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Supporting Compliance | Delivering Savings A New Approach to Fleet Management

FleetCheck core products and services include: Our widely acclaimed Online Fleet Management System

Completely unique software…straightforward and user-friendly, with numerous integration options.

Car, Van, HGV, Machinery and Grey Fleet management

Whatever vehicles make up your fleet, our software is fully geared up to handle all associated tasks and administration.

Driver Management Tools

Watertight processes including electronic licence checking, medical and incident recording, driver training and alerts.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Market leading tracking and connected navigation products with full support and training.

Vehicle supply and funding

New and used cars and vans sourced to order, with a flexible choice of funding options from trusted leading suppliers.

Fleet Maintenance Support

Offering companies guidance on the optimum way to reduce the costs of tyres and maintenance by identifying the spend and looking at how to provide savings.

Organisational processes

Invaluable assistance including fleet policy advice, cost analysis, driver handbook template and electronic document storage.

Fuel management

Simple, innovative ways of controlling your fuel costs through enhanced MPG analysis, smart fuelcard products and driver education. Furthermore our eco-recalibration service guarantees fuel savings of at least 10%.

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Fleet Solution Whatever your fleet size...

Uniquely designed to adapt perfectly to every size and type of fleet. Understanding exactly how you manage your fleet means we can ensure that FleetCheck blends seamlessly with your business’s existing systems and processes. Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 5,000, FleetCheck will provide you with the very best in fleet management software and a flexible range of supporting services to address your specific fleet requirements.

Small Fleets

Specific services of particular interest to smaller fleet operators include: As a smaller company you may not have a fleet manager, but the pressures to control fleet costs whilst maintaining compliance at the same time as running your business - are no less significant than those of larger businesses. FleetCheck know the challenges you face. We are expertly equipped to deliver straightforward, affordable solutions to give you absolute confidence that your fleet is in good hands.

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Help with the negotiation of garage maintenance agreements Car and van supply, with a range of funding choices and van accessorising services available Fuel management services including discounted fuelcards and MPG analysis Fleet Adviser: a free, online resource centre giving you help and advice with fleet issues Visual and e-mailed alerts for services, MOTs, tax, insurance and warranty renewals

Medium Fleets

Additional features to benefit medium sized fleets As a medium fleet operator you have a considerable number of vehicles and drivers. Whichever way you look at it your fleet is a substantial (and costly) part of your business, and you will be very focussed on ensuring it is managed professionally and diligently. FleetCheck can bring you a broad range of services to elevate your fleet management processes to an expert level, whilst engaging with your specific challenges and delivering efficient, cost saving solutions.

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An integrated VOSA-compliant HGV management module Grey fleet management module with e-mailed alerts system and individual driver access Automated import of fuelcard and maintenance data from external suppliers Vehicle safety and inspection checksheets, integrated into the software and with reminder facility Vehicle tracking and connected navigation products to help maximise driver efficiency and productivity A range of cost analysis tools including MPG (miles per gallon), PPM (pence per mile) and whole of life costs

Large Fleets

Additional services targeted at managing larger fleets Managing a large fleet - with its associated operational, financial, environmental and HR issues – is one of the most complex elements of organisational management. Control is essential if you are to achieve an operational, compliant, safe and economical fleet. FleetCheck’s software will integrate seamlessly with your systems to bring you optimum benefit and value for money, and a dedicated team will ensure you receive a bespoke portfolio of supporting services for your specific fleet and organisational challenges.

. . . . . .

Flexibility to import/export data from/to other business systems such as SAP, Sage and AS400 VOSA-compliant HGV module with Operators’ Licence, tachograph and calibration management tools An intuitive portfolio of management reports with bespoke reporting available Automated import of fuelcard and maintenance data from external suppliers Two-way SMS driver messaging to automate reminders for licence inspections, safety checks and more One to one training for all users, and unlimited ongoing support from named contacts

Compliance Peace of mind...

You need safe, compliant vehicles and informed, educated drivers…it’s all covered with FleetCheck. * HSE and legal requirements for fleet operators are securely woven through all software functionality * Correct FleetCheck usage generates a sound audit trail of fleet activity; a fundamental duty of care requirement * Electronic document storage means instant access to essential paperwork * FleetCheck is fully supported by the UK’s leading transport solicitor and specialist tax accountant * Free ‘Fleet Adviser’ website provides crucial information and advice for all your fleet questions

Driver Management Fully underwritten Driver Handbook template, easily editable and with free legislation updates for life.

FleetCheck working with FTA for Van Excellence

Electronic licence checking direct with DVLA - with fully automated service available. Easy recording of individual medical information, training completed/required and incidents. Online document storage facility eases access to essential driver paperwork.

Vehicle Management Every service, MOT, tax and insurance renewal is alerted well in advance, giving you time to take action. Proactive vehicle safety check process built in to the system, with alerts and downloadable checksheets. Tyre management module for recording and monitoring of tread depths and projected replacements.

Driver risk profiling will help you identify your ‘high risk drivers’ and ultimately address the associated issues.

Mileages collected in a variety of manual and electronic ways, giving greater flexibility and system accuracy.

Numerous driver education tools available, from factsheets and training literature right up to workshops and courses.

Garage advisory repairs fully recorded with time/ mileage interval alerts to ensure they are never overlooked.

A range of downloadable HR form templates for commonly requested fleet-related activities.

A detailed and robust audit trail of vehicle maintenance and usage history; a crucial element of a compliant fleet policy.

Policies FleetCheck’s ‘Fleet Adviser’ website - a free online resource to help you by providing essential legislative information and answering your questions. Individual help and advice on your specific fleet procedures, from experts with extensive experience in fleet legislation and the implementation of compliant policies. Fully underwritten Driver Handbook template, easily editable and with free legislation updates for life. Every aspect of the software is aligned with the legal obligations of fleet operators, with many functions and modules specifically written to respond to changing legislation. The FleetCheck Software is supported by leading transport law solicitors, Backhouse Jones.

Duty of Care As an employer, you are bound by a legal duty of care to ensure the safety of your staff whilst they are at work. Driving is one of the most hazardous working activities; every week there are 250 serious injuries and 20 deaths involving people at work on the road. Occupational driving is governed by at least 10 separate laws including The Health & Safety At Work Act 1974, the Road Traffic Act 1998 and the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007. If you run a fleet and employ 5 or more staff, you must have a documented fleet safety policy. FleetCheck are trusted by hundreds of companies across the UK to help them achieve fleet compliance through efficient systems, smart technology and essential information.


Fleet Cost Control With a knowledge of how you manage your fleet we can make sure FleetCheck integrates seamlessly with your business. With consolidated fleet processes and improved accessibility, you can enjoy more efficient cost control, legal compliance and streamlined operations. Through a simple question and answer process we look at your current fleet processes, and where appropriate integrate them in to one system allowing ease of data access and reducing administration time. Looking at all aspects of your fleet management enables us to identify areas of potential cost saving. Areas such as fuel management, leasing providers, administration. Reviewing your fleet processes will identify if you are potentially vulnerable in the areas of legal compliance, Health & Safety and Duty of Care.


Fuel MPG reporting by exception will help you identify inefficient vehicles/drivers for further exploration/action. Fuelcard purchasing data can be automatically imported to FleetCheck for easy, comprehensive analysis. A range of fuelcards available, giving you direct savings on pump prices and flexible management tools.

Tyre Management Access to all makes and types of tyres at competitive prices in association with a leading online supplier. An integrated tyre management facility within FleetCheck helps you monitor tyre tread depths, plan replacements in advance and spot excessive tyre wear/ damage.

Service and cambelt replacement alerts are communicated to the appropriate person/department to ensure prompt action and pre-booking.

Acquisition New and used cars and LCVs supplied to order and at highly competitive prices.

Integrated vehicle safety check programme will highlight defects in their infancy, for instant and less costly repair.

FleetCheck use a consultative, impartial approach in working with you to ascertain the most sensible, cost effective funding method for your company.

Garage advisory repairs are fully recorded and alerted, enabling preventative maintenance instead of more costly reactive repairs.

Access to the very best funding rates in association with leading suppliers.

Advance notice of MOT, tax and insurance renewals will help you avoid costly vehicle downtime. Accident management service simplifies the accident handling process, saves you time and keeps repair/downtime costs to a minimum. Intelligent maintenance logging and reporting helps you analyse whole of life costs and spot excessive expenditure.

Individual advice from our maintenance specialists on sensible tyre selection and replacement.

Fully Accredited Integration The very best tracking and connected navigation systems, fully integrated with your FleetCheck software for a comprehensive, all-encompassing fleet management system. Instantly know where your vehicles and drivers are and communicate instructions direct from your office.

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FleetCheck’s integrated solution and advice puts you firmly in control.

Accurate times of arrival and traffic avoidance At a glance monitoring of driver behaviour Direct import of mileage into FleetCheck Automated service and advisory notifications Bespoke reports tailored to your business needs Bespoke developments e.g. driver safety checks LCZ (London Congestion Zone) daily reports

Discounted rates on van accessories such as ply lining, roof bars and racking solutions. Exceptional customer support at every stage of enquiry, order, delivery, aftersales and beyond.

Fleet Taxation FleetCheck’s team of specialists can undertake a review of your individual fleet and help to identify areas where tax savings can be made. Essential advice on fleet-related HR processes such as private fuel and advisory fuel rates, to help you make sure your chosen approach is of maximum benefit to all parties.

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Acting on our promise... “I found it easy to get up and running, once I got used to the software I began to use the more complex functionality that was available. We have already received improvements to the software at no extra cost; FleetCheck keep on improving the product, making it an invaluable tool for our business.”

Keira Maria : Fleet Manager, Sharland Roofing Ltd.

“FleetCheck’s online fleet management system and TomTom Work’s excellent tracking facility have combined to bring us the perfect package of total fleet management that we have been looking for.”

Sam Gaiger : Managing Director, Gaiger Brothers

“I have been aware of the mounting changes to driver and vehicle legislation for some time, but like many others who have busy and varied roles, could not find the time to address the issues. FleetCheck arrived at the right time for me, enabling me to manage the fleet and the Duty of Care responsibilities more effectively with robust and simple to use software. In addition the professional advice received and the technical support available means that I am saving money and have more time to spend in other areas.”

Neil Golding : Finance Director, R J Leighfield Construction Ltd “New systems hardware at Stanley Black & Decker meant changes were needed to many of the legacy systems. Minimum interruption to on-going processes was key to the success of this project. The old fleet management system had to be replaced and we found that the FleetCheck system was perfect for our requirements. Managing over 200 vehicles and drivers is complex enough, so we needed to centralise and standardise the processes to get one complete view of the fleet. We also wanted the ability to report on all aspects of the fleet, and manage cost control effectively. Implementing FleetCheck has achieved all of our key requirements. We had several IT projects underway at the same time, and the project with FleetCheck was effectively implemented and delivered on time. The whole team at FleetCheck were very professional to work with and their attitude and attention to detail made the project very rewarding.”

Geoff Allan : IT Project Manager, Stanley Black & Decker

Supporting Compliance | Delivering Savings A New Approach to Fleet Management | 01666 577928 Trusted by 100’s of companies across the UK

FleetCheck Introduction  

Overview of the servcies offered by FleetCheck.

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