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February 2010

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Don’t get annoyed - CALL US! Painting - home exterior/interior or fences • assembling of flatpack furniture • putting up shelves, pictures or mirrors • hanging doors • fitting blinds • fixing leaking taps

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Business & Lifestyle

Welcome The new ‘Business & Lifestyle’ magazine brought to you by the Local Knowledge team. Why the change? Welcome to the new Local Knowledge ‘Business and Lifestyle’ magazine. We have listened to your comments since we originally launched way back in May 2009 and are continually evolving to be the magazine YOU want. With the help of our Business Advisor and our Accountant we are pleased to bring you the first issue of ‘Business & Lifestyle’.

home improvements, health, style, and gardening tips and advice.

We have kept most of the features you already enjoy such as the experts pages, the charity page, the hero page and the competitions but we have restructured Business & Lifestyle to make it easier for YOU to find what YOU want.

So it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve. Whether you want to make money, save money, get fitter or slimmer, or have your home or garden improved for 2010 we’ve got it all here!

The business section is designed to give help and advice for YOU. Make the most of your money (regardless of how much you have or have not got!). This includes advice and updates on government legislation and changes to the law. Although we have called the section ‘business’ it is not exclusively for business people as this advice can potentially help any reader regardless of personal circumstances.

The services section contains a selection of the best businesses in and around Doncaster. Contacting these people will save YOU time and money. Also within this section are YOUR favourite competitions.

If you have any questions or queries please email us at the normal address. Dave Burns, Editor Next issue out from 5th March 2010. Call: 01302 237137 Email:

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The lifestyle section is designed to give help and advice for YOU. We include features such as


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Taking bookings for Valentines Day

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Editorial and artwork email: All correspondence must contain your full name and address details with postcode (email address if applicable) and a daytime telephone number to be valid.

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Andrew W Best Solicitor

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HSR LAW SOLICITORS Law of the Garden Garden Law is comprised of property law, regulatory law, tort law, and even criminal law. The owner of a tree is the person on whose land it grows. By statute, the owner of a tree has a duty not to allow the tree to obstruct a public highway. Often the tree’s branches and roots will bridge the boundary onto a neighbour’s private land. This encroachment is a trespass on the part of the tree’s owner and the neighbour has the right to prune branches and cut roots coming across the boundary. However, he must offer any fruit removed from the tree and any branches or foliage cut off to the tree’s owner to avoid running afoul of the Theft Act 1986. The pruning of the offending tree must take place on the neighbors’ own side of the boundary. One could not for example go onto his neighbour’s garden and cut the offending tree down without facing prosecution for criminal damage or a civil action for trespass.

Tree roots can cause damage to neighbouring properties by direct physical damage, by removing the moisture from below a foundation causing subsidence, or in the winter by causing heave. One could claim for damages caused by a neighbour’s tree roots through an action for nuisance. The leading case on the subject focuses on whether the owner of the tree could have foreseen the damage caused to his neighbour and whether there were any practicable measures he could have taken to avoid or lessen the damage. These measures could include pruning or capping the offending tree. There is little law restricting the height of trees. However, legislation has recently been introduced to address unreasonably high hedges. The anti-social Behavior Act 2003 allows Local Authorities to control hedge heights in

domestic properties. Under the act, one can complain to the Local Authority about a high hedge provided that the hedge: is evergreen or semi evergreen; is at least 2 metres high; and, is blocking the light to the neighbouring property. Thereafter the Local Authority can serve notice on the owner of the hedge requiring him to reduce its height. If the owner fails to do so, he faces continuing fines of up to £1,000 until he complies. A fee is usually payable to the Local Authority by the individual asking the Authority to take action. The best advice that can be given in regards to all the possible disputes described in this article is to attempt to resolve them amicably. For further information, please contact Fabian Braithwaite of HSR Law on 01427 872206.



BUSINESS In times of economic difficulty it makes sense for people to work together. We at Business & Lifestyle are playing our part to help by promoting a new business venture each month in conjunction with Success Doncaster. Success Doncaster is available to provide support and guidance to any resident of Doncaster regardless of their background. Help available ranges from support for new and existing businesses, guidance on retraining, help with finding a job and advice on financial issues for individuals and businesses.

The Success Doncaster programme has many contracts delivering a number of different initiatives, each one tailor made to meet your own individual needs. This month we would like to focus on KoziKidz, a new start business that has received assistance through one of our strands - Business Buddies. Linda and Tomas Torstensson originally came up with the idea for KoziKidz on a visit to England while still living in Sweden. Whilst out with their children, they were stopped by people on numerous occasions wanting to know where they had purchased the clothes their children were wearing. This led them to believe that there appeared to be a gap in the market for fashionable yet durable children’s clothing. Linda and Tomas went on to create the brand KoziKidz, designing and manufacturing a range of clothes for children that boast the latest in colour, design and fabric technologies to keep kids warm & dry so that they can enjoy playing outside whatever the weather. Turning to Success Doncaster for assistance, Linda and Tomas benefited from their own personal Business Buddy who was on hand to give general guidance during their early days of 8

running a business. When they felt ready to run the business from their own office, their Business Buddy helped them secure suitable premises in Doncaster. They were also introduced to another local business, fellow Success Doncaster beneficiary Creative Imaging who worked with them to produce marketing ideas and photography for their products. KoziKidz is now selling rapidly across the UK and is also becoming a big success overseas with sales in Czech Republic, Ireland, Bermuda, Denmark and soon, Russia. The distribution base is growing both at home and abroad. The business has also developed to the extent where they are now outsourcing their packaging and distribution of goods to a local warehouse. KoziKidz is a great example of how Success Doncaster can help anyone with a business dream! For more information on KoziKidz, call 01302 746680 or visit For further information on how the Success Doncaster programme can help you, call 01302 734554 or visit

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Just Pay The Taxman What You Can Afford In his recent Pre-Budget Report, the Chancellor confirmed that the HM Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’) Business Payment Support Service will continue to be available for the present. Nick Skelton, partner at Doncaster-based Crozier Jones, Chartered Certified Accountants, outlines how you can use this facility. To quote HMRC “The Business Payment Support Service is available to help you if your business is viable and you are experiencing difficulties in meeting your tax obligations as a result of the current economic circumstances”. The service is intended for new enquiries only. The helpline number is 0845 302 1435 and if you have payments due soon, you should ring as soon as possible. If your payment is not due yet, you can ring the Business Payment Support Line nearer the time and as soon as you are clear about whether you will be able to pay HMRC or not. Remember that you need to get in touch with HMRC in advance. Don’t wait until your payment is overdue. HMRC staff will review your circumstances and discuss temporary options tailored to your business needs, such as arranging for you to make payments over a longer period. HMRC will not charge additional late payment surcharges on payments included in the arrangement, although interest will continue to be payable on those taxes where it applies.

HMRC advisers should only ask for the information they need to make a decision. You should have the following information to hand: Your tax reference number; Details of the tax that you are or will have trouble paying; When you expect to be able to pay the tax; Basic details of your business’s income and outgoings. HMRC say that in most cases they should be able to give you a decision in about ten minutes. However, for larger payment debts and those that are more complicated (including second and subsequent requests for assistance), they may need to have a longer, more detailed discussion with you and may need to call you back before agreeing payment arrangements. If you are in any doubt about your individual position you should contact your accountant for guidance. Anybody who would like to talk to me or one of my partners can email me at or telephone (01302) 738382.




INVESTING FOR INCOME Investing for Income Against a backdrop of the lowest Bank of England Base rate since the Banks foundation in 1690 what type of investments can produce a reasonable income in the current market? For many years the nominal returns savers can receive on cash has been at a reasonable level, however investors may now need to diversify their investments across the four main asset classes. Namely Fixed Interest investments such as Government or corporate bonds, Equities and Property.

Fixed Interest Fixed Interest investments come mainly in two forms. Sovereign debt would be invested in Government gilts and corporate bonds. Sovereign debt is typically seen as a lower risk option although it does depend on the nation you are investing in. The UK government has not seen the cost of borrowing rise yet and consequently the return on investing in longer dated gilts is around 3%. Although the UK economy is clearly in recession investors still appear to regard their capital safe in Gilts mainly as Bank Of England has not missed a capital or interest payment since the formation of the bank of England in 1690.

Corporate Bonds Corporate Bonds operate in the same way as Gilts in that they pay a fixed rate of interest for a set time period before capital is repaid. 10

The capital values may be affected by changing inflation and the general level of market interest rates. Due to the greater risk of default Corporate Bonds generally pay a higher level of interest than Sovereign debt with quality companies’ typically paying 0.5% to 1% pa more than comparable government gilts. Currently there are good opportunities for investing in this area.

Equities For one of the few times in the last 50 years the dividend yield or income generated on the FTSE All Share index is higher than the yield on ten year government gilts. A well diversified portfolio of equities using a collective investment such as an OEIC held within a pension fund or an ISA could produce a useful income well in excess of cash coupled with longer term capital growth potential. Dividends could be cut reducing overall income paid and capital value could fall.

Commercial Property A diversified portfolio or property fund should provide a good level of rental yield although tenant defaults and falling occupancy rates for offices and retail property would reduce the level of income received. At some point we feel values should start to recover providing rental income and inflation protection. As always the value of property investments and income from them can go down as well as up and investors might not

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137

BUSINESS get back the amount originally invested, there can also be delays in realising property investments due to their illiquidity. In recent months I have advised clients on constructing portfolios with the underlying investments split between mainly UK Equity income funds, high quality corporate bond funds and government gilt funds. Using our in house research systems it is possible to identify the underlying asset allocation of the portfolio and the top holdings in the portfolio. The underlying income yield on these portfolios is typically in excess of 6%. Clearly there is no guarantee these levels of income will not drop and the underlying assets may decrease in value. It should also be remembered when analysing portfolios past performance is not a guide to future performance. If you would like more information on these portfolios or to discuss increasing your income please contact Martin Lomax on 07710 019321.

Don’t Delay Act Today




Debt Recovery Ltd.

If you can’t afford to repay all your debts you may qualify for a little known and almost unbelievable solution. If you qualify you will only have to repay what you can comfortably afford, meaning that a portion of your debts are written off, along with the interest. If you have debts over £13,500 and a regular household income you may qualify to take advantage of this government legislation to clear your debts. One short phone call to a local company could change your life. We offer a personal service, if you prefer a home visit please let us know.

Linda Walton Managing Director

Tel/Fax - 01302 371317 Mobile - 07852 993043

Email: Web:

Call now for FREE advice

Quality is the key to success. We provide a quality service and a successful DEBT RECOVERY


BUSINESS Email Marketing

Internet marketing products and services

Email marketing represents a fast and efficient way to market your business and we can help you create colourful templates and newsletters that can help draw attention to your latest promotions and offers, help to cross sell your range of services and products or just to keep your customers informed with helpful tips and hints, these emails will act as regular sign posts to your web site.

How do I market my business more cost effectively? Simple! Making use of internet marketing is not only an effective way to market your services; it is also an extremely cost effective method when done correctly! How to do it correctly is relatively simple but most businesses fail to implement an effective plan, simply having a website is not enough! A website needs to be at the heart of what you promote but it needs connecting to other business tools in order to get the traffic onto it.

Customer Database The gold mine at the core of any business is its customer database; if you do not have regular contact with your customers then you run the inevitable risk that they will drift away and buy from somewhere else, probably to a competitor that is making an effort to win their custom. Just regular pertinent reminders via the post, email, text message or tweets are an easy way to keep on “Top of Mind” with your customers as well as your new prospects. At IRUN we have a free Customer Database offer to businesses, this is an online tool which allows you store electronically all your client information in a Customer Relationship Management tool, it also enables you to track sales activity and work flow. However should you wish to subscribe to the marketing tools at £17.99 per month (ex vat), then you can access the email marketing tools, SMS text messaging and on line surveys.


Social Media This topic is now a tidal wave of information where your customers and prospects can now interact with each other to find goods and services, compare reviews, complain as well as praise. The largest businesses on the planet are investing massive amounts of effort into getting their social media representation correct, it is that important! A small business can harness the power of LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and Blogs very quickly and easily for very little money and a small amount of time. It’s a fact, that today the public now spend more time on line than they do watching the television, so where do you think you can grab their attention.

Here at IRUN we can help you with your website as well as all of the activities required to make it a profitable investment! Simply get in touch with IRUN, we are more than happy to sit down and talk to you about what you want to achieve, large or small, there is an effective and affordable solution for you all, one that will get visitors into your website. For more information contact IRUN on: t: 01226 610042 m: 07867 571133 e: twitter: @NickCable

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01226 610042 •



Dear Local Knowledge,

Dear Local Knowledge,

Since advertising in the Local Knowledge magazine we receive a steady stream of enquiries from customers. Unlike most other local magazines, Local Knowledge covers several areas therefore I can get enquiries from anywhere within a 15 mile radius.

I would like to say that we have advertised in various local magazines in the past and Local Knowledge is by far the best!

Thank you. Mr I. Smith.

We receive quite a lot of comments from customers and we are also able to help and advise people. We have been contacted by new customers in Bessacarr, Bawtry and Sprotborough.

Mat and Mouse IT Ltd.

Thank you. Mr P. Garbutt.





Q&a Each month Business & Lifestyle ask a member of the business community a series of questions ranging from personal to business and their views on Doncaster. This month Steve Gill, Membership Development Manager from the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, answers our probing questions.

Steve has been with the Chamber for nearly 7 years, starting as a business start up advisor then moved into business support. For the last four years he has been Membership Development Manager. Steve’s main responsibilities now are new member sales, new member’s induction and development of the members, offering and hosting various Networking events. Personal


What’s your best quality?

What’s your worst quality?

The ability to see and bring the best out the best in people. I have always had an interest in other people and their development. From my first career as a senior fitness instructor and personal trainer to my recent NLP advanced practitioner training I love helping people to develop themselves to their true potential

Finishing jobs! That’s why I am in membership development and not customer care! What advice would you give your teenage self? If anybody knew me from school they will know I couldn’t possibly be able to comment!

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BUSINESS What do people remember about you? Normally my bald head! But I hope my friendly, positive nature would be second on the list.

Business What do you admire in business people? I admire the fact that people can live it. Total commitment. It isn’t always the healthiest thing to do, lots of other things can suffer, but I still admire anybody that can do it. What’s the best business advice you have been given? Cash is king. Without cashflow even a successful business could fail. What are your business ambitions? To help Doncaster Chamber become the country’s leading Chamber of Commerce What’s your secret to success? If somebody else can do it, so can I. Once I know what I want I make it happen!

Doncaster Who is your Doncaster Hero? i.e. good boy (or girl) done good? Clive Hutton of CH Powertools and Hutton Business Centres. As a lad me and my brother used to BMX with Clive. Clive has always been a punk rocker at heart (and anybody who has seen his evening wear at the Business Awards will understand that!) and not the most academic person. But through sheer hard work, determination and an unprecedented drive and winning attitude he has overcome many obstacles, and even won the Doncaster Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year Award along the way!

What would you like to improve about business in Doncaster? More graduates returning to work in Doncaster. A recent survey shows that there is a massive shortfall of candidates possessing NVQ level 4 qualifications and above in Doncaster, costing the borough some £248 million in productivity shortfall – a problem only intensified by the fact that only 1% of graduates return to the borough after gaining a degree. How can Doncaster businesses compete Nationally or Internationally if they can’t employ staff with the necessary skills for the business?

Clive has always been a punk rocker at heart and anybody who has seen his evening wear at the Business Awards will understand that!

What’s your favourite place to relax in Doncaster?

There are many great places to relax in Doncaster, Sprotbrough falls, cycling the Trans Pennine Trail, a stroll around Lakeside, but I my personal favourite is the top of Cusworth Hall hill on a Summers day. A great place to take a picnic and watch the beautiful changing landscape of Doncaster. What should Doncaster be remembered for? The attitude of it’s people. After the close of the mines in 1980s, Doncaster’s future looked bleak. One of the best things to come from this was the development of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial attitude. A huge amount of people were given the opportunity to do what they always dreamed of doing and influencing everyone around them. The results speak for themselves today.




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Depression and Weight Gain The Spiral Effect This month Vivienne concentrates on a problem faced by many of her clients, that of depression. It is said that up to 15% of people will suffer from depression at some time in their lives and will experience the typical symptoms of mood swings, anxiety, feelings of despair, insomnia and loss of interest in life generally. The good news is that recognition and treatment has never been more effective with many sufferers making a complete recovery. Medication in the form of modern antidepressants, have been welcomed as fast acting and effective. These are in the form of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs better known as Prozac and Seroxat). There are many different causes of depression and in some cases there is no obvious explanation for the condition. However working as a weight loss counsellor for almost five years, I have noticed that many of the clients who come to me to lose weight are taking medication for depression. The strong links between feeling in a low mood and the use of food to help individuals feel better is a common theme. They have explained their need in the past to feel better and how food has been involved in this process, but then how they seem to experience guilt and anger because they have used food in this way. This then seems to create even greater feelings of anxiety, and an increased need to feel better again. Turning to food to temporarily change their feelings again and again. They describe this as a vicious circle, a spiral of distruction and their weight inevitably goes up and up, creating increased lack of self esteem, a feeling of being

out of control and deeper depression. Identifying this downward spiral is one thing, but knowing what to do about it is quite often a challenge. It often takes a lot of courage to make the first phone call to come to a free information session to find out what is on offer. My clients come to lose the weight and by using the psychological approaches of cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis along side a VLCD (very low calorie diet) with meal replacements, results are usually quick and consistent. I notice that the combined methods prove to be very effective for most people, and as the weight comes off they experience a sense of euphoria, and increased feelings of being in control. Many under the guidance of their medical practitioners come off the antidepressants, and take control of their lives in many more ways than just food choices. A long term plan of management support is also offered to clients to help them move gradually into healthy choices and smaller portions to keep the weight under control. Regular free monthly sessions help to keep reminding them that they can behave differently, challenging the negative thoughts which may induce a return to the old behaviours which led them to be so unhappy in the past.

e n n e i v i V

To discuss any aspect of this article please call Vivienne at LighterLife on 01302 760777 or go on-line to



Ask the Man with Two Heads

Make sure that the resolution is for you and that it is yours to control

So it’s all over now, you have eaten your turkey, given your gifts and received all those things that go to increasing your waist. I bet you have also set a few resolutions about how you are going to behave in the coming 12 months. Maybe you have decided to lose weight, stop smoking, or put an end to some other bad habit. But have you really set this resolution in stone? Has it been prepared in a way that means you will achieve it? Here are a few tips that will help you get to your goal:



Write it down. Describe the end result in a way that includes what you will see, hear, feel and say to yourself.


Identify how you will know you have achieved what you want, specifically, eg. I am a size (choose your ideal dress size), or I weigh (choose your ideal weight).


Make sure that the resolution is for you and that it is yours to control. You have no influence over others, so resolving that your son will do better at school is unlikely to be realised unless it is his resolution.


Keep the written description in a place where you can see it regularly, next to your bed, on the fridge or attached to your bathroom mirror. Then read it and remember it every time you see it.

Probably the most important thing, after the above have been completed is to take action! You will not win the lottery unless you buy a ticket, you will not lose weight unless you choose to eat healthy and exercise a bit, you will not stop smoking unless every time you go to buy cigarettes you bypass the shop. For more help with how to overcome unwanted behaviours, compulsions or phobias or with how to build effective resolutions that last call me at heads for living for free advice. 0844 351 1308 or 0844 351 1473


Because Two Heads are Better Than One!

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Make The Difference Learn some of the most powerful inter-personal and communication techniques ever developed. Have you ever wondered how some people manage to perform brilliantly in whatever they turn their hand to? Or how some people appear so confident every time they speak to anyone? This is your invitation to attend the course of seminars that will explain how you can: Improve your self-confidence Develop highly effective communication skills Take control over your moods and your habits View what happens around you from a positive perspective.

module per month and practice what you have learnt between sessions. By the end of the year you will wonder how you ever got on before.

New To Linguistic Programming is a course that will enhance your personal development and help you to empower those around you. Spaces are limited so book now to ensure your seat.



Delivered in an interesting and thought provoking style by your own Master Practitioner of NLP this is an exciting opportunity to learn a series of life changing techniques that will benefit you from the very first session.

Call Dean NOW on:

Starting in February 2010 attend one

0844 351 308

for t com he prog plete ramm e

Improving Lives, Transforming People



New Year Computer Hangover! Nobody likes backing up, but one day you will be thankful that you did. Here are the most efficient methods of protecting your stuff, no matter what your situation. One day, your hard drive might crash or worse still thieves might steal your computer. Or you might realize that you need an old version of an important document that you have just overwritten. At times like these, having a secure, up-to-date backup can be a lifesaver. Here are some practical strategies for backing up your data. What to Back Up Your documents: You should back up your word processing files, spreadsheets, and similar documents regularly . Application data: Applications create and maintain data files such as e-mail messages, browser favourites, calendar entries, and contacts that may require regular backing up. Media: If your backup medium is sufficiently roomy and fast, you can back up your photo, music, and video files. Sentimental items: Files that you want to keep forever such as family photos need to be backed up twice to offer extra protection. Your system: You can always reinstall Windows and your programs, (provided you have the original discs of course!). But if your system did not come with any Windows discs follow your manufacturers instructions on how to create a Recovery Disc, and keep this tucked away safely. 20

Backup Mediums External Hard Drives – A great mass storage device, but don’t forget that these types of hard drive are just as likely to fail as the one in your laptop PC, so don’t store all your data here without also having it copied elsewhere. USB Pen Drives – Not usually big enough for long term storage, but great for portable and short to medium term storage requirements. RAID Drives – These are hard drives with a difference. That is they offer two or more hard drives in a single enclosure. If set up correctly (and if is the important word here) then they will automatically provide you with two copies of your data whenever you save a file to them. Home Network – Great for encouraging the whole family to make copies of their important files. Link your computers together via a router, add a NAS drive (network attached storage) and all the people with access to your network can make copies of their data in one place. DVD/CD-ROM – No longer the answer to many backup scenarios as they have been overtaken by hard drive technology in terms of speed and capacity. But still useful for long term backups where you don’t need regular access to the data. Cloud Storage – The new kid on the block. For a monthly fee (and even some free offerings are available) you can store your backups in Cyberspace, away from your home and any of the risks therein. Your data will be

stored securely on a large computer which could be located anywhere in the world. The only downside is speed of access. Large quantities of data can take hours or even days to transfer, so not always good for recovering from a complete system failure. Backup Software Many types of software can be obtained to automate your data backups. If configured correctly, they can provide an invaluable service, taking away the human element of forgetfulness from the process. More sophisticated software can also provide versioning, which allows you to recover a number of different versions of your documents from different dates should you accidentally overwrite one. At Mat and Mouse IT Services Ltd we can assess your individual data storage requirements, for both home and small business. We can provide advice, guidance and installation of the right tools for the job, to make you sleep more easily – at least when it comes to counting electric sheep! For further information call Mat & Mouse on: 01302 534449 or 07867 984740.

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Moving Home? Moving Office? Looking for flexible storage? Whether you are moving across the street or across the world, let Pickfords well trained staff help with your move, call today on 01302 363734 for a free home visit.

Call now on 01302 363734



Welcome to 2010, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a healthy and prosperous year. I thought this month I would look at a couple of ideas to be thinking about for the coming year.

Firstly – Staying Healthy;

Call a suitably qualified and certified engineer.

7 steps to maintaining a healthy heating and hot water system;

You can look on the GasSafe website to find one in your area.

Read all the manuals for your system. Make sure you know what all the knobs, dials and switches are for and where they should be set. If you don’t have manuals you can normally get them from the internet. If that fails you can contact us through our website at and we will do what we can to help.

Secondly – Prosperity;

Make sure your heating system is free of air. Do your radiators sound like a chip pan when it is warming up? This is a sign of air in the system.

If you visit the Energy Saving Trust website at where there is a full explanation of the scheme, how it works and links to other information including the SEDBUK database which allows you to check if your boiler qualifies.

Make sure your controls are working and set correctly and remember the cylinder stat too. Make sure your hot water storage is properly lagged. Pipes should also be lagged if they run in unheated areas. Check that you have no leaks on the system. A common sign is the brown streaks on your pipes to the radiators. Check your pump for signs of leakage and see if it sounds nice and quiet.

How would you like to get rid of the old boiler? This month the government has launched its Boiler Scrappage Scheme. Under this scheme you can get up to £400 towards replacing your old boiler.

The basis is that if your boiler is “G rated” or worse and is the main heating source for your home you should qualify. Once you have had a look, if you need any advice give us a call at Waveform and we will help you with the process. Stay warm and safe, it will soon be Spring.

Check the water in your system. If it’s black and sludgy you should consider flushing the system putting in some inhibitor chemicals and fitting one of the system cleaners (Magna Clean or Boiler Buddy).

Visit for contact details.

Please don’t attempt to do any repairs to your equipment yourself. 22


Contact Waveform Services for any help you might need. 01302 762424.

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


Domestic Cleaning Regular, Weekly, Monthly & One Off Cleans Pre Tenancy & Post Tenancy Cleans


Commercial Cleans

07799 325716

Builders Cleans


Linda Henderson




Corner Welcome to Compost Corner, the Business & Lifestyle monthly gardening column. LATE WINTER GARDENING January and early Febuary are the darkest months for a gardener and from a weather point of view, very unreliable. We may have frequent downpours, gales, frost and snow and it is with good reason that most plants are in their deepest moments of dormancy. It is a time that is hard to treat with enthusiasm so it is a good chance for us to be creative and whilst the garden is resting, set ourselves up for the year ahead. JOBS TO DO Have a look at your tools and storage area (shed or garage), ensure tools are sharp and oiled and storage area is clean and tidy. Often these essential jobs can be overlooked during the growing season as there always seems to be more pressing things to do. Believe me sharp tools make good gardening much easier and more enjoyable. 24

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM YOUR GARDEN? Next have a think about what you want from your garden over the coming year. What is the main purpose of your garden? Are you using the space you have efficiently? Do you want more areas for socialising, for kids playing or for adults playing?

NOW is the time to start. If you leave things until Spring then it is too late as by then the growing season has started and off we go again with the mow, hoe and blow cycle. If you have any ideas you wish to discuss with me or questions to ask I can be contacted on: 07889 858767 or 01302 865065.

Do you want less maintenance in the coming years? Do you want more maintenance in the coming year? Do you want more colour? I could go on but the point I want to make is you can have the garden you want. If that is the garden you have, then brilliant, but do you need the garden to be maintained? TAKE A GOOD LOOK Have a look at your garden and if you see room for improvement large or small

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137



Call r fo NOW ring y Sp earl ers off

A typical garden maintained by Country Gardens Residential.

Too busy to maintain your garden? Want to free up your precious time? We provide weekly, fortnightly, or one-off visits to suit you.




Forget New Years Resolutions …Simply Make Decisions! Become effective at GOAL SETTING! “If you aim at nothing you will hit it everytime” - Zig Ziglar “The strangest secret in the world is that you become what you think about.” - Earl Nightingale. Well, here we are again in February. Perhaps you are reflecting on the results you achieved during 2009 from a health & fitness perspective. Maybe you are contemplating what you want to achieve next year. So, what will it be in 2010? Become healthier? Lose weight? Get fit? Tone up? Have more energy? Eat well? Be more active? The goals vary from person to person. Have you thought about what you want next year? In my experience the following facts are true; many people consider (and I stress the word ‘consider’) health & fitness goals and New Years resolutions at this time of year. Many people very rarely set effective empowering goals that they write down and follow through – they tend to just vaguely list them in their head. Many people will simply not achieve want they want. Many people will do the exact same thing every year and expect a different result! Wake up! It is never going to happen. You simply cannot do they same thing each year and expect to get a different result. You will likely get what you have always got and if that is nothing then you are a creature of habit which is a good thing, I’ll explain later. So, why do we do this? How do we do this? How can we overcome this? Well, get ready, here it comes the moment you have all been waiting for, the answer that you are literally gagging to hear (OK Mark get on with it!). 26

The answer is YOU must CHANGE by becoming an effective GOAL SETTER. I know, sounds obvious and simple doesn’t it? You are right it is simple and it is obvious. Goal Setting is a simple procedure you must effectively complete before you begin any diet or exercise program. To be successful at anything, you must aim for it and those who aim at nothing will likely hit nothing everytime. If you ignore this step – like most people do you are destined to fail no matter what you do or how hard you try. This crucial first step is goal setting and you are about to learn some of the strategies and techniques I use with my clients to help them set some powerful goals. Goal setting is a huge subject, entire books have been written about setting effective goals. This article will likely only scratch the surface but at least it gets you started. Here we go. Firstly write down this question on a piece of paper: What do I want? Then write down underneath exactly what you do want and be specific. Tell yourself where you are now in relation to the goal and where you want to be? How soon do you want to be there realistically? Next write down this question: Why is it important to me? And then ask: For what purpose do I want it? Only settle for a lot of detail at this stage and you are looking for the ‘emotional’ button.

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137

lifestyle The phrase that you are looking for will likely start like this: I want it because it will make me feel..... You will have now found your main ‘motivator’. Finally ask yourself this: How will you know when you have achieved it? Actually another way to ask this to get you to write down a detailed answer is to ask: What will my life be like when I have achieved it? How different will your life be? Whilst doing this only focus on the things that you want and avoid focusing on the things that you do not want. Remember, you get what you think of every time! Always perform a goal setting session in a very happy, positive frame of mind. Put on your favorite music perhaps and go to your favorite room or location. Once you have competed your goals, I challenge you to re-affirm them every day by reading them out loud to yourself at least twice per day. This may seem pretty strange at first but trust me it is one of the most powerful things you will ever do

to yourself. Remember, you have to do things different to make a difference. You can do it and do not let anyone else influence you otherwise. Make 2010 your year. Become a prolific GOAL SETTER…I am! Mobile 07812 131974 Nuffield Health Club Doncaster 01302 365588



Mark Whitehand - Personal Trainer.




To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


Each month Business & Lifestyle will support a charity nominated by one of our advertisers or readers. My Doncaster Cancer fundraising organisation KRISTALClear was formed in January 2009 with the help of my wife and family. This was after my mother underwent surgery for breast cancer in Doncaster Royal Infirmary the previous year. The name KRISTALClear came about from my mother saying she would love to return on holiday to Hotel KRISTAL in Porec, Croatia, when she is Clear of cancer. 2009 was a tough year to start fundraising of any kind. Due to the well known credit crunch which affected the general public’s pockets. Plus introducing Doncaster to a new Cancer fundraising organisation, where monies raised will benefit people solely in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough. This has also been a daunting task in itself. With the start of a New Year, KRISTALClear has set the wheels in motion with three events planned so far for 2010. Two further events are to be announced shortly.

Event dates:

booked for Sunday 5th September 2010.

Friday 26th February “LADIES NIGHT” to be held within the elegant art deco Earl of Doncaster Hotel. The evening will include Reception drinks served by new Doncaster company and event sponsor ‘Peachy Butlers’, a Delicious three-course dinner and Live entertainment from Magician Thomas Wright and X Factors Alan Turner, who went through to Simon Cowell’s Boot Camp in America. Tickets for this event are on sale now priced at only £25.00 per head. Gentlemen also welcome. (Deposits £10.00 pp).

To book for any event telephone: 01302 773294 further information can be found on our website:



On Sunday 28th March KRISTALClear will be holding its first “With this Ring” Wedding & Honeymoon Extravaganza. The Earl of Doncaster is very kindly supporting this event by donating all function rooms to the cause. “With this Ring” is open to the public 11am till 5pm. With fashion shows every hour. Admission Free. So much interest has been shown by exhibitors that a second “With this Ring” has now been

As part of our philosophy of giving back to the community, we are supporting charitable organisations that have provided us with services that money can’t buy. Many of us have relied on these organisations in the past. They all rely heavily on us for donations and supporting fundraising activities. So let’s give something back!! In each issue we are going to provide a

feature for that charity, to enable them to benefit from free publicity to raise their profile within Doncaster. So if you want to help in any way, or want to say thanks to a particular charity, please contact us and see what we can achieve together.



Monthly Hero Every now and then you stumble across someone who is just a good person. They have that indefinable, indescribable ‘something’ that just makes them stand out from the crowd.

If you love it, We can frame it! Custom made frames for: Pictures • Photographs • Mirrors • Football Shirts • Coins • Medals • Stitchcraft Locally Crafted Pottery and Photocopy Service The business logo “If you love it, We can frame it” reflects our desire to oblige customers with a quality framing service at sensible prices to best present a range of items which are important to them, custom made in our own workshop from a first class range of mouldings.

Tel: 01302 310537


Whether it’s your local milkman, school crossing patrol lady/man, community worker, local volunteer, the lady in the local chip shop, or indeed your next door neighbour, it’s about time we reward, but more importantly recognise, their services to either a business or to their community (or both). If you would like to nominate your Local Hero please ring, write or email. The more information you can provide us with, the more it will help. We will consider all nominations and will feature the next ‘Local Hero’ in the March issue. Please supply all information by 28th February.

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


This month’s Local Hero - Richard Hill Richard has been very busy before the Christmas holidays raising money for The Sick Childrens Charity. Richard gives you his story. “About 6 years ago I was asked to help out at Balby Primary School as they did not have a Santa and were desperate, I did this, and the year after they asked me again but the Santa suit was very threadbare so I had a new one made for me. At the same time my father then 82 years old was also being Santa at Ackworth Garden Centre (he had been asked to do this by my Sister who worked there). I then started to be Santa at Ackworth at the weekends to give my Dad a rest. Four years ago my Dad stopped this job and as I now had all the gear I decided to raise money for charity by being Santa for local schools, libraries, children’s homes etc and charging them a small fee, all money going to the chosen charity. My January to November job is an ICT Technical Officer, for DMBC, this meant that I had quite a few contacts so getting work wasn’t a problem. In 2007 and 2008 I raised about £1000 in total for the NSPCC.

Have you noticed how the elves are getting younger these days! Last year (2009), it was for the Sick Children’s Charity which provides free overnight accommodation for parents who have children being treated at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. I persuaded one of our Help Desk girls (Maxine) to accompany me and we visited various DMBC offices shaking the bucket (and anything else that helped!) and we were very successful, going to Nether Hall, Carr House Centre and all 11 floors of the Council House, collecting £700 in 4 hours.

Richard and Maxine ready to go collecting.

In total I have raised just over £1800 for “treetops” at Sheffield (20 gigs!), this has been quite hard as I have had to do my normal job at the same time and take annual leave, half days off etc to be Santa but it has been well worth it. The money is going to “sponsor” a room at the Hospital which will ensure its availability for any parents to use free of charge for 72 days and nights”.



Stormtroopers at the Lakeside What is more frightening than seeing a Stormtrooper when doing your last minute Christmas shopping? Several Stormtroopers! SInce watching Star Wars as a young boy I have always feared the evil Empire, Stormtroopers and their illustrious leader Mr D. Vader. Mos Lakeside security was increased on the 20th December as a group of Stormtroopers and an Imperial Officer undertook routine checks on the passing traffic. The Stormtroopers were looking for a band of Local Knowledge Rebels and proceeded to stop and check the Local Knowledge Volvo.


Having studied Jedi from an early age I was able to get them to bend to my will.

Dave (Obi-Wan) Burns: “This is not the Local Knowledge Volvo you are looking for”

The conversation went as follows:

Stormtrooper: “This is not the Local Knowledge Volvo we are looking for”

Stormtrooper: “How long have you had this Local Knowledge Volvo”

Dave (Obi-Wan) Burns: “He can go about his business”

Dave (Obi-Wan) Burns: “About 6 months”

Stormtrooper: “You can go about your business”

Stormtrooper: “Let me see your identification”

Dave (Obi-Wan) Burns: “You can move along”

Dave (Obi-Wan) Burns: “You don’t need to see my identification”

Stormtrooper: “Move along, move along”

Stormtrooper: “We don’t need to see his identification”

And so we were left to continue to produce the high quality magazine called Business & Lifestyle throughout the galaxy......

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


The Webster Some say he gets up at 5am each day and eats porridge with his bare hands..... others say that in an effort to reduce his carbon


footprint, he and Mark Whitehand travel around Doncaster using nothing more than their ‘Space Hoppers’..... All we know is that he’s called the Webster! Talking Pictures

Art for Art’s sake

If you like to amaze your friends with your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things film and television related, then the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the site for you.

Don’t have the time, funds or indeed inclination to visit the Big Smoke to indulge in some culture? Well, there’s no need when you can take a virtual tour of the best collection of art in the UK via the website of The National Gallery. Though located in London, you don’t need to brave Tube strikes, or understand the intricacies of the Oyster Card to visit this online gallery. See paintings spanning some 700 years of history in a collection of over 2,300 masterpieces. uk/

Check out what Tarantino is up to next, or look back at Lawrence of Arabia. Almost everything committed to film or video is featured here, from all around the world. And if you like lists (and don’t we all?) then look no further than the definitive IMDb Top 250 Films of All Time…

Remember your loved ones this St Valentines Day

New Year Savings We all want to recoup some cash after Christmas, and more especially after the January sales. So take a look at Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert Site. It’s packed full of money saving tips, from when to switch utility providers to where to find the cheapest local fuel. Martin is a regular on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show and has also had his own TV series. http://www.moneysavingexpert .com/

Since the beginning of time, man has experimented with ways of sending information over great distances. Smoke signals, fire towers, flags and talking drums were all used as early systems of communication. Instead of the usual boring card, chocs, or thongs this Valentines Day, why not send them a telegram? It’s what people used to do in the old days. How romantic. Mrs Webster will love me for it!



The Abominal Snowman... or is it a Yeti? Last year saw the launch of Bickerton Skoda’s newest family member, the Skoda Yeti! Amongst the crowds of people that visited our showroom on the day of the launch, we were also privileged to be joined by a very special visitor, Yeti himself! Whilst in Sheffield for the day, Yeti managed to have a cappuccino at Nonnas Italian Resteraunt on Ecclesall road and even get himself a tattoo and a bag of chips!

A true crossover, combining all the rugged strengths of a traditional 4x4 with the practicality and running costs of a hatchback, Yeti is a true crossover vehicle. It is available in a choice of five diesel or petrol engines and four trim levels. Equipment levels are high across the range with electric front windows and CD player, air conditioning, six airbags and Skoda’s hugely practical Varioflex seating standard on all models. Yeti also features a number of exciting technologies designed to make life on board Yeti even more rewarding. Yeti is also available under the Government’s scrappage scheme. Your old car could be worth a minimum of £2500 against a new Yeti. Please ask for full terms and conditions when visiting Bickerton Skoda.

On sale now!

Bickerton have a very limited number of Yeti models to supply their customers with this year and with prices starting from only £13,725 with front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive now being available, they expect all of these to be snapped up pretty quickly!


To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


Doncaster Rotherham & District Branch, South Yorkshire Animal Centre, Bawtry, Doncaster.

The South Yorkshire Animal Centre has been operational since 1965, and is managed by the RSPCA, Doncaster Rotherham & District Branch. The Branch is controlled by the elected Trustees who are all volunteers, with direction and support provided by the RSPCA National Society.

Although the Branch manage and operate the Animal Centre, adhering strictly to the National RSPCA’s standard of animal care, the Branch receives no financial support from the National Society or from Central or Local Government, as the Doncaster Rotherham & District Branch operates as an independent and autonomous charity.

Here we have Sonny the dog who is 7 years old. He is very timid a calm. Sonny has come to the RSPCA as his owner has unfortunately died. Sonny now needs a new owner who is quiet and doesn’t want a very energetic dog. Perfect for another elderly person who would like a little company. The RSPCA have informed us here at the magazine that all the animals we have ever advertised have been re-homed. Little Sonny will be waiting for you to come a get him.

Please call 01302 719790 if you can help re-home any of the dogs from the centre. Photographs courtesy of Rachel Sinclair.



Manufacturers of Quality Timber Garden Buildings At TGB Sheds we manufacture a comprehensive range of Quality Timber Garden Buildings including sheds, summerhouses, playhouses, garages, kennels, storage units and bespoke special buildings.









Experience the Complete Trophy Pet Care Service Premium Quality, British Made Pet Foods

Contact Dave Woods on: 01302 868400 or 07702 845498

• Holistic, Premium & Lifestyle Dog & Cat Foods. • Free Home Delivery - from the leading mobile pet food delivery company – think of the fuel you will save. • Free Nutritional Advice. • Comprehensive Range of Treats & Accessories. • Made in the U.K., supporting British Agriculture. • Dog Weighing Service. • Competitive pricing – have a look at our pricing structure, you will be surprised. • Free Samples for all your pets ring us today for a sample pack.

“If decorating is your aim, then WOODS is the name”

Call your local Trophy advisor Adrian Wilkinson on 01405 740034 / 07774 782749 to see how you can feed your pets a naturally, healthier food and save money.



Don’t let your pet crunch into your credit

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137






A.J.M. Electrical

Call Richard your local plumber on: 01302 863311 Mobile: 0773 335 7357

Adam Mcloughlin Approved Electrician When you need an electrician quickly and one who is reliable then call A.J.M. and you will get just that.

P: 01302 751131 M: 07810 200790

Ceramics Porcelain travertine marble limestone slate Granite


No jo too b sm all

Professional, Reliable, Friendly Service

Call Rob for a FREE quote -

07791 797536

All Work Guaranteed



TOP MATCH WORD SEARCH L A N Put a ring around the words you find, O send your entry and prize option from I the prize page (page 42) to: S or PO Box 1097, Doncaster DN11 0WE. S Closing date for entries 19th March E 2010. F 1 TOPMATCH 9 SPECIALIST O 2 RELATIONSHIP 10 DETAILS 3 LONG TERM 11 MATCHMAKING R 4 SINGLE 12 GENUINE P 5 MEET 13 ONLINE I 6 PERSONAL 14 CONTACT O 7 DATE 15 PHOTOGRAPH T 8 PROFESSIONAL




We provide a personal matchmaking service for busy professionals looking to meet genuine singles. If you are looking for a long term relationship and you’ve tried the online dating sites and found them a waste of your precious time, or you don’t like the idea of all your personal details being displayed... Then you need to contact TopMatch Doncaster South for a discreet professional service. We meet all our clients, check their ID and write up their profile, using an accurate description as well as an up to date photograph.

We are now offering a free 30 day trial offer to any UK professional!











The Personal Matchmaking Specialists

Could you be a lottery winner? At Doncaster South we are also inviting like minded individuals to join a few other singles participating in a unique Murder Mystery Dinner (The Lottery Winners Annual Ball) held in the spectacular country house of Carlton Towers on 13thFebruary 2010. If you are between 30-65 and single please contact: Anne Jones on 01302 638684 or email for information regarding this event.

Please view our website for further details.



To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


The rules are simple. Please find the 15 words in the matrix. The words may be spelt forwards, backwards, up, down or diagonally.





FIND THE CROWN Somewhere on the pages of this issue we have hidden the ‘Local Knowledge’ blue crown. Please tell us where you have spotted the ‘Local Knowledge’ crown to be entered into our prize draw. Please send your entries by post or email. Correct entries will be placed in a large hat and picked out at random. All entries must contain your full name and valid postal address to be considered. Make your choice of prize from the list on page 42 and send entries to: or PO Box 1097, Doncaster DN11 0WE. Closing date for entries 19th March 2010.

Cusworth Hall


WINTER WARMERS - 2 meals for £8.50 Why not visit our lovely tea room and try our daily specials for example - cumberland sausage & mash, homemade lasagne, roast beef lunch and homemade quiche. Alternatively why not try one of our delicious homemade cakes and a refreshing tea or coffee, or treat yourself or a loved one to our special ‘Afternoon Tea’ £7.95 per person. A selection of finger sandwiches, homemade cakes and pastries. Homemade scone, clotted cream, strawberry preserve and tea or coffee. (Booking required)

‘This is a sample of what it looks like but it will be smaller!’

Cusworth Lane, Doncaster 01302 390959

LITTLEWOODS BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Builds • New • Sheds & Garden Furniture Timber Frame & Block • Stud Walling • Project Management • Electrical • Extensions & Doors • Windows & Soffit • Fascia UPVC & Wood Timber & UPVC • Roofing & Roof Carcass & Heating • Plumbing Gas Safe registered • Loft & Garage Conversions • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Joinery 1st & 2nd Fix • Landscaping FREE Estimates - We will NOT be beaten!!! Shaun Littlewood • 07955 622254 40

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“OKLAHOMA” Music by Richard Rodgers. Book & lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II Based on Lynn Riggs “Green Grow the Lilacs” Original dances by Agnes de Mille.

Cleaning Services ing ryth tter e v “e s be look hen it w es” shin

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEEF WEINBERGER LTD. on behalf of R&H THEATRICALS of NEW YORK ON WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY

17th 18th 19th 20th


2010 2010 2010 2010

@ @ @ @

7.15PM 7.15PM 7.15PM 7.15PM

at HATFIELD VISUAL ARTS COLLEGE, ASH HILL ROAD, HATFIELD, DONCASTER TICKETS: £6.00 ADULTS £4.50 CHILDREN Please make cheques payable to Hatfield Woodhouse Players and post to; Mrs J Grice, 21 Hollin Bridge Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6DZ ALSO Enclose date required, how many seats and if you would like your seats on the floor or on the raised area.

Tickets will all be posted to you.

water fed pole window cleaning computer cleaning conservatory roofs cleaning commercial cleaning

T: 01302 323661 M: 07957 563731 A: 49 St. Mary’s Road, Wheatley, Doncaster DN1 2NR E: W:



SPOT the DIFFERENCE SPOT the DIFRFENECE As if finding a 1mm blue crown each month wasn’t enough we have decided to have a spot the difference compo so you have got to work a little bit. Like find the crown, a magnifying glass could be useful! All you have to do is spot the 10 differences between the two pics opposite. If you don’t want to ruin your copy of Business & Lifestyle by writing big circles all over it then we will accept an email with a very brief description of each ‘difference’. Competition details as normal see page 5. Deadline for entries is 19th March.

Please choose 2 from the following prizes and list it with your entry This month’s prize choices Free frame of your choice up to the value of £50 from TPS framing services. Please contact 01302 310537.

Free meal for two at Taj Cottage in Tickhill. Please contact 01302 745745.

Free standard window and conservatory clean from MJD Cleaning Services. Please contact 01302 323661.

Free 2 hour garden maintenance session from Country Gardens Residential. Please contact 01302 865075.

Free £50 M&S voucher from Belt & Braces. Please contact 07792 798022.

Free wireless computer mouse from Mat & Mouse. Please contact 01302 534449.

Free floral table centre from Floristry by Lord Hurst. Please contact 07966 107236. Free Winter Warmer lunch at Cusworth Hall Tea Rooms. Please contact 01302 390959. Free round of golf for two, plus lunch courtesy of Doncaster Golf Club. Please contact 01302 865632.

Free £50 voucher for Rachel Sinclair photography. Please contact 07763 737283. If you or your business would like to donate a freebie to be included in next months freebie page please contact us on 01302 237137 or email

Local Knowledge issue 6 WINNERS Find the crown:

Word search:

Spot the difference:

Winner for find the crown was Mrs O, Newhall Rd, Kirksandall who has selected the £50 voucher from Rachel Sinclair photography.

Winner the word search was Mrs B, Cantley Lane, Bessacarr who has selected the £50 Marks and Spencer voucher.

Winner for spot the difference was Miss J, The Hollows, Bessacarr who selected a round of golf at Doncaster Golf Club. All competition entries must be received no later than 19th March. 42

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137




Petology Pet Accessories, Food and Supplies

Call me now to get your exterior painted this Spring

contact Heather on: 01302 714199 07710 458307 Come and see us at:

18 Station Road, Bawtry Doncaster DN10 6PT



Fam ily run bus ines s


01302 A Mobile Showroom that comes to your door 01302


709727 787567

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137


Pete the Plumber Your Local Plumber

“We do everything!”

•25 years experience Claim your •All domestic plumbing £400 grant to replace your •Heating and gas work old ‘G’ rated •No job too big or small boiler •Fast reliable service FREE Free quotations available SURVEY • Call Pete 01302 797726


07876 367187 07515 513376 45


Quality Daycare for 0 – 5 year olds Open 7:45am – 6pm

• • • • • •

Highly Qualified Trained Staff Early Years Foundation Stage Accepting Nursery Grant Spacious Outdoor play areas Healthy Homemade Dinners Free flow indoor/outdoor play

• Sensory and Vegetable Garden • Workplace Nursery Status • Easy Access and Parking

Also Kids at Flying Start Holiday Club. 5 – 11 year olds.

Supported by the department for children, school and families through Doncaster Council

No 9 Second Avenue • Robin Hood Airport • Finningley • Doncaster

Tel: 01302 802070

“Comments” Received following issue 7 of Local Knowledge. Your comments are much appreciated: “I like how it’s just got lots of useful stuff in, not just a load of adverts”. - Edenthorpe “I thought everyone wearing the Christmas hats was very funny!” Woodfield Plantation “The front cover from the Christmas issue was so lovely that I have kept it in my kitchen”. - Old Cantley “At last, a magazine that you can actually read!” - Rossington “I throw the other local mags away but I keep this one by the phone”. - Bawtry “I enjoyed reading last months copy of the magazine, I have contacted one of the businesses”. - Sprotborough 46

The publication of advertisements does not imply any endorsement from ourselves. Local Knowledge Ltd cannot be held responsible for breach of copyright arising from publication artwork supplied. It is the advertisers’ responsibility to ensure conformity with the Trades Descriptions Act 1975, Business Advertisements Disclosure Order 1977 and The Consumer Credit Act 1974. Reproduction of this magazine in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Whilst we the publisher take great care to be accurate, no liability will be accepted under any circumstances should any of the contents of this publication be incorrect. Whilst we endeavour to ensure to all parties offering competition prizes are reputable, no liability will be accepted in the event of any prizes being withdrawn by the vendor.

To support ‘Local Knowledge’ please call 01302 237137



LK Issue 8 Feb 2010  

Local Knowledge Issue 8 Feb 2010

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