Marc Dugain


Feeding Mr. Baldwin

95 min., USA Directed By Will Prescott Expected to attend Click to view trailer Dew has been asked to house sit for entrepreneur, Lance Bryant. If he succeeds in looking after the estate, he’ll earn a dream position working for Lance full-time. What seems like an easy enough task gets complicated when a box containing a dead woman arrives at the house. Worried the corpse will complicate his chances at the once in a lifetime opportunity, Drew convinces an estranged friend, Kamal, to help him cover up the situation before Lance gets home. But as an array of wacky characters begin to stop by with some connection to the body, Drew and Kamal discover that their half-baked attempts at solving the issue have dug them into a deeper hole than originally intended.

California Winter

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82 min., USA Directed by Odin Ozdil Expected to attend A young real estate agent who encouraged sub-prime lending during the housing boom must now battle against the banks to rescue her father’s home from foreclosure. CALIFORNIA WINTER is the story of how an average American family got caught up in the housing bubble, and the pressures they face when it bursts. Unlike other films that take place in the ivory towers of Wall Street and government back-rooms, this is the experience of how everyday Americans have experienced the 2008 crash.

Halima’s Path

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93 min., Bosnian language with English subtitles Directed by Arsen Anton Ostojic Halima’s Path tells the tragic but inspiring story of a grieving, but strong-willed Muslim woman Halima who tries, without success, to find the remains of her son who was killed in the Bosnian War and buried in one of the many mass graves. She realizes that she must track down her estranged niece, who we find carries a mysterious connection to him. After finding her, Halima discovers a horrifying fact from her worst nightmares. With this discovery, the spiral of tragic events from the past would continue in the present, disrupting once again the troubled lives of the characters.


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92 min., New Zealand Directed by Anthony Powell Expected to attend Experience a year, with the people who work, in the harshest place on Earth. For the first time we are getting the full inside view into living on the frozen continent. Filled with never before seen images, painstakingly filmed for over 10 years, including 9 winters in months of unending darkness.

Official Selection for

Best Shorts Animation Fallt A farmer struggles to keep his farm when Mr. Fall’s fault finding goes too far and a judge must question his judgment. 2 min., USA - Directed by Chadwick Whitehead

Pepe & Lucas

Expected to attend

A hi-tech street fight is waged between an angry clown and an innocent street mime to finish centuries of rivalry that finally proves who is the better entertainer. But they find that they bring happiness to a world without joy by working together. 8 min., USA - Directed by Mo Davoudian & Wim Bien

The Collector’s Gift “The Collector’s Gift” is a modern day fairytale about a young girl who discover the key to creating a new world.

9 min., USA - Directed by Ryan Kravetz

The Missing Scarf

Expected to attend

Oscar top 8 list for animation short A black comedy exploring some of life’s common fears: fear of the unknown, of failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei. 7 min., Ireland - Directed by Eoin Duffy

Expected to attend

Hu’s Game

Hu discovers he has a special skill. Can he make peace and find friends in this ancient world where strength seems to be all that matters? 7 min., USA - Directed by Shaun Seong-young Kim

Jamón Jose is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town, and he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and Jose starts to come to terms with who he really is. 8 min., United Kingdom - Directed by Iria lopez

Butterflies A young artist sits on the sidewalk, struggling to make a living. She sells drawings to passersby. A businessman recognizes her talents and offers her a paying job. The prospect seems inviting but the reality threatens to kill her imagination… 12 min., Australia - Directed by Isabel Peppard

Mr Hublot Oscar top 8 list for animation short Mr Hublot is a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, scared of change and the outside world. Robot Pet’s arrival turns his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion... 12 min., - France, Luxembourg Directed by Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares

Official Selection For Best Short Narrative The Magic Bracelet Click to view trailer Expected to attend ‘The Magic Bracelet’ mysteriously links best friends Angela, Ashley and a cheese obsessed dog. When Ashley inherits a totem bracelet from a friend who died of Mitochondrial Diseasethe same illness she herself battles- it leads the girls on a mystical journey of discovery in which a new level of friendship, family and healing is revealed. 18 min., USA - Directed by Jon Poll



A discredited scientist plans an elaborate heist to prove his genius and reclaim his ruined reputation. 10 min., Australia Directed by James Croke

Sum-Ba-Kok-Jil Mi-young is playing hide-and-seek with a doll. Oh-geon lives hiding his dark history and Min-su follows Oh-geon to revenge. One day, destiny of these three was entwined, and their story begins. 49 min., South Korea Directed by Hanuk Lee


Expected to attend

A man wakes up one morning to realize the entire world has dreamed about him the night before. 20 min., USA Directed by Carles Torrens

Hatch A newborn’s destiny hangs in the balance, as grownups come to terms with what they cannot have. 19 min., Austria, USA Directed by Christoph Kuschnig

Expected to attend

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Terry is a psychologically disturbed predator whose sinister playground is a laundromat. Terry thinks he is the hero of a comic gangster that is reading : Terry Lawrence, Gentleman Gangster. That is when his memory playing tricks on him. Terry is a victim of an unknown phenomena that literature considers as a Lapsus Memoriae : a slip of memory. 30 min., France - Directed by Karim Ouaret Expected to attend

Skinhead Requim

A volatile skinhead convict on death row and a not-so-typical priest cross paths for a final prison visitation. 8 min., USA Directed by Jason Victor Everett

Expected to attend


After lunch, David must confess the news to his parents. What he still doesn’t know is the impact it will have on them. 3 min., Spain Directed by Andrea Casaseca

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Hush! Girls Don’t Scream


104 min., Iran - English Subtitles Written And Directed by Pouran Derakhshandeh Inspired by true events. Expected to attend Shirin, a small girl growing up in Iran, is tormented by a secret which follows her throughout her life. She eventually takes her redemption into her own hands, in an ending you will never forget. Throughout the movie, all characters are forced to confront their own demons with respect to universal morality, dignity and justice.

Brave Miss World

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90 min., USA Directed by Cecilia Peck Expected to attend Miss Israel Linor Abargil was abducted, stabbed, and raped at age 18. She had to represent her country in the Miss World competition only 6 weeks later. When to her shock she was crowned the winner, she vowed to one day speak out about rape. This verité film follows Linor’s global travels as she reaches out to other survivors -- from American college campuses to the townships of South Africa. But Linor’s own rape comes back to haunt her when her serial rapist becomes eligible for parole. MISS WORLD follows a remarkable young woman willing to use her own rape as a case study to help others, even while racing against the clock to find her rapists’ previous victims who may be able to help her keep him in prison.

The Act of Killing

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115 min., USA Directed By Joshua Oppenheimer In a country where killers are celebrated as heroes, the filmmakers challenge unrepentant death squad leaders to dramatise their role in genocide. The hallucinatory result is a cinematic fever dream, an unsettling journey deep into the imaginations of mass-murderers and the shockingly banal regime of corruption and impunity they inhabit.


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77 min., USA - Directed by Phelim McAleer Expected to attend FrackNation follows journalist Phelim McAleer as he faces gun threats, malicious 911 calls and bogus lawsuits when questioning green extremists for the truth about fracking. Fracking is going to make America one of the world’s leading energy producers and has become the target of a concerted campaign by environmentalists who want it banned. In FrackNation, McAleer travels across the USA and Europe to uncover the science suppressed by environmental activists and ignored by much of the media. He talks with scientists and ordinary Americans who live in fracking areas and who tell him the truth behind the exaggerations and misrepresentations of anti-fracking activists.


Enter The Dojo


Cap South

This mockumentary follows Master Ken, a bizarre martial arts instructor who trains his band of misfit students in his “street lethal” fighting style: Ameri-Do-Te.

New York (1927) – a Vaudeville team, realizing that Vaudeville is on the way out, decides to produce their first film: “King Lear”. However, on the set of “King Lear” a random garbage man stumbles into their film and turns their drama into a slapstick comedy. The comedy is a huge success and the company is faced with finding this garbage man to repeat their success and reap the riches.

Cap South is an original comedy web series about a dysfunctional congressional office on Capitol Hill. Complete with frustrating constituent phone calls, encounters with intimidating special interests, hyperaggressive attack ads, and awkward office romance, one thing is for sure...this ain’t no Schoolhouse Rock!

7 min., USA Directed by Russell McGee

8 min., USA Directed by Rob Raffety

5 min., USA Directed by Adam Rottler and Matt Page Expected to attend

Expected to attend

Expected to attend


Anything Made of Paper

Zombie Nation

What does the fox say?

OFFICIAL SELECTION FOR BEST COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY FILM Aftermath In a new predatory ice age, two brothers search for a place to call home.

20 min., USA - Directed by Jeremy Robbins Expected to attend Being Doug Doug has to learn to gain control of Sid, his ventriloquist puppet, before Sid gains control of the woman Doug loves.

21 min., USA - Directed by Michael Van Orden

Gecko’s Gamble A gecko tries to escape from the dark lair of a pet-tormenting boy, but realizes he’s not the only critter in trouble. Will he save himself, or his comrades-in-bars?

4 min., USA - Directed by Matthew Steidl

Glazed and Confused

Expected to attend

When a first time burglar robs a donut shop, he encounters more ‘nut’ than ‘dough’ from the late night employee.

5 min., USA - Directed by Trevor Stevens

Six Letter Word

Expected to attend

An unlikely mom (Rumer Willis) is forced to confront her son’s autism after an unexpected encounter with one of her johns.

17 min., USA - Directed by Lisanne Sartor


21 year old James has just one job: to keep his girlfriend occupied while his older brother, Kane, raids her house. But the house isn’t empty - Ally’s sister is home, and now a pawn in the brothers’ plot. Out at the park, James realizes things haven’t gone to plan and panics. Afraid of what Kane is capable of, James must now stop Ally from running back to the house before things go from bad to worse.

14 min., Australia - Directed by Ramon Watkins

Sweetly Broken It’s what happens when a boy puppet gets separated from the girl puppet he loves and the lengths he goes to to reunite with her.

5 min., Czech Republic, USA - Directed by Chung Lam


Expected to attend

The story centers on Yaniv’s relationship with his younger brother, Avi, who attends one of the few mixed Jewish-Arab schools in Israel, and builds towards an incident at the checkpoint that challenges all involved to reconsider their previous resolve.

24 min., USA - Directed by Joel Novoa


Click to view trailer

89 min., USA - Directed by Evan Jackson Leong Expected to attend “Linsanity” chronicles the surprising rise of basketball player Jeremy Lin. in February 2012; an entire nation of basketball fans unexpectedly went “Linsane.” Prior to this now-legendary run, Lin had faced adversity in his career at every turn. He wasn’t offered a scholarship by any major university, nor was he drafted by any NBA team after a standout collegiate career at Harvard. Stuck in the mire of a disappointing season, the New York Knicks did what no other NBA team had thought about doing—they gave backup point guard Jeremy Lin an opportunity to prove himself. He took full advantage, scoring more points in his first five NBA starts than any other player in the modern era, and created a legitimate public frenzy in the process.

Plastic Paradise

Click to view trailer

57 min., USA - Directed by Angela Sun Expected to attend Angela Sun’s journey of discovery to one of the most remote places on Earth, Midway Atoll, to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Along the way she encounters scientists, industry, legislators and activists who shed light on what our society’s vast consumption of disposable plastic is doing to our oceans, and what it may be doing to our health. “intriguing...chilling film...journalist Angela Sun offers valuable new insights” — The Hollywood Reporter “Sun offers a fresh, new voice for her generation and has made a film that can appeal to the masses” — Honolulu Pulse “Thoughtful new documentary by @sunnyangela examines the Great Pacific Garbage Patch @plasticdise plasticparadisemovie.com #ppgp2” — tweet by Al Gore

Lion Ark

Click to view trailer

100 min., USA Directed by Tim Phillips Expected to attend Lion Ark follows a daring animal rescue. An undercover investigation leads to a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia, but the circuses defy the law. The team returns, track down the circuses and rescues 25 African lions and airlifted them Colorado.

Hollywood Reporter -Top 25 Potential Oscar Contender

Running from Crazy

Click to view trailer

100 min., USA Directed by Barbara Kopple Expected to attend Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, strives for a greater understanding of her family history of suicide and mental illness. As tragedies are explored and deeply hidden secrets are revealed, Mariel searches for a way to overcome a similar fate.


SATURDAY, JAN 11TH 11:00 AM Karen Black: On Acting Panel Discussion

SUNDAY, JAN 12TH 11:30 AM Int’l Cinematographers Guild Panel Discussion 2:30 PM Plastic Paradise - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY My Mothers Voice BJ 4:45 PM Ed Asner - In Person

12:00 PM

5:45 PM

Cole Jenson in person Kids activity


1:00 PM Pepe & Lucas Mr. Hublot Ferris wheel The Magic Bracelet Hu’s Game Sweetly Broken Mr. McBob 2:30 PM

7:45 PM FrankNation - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY Anything made of paper


Running From Crazy-- FEATURE DOCUMENTARY Jamon

2:00 PM

4:30 PM


Being Doug Machsom Gecko’s Gamble Glazed and Confused Six Letter Word Aftermath Snare 6:30 PM Linsanity - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY Enter The Dojo

4:00 PM Eddie Adams: Saigon’68 Recollections Facing Fear The Last Week 6:00 PM California Winter - FEATURE NARRATIVE Cap South

8:30 PM

8:00 PM

Antarctica - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 10,000 Hours

Autumn Blood - FEATURE NARRATIVE Zombie Nation


THURSDAY, JAN 16TH Oscar Nominations announced 12:30 PM

2:00 PM

Karama Has No Walls The Lady in Number 6

Halima’s Path - FEATURE NARRATIVE Hatch

2:30 PM

4:00 PM Lapsus Sum-Ba-Kok-Jill 6:00 PM Feeding Mr. Baldwin - FEATURE NARRATIVE Sinceridad

Prison Terminal Cave Digger Slomo 4:30 PM The Act of Killing - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY Skinhead Requim 7:00 PM

8:00 PM

Award Show

Lion Ark - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY The Missing Scarf


WEDNESDAY, JAN 15TH 12:00 PM FrankNation - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 2:00 PM The Curse of Edgar - FEATURE NARRATIVE Silence 4:00 PM Blood Brother - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 6:00 PM Brave Miss World - - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY The Collectors Gift 8:00 PM Hush! Girls Don’t Scream - FEATURE NARRATIVE Fallt





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2014 IIFF FILM FEST Program Book