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How to handle a second degree burn One of the most painful, debilitating and fearsome injuries is a 2nd Degree Burn. This can happen to anyone, anytime. Exposure to scalding liquids, hot objects, harsh abrasion, radiation, electrocution or even over exposure to sun can cause these. They affect the entire top layer of the skin and a part of the underlying tissue as well. They are very painful and take at least a few weeks to heal (maybe more). The most dangerous thing is, complications occur because of our negligence, because we mishandle the situation. Therefore, one should learn as much about this as possible, to ward off any further problems. Guide to treatment and management: 

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A Second Degree Burn is characterized by blisters, pain, redness and swelling. The blister will dry up on its own and it should never by burst. Doing this will delay the healing and increase the risk of infection. First aid plays a vital role in controlling the damage. In fact, if the penetration of heat is uncontrolled, then the damage will spread degree and destroy the entire underlying tissue. So, you should cool the area gently under cool (not cold) water for a few minutes. Never use ice, as it will exacerbate the damage. Do not use any cream, ointments or even bandages without medical advice, as these things can create problems. Contact your doctor immediately. Regarding bandages, these have to be changed daily to prevent infection. But, do not open them every few hours or so. In fact, it is advisable to get it changed by a qualified doctor only. If you experience any itching or any other problems while your wound is bandaged, you should inform your doctor. This could be a part of natural healing, but never take a risk with such injuries. Your doctor might prescribe painkillers for the pain and something to relieve your itching. This will bring you some comfort. Infection is a major risk in such cases. So, while your doctor may prescribe some antibiotics, you yourself have to take plenty of precautions to ensure that you do not expose yourself to any risks. It can be a serious complication. You have to be vigilant even after your healing is complete. The fresh skin will still be tender and weak. Any kind of damage can create major problems. Specially, avoid the sun until you are completely healed. In cases where more than ten percent of the body is injured, the victim is a child or when delicate areas have been affected, the wound has to be treated with extreme care and caution. Scarring and disfigurement are often experienced. They may or may not require surgical correction.

A 2nd Degree Burn can be relatively minor, or serious. Even minor wounds have to be treated with care, because infections and delayed healing can create major problems for the patient. Always remember, prompt and appropriate care goes a long way in assisting your complete recovery.

How to handle a second degree burn  

Second degree burn can become worse and even infected if it is not cared for properly. So, one must learn to recognize the symptoms and prop...

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