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“I GOT RUNS IN MY HEAD AND THEY WON’T GO, SPIRITS IN MY HEAD AND THEY WON’T GO.” The inside story of The Strumbellas and how their guitarist — running with his mom — co-wrote Spirits, his group’s infectious, awesome-to-run-to hit song By Ben Kaplan Photography by Heather Pollock

IRUN: As your band gets more popular, does that make you run more, or less? JON HEMBREY: It might seem counter-intuitive, but I’m actually running more these days. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m more into it right now or that we’re so busy I find myself having to take advantage of every bit of free time I get. So if I’ve got some time in the morning, I might as well just get out there and run. Once I get in the mindset of just, “Go out there and do it,” I find I have more time than I think. So I end up running more. IRUN: Why do you think so many successful musicians are runners? What does it do for you? HEMBREY: I’m not really sure. It’s definitely a challenge to keep active on the road. You’re travelling so much and don’t have a lot time for yourself. I like it because it’s easy — all I need are some running shoes — and you can do it anywhere. I usually go out in the morn-


2016 ISSUE 06

iRun to raise money and I’m eight years old. — Olive Marie, Ottawa

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