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Wednesday 17th March 2010 saw the Footpath Runners celebrate the achievements of our club members, both junior and senior over the last year at The Venue in Stocksbridge. Sheffield Athletics Club star Sam Ellis joined us to help Gaz Dean recieiving his distribute the various awards and prizes. award from Sam Ellis. Club Merit award was given to Theresa Wall for her outstanding contribution in organising the various relay events throughout the year. Also presented with an outstanding achievement award was Julie Buckley for her ongoing high level performances throughout the year which have secured her as a national top competitor in her category– here is Julie‟s own article from the evening, many thanks for sending this through! “Thanks to everyone for Presentation Night, and all the people who organised it. Many thanks to Anne and Geoff who had put so much work in to make it successful and Geoff Dimelow and Anne having to sort out all the trophies, times, events etc. Beresford organisers for the evening. Both have done an excellent job. Also many thanks to all other people in the club for their good work over the year including Andy Plummer for sorting out runs. I think it can go without sating that we all miss him dearly on the Tuesday runs and that it isn‟t the same without him. However he now has a busy Award winners Lee Storey and pub to run and we appreciate that he has to spend his time Julie Buckley there. To Keith for organising the handicaps and Ann for all the results. It was a fantastic evening and great to see so many people there. It was brilliant to see all the juniors/young people coming through and winning their age groups. I think we should all applaud Ian and Sue Charlesworth, Bob Innes and all the other coaches who give up their time to bring the runners of tomorrow through! It was great for me personally to get awards for Best Women on Road and Cross Country and I really appreciate that. However the best bit of the night for me was when I was called up to collect a separate award for representing England and getting an international vest. Continued overleaf..........

The cut glass vase I was given means so much to me and I have got it on the window sill next to the computer and it looks fine! Thank you so much for this, it makes it all worth while. Here‟s to another good year of running and everyone winning prizes. Penistone is an up and coming running club, so friendly that people are queuing up to join! Seriously, it‟s the best club around, both for running and socially. Lets keep it that way and welcome all who want to join us. To end, we have started a small group of us running on a Monday. Normally on a Monday morning, but sometimes in the afternoon. Anyone who wishes to join us is most welcome. We run for about an hour either from Thurgoland or Penistone– and it‟s a mixture of road and trail. There is no pressure, it‟s a social run and we catch up on all the gossip! We hope this run will carry out and if you want more info please see either me or Phil on club night or give us a ring. We normally meet about 9.15ish but it‟s flexible. Hope to see you there!” Theresa Wall, voted by members as Merit Award winner 2009 for her outstanding contribution to organising relay events for the club.

Martin Booth receiving his award for overall Club Champion 2009.

Amongst those receiving awards were the fine ladies of Penistone who dominated the Winter Handicap event this year.!! Keith Gordon and Anne Jackie Hetherington Winter Handicap Beresford‟s work this year paid off with excellent attendance champion 2009 at each and every handicap, even those still snowed under in January. Awards for the Winter Handicap are as follows:





Winter Handicap Champion 1st

Jackie Hetherington

Winter Handicap Champion 2nd

Sarah Phelan

Winter Handicap Champion 3rd

Sarah Jones-Morris

Winter Handicap OCT 1st

Steve Roebuck

Winter Handicap OCT 2nd

Steve Frith

Winter Handicap OCT 3rd

Julie Buckley

Winter Handicap fastest man

Steve Roebuck in 25:37

Winter Handicap fastest woman

Julie Buckley in 29:48

Winter Handicap legacy

Sarah Jones Morris

Winter Handicap most consistent

Mark Law with a difference of 47 seconds



Training regime - what‟s in my week. by Alex Simon

Training I thought I would share my training regime with my fellow runners. It can be difficult balancing job, family and other hobbies (I play the bass guitar in a band and yes we are available for weddings, parties etc). On average I manage to get out three times a week. Sunday Usually a long run. I try and get out for 8.00am and have a few local circuits. For road runs, I often go through to Oxspring and up to Thurgoland via Green Moor. Once on the A628, I follow this towards the grammar school and back to Springvale. I find this is good training for hilly half marathons. Recently I have been trying to get out on the moors as I need to complete some longer runs as part of my 3 peaks training. Now the snow has gone, I am trying to get there more often. Tuesday I try to get to the club on Tuesday and opt for speed work. This session is very helpful and having a large group allows runners to push themselves against the PFRAC elite. Thursday Club run, dinner time run or a fast blast as soon as I get home. The dinner time run is a circuit from Silkstone, up Cone Lane to Dodworth chippy and back down Silkstone Fall to the school. Steve Frith normally joins me on this run and on a good day we do it in sub 30 minutes. The other alternative is a fast blast down the Trans Pennine Trail around part of the Trunce course and back. I have mile markers along the course, giving a good indication of levels of fitness.

Ed’s note– couldn’t capture a pic of Alex in time for sending out.. Too quick for me!! Next time... Next time......

Friday Occasionally, Steve and I complete a 3 mile route from the top of Hartcliffe Hill (by the farm gates) and along the top road, left down Back lane and across towards Castle Dam. Again this is useful for assessing fitness levels and anything near 19 minutes is good for me. I usually do this about once every 4/6 weeks. Hopefully, the spring weather and the forthcoming mid-week races will help to boost fitness levels. I average about 20-30 miles per week and have found that my times are gradually getting quicker. My goals are to get a sub 40 minute 10k, a Trunce in a short 28 and a sub 1hr 30 min half marathon. I am also hoping to complete the 3 peaks. I haven‟t set myself any specific time targets for this as I am just hoping to finish within the time limit. As far as diet goes, I don‟t follow any hard and fast rules. I always have pasta prior to a race and, when at work, have fruit for dinner. In the final few weeks prior to the 3 peaks I will try and get down to 78kg. I am partial to Indian food, chocolate and beer (a common weekend menu) which I justify by deluding myself that I will burn it off during a run. It would be interesting to find out about your training regime. Are you doing over 70 miles a week or do you struggle to do 10?





THE TRUNCE. Here once again– and already under way is the Trunce, summers answer to the Winter Handicap I hear you groan! For those who don‟t know, I‟ve pinched some information from Mark Pearce‟s brilliant Trunce website and included the upcoming dates for your diary. If you have not taken part in the trunce before, but want to give it a try, you are more than welcome to come along– don‟t be put off thinking it‟s only for the “proper runners” anyone can take part and it‟s a great way to vary your runs. What is The Trunce? The Trunce is essentially a time trial race run throughout the spring/summer. There are 9 races each year which are usually spaced 3 weeks apart (other than where Bank Holidays intervene). Points are awarded to the 20 fastest competitors in their age category, although an additional 10 points can be achieved for any runner who gets a Personal Best (for previous Trunces) in any race. Where does it start? Registration is on the playing fields in Oxspring, by the Waggon and Horses– get there in plenty of time and try to car share if you‟re driving down– although there is plenty of space on the fields to park it‟s often very busy! The start is about 100yards from the registration on the track below the TransPennine Trail. Registration starts around 6:15pm on the race evening - it is usually done in Andy Plummer's white camper van. When you enter, you will be given a race number - you need to keep hold of this as you will then use this number in all future races. Each race costs £1.20 to enter with 20p of this going towards car parking. Where does it go? The course is approximately 4 miles long and involves around 400 feet of climbing and descent. The route includes a mixture of tracks, footpaths and roads around Black Moor, and Green Moor. The course crosses the River Don at three points, which depending upon the state of the river can be quite difficult. Parts of the route cross private land, so competitors should avoid running the full course other than on organised race events. A pointer on what to wearIn terms of kit, wear something that will stand up to getting wet and muddy. You should also wear a pair of trainers with a good grip, as some of the off road sections get muddy. When when when!? The Trunce takes place on a Monday evening 6.45pm start, dates for this year‟s Trunce are as follows: 29th March 19th April 10th May

24th May 14th June 5th July

26th July 16th August 6th September

If you’ve been inspired– come along and get involved! T HE




CLUB KIT A quick reminder for all about PFRAC’s Club Kit When racing club members should wear a club vest and black shorts/tracksters. This is a current price list of club kit. Club vests all have the club logo. KIT






Shorts (Mens)



Female mesh-type vests

size 34", 36", 38"


Female Crop Tops (Additional orders in batches of 4 same size)



Male mesh-type vests

sizes 38",40",42",44"


Fluorescent Vests Please contact Jane Foster if you require any club kit, then Jane can bring the kit on Tuesday's at training. Here‟s an expert example from our very own Ian Wragg!

Back in ar‟ day... Better late than never they‟ve made it in a mag! Thanks to Martyn for these snaps David Cartwright descending to the finish of of brother David. the 1986 Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race, over 14 Mile and 4000 foot of ascent, to win the English Veterans Fell Running Championship. The Championship had been held over six races throughout the year. Photos by Martyn Cartwright and Geoff Mitchell.





Ordinary General Meeting Brief reminder for everyone, the next OGM (Ordinary General Meeting is on Wednesday 21st April at 7.30pm at Cubley Hall. It‟s your chance to find out what Pauline Cartwright (treasurer) has been doing with our pennies this quarter, be briefed on the junior‟s goings on by Ian Charlesworth (Junior Coach) and the latest news of the Social events for what‟s happening in the summer months by Sue Higham (social secretary) plus much more! If you want to read the minutes from the last meeting then Martyn Cartwright (club secretary) will be sending them round in the next couple of weeks, or they are available on the webpage here. For those of you who might fancy a new challenge for 2010, (and the rest of the decade perhaps...) Andrew Plummer will be stepping down after this year as our Club Chairman. If you‟d like to know more about what being Chairman involves then have a chat to Andy and I‟m sure he will be more than happy to let you know!! Andy has been chairman the club for 11 years now since 1999 and has seen the club go from strength to strength– a big pair of shoes to fill, but then plenty of our club have big feet so I‟m sure there will be a promising new Chairman (or woman) to fill the role!! I have been asked to insert the following as an important Agenda Item for the above OGM– take note! At the next Club Meeting at Cubley Hall on Wednesday 21st April, there will be a discussion on the proposed Lease Agreement with Penistone Church Football Club. Several Meetings have been held with Officials from the Football Club and the following has been proposed by them. 1. An annual fee of £300 to be paid in April of each year for the use of PCFC facilities excluding the land used for football pitches. 2. Under PCFC Constitution any person using the Club facilities must be an affiliated Member of that Club. Membership fees are reviewed annually at the AGM and are currently £3 per adult, £2 per junior and £6 family membership. 3. Both PCFC and PFR & AC will remain independent from each other as two separate Clubs. 4. Any lease will run for a minimum of 25 years and annual fees to be reviewed on a 3 yearly basis. 5. Development of any land or facilities owned by PCFC must be agreed by both parties before being undertaken. NOTES 1. The £100 we sell in raffle tickets will be kept by PFR & AC so reducing the annual fee to £200. We currently pay £150 + vat i.e. £176.25 so there will be a slight increase. 2. All Members of PFR & AC will have to pay the £3 membership of PCFC, whether they use the facilities or not.





The fee would be added to our yearly subscription which would therefore rise to £15. 3. If the Members of PFR & AC vote to accept these proposals, it will be necessary to call an Extra Ordinary General Meeting to amend the Constitution to include these proposals and amend the subscriptions so that the extra fees can be collected this year. This is a very important issue and affects all Members of PFR & AC. Therefore if you have an opinion on these proposals, whether for or against, then please come to the Meeting and take part in the discussion. Any further information can be obtained either from Martyn Cartwright on or Pete McLeod on . Martyn Cartwright

Using Common Sense- SYRRL! Firstly, a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped in any way last Wednesday at the SYRRL at Oxspring, either throughout Marshalling, Officiating or running. It was the largest field so far at this venue. However we have had an extra message from Martyn Cartwright race organiser in addition to that sent out by Keith Binney– not necessarily directed at our own, but will help to bear in mind for the other three races still to come!! “Because of the wet weather during the days before the race, we had to stop cars parking on the Sports Field resulting in cars having to park where they could on surrounding roads. This caused a problem on the road below the start point with competitors parking on the course where they were running. I had sent a letter to all the residents along this stretch of road asking them not to park there, only to find that runners themselves decided to park as near to the start as they could. Do these runners not realise how dangerous it is to park on the course where they are running? You would think that experienced Club Runners would have more sense than to park where they are putting themselves at risk but obviously some of them haven't any. It meant that they and all the other competitors had to run in the centre or on the opposite side of the road and so possibly come into conflict with traffic driving along that side. It is hard enough putting races on these days due to the extra health and safety requirements put upon us by England Athletics and South Yorkshire Police. We will have to implement extra safety precautions at future races to stop this from happening again. We only need one accident for the Police to stop the race from taking place in future. Can all Club Secretaries please circulate this message to their Club Members either by e-mail or posting it on their web site to tell runners NOT to park on the course where they are running at this races and any other races which they enter. It surely makes common sense to do this. Thanks. Hope to see you all again at races in Penistone.” T HE




BEATING EXERCISE FATIGUE You know that heavy feeling in your legs that makes you slow down? It starts in your head. Here's how to teach your mind to let you run longer and stronger. As any runner who‟s ever felt their legs turn into lead anvils at the end of a hard session or race knows, running further or faster all boils down to a battle against fatigue. So you train to increase either the distance or the pace – or both – you can sustain without tiring. But hold on just a second: fatigue might not be what you think it is. According to the latest exercise science, that dead-tired feeling could be all in your head. What‟s more, the way you‟ve been training to prevent fatigue in your legs may not be the best way to tackle it where it really starts: in your brain. The new, brain-centred model of exercise fatigue – called the central governor theory – also explains the end spurt. Proponents of this model believe that, throughout exercise, the brain continually reads feedback signals from the muscles, blood and elsewhere in order to answer the question "How much longer can my body go at the present work level before something terrible happens?" When the answer received is "not much longer", the brain reduces motor output to the muscles and generates those familiar feelings of suffering to reinforce the need to slow down. But when the finish line is within sight, your brain allows you to pick up the pace, knowing it will all be over soon. "The brain diminishes muscle activation in the middle of the race in anticipation of calling in a reserve towards the end," says Frank Marino, head of the School of Movement Studies at Charles Sturt University in Australia. Studies involving simulated races (usually on stationary bikes) have shown that a decline in performance caused by fatigue almost always coincides with a drop in electrical activity in the muscles. "This suggests that the brain reduces the drive to the muscles as a means of protection," says Marino. The Power of Thought If fatigue really does start in your head, how do you train to delay its onset? By doing sessions that will convince your "central governor" that you‟re capable of achieving your goal times without suffering bodily harm. Such sessions should be highly race specific – simulating both the pace and the distance of your goal event – so that your brain will be less likely to feel endangered during the race and won‟t put the brakes on motor output to your muscles, causing you to hit the wall. The perfect example of a highly race-specific session for a 5K runner is an interval session of 5 x 1,000m at 5K race pace, with three-minute jog recoveries between the efforts. Because the session entails running 5K at 5K goal pace, it serves as proof to the brain that your body can handle the workload. If you‟re training for a longer race, such as a halfmarathon or a marathon, you need to alter this approach by running only about half the race distance at goal pace, since not even the toughest elite runner could recover quickly enough from a session totalling 26 miles of race-pace intervals. Most runners can‟t jump right into demanding race-specific sessions without first developing the speed and distance components of race fitness individually. So start by doing one challenging speed session and one challenging distance session each week, along with how-





ever many easy runs you want. Early on, most of your speed training should be much faster and your distance training much slower than goal race pace. As your body adapts, your speed efforts should become longer and slower, your distance efforts longer then faster, until your sessions closely simulate the upcoming race experience. Once you have proven to your brain that you can complete these race-specific sessions, come the big day it should respond to your efforts with a "been there, done that, no problem.

Trick yourself Fit– Sessions to get your mind and body in shape and in sync. These core speed and distance sessions prepare your brain and body for peak race performance at key distances. For each race distance, training is divided into four phases, with the number of weeks to spend in each given (follow the peak phase with a standard taper). Do one speed session and at least one distance session each week throughout all four phases, along with however many easy runs you want. Always include a one-mile warm-up and one-mile cool-down in every session. Start each phase with a manageable version of the suggested session (initial speed sessions should feature a challenging but not excessive number of intervals, and early distance sessions should test your endurance but not overwhelm you). Then gradually add intervals to the speed session and length to the distance session from week to week within each phase. 5kTraining Phase Base (4 weeks) Speed Sessions: 4 to 12 hill sprints Distance Sessions: 5– to 10– mile run variable pace run Training Phase Build 1 (3-4 weeks) Speed Sessions: 4 to 12 x 400m @ 1 mile with 2 mins recovery Distance Sessions: 4- to 12– miles @ marathon pace Training Phase Build 2 (3-4 weeks) Speed Sessions: 3 to 6 x 600m @ 3,000m pace with 3 mins recovery Distance Sessions: 3 to 8 miles @ half marathon pace Training Phase: Peak (4 weeks) Speed Sessions: 2 to 5 x 1,000m @ 5k pace with 3 mins recovery Distance Sessions: 2 to 5 miles at 10k pace 10kTraining Phase Speed Sessions: Distance Sessions: Training Phase Speed Sessions: Distance Sessions: Training Phase Speed Sessions: Distance Sessions: Training Phase: Speed Sessions: Distance Sessions:

Base (4-6 weeks) 4 to 12 x 400m @ 1 mile pace with 2 mins recovery 5– to 10– mile run variable pace run Build 1 (4 weeks) 3 to 6 x 600m @ 3,000m pace with 3 mins recovery 4- to 12– miles @ marathon pace Build 2 (4 weeks) 2 to 5 x 1,000m @ 5k pace with 3 mins recovery 3 to 8 miles @ half marathon pace Peak (4 weeks) 2 to 5 x 2,000m @ 10k pace with 4 mins recovery 2 to 5 miles at 10k pace

By Matt Fitzgerald Runners World. T HE




CROSS COUNTRY SKIING BY PETE MCLEOD Cross Country Skiing for Fell Runners – a Beginner's Guide Now that there are at least three members of the club who have been seen out on the fells on skis, I'm not feeling in such a minority and this seems like a good time to tempt a few of you into a sport that is genuinely compatible with snow. For those of you who have never considered skiing, it is the normal way of crossing snow-covered ground, unless you live in Scandinavia, in which case the answer is snowmobile. The advantages of cross country skiing over downhill skiing are: The equipment is a lot cheaper to buy. You can ski uphill as well as down. You can get to places no downhill skier ever could. You don't need a lift pass. You don't have to go abroad to do it. Scotland this winter has probably been one of the best places in the world to cross-country ski. There is no associated fashion market. You don't feel as if the horizontal appendages of skiing have been surgically-fitted, never to be removed. There is no built-in fear factor, so there is no reason why you can't start at the age that most PFR members seem to be these days.

Nick Whittingham skiing up to Pike Low: Winter 2009/10 The great advantage of cross country skiing over fell running in snowy conditions is that you don't sink through (as much) or expend so much energy. Cross country skis are also not bad at crossing heather should you run out of snow. Nick Whittingham and I can testify to this. As for speed, it's about one and a half times as fast as walking, which makes it faster than running once you get over about 15cm of snow. Now, having painted such an attractive picture of cross country skiing it is only fair to point out that there are one or two features which are less attractive. The first of these is that the snow has to be the right kind. You can't ski on brand new powder snow which has fallen on bare ground (you can't downhill ski on this either). There has to be a base of old snow or ice, or a day or two of freeze-thaw and wind to compact the snow before you will have a fun time. Also, newish snow that is starting to thaw has a habit of sticking to the ski, and then you may find you are ski stilt-walking if you don't do something about it. T HE




The second drawback is that successfully covering downhill sections on cross country skis requires a certain amount of skill. However, if you haven't got this, no worries, falling over in snow is relatively painless and, as no one will be watching, there is a very low embarrassment factor. The third drawback is that there aren't many places in the area for buying the gear. I would recommend a trip to Aviemore or Braemar. Failing that, go on the internet, with someone to advise you about what to buy. So now I've got you hooked and I can see you're raring to start the bad news is that there won't be any snow around here to try it out on until next winter, but that gives you plenty of time to save up your pennies. For those of you who will still insist on running on snow rather than using it for what God intended, one word of advice: don't run in those nice flat ski tracks that have made by those of us sensible enough to make them unless you want dreadful things to happen to you. After the last time I returned from a long ski trip only to find my outgoing tracks trampled into an uneven pulp, I have taken imprints of every fell shoe involved!

LAMBS LONGER LEAP Ray Brown and Barbara Haigh competed in Lambs Longer Leg on Sunday 17th January, in knee deep snow, over in Hayfield, High Peak Derbyshire . This 3.1mile fell race climbs up to 950 feet at it‟s highest point, and has regular checkpoints to be passed through. It starts from Lamb Inn at Hayfield and is a pre-entry only race.

MARATHON MENTIONS It‟s that time of year, spring is here finally and a few mad souls have braved the wintery months out on the roads for many moons already training wearily away on cold mornings and colder evenings. Plodding with dogged determination the same there and back on the Trans Pennine Trail or long circular routes pushing to get those miles under their belts. “What for?” I hear you cry, “The Huntsman has a fine selection of hand-pulled ale at almost any hour and a cosy log fire to keep warm from the cold!?” Tis‟ the marathon fever you see, and there are many of us doing our own for many different reasons this year- Three Peaks, London and Edinburgh just the ones I know of. All the best to all involved and many thanks to the support from other club members who have shared their experiences and knowledge with me during my training, it has been most encouraging as a first time marathon trainee!! Above– Denise Pozorski who will be completing Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 23rd May 2010.





NORTON NINE– FAMILIAR FACES?? Sunday 7th March saw the second road race of the 2010 championship and Penistonians were out in force to compete on this undulating 9 mile race at Norton near Doncaster. A bright spring morning greeted the runners and yours truly found a suitable log for perching on to take some smiling snaps of everyone as they ran past (this is the only way that I could get pictures of you all– by force!) so I thought I‟d pop them all in here for your to gander at and put some names underneath so we know who is who!! Enjoy......

Julie Moxon, Tracey Kemp, Phil Buckley, Barbara Haigh and Dean Allcroft just before the start.

First Penistone home and 10th overall Lee Storey (291) in 51:38 and 12th overall Steve Roebuck (406). Nick Morris Steve Frith Gary Dean

Philip Morris

Wayne Parkinson

Geoff Dimelow

Stuart Woodhead Matt Burton





David Lockwood

Pete Stanley

Dave Foster

Phil Buckley

Ian Wragg

Keith Gordon

Katherine Smythe

Sarah Phelan

Stephen Millwood

Craig Birchall

Susan Charlesworth

Ray Brown

Leah James



Julie Moxon

Dean Allcroft



Sue Higham

Emily Grobler

Barbara Haigh

Ellen Brookes

Paul Parkin

Kathryn Simms

Caption Competition “Where do you want your groceries love... Bloody hell I knew I should have taken that job at Asda!”

What a beauty for a caption competition! From the first Trunce of the season this gem has come courtesy of and Richard Asquith who has shot more than one of us at an uncomfortable angle! Prize winner goes to Dave Cooper winning a lovely Easter Egg courtesy of Steve Frith. A personal thanks to Steve for all of his great articles and support during this latest edition– much appreciated. Ed.





Walkers Wacky World... An „extraordinary‟ general meeting through the eyes of Shaun The purpose of these minutes are to record the outcome of the extraordinary general meeting called recently by the Club Chairman. There was a larger than average attendance from the membership due to the presence of Lord Coe who is of course presiding over the implementation of the 2012 Olympics. He was in attendance, to enable him to report on the progress made towards 2012, to the Olympic Committee and of course Central Government. Martin Cartwright: Good evening to you all. I would just like to welcome our esteemed guest to this evenings proceedings and I would just like to say what a personal honour it is for me to introduce to you all such a prominent and respected hero of British sporting history .….. Lord Coe: Cut the grovelling, sycophantic drivel Cartwright. You and I both know why I‟m here. It‟s coming up to 2 years to the Opening Ceremony and I can‟t see much in the way of progress that I can report to my paymaster Darling Alistair. I need some answers and I won‟t be leaving here without a full and clear picture. Let‟s get down to business shall we. Who is in charge of the buildings infrastructure? Why hasn‟t the first brick been laid yet for the centrepiece stadium? Geoff Dimelow: Dunt tha adopt tha nasty tone wi me yer great southern big gals blouse. Ave bin busy doin every local race under t‟sun so ah ave an I ain‟t got time f‟ any a this. Ah will concede though tha this ere project might be a bit much f‟me – I‟ll be reet when it comes to purrin up fascia boards on t‟corporate ospitality conservatories but national stadiums ain‟t my thing cos I ain‟t too good wi concrete. L.C.: Fine. Not a great start eh Martin. What about I.T. systems who is responsible for the lack of progress here? – is it that fellow with his head buried in a lap top in the corner? M.C.: No your Lordship. That‟s member Frith who when he‟s not indulging in certain adult entertainment websites can be found blogging away on the Clubs message board. L.C.: That probably explains his clearly visible overdeveloped right forearm – so who is responsible? Mark Pearce: That‟ll flipping well be flipping me - so what‟s yer flipping problem eh Mr High Flipping Almighty? I‟ve been flipping busy runnin in flipping vain up & down big flipping ills in t‟ flipping Lakes during many flipping countless flipping failures at the flipping BG. Just flipping leave me alone will ya else I‟ll flipping program the large stadium screen to only flipping display a picture of flipping Steve Ovett! (entry edited in the event that Junior Club members have access to these minutes) L.C. : This just gets worse. Martin, I have been asked by the Treasury that you explain the huge discrepancy in the accounts relating to certain exotic holiday destinations concerning frequent flyers Gordan and Beresford? M.C. : Yes of course your Excellency, that relates to the sterling efforts of Flash and his erstwhile assistant, in buttering up various IOC Members worldwide. They were both chosen on their propensity to being easily susceptible to receiving bribes – which I understand to be a pre-requisite for a job of this nature. Both gained considerable experience in this regard when negotiating the handicap times for certain members during the annual Winter Handicap Series. We hope to have them link up with a satellite phone call from the Maldives later in these proceedings. L.C.: But I won the bid for the Games some months ago and there is simply no need to follow up with IOC members as the voting has long since closed. This is not good at all. Moving on - what about corporate sponsorship. With the loss of Coca Cola and the emphasis on attracting allegedly (Legal team advisory inserted wording) a more healthy drinks manufacturer what have you come up with? Andy Plummer: “Yesssss isss goin verrrr wellll (hic) so I fink any road.(hic) Isss it yer raand yer majesty? (….blowarrr)”. At this point Andy‟s long suffering partner intervenes to assist. Sarah Mann: I‟m sorry Seb, it‟s just that Andy is new to the Licensing trade and he is struggling to come to terms with what actually is supposed to happen whilst he is stood on the other side of the bar. He‟ll come good in time…. I hope. T HE




S.M: He has secured a contract from the local Bradfield Brewery as the drink of choice for the games under the logo “Enjoy – Rescue Ale”. For some reason the former world brand drinks sponsor of the Games has taken exception to this but Andy is up before the Patents Court next week where I‟m sure he‟ll sort things out with their not inconsiderable legal team. The main problem seems to be that as fast as the brewery is stockpiling supplies Andy is making his way through them. L.C.: God, it just gets worse. Somebody somewhere please give me some good news. M.C. : Well we are blessed with a number of teachers in the club who have been working hard in their coaching to hopefully ensure a clutch of gold medals for the home grown athletes for 2012. There they are – cowering over in that corner with that perpetual grey cloud over their heads that all members of the teaching profession seem to possess. L.C. : Good lord. Don‟t tell me that in his normal 9-5 day job that the fellow with the multi facial piercings is actually responsible for educating the youth of today hereabouts. I‟m going to have to have some thing to say on the state of education when I get back to the red benches. Why is the chap next to him flailing his arms and legs around like a man possessed?....him there (pointing) next to the other chap who is swivelling his hips incessantly…. M.C. : Oh you can ignore him my Master, that‟s Mark Law – whenever he is in a crowded room he thinks he‟s in a Disco. That‟s his attractive wife, Nell, distancing herself from him on the opposite side of the room – we don‟t know why she puts up with him. Oh and if I could correct you Sire, teachers only work 9-3 and even then for only a limited number of weeks a year. The coaching team representative will now say a few words:… yes Geordie Knox, over to you…… Alan Knox : “ Ah cannae understand worra all tha fuss is abarrt man…like. Ya know warra they tell ma is tha main problem wi ma style a coachin….like? Its communication…like. I cannae understand it can yo….like”. M.C. (whispering into L.C.‟s ear) Apologies your highness if you couldn‟t understand a word of that. Yes he is a teacher but they only gave him P.E. as a subject as even pupils in the North East have problems understanding what he is actually saying. The Club Committee is thinking of taking him away from this role and putting him in place as media spokesman for the Games. L.C: That is appalling; I can‟t see we have any hope of a medal haul under this regime. The main reason this Club was approached to deal with the management of the Games following my successful bidding, was because of the noted excellence of the only two supreme athletes you have at this establishment, namely Club members Shaun Walker and Julie Buckley. M.C. : Your Holiness, you are correct in your assessment of the extremely talented and gifted athlete member Walker but I think you actually also mean to praise the efforts of the said Buckley‟s husband – Phil. Here in South Yorkshire it is the men folk that take the praise for any achievements of the women and rightly so in my view. L.C.: Give me strength. What about the youth policy which was a main part of my manifesto – creating a legacy for the games – who has control of that? Sue Charlesworth: I just can‟t take it anymore. I‟ve had too much to deal with given the huge influx of selfish little brats that has come into the Junior Club of late. I haven‟t been able to concentrate on the wider issues involving 2012. I hate kids me and I get little help from my useless husband who spends more time running through mud than he does helping me out. I‟m really just the unpaid head of a kindergarten. If I had my way – I‟d ban all kids from sport…..then I‟d sterilize their parents….(at this point the said member, under protest, is removed forcibly from the hall by the thuggish looking resident Club bouncer, Slasher Roebuck). L.C.: Let‟s move on quickly from that unfortunate incident. What about management structure and overall project leadership? Ian Wragg: That‟s my role although Section 5 subsection 4 bracket d clause (i) of the Games Constitution still requires a great deal of work to be done so as to determine my actual RRO and general performance management duties. As soon as the same has been cleared up - and I envisage a time estimate of 6 months to resolve this aspect - I should be able to move onto other substantive and equally important matters.





L.C. I really can‟t believe what I‟m hearing here. M.C. There is some good news my Emperor. We really have made considerable progress in terms of team GB kit for the Games after sacking the previous incumbent, Gary Dean. This was after he displayed his line of off white, well grey really, running vests for GB competitors. Sarah Phelan and her fellow wet look spray on trousers female Club members, have taken on the role following on from the Langsett Barn Xmas knees up where they made quite an impact. They are working on a range of kit items which will be shown on a London Cat walk soon to ensure that team GB is the most blinged up team on display at the Games. L.C. I‟m not quite sure that Sir Chris Hoy really wants a chain around his neck that is actually larger than the one he is pedalling. Who is that chap sat on his own in the far corner by the way? M.C. Oh my liege, that‟s Bob Innes. No-one speaks to him since he retired early from work on his full local government superannuation pension, which the rest of us are now having to pay for. If I can just interpose at this juncture your Worship, as we can now link up with member Gordan on the satellite phone…..Keith can you hear me…. Flash Gordan : Yes, my dear you really do have a lovely bunch of coconuts…..oh are we now linked up on the phone….sorry about that Martin I was just finishing some (ahem) unfinished business with a delegate on the beach here …. but now you have my undivided attention. It‟s a hard life slogging it out here in the Bahama‟s bogged down in officialdom you know. M.C. : Bahama‟s? I thought you were in the Maldives? F.G.: (phone link delay)… No my dear chap that was last week although I had to leave Anne there as she rather took a fancy to a 3 times a day full body massage from the same strapping native that she discovered in the Hotel . She asked me not to let the world know though as she didn‟t want Russ to have any misunderstanding as to the situation. M.C. Too late for that Keith, this call is going out at a Club meeting and I have Lord Coe here to speak to you about certain accountancy matters…. F.G. (further more prolonged phone delay)……Oh really….krrrrrrr… oops sounds like the line is breaking up……krrrrrrr…. must go….bye for now……… L.C. Well what a complete shambles - it is quite clear to me that no part of this multi billion project is going to come in on time thanks to the total incompetence of those before me. I think the best we can hope for is a solitary gold in that tea tray sliding event…. M.C.: Your Honour, I think you will find that the particular medal you just referred to relates to a winter Olympics activity rather than anything we could hope to achieve at 2012. I‟m sorry that you feel this way as I was rather hoping that you would consider us capable of overlooking the management of the 2018 World Cup bid. True, the facilities here at the football club are a tad basic but Messrs Rooney et al will be able to make use of the bar and shower facilities. There are no showers for women here but who cares since they are no good at football anyway. L.C. ….don‟t interrupt me Cartwright I‟ve heard quite enough from you and the rest of you blithering idiots…… At this point Lord Coe leaves the room to a hurl of abuse and chants of “Steve Ovett – England‟s Number 1”. The angry mob gradually disperses including members Hinchliffe, Shelbourne and Sunman who had been holding hands and giggling childishly together throughout the course of the meeting as they always do. Soon only two rather bemused and befuddled members are left behind – Barbara Haigh and Ray Brown. One was overheard to say to the other “What were they all on about?” …to which the other replied “I can‟t remember… who are you anyway?”





What Katy‟s gonna do next! By Katy Davis I haven‟t been to the running club for ages and I though it was about time I explained my absence! Many of you won‟t have a clue who I am so briefly: I started at the club in 2006 following the birth of my youngest and to try and shift some of that lard. I was soon bitten by the running bug and became a regular feature at races, trying to build up to some longer fell races but a bit shy about navigating round with map and compass and not necessarily fast enough to keep up with the pack. Still, I was pleased with my progress and it was a great and cheap way to escape the chaos of three children at home. What‟s more, no one told me off for coming home caked in mud (which I need to bear in mind when my children come home in the same state)! In January 2009 I started to take on some longer road running, happily accompanying some fellow club runners on their marathon training. This was great and I was starting to regret not entering London myself. However, my body didn‟t think it was quite so great, particularly my achilles which had become quite sore. Now for the stupid part – I carried on running! Ibuprofen became a regular feature of my kit bag. I was particularly keen to do the club championship races which I always enjoyed given the turn out of PFRs. By July (yes I really carried on that long) my achilles were agony and at that point I finally succumbed and stopped running altogether. To say I was gutted was an understatement, I had come so far and was desperate not to lose the fitness I had gained or gain the weight I had lost! Still, I kept telling myself worse things happen in a storm at sea (one of the many gems my late father would say!). I took to cycling in a fairly big way and took up swimming to try and keep the looming lard at bay. Months on, after several physio sessions with Jeff Cole, new insoles for my running shoes and lots of rest I am in those running shoes getting caked in mud once again. I avoid road running like the plague hence I have not been back on Tuesday nights but I‟m really enjoying being off road and over the fields with my dog. There really is no feeling like it, particularly when you haven‟t been able to do it for so long. When the clocks go forward (by the time you read this) I expect to be tagging on to those Tuesday night runs but you might have to excuse me if I‟m running like Bambi, not wanting to risk injury again. I‟m also looking forward to seeing friendly faces again and meeting new people, I hear the club keeps growing and growing! I think there might be a moral in here somewhere i.e. if it hurts, don‟t ignore it, admit you need some time off and rest…. I certainly will!

I didn’t have a pic of Katy so we’ll all have to guess who she is until next time she appears at club!! See you soon Katy!!





Walkers Crisps By Steve Frith

I usually buy a couple of bags of Walker‟s crisps to take to a race. Losing salt whilst running can create problems for me, so I either take a Marmite sarnie or the crisper option. It was my turn to drive to the venue, and after picking up Alex, Sarah and Jackie, we headed towards Cleckheaton to take part in the Spen 20. It‟s a race I‟d heard about over the years but never entered. The route takes in some of the Liversedge Half, a race that I‟d taken part in last year. Tough then? The two ladies in the back were training for the Flora Virgin Mars Tesco London Marathon and the odd 20 miler would help them along nicely. Alex, in a mad moment, had put his name down for the 3 Peaks and thought that a “ long time on feet” session would also help matters. As for me, a reminder for Hull of how far 20 miles actually is. We parked in the wrong place but not that far from the stadium. After picking up the numbers and paying the odd (hundred) visit to the loo, we warmed up by putting in a lap round the track. No sense in overdoing it. My plan was to come in around 2 hours and 45 minutes of steady running or stick to 145 beats per min on the old heart rate monitor. My max is somewhere around 167.532567. Or thereabouts. AND they‟re off! Steady plod out of the stadium and onto the road. “Stick to your game plan and ignore everyone else Frithy!” That‟s what I kept telling myself. I recognised a few of the hills from the half-marathon and ticked along nicely. The only thing that worried me was the actual mileage in terms of ticking it off mile by mile. No such problem on the fells with all that scenery around. The 5 mile marker came around in 36 minutes plus. Hmm. That‟s around 7:15 a mile. Steady Frithy, but it felt quite easy. The 10-mile marker came and went with 72 and a bit on the watch. That meant that I was still ticking along at 7:15 pace. Even if I die a bit, two and a half looks easy peasy lemon squeezy. The drinks stations were enough but I could have done with a bottle rather than a cup. I had thought of taking some Soreen malt loaf with me, but if I could do Holmfirth without anything to eat on the way round, surely another 5 miles would be a walk in the park? The 15 mile marker and just about 7:20 mile pace. That would bring me in at a few minutes under 2hrs 30, that will do nicely. And then I bonked. The last three miles were the hardest three miles I have done for a long time. The Edale Skyline is the last race where I felt this bad. No fuel left. I was running (crawling on empty) at a pace, which meant that quite a few people, who I had passed miles ago, were now overtaking me. Mile 18 saw me walking between two lampposts. Come on, pick up…… Round a corning and another 100m walk to the 19-mile marker. Downhill! Yes. Round the corner and I recognised the road to the stadium. Another 100m walk. My watch showed well over the 2:30 mark. Sprinting round the track (ha ha) I managed to cross the line and just die. Pork pie, flapjack, Mars bar, tuna sandwich and 2 coffees later……….




EAST HULL 20 By Steve Frith This has to be easier than the Spen 20! That was the reasoning behind a visit to Hull and my very first sighting of the Humber Bridge. We‟d employed Geoff as the driver and very nearly didn‟t make it through Denby Dale. One of the locals decided that driving on the wrong side of the road might be a good idea! Well missed that man. The scenery whizzed by with the usual banter and soon enough we found ourselves changing into our vest and pants. Bit chilly, but things would soon warm up. Gary, Steve R, Steve F, Geoff, Sarah, Jackie and a new member called Dave, lined up for the off. Most of us were on a mission to achieve a specific time, either in preparation for London or to beat a club record. It was FLAT, nice one! I started off at a pace that felt comfortable but after 3 miles, I doubted whether I would be able to keep it going. Not racing many 20‟s on the tarmac, I have no idea what is really sensible and I found myself with a group of runners that I really shouldn‟t be with. Ah well. Five miles in 34 minutes, hmm…. Maybe slow down a bit Frithy; you‟ll die at 15! 10 miles in 68:30! Just think, I might get back in under the magic 2 hrs 20 mins. I was in 54 th spot at that point but I sensed a cavalry charge behind me. And soon enough, about six other runners went by. Time for a gel, YAK! I‟m grateful to Geoff for this as I think it helped me complete the race. They are minging though. The half marathon point was reached in 90 mins and I knew that things would start to slow. There was no way I‟d be able to carry on churning out sub 7 min miles. At 16 I could feel the race taking its toll but I was determined to finish as close to 2:20 as I could. One climb up to the main road and I spotted the finish. Footsteps behind and I managed to sprint, sort of, the clock ticking away in the distance. 69th place out of 371 in a time of 2:22:15 and £20 for being 2nd vet over 55. Steve R managed his record by 19 seconds with a fantastic 8 th spot. Everyone seemed fairly happy with his or her time and place. Had a cuppa and a bit of food, went back to the car. The three blokes had to wait at least an hour for Jackie and Sarah to shower and change. What do they do in there? On second thoughts, I‟d rather not know!

Steve Frith, Geoff Dimelow and Keith Gordon (top row) Jackie Hetherington and Sarah Phelan in front. Three club records were achieved in this race on Sunday 28th March 2010, well done to all!!





Our Club Secretary revealed... Name

Martyn Cartwright


Penistone 1946

Role in Club

Been Club Secretary since AGM in 1989. Level 3 Endurance Coach, Level 3 Race Organiser, Level 3 Endurance Official.


Ran 800m whilst at School and twice reached finals of Yorkshire Schools. Member of Rockingham AC till 1964 then played football till 1976. Joined Barnsley Road Runners in 1974 and moved to PFR & AC in 1984.


Probably the Trunce as I have run it every year since it started in 1968.

Race Most

I have always regarded myself as a short distance road runner but the most pleasing pleasing performances have been off road in the Trunce in 1979, when I ran performance a pb of 24-54, and the 1986 London Marathon, when I set a Club Record of 2-48-16. PBâ€&#x;s

Trunce 24-54 Winter handicap 5K 5 Mile 10K 9 Mile 10 Mile ½ Marathon 15 Mile 20 Mile Marathon

Above: Martyn Cartwright finishing the 1986 London Marathon and setting a new Club Record at the age of 39.

27-19 17-26 27-29 The record was subsequently broken 35-18 by Keith Davis in 1993. 51-45 57-44 1-19-40 1-31-25 2-05-00 (in London Marathon if that counts) 2-48-16

Best Moment

Being with all the family in the Lake District in 1986 watching brother David win the vet 40 English Fell Running Championship in the last race in the series, the Langdale Horseshoe.

Hopes for the future

To watch the Club continue to grow both in numbers and quality. 2009 has been a bad year for me as this is the first time I have had a long term injury so just want to get fit and back to racing. I have promised my wife Pauline that I am going to run the London Marathon when I am 80 and then I will hang up my running shoes, so I still have a few years left.





RESULTS Winter Handicap 15th December 1 2 3 4 38 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53


Robin Clough (Guest) 33-03 Diane Bent 42-42 Steve Dickinson 33-42 Sarah Morris-Jones 41Pete Stanley Sarah Phelan Phil Morris Nick Cable Caryl Skene Steve Roebuck Gill Wolff Steve Sanders Brent Lindsay Jackie Hetherington Rob Lees Chris Pollard Jill Tyler Sarah Mann Dave Foster Trish Mellor Dave Jeffery Adrian Baker Alan Knox Chris Deacon Denise Pozorski Colin Loyns Mark Law Phil Buckley Jane Cockerton Nick Whittingham Julie Moxon Janet Proctor Steve Storey Melissa Stansfield Steve Millwood Sue Higham Martin Booth Lee Storey John Howsham Jim Bell Steve Frith Bob Innes Barbara Haigh Sarah Halstead Craig Birchall Jackie Armitage Nick Morris Stuart Woodhead Paul Parkin Dean Alcroft Mark Harrison Dave Lees Julie Buckley


32-59 37-07 33-24 34-15 44-11 25-37 44-18 31-09 36-45 38-12 28-01 40-06 48-21 42-56 35-04 38-01 38-47 31-21 32-32 32-52 47-18 39-24 28-59 37-19 38-01 35-21 37-22 39-51 30-12 38-17 38-19 40-05 29-50 27-41 33-47 30-57 30-15 34-30 39-51 39-26 36-12 40-32 32-39 33-44 44-01 41-08 43-32 33-11 32-13

54 Emma Wolff 55 Simon Roberts

40-12 DNF

Ward Green 6 26th December 49 Geoff Dimelow 83 Gill Wolff

44-10 54-00

Lambs Longer Leg 52 Ray Brown 54 Barbara Haigh

41-41 42-01

Winter Handicap 19th January 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

Jackson Bent Ailsa Park Sarah Jones-Morris Nick Whittingham Chris Pollard Emma Wolff Colin Loyns Nell Law Dean Alcroft Brent Lindsay Ian Wragg Colin Porteous Alex Simon Robert Lees Sarah Mann John Howsham Dave Foster Julie Buckley Phil Buckley Mark Law Jane Cockerton Craig Birchall Shaun Walker Caryl Skene Melissa Stansfield Adrian Baker Joe Mann Ray Brown Steve Frith Alan Knox Diane Bent Sue Higham Kelvin Bowskill Stuart Woodhead Steve Roebuck Paul Parkin Jackie Hetherington Sarah Phelan Steve Millwood Gill Tyler Steve Sanders

30-19 39-39 40-23 34-13 38-53 36-26 38-25 42-47 40-49 36-22 34-58 37-18 31-04 27-52 43-45 33-33 35-14 31-46 37-37 29-10 38-30 36-18 29-35 44-55 39-01 32-17 31-18 40-19 30-51 33-37 43-25 40-38 33-54 33-56 26-43 44-16 39-57 38-53 39-57 50-16 33-02

42 43 44 45

Pete Stanley Denise Pozorski Geoff Dimelow Dave Lees

35-09 49-36 38-05 35-26

Brass Monkey ½ Marathon 24th Jan 538 Geoff Dimelow 678 Dave Foster 798 Sarah Phelan 818 Craig Birchall 966 Jackie Hetherington 1018 Melissa Stansfield 1525 Jane Foster

1-38-30 1-43-13 1-46-23 1-47-13 1-51-20 1-53-25 2-29-56

Winter Handicap 26th January 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Nick Cable Jo Shelbourne Phil Dimelow Ailsa Park Caryl Skene Joe Mann Sarah Halstead Ellen Brookes Jackie Hetherington Geoff Dimelow Sarah Jones-Morris Julie Buckley John Howsham Phil Morris Mark Pearce Shaun Walker Dean Furniss Chris Pollard Nick Morris Colin Porteous Phil Buckley Alex Simon Colin Loyns

31-16 42-10 39-03 37-35 42-24 29-25 37-43 47-00 38-38 35-45 39-49 30-36 32-50 32-22 31-54 28-55 36-12 38-44 31-29 37-06 36-52 30-54 38-17

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Rob Lees Steve Dickinson Kelvin Bowskill Diane Bent Steve Frith Alan Knox Ian Wragg Ray Brown Steve Roebuck Barbara Haigh Mark Law Paul Parkin Gill Tyler Nick Whittingham Pete Stanley

27-55 33-35 33-37 42-55 30-27 33-16 35-18 40-04 26-20 40-09 29-15 44-33 49-43 35-16 34-03



39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

Stuart Woodhead Dave Foster Sarah Phelan Melissa Stansfield Jane Cockerton Denise Pozorski Chris Deacon Dave Lees Craig Birchall Janet Proctor Steve Millwood Emma Wolff Chris Hodgson

34-07 35-54 38-40 39-27 39-13 48-47 33-55 32-56 37-28 41-15 40-00 38-25 41-04

Meltham 10K 31st January 1 Mark Buckingham 6 Steve Roebuck 7 Lee Storey 16 Gary Dean 23 Richard Mackie 28 Mark Law 29 Julie Buckley 46 Nick Morris 49 Steve Frith 52 Alex Simon 61 Steve Sanders 72 Simon Roberts 74 Phil Morris 77 Stuart Woodhead 117 Dave Foster 127 Peter Davison 132 Geoff Dimelow 140 Ian Wragg 149 Craig Birchall 157 Phil Buckley 158 Sarah Phelan 160 David Lockwood 162 Leah James 165 Colin Porteous 174 Ailsa Park 191 Sue Charlesworth 193 Colin Loyns 200 Dean Alcroft 205 Sue Higham 237 Paul Parkin 253 Ellen Brookes 255 Denise Pozorski

34-08 37-40 38-02 39-54 40-45 41-30 41-42 43-22 43-37 43-56 45-03 45-53 46-06 46-25 48-56 49-13 49-18 50-08 50-44 51-06 51-08 51-10 51-25 52-03 52-32 54-05 54-32 55-13 55-59 61-37 65-45 66-19

Kinder Trail 31st January 1 50 70 90 90

Tom Brunt Ian Charlesworth Brent Lindsay Ray Brown Barbara Haigh

2-05-05 3-10-20 3-37-40 4-08-44 4-08-44


Tigger Tor 31 January 1 Stuart Bond 44 Andy Shelbourne



1-05-49 1-20-16

76 Nick Cable 203 Nick Whittingham 247 Anne Beresford 266 Jane Cockerton

1-26-42 1-40-40 1-48-20 1-52-28

Wadworth Trog 7th February 38 Nicky Spinks 41 Ian Charlesworth

3-57-58 4-01-04

Desbury 10K 7th February 45 Lee Storey 66 Rob Lees

35-31 36-40

Liversedge ½ Marathon 14th February 188 Katherine Smythe 228 Craig Birchall 237 Ailsa Park 312 Emily Grobler 377 Gina Grobler

1-47-05 1-52-27 1-53-36 2-03-57 2-19-35

Senior Winter Handicap 16 February 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

Richard Mackie Jackie Hetherington Sarah Phelan Sarah Morris-Jones Nick Cable Phil Morris Keith Wakeley Sarah Mann Dave Foster Melissa Stansfield David Lees Dean Alcroft Stuart Woodhead Dave Jeffery Brent Lindsay Steve Dickinson John Howsham Gill Tyler Julie Buckley Joe Mann Nick Morris Paul Parkin Pete Stanley Steve Sanders Mark Law Geoff Dimelow Phil Buckley Barbara Haigh Dean Furniss Kelvin Bowskill Colin Loyns Sarah Halstead Bernice Nixon Rob Lees Mark Pearce


28-29 37-32 36-35 38-44 31-05 31-55 34-42 42-44 34-15 38-01 31-04 40-24 32-51 39-09 35-57 33-59 33-02 48-08 30-05 29-21 31-07 43-38 33-13 31-50 28-54 35-43 37-02 39-51 36-23 33-40 38-23 38-26 38-45 28-15 32-32

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

Steve Frith Adi Baker Chris Pollard Ellen Brookes Sue Higham Steve Roebuck Caryl Skene Shaun Walker Martin Booth Chris Deacon Craig Birchall Alex Simon Louise Scanlan Diane Bent Nick Whittingham Ian Wragg Alan Knox Denise Pozorski

30-49 32-21 39-24 48-32 41-19 26-52 43-41 30-00 30-43 34-31 37-49 32-53 50-38 44-55 36-45 37-22 36-44 51-35

Disney 5K (America) 27th February 76 Danny Batty

22-59 CR

Noon Stones 27th February 399 Ray Brown 402 Barbara Haigh

118-44 123-01

Snake Lane 10 Mile 28th February 93 Alex Simon 160 Steve Frith 299 Phil Buckley

66-15 70-15 77-25

Huddersfield 10K 28th February 1 Glen Comich 21 Shaun Walker 28 Julie Buckley 68 Wayne Parkinson 159 Keith Gordon 178 David Lockwood 196 Craig Birchall 212 Leah James 225 Julie Moxon 231 Tracy Kemp

33-20 40-26 41-27 44-48 49-34 50-30 51-11 51-48 52-20 52-41

Chew Valley 7th March 16 Paul Hinchliffe 29 Shaun Walker 102 Anne Beresford 102 Bernice Nixon

2-156 2-30-24 3-31-44 3-31-44

Norton 9 7th March 1 10 12 29 71 74

Andrew Pearson Lee Storey Steve Roebuck Gary Dean Nick Morris Steve Frith


44-13 51-38 51-46 54-41 59-03 59-07 CR


107 Wayne Parkinson 110 Stuart Woodhead 139 Phil Morris 147 Kelvin Bowskill 177 Geoff Dimelow 183 Matt Burton 188 David Lockwood 194 Pete Stanley 213 Phil Buckley 223 Dave Foster 235 Ian Wragg 237 Katherine Smythe 239 Keith Gordon 243 Sarah Phelan 248 Steve Millwood 284 Craig Birchall 285 Sue Charlesworth 288 Ray Brown 292 Leah James 300 Julie Moxon 307 Tracy Kemp 353 Dean Alcroft 361 Sue Higham 368 Barbara Haigh 387 Paul Parkin 397 Caryl Skene 404 Emily Grobler 431 Kath Simms 475 Ellen Brookes 484 Denise Pozorski 492 Jane Foster

61-41 61-53 63-42 64-10 66-03 66-16 66-37 66-49 67-47 68-21 69-13 69-18 69-24 69-40 69-57 71-59 72-02 72-08 72-25 72-48 73-21 76-12 77-07 79-11 79-11 80-18 80-38 83-36 90-44 93-11 97-47

71 Ian Charlesworth 82 Nick Cable 112 Mark Pearce 236 Brent Lindsay 248 Paul Griffith

66 Martin Booth 71 Julie Buckley 76 Nick Morris 81 Phil Morris 115 Stuart Woodhead 130 Kelvin Bowskill 136 Steve Dickinson Wakefield 10K 28th March 148 Matt Burton 195 Simon Roberts 44-06 152 Nicky Spinks 201 Matt Burton 43-19 159 Phil Buckley 243 David Lockwood 44-43 162 Ian Wragg 359 Ailsa Park 47-08 166 Dave Needham 364 Danny Batty 47-55 168 Nick Whittingham 385 Leah James 48-08 171 Emma Wolff 389 Haydn Platts 48-17 173 Craig Birchall 610 Simon Town 51-32 176 Steve Frith 177 Alex Simon 179 Dave Lockwood East Hull 20 28th March 191 Geoff Dimelow 8 Steve Roebuck 2-04-30 CR 207 Julie Moxon 36 Gary Dean 2-16-07 215 Susan Charlesworth 69 Steve Frith 2-22-15 CR 225 Tracey Kemp 152 Dave Needham 2-39-37 231 Jane Cockerton 184 Geoff Dimelow 2-44-03 240 Jackie Armitage 239 Sarah Phelan 2-54-20 CR 241 Ray Brown 275 Jackie Hetherington 2-58-49 257 Barbara Haigh 301Keith Gordon 3-06-22 259 Susan Higham 279 Paul Parkin 300 David Horsfall Lads Leap Fell Race 28th March

10 Lee Storey 15 Damian Kilpin 23 Phil Hinchliffe Grindleford Gallop 13th March 30 Ricky Sunman 183 Ray Brown 3-44-40 31 Shaun Walker 196 Barbara Haigh 3-47-23 52 Phil Morris 57 Andy Shelbourne 59 Adi Baker Ian Robert Fell Race 14th March 68 Pete Stanley 1 Sam Carey 48-07 72 Steve Dickinson 11 Phil Hinchliffe 54-18 89 Pete Davison 13 Shaun Walker 55-05 93 Nick Whittingham 73 Paul Griffiths 73-36 94 Wayne Parkinson 95 Stuart Woodhead 96 Alan Knox Spenborough 20 14th March 111 Dave Foster 21 Steve Roebuck 2-13-27 113 Colin Porteous 86 Steve Frith 2-32-13 CR 116 Tracy Kemp 139 Alex Simon 2-47-07 117 Ray Brown 201 Sarah Phelan 3-03-22 121 Paul Griffiths 22 Jackie Hetherington 3-07-37 124 Barbara Haigh 135 Sarah Halstead 137 Jane Cockerton Retford ½ 21st March 103 Geoff Dimelow 182 Craig Birchall



55-59 57-17 59-10 60-05 60-58 65-22 66-22 66-42 68-35 69-15 72-49 73-11 73-12 73-29 73-36 77-18 78-10 78-36 78-57 80-04 80-36 85-08 86-26

1-38-47 1-46-56

South Yorkshire Road Race League Oxspring 31st March

2-39-22 3-41-13 3-43-55

4 Lee Storey 8 Steve Roebuck 41 Joe Mann 46 Damian Kilpin 52 Dom Brook

Edale Skyline 21st March 1 Simon Bailey 62 Shaun Walker 68 Nicky Spinks

3-45-06 3-49-15 3-58-47 5-00-33 5-13-29

28-32 28-41 30-43 31-15 31-28

32-08 32-40 32-42 32-42 33-56 34-54 35-16 35-55 36-05 36-16 36-29 36-41 36-46 36-56 37-07 37-07 37-07 37-07 37-43 38-43 39-09 39-49 40-13 40-35 30-38 41-49 42-29 44-34 54-24

Sillkstone Shuffle 3rd April 3 Lee Storey 9 Phil Hinchliffe 14 Richard Sunman 15 Gary Dean 16 Richard Mackie 17 Andy Shelbourne 21 Jim Bell 25 Shaun Walker 27 Joe Mann 31 Nick Morris 33 Phil Morris 38 Steve Frith 42 Steve Dickinson 45 Alan Knox 51 Pete Stanley 52 Wayne Parkinson 53 Simon Roberts 58 Stuart Woodhead 59 Peter Davison 64 Matthew Barton 66 Dave Foster 73 Geoff Dimelow 76 Emma Wolff 77 Phil Buckley 81 Craig Birchall 84 Colin Porteous 85 Dave Lockwood 87 Sarah Phelan 88 Ian Wragg 90 Daniel Batty


27-38 28-34 29-03 29-11 29-13 29-15 30-05 30-38 30-46 31-36 31-42 32-11 32-26 32-46 33-15 33-16 33-20 33-37 33-43 34-17 34-34 35-36 36-19 36-28 36-38 36-49 37-54 37-20 37-49 38-12


97 Leah James 107 Lisa Hinchliffe 109 Ray Brown 110 Barbara Haigh 113 Dave Jeffery 120 Susan Higham 123 Anna Philips

38-30 39-25 39-45 39-54 40-33 43-03 43-48

127 Paul Parkin 131 Nicola Skegg 133 Ellen Brookes 141 David Horsfall 144 Caroline Dean 145 Jane Foster

46-04 47-11 47-39 54-03 57-32 57-32

High Peak Marathon 2010 PFR results Team No. Cat

Pos 4






Hollins Cross 00:14 3 Blind Mice Ian Mixed Nicky Nick Ca- 09:59: 6 & a Farmers Charleswor John Rowe Vet Spinks ble 14 00:14 Wife th 6 00:17 Mixed Team Pot Mark Andy Amanda Roy Gib- 11:59: 28 Vet Noodle Pearce Green Heading son 45 00:17 28 00:17 Bland leadSteve Brent LyndKeith Andy 12:19: 23 Vet ing the Blind Burgess sey Wakeley Plummer 38 00:17 23

Win Hill 00:36 4 01:05 4 00:41 12 01:15 13 00:45 25 01:21 25

High Neb 00:49 7 01:54 5 00:53 12 02:09 13 00:58 23 02:19 25

Snake 00:35 5 07:04 5 00:43 19 08:26 18 00:52 28 08:47 25

Edale Mill Hill Cross 00:37 00:58 5 6 07:42 08:40 5 5 00:52 01:11 32 20 09:19 10:30 21 19 00:44 01:09 21 17 09:32 10:41 25 24



Team Name

Moscar Cut throat 00:19 6 00:10 3 02:14 5 02:25 5 00:23 21 00:15 17 02:32 13 02:48 15 00:24 25 00:18 34 02:44 23 03:08 24

Rushup Edge


Derwent Edge

Lost Lad



Cut Gate


4 00:31







5 03:13






00:20 13 00:37 17 00:13 19

00:55 18

03:08 15 03:45 14 03:59 14

04:55 13

00:22 27 00:42 29 00:15 29

00:59 21

03:25 26 04:07 27 04:22 27

05:22 24

Hollins Cross

Outer Edge 00:12 4 04:23 5 00:16 31 05:11 13 00:15 29 05:37 24

Lose Hill 00:14 5 00:29 5 00:16 11 00:34 19 00:17 29 00:35 27

BleakSwains lowsto Head nes 00:52 00:41 3 7 05:16 05:57 4 5 01:00 00:48 21 32 06:12 07:01 16 18 00:59 00:40 18 6 06:37 07:18 22 22

Wain Stones 00:31 5 06:29 5 00:42 32 07:43 18 00:36 21 07:55 23




00:21 10 00:10






5 09.59

00:54 18

00:23 16 00:11 10

11:25 18

11:48 18 11:59 18

00:57 24

00:26 24 00:14 22

11:39 24

12:05 24 12:19 24

Leg times and positions Accumulative times and positions Leg times and positions Accumulative times and positions Leg times and positions Accumulative times and positions P AGE


KEEPING IN TOUCH Haha, a page to myself, greedy I know! If you want to contact me to offer suggestions for The Hill, send pictures, articles, generally Rant or Rave about anything (within reason) then please do so. I shall be cobbling together another edition soon (August I hope) so remember to take your camera if you‟re marshalling somewhere, scribe a few words after the pain has eased from your legs if you have done a particularly interesting race or run and send them through to keep me from bothering you all with numerous emails in the run up to my self-imposed deadline day!! You can drop me a line at: Post me things to: 3 Balmoral Close, Thurlstone, Sheffield, S36 9RT Or just hand things to me at the club. See you all soon. Ailsa Along the same lines actually, and just as an afterthought– can everyone check that Martyn has their up to date email addresses as I know some of you aren‟t getting emails from the club or more importantly from me!





The Hill - Spring / Summer 2010  

The activities of Penistone Footpath Runners

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