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The User-Friendly Toshiba Canvio 500 GB USB 2.0 Basics Portable Hard Drive

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If you are looking for a digital storage solution, then Toshiba Canvio Basics hard drives are easy and simple to use. It is a snap to travel with your electronic data, and it has a compact and sleek design. As soon as you hook up the drive to your computer via USB, you're all set. You have a number of options if you are in need of portable storage for your computer. One solution that has been receiving good feedback is Toshiba's Canvio Basic Portable Hard Drive. The portable drive has no need for any power cable because the power is supplied by the USB. The hard drive just requires you to plug in to the USB port, there is no software to install and additionally, it protects the PC or laptop with an internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology. It has enough storage capacity so you can keep huge digital files. To ensure that the portable drive is right for you, be sure to do some extra reading to learn more about the different hard drives available. Sometimes a product is great for one user and not for another, as they have different requirements. You'll find that the drive is the most affordable drive available plus it is very simple to connect. You cannot find a better plug and play drive than the Toshiba Canvio portable hard drive. Looking very much like an iPhone, the drive is lightweight and data transfer is very fast. In general the reviews have been very good while the negative reviews were related to defective products or not what they anticipated.

In one review, a user attempted to use the Toshiba 320GB portable hard drive for their Mac; however, the drive was made for Windows. The reviewer did not know how to reformat the portable hard drive and Toshiba did not provide any instructions. After some research, he figured it out and is now happy with the hard drive. There are instances when makers assume that people know how to do things, which makes things more difficult for the consumer. Numerous reviewers were happy with the results of their purchase and probably recommended the Canvio hard drive to their friends. If you have ever lost crucial data through having a hard crash, it could be time to buy an external hard drive to back up your computer. Did you ever lose vital files or perhaps had to reload your applications or operating system? It is really frustrating to have to reinstall everything again. Even after browsing all the reviews, the smart thing you should do is try the Toshiba Canvio 500 GB USB 2.0 Basics Portable Hard Drive and test it out for yourself.

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