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LEGENDS OF THE FALL The best of the very best gadgets, gear and accessories to get you across your next finish line













1. Neutral. Light. Fast. The Saucony Ride 9 is sturdy and dependable. All you need. 2. Fitbit Charge 2 is easy to use, priced right, does everything, looks good and has a fun interactive interface. An easy choice. 3. Paired with shorts, the New Balance Kairosport jacket — light, handsome and smart design — is an October runner’s dream. Can more products adapt

the kangaroo pocket, please? 4. The Under Armour Run Streaker t-shirt, bliss. 5. We once had Christa Davidson test 15 sports bras. Nike’s Pro Bra was her favourite. By a long shot. Get protected. 6. Because it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear if you chafe. Vaseline. Trust us. Every time. 7. If you ever wanted your own hockey card, but of your races, a Sportstats

iRun for Don who’s 80 and still running strong! — Allie Gocan, Ottawa

membership lets you live out your dreams. And it’s free. And you can follow your friends. And win things. Why not? 8. Skechers GoTrail sneakers are built for Canada. Keep your socks dry as you battle the elements. 9. Easy to digest, ingest and suggest, Tropical Punch BLOKS from Clif Bar are race day lifesavers, enjoy. 10. At the Army Run, Ottawa Marathon and SeaWheeze, Nuun Active hydrated

runners and these thirst-quenchers with a Canadian CEO give Canadian runners a new brand to love. 11. MEC Sanctuary tights are flattering, colourful, cozy, sturdy and long-lasting. The best. 12. Mark Sutcliffe, founder of iRun, can write. Long Road to Boston, his latest book, is inspiring, fast-paced and fun — exactly alike having a best friend with you on a run.


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