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Second Degree Burns: Ease your suffering with these simple tips There are few things worse than a 2nd degree burn. These have the potential to destroy your life and give rise to countless complications. These are also known as partial thickness injuries, because they destroy the topmost layer of the skin and a part of the underlying tissue as well. This is characterized by pain, swelling and blister formation. There are several complications associated with it. Fortunately, they can be prevented if you are careful. The more you know about them, the better equipped you will be to control this problem from spreading. Some complications and how to avoid them: 

Second Degree Burns occur because the penetration of heat could not be controlled in time. Moreover, if this is allowed to continue further, then the complete underlying tissue will be destroyed and the damage will be irreparable. So, the first step is to get away from the source of heat and cool the affected area.

These wounds are susceptible to infection. So, when cooling the area, make sure that you are using clean water, otherwise you might contaminate the wound. And the water should not be too cold, not should you use ice. These things can make the wound worse.

These injuries are characterized by blisters. As the healing progresses, the blisters will dry up on their own. Under no circumstance should the blisters be burst. This is a serious thing- it will be very painful, healing will be substantially delayed and chances of infection will be immense.

Scarring and disfigurement often follow these injuries. You may have to undergo surgery to correct this. Often, the nature of injury will be such that there is significant loss of function. Your doctor will prescribe the best treatment and management strategies to handle all this.

Serious cases include situations when the affected area is sensitive like face, groin, limbs etc, or, if the victim is a child or infant. Strict and intensive medical care is required in such cases.

2nd degree burn are painful and debilitating. However, you can overcome their harsh and detrimental effects if you are careful and vigilant. Always bear in mind that prompt and proper first aid is the most important thing that will save your life or that of someone else’s. Bear in mind the above points so that you will be ready to take the right steps in case of any emergency.

Second Degree Burns: Ease your suffering with these simple tips