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My strategy for the best running hairdo is simplicity. I keep it short and get it cut a few weeks out from the most serious races. It hasn’t always been this way though, I find that I have liked shorter hair over time. In high school and most of university we would French braid our hair as a pre-race ritual: ribbons, braids, fake tattoos, eloquent team cheers ... all part of the XC team ritual (not that I’m superstitious or anything, haha). After university I decided to grow my hair long again with the goal of donating it to kids with cancer. It was nice to be able to use hair for charity and I encourage others to do the same at least once in their life. It makes one feel good that there is a purpose where you can help others. Now I prefer my short hair style since it’s fast and easy. I haven’t gone full Sinead O’Connor yet though. Whether your hair is shaved or spiked or a perfect afro, go with what makes you feel confident. Getting the hair looking sharp, just like for any big day, also works great to get ready to run. Feeling great helps you perform.

4 iRun to spend time with good friends. — Julie Finkle, Ottawa


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