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November 2010 - Issue 81

Winner of the Civic Trust Shop Awards 2010 See Page 17

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A look into this month’s EYE 36


4 - Letters Movember is here again. The Barnsley Eye’s Gaz attempted a tache last year - but will he be doing the same this time around?

16 - Fashion - Vintage Decades


An exclusive piece by our guest writer Lorna Beechill of Darton High School on the history of fashion.

44 - “Buster” Mallin Matthew “Buster” Mallin got his Professional boxing debut off to a cracking start with a win after putting his opponent down in the 3rd. Read all about it here.


17 - Gallery All that needs to be said about this fantastic mens clothing store is right here on this page.

36 - The Civic See what’s happening at The Civic throughout November.

30 - The Holiday Inn Not only is it a classic Christmas film starring Bing Crosby. The Holiday Inn now have a branch in Barnsley.

42 - Entertainment Win Tickets to see Frankie Boyle at The Motorpoint Arena.

45 - Scott Ledger Interview They’re down there with traffic wardens and politicians in the popularity stakes, so why would anyone want to be a linesman or a referee? We speak to Barnsley’s Scott Ledger to find out.

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Your Little Eye


Remember Mo-vember! The 1st of November marked the start of Mo-vember a concept where men, and some women too presumably, spend the month of November trying to grow moustaches in an attempt to raise awareness about men’s health issues including prostate cancer. Last year hairy top lips were everywhere - I remember down at Hoyland Vikings Rugby Club - it was like the Anfield dressing room circa 1984. I had a bash at a Souness-esque tashe (see below) although to be honest with my bald napper I resembled one of those old circus strongmen in oppose to anything cool - all I needed was the leopard-print leotard to complete the look - and honestly, it itched like hell-fire and my missis absolutely hated it.... this year I’m gonna leave it to everyone else to grow a tashe and I’ll be the one happly smirking at everyone I see growing one - that’s including our property columist Steve Betts who I see quite often at the gym - if you want to sponsor him please visit - and see his take on the Movember concept in his column on page 6. We’ll be sure to print an image of Steve right here in the Barnsley Eye next month.....wonder which of the styles above he’ll go for? All I can say is Good Luck Steve...I’ll keep letting you know what I think of your Mushaaa as the weeks go by!!! GM (Send us your Movember pictures for next months eye).

Many thanks to Joanne of Platts Common for this great drawing she sent us.

November 2008 - Issue 59

See Pages 36 & 37

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Eye on Local News 05 Joann Fletcher - On Board The Navigator of the Sea Joann Fletcher watches Alexandria (below left) come in to view - the city was named after Alexander the Great who Joann delivered a lecture on while onboard The Navigator of The Sea.

There’s an old saying that wherever you are in the world if you meet anyone from Yorkshire, in the first five minutes they’ll tell you where they’re from. With Joann Fletcher it’s a bit faster that!

Recently returned from a break as Royal Caribbean cruise Enrichment Lecturer where she became talking point as ‘the show not to miss’ amongst the 2000 passengers aboard, she is already being lined up by more cruise lines for more distant destinations. So, these days she often has no idea where she may be going – but without doubt she still knows where she comes from. Mel Dyke

Anywhere in the world a discovery of mummies, tombs or ancient burial sites now almost automatically results in her opinion being sought. Her name and increasingly her face is as familiar from America to Australia as they are at the University of York or Harrogate Museum where she is regularly based to continue her work as an Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology. She was back in Barnsley, her home town, in October inspiring children, university students and adult learners alike telling them of local links with Egyptology.

Above: Joann Fletcher deliverng her lecture on Cleopatra on board the Navigator of the Seas last month. The Queue of passengers who wanted to meet her took 1 hour and 40 minutes to work through.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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06 Eye on Local News Should I Buy to Rent?

Diversity Day

Steve Betts of Butcher Residential Ltd. gives the Eye his exclusive Property advice:

Barnsley Hospital recently celebrated Diversity Day by hosting a workshop featuring speakers from several national organisations.

With people currently talking about Van Der Vaart setting the Premier League alight and November now becoming ‘Movember’, one topic that never seems to be seasonal is the property market. A question that I am increasingly asked relates to the rental market; is it worth buying a second property? Many people have savings in a bank account which earn very little interest and are pondering buying an investment property. In short, my answer is yes. Currently the rental market is very buoyant and properties which are managed and priced correctly are often let within a matter of weeks. Of course, buying a property for rental purposes does come with some risks. The housing market can go down as well as up, so your asset could potentially lose value. There is also the prospect that the house may be without a tenant for a period. Like any investment, there is always some risk, however if you look at the investment as a long term one you should be fine. I recommend looking at a rental property as a 5 year minimum investment. In that time the property should have increased in value and will have likely spent the majority of that lifespan let. As it is currently difficult for first time buyers to enter the property ownership market, many are now turning to rented property, therefore increasing the demand. Unfortunately, in various sectors, confidence in the job market remains low and therefore many potential buyers are reluctant to commit to a mortgage, so are renting rather than buying. Both the above have increased the demand for quality rental property. Any rental payment is seen as income and therefore probably liable for income tax. I suggest anyone who is considering a ‘buy to let’ property should speak to an accountant. Finally, as mentioned in my first paragraph, November is increasingly becoming known as ‘movember’. In essence the idea is to raise awareness for male illness, in particular Prostate Cancer. The idea is that any participating men will shave at the end of October and grow a moustache throughout ‘movemember’; this is seen as our badge of honour. I have committed my services to such a great cause and will be seen walking around the streets of Barnsley trying to hide my face, particularly my upper lip, throughout the month. Moreover, if I do value your property during the month, my apologies, as I have no idea what is going to grow! If anyone would like to sponsor me or find out more information, you can do so at

Written by Steve Betts, Residential Director at Butcher Residential Ltd.

Contact on 01226 288920

Diversity Day, organised by Dr Rajeev Gupta, was aimed at raising awareness of diversity in the NHS and helping employees and managers to understand inclusion and diversity in a meaningful way. Dr Gupta explained that just six words summed up the philosophy: Seek Similarities... Understand Differences...Celebrate Diversity. Dr Umesh Prabhu, Medical Director at Manchester and NCAS Advisor, said, “It is absolutely essential to treat everyone equally with respect, dignity and humanity, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Everyone, whether a patient or a member of staff in the NHS, should treat everyone else the way they would like to be treated by others. That is what equality and diversity means.” Stephen Wragg, Chairman of the Trust said, “It is a day to celebrate diversity and look at the contribution of black and ethnic minority communities & other disadvantaged people to the NHS. We need to ensure equality as a human right.” Beverley Powell, Barnsley Hospital’s Equality and Diversity Advisor, said, “There are many diverse members of our local community who access our services. We put patients at the heart of everything we do, and all trust staff have a vital part to play. We need to find creative ways of accessing all communities to ensure their voices are heard and that all their diverse needs are catered for.”

Kes 40th Anniversary This year marked the 40th anniversary of Kes and LS Theatre Productions were proud to be bringing the play home to Barnsley the town where it was born. And what a performance it was! After taking the family to watch the Kes the production at Take Two Theatre on 24th October, I can honestly say what a fantastic performance it was! The production was put together brilliantly and it brought back so many memories from the film that was made all those years ago, well done to Lee Semley (Pictured Right with actors and Dia Bradley the original Billy Casper in the Ken Loach Movie) and all the cast one mention should go to the fantastic performance by Lewis Jones who played Billy Casper for someone of Lewis’s age and for it to be his first performance I thought was outstanding so well done Lewis. The show ran for ten dates and due to popular demand has now “flown the nest” and is doing two gala performances at The Penistone Paramount on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th December 2010. Performance times 7:30pm. Box Office 01226 767532 so anyone who missed it please call the Box Office as you wont be disappointed.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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So the Chilean Miners are out – and what a story that was. Didn’t it have everything? – pregnant wives, the mistress and the missus finding out about each other, heart, faith, bravery and a good old happy ending. The world was united in watching and willing them to survive and cheering them on when they made their appearance on terra firma to be cuddled by their loved ones. I cried more than I did at Old Shep. And because the miners went through that experience together, you know they’ll be bonded for life. I think we, in a mining area, felt things a little closer to our hearts because we know how flaming dangerous and hard the profession of mining is. And to get a glimpse of it for yourselves – go to Wakefield Mining Museum and travel down to the belly of the earth like our dads and granddads did. Now I’m not saying that my week on Come Dine With Me is ANYTHING like that, but what I will say is that anyone who goes through an intense shared experience is liable to bond. I find that a fascinating part of human nature that even the more isolated of people will reach out and connect when trauma or excitement rocks their world.

You might have watched our Come Dine With Me on TV and thought ‘I bet this lot never see each other again’ but you’d be so wrong. That week was the most intensive of my life and even the crew are in the ‘circle’. When you’ve had sound men down your cleavage as much as I had that week, an engagement was nearly on the cards, never mind a friendship. I won far more than the money that week – I won a whole new set of pals – and we are. Beautiful Verene (or Veneer as Lady Bacardi calls her) the hilarious Paul, the gentlemanly Phil (who converted me both to Prosecco and lamb!) and the flamboyant Christian. Inbetween the competitive aspects there was genuine warmth and laughter and when V burst into tears on the last night off-camera, it kind of summed it up for all of us. This week, seeing the filmed results, has been like living it all again – something I would be very happy to do. Oh and for anyone who missed us – we’re available for the next couple of weeks on the link below. Ours was bonding built on a happy time, unlike those poor miners. What did our granddads do without stress counselling when they had a fall? I just hope and pray that the story in six months time shows a band of brothers who aren’t too mentally scarred and find that the life they thought was over is something to be relished and enjoyed with renewed vigour.


I’m Just A Girl... ‘I’d rather not be, cos they won’t let me drive late at night’ to quote Gwen Stefani - to quote Gwen Stefani - Or in Jordan’s case, ‘they won’t let me drive a pink, 7 tonne horse box onto the pavement or use an iPhone at the wheel on the A23’. Well, not without getting 3 points on your license anyway.Her excuse for driving like a DUI Barbie twice in one week, was priceless (pun intended) ‘I’m just a typical woman driver’. While I sub-consciously added her latest brainless comment to The Book Of ‘Stupid Things I Say’ (Volume 103) by JordanRealNameKatiePrice as she’s known, it became clear that although she unwittingly angered nearly every woman driver in the country, she had simply resorted the last refuge in female defense. What she really meant is “I’ve been caught, there’s no denying it and so I’ll fall back onto the tried and tested way of getting out of it” and therefore played the ‘Just A Girl’ card. The ‘Just A Girl’ card (lets call it the JAG) is one many of us, at some point, have played to get out of trouble - myself included. It comes in many forms - helplessness, weakness (physical or otherwise) sometimes even acting a bit, well… dim (I’m in a 30mph zone? REALLY officer? I didn’t know…) and is most effective when accompanied by some well-timed tears and the kind of sad face that Puss uses on Shrek to lull his potential victims into thinking that he’s just a harmless kitty cat… just before the claws come out. We can all play down our strengths when it comes to getting our own way and being a girl, I’ve convincingly cried my way out of many situations with parents, teachers, police and more frequently of all, my husband. The JAG card is like a magic ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ (somebody should tell Lindsay Lohan) that when played correctly can be a girl’s most powerful ally. A recent poll found that 88% of us had successfully used being female as an excuse or avoidance measure in the past, with just over half doing so regularly. Parking the car is apparently the top situation in which some of us tend to play the JAG card, with 67% admitting that they had blamed rubbish parking on the fact they are female. 56% used the excuse to avoid catching insects (only 56?) 19% refuse to take out the rubbish and 40% of us will ask a man to get the lids off jars and carry heavy bags for us and at the risk of sending Germaine Greer spinning into an early grave – what’s wrong with that?? It’s a scientific fact that men are stronger than women AND have far bigger hands which are designed to carry shopping bags. Catching spiders? Sorry, but aren’t our men supposed to be our protectors? And as for DIY, compared to the amount of housework us girls do already, is it really too much to ask that we get him to paint the bannister once every 5 years? I mean, have you seen the damage satin gloss can do to a manicure? Besides, we’re not the only ones who can give in to stereotypes when it suits. How many times have you seen a bloke’s face pale in terror at the bank holiday war-cry “Let’s go to Ikea!” or listened to the dying whimpers of a bloke with Man-FluTM? (for the record Man-Flu does NOT exist guys, you know it, we know it, we’re just humouring you, you have a cold). The Hoover almost short circuits in shock whenever my husband goes near it (although the lawnmower would probably do the same with me) and I’m sure he thinks the iron is a kind of medieval torture device. From yelping in your heels to get yourself a piggy back, to getting your dad to wash your car - if we’re being honest, we’ve all done dealt a few JAG cards and why shouldn’t we? In most areas of life, we girls are pretty stoical and self-sufficient, so give us a break. Compared to waxing, bleaching, period pain, labour, spike heels, growing out a blunt fringe etc, asking someone to get the lid off a jam jar is a pretty small ask don’t you think?

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Written by Joe Milburn. November 2010

4/11/10 12:37:44

08 Eye on Local News Christmas Lights Switch On 2010

etrios tleys Dem Stavros Fla

last year

A real treat is in store for everyone with a fabulous fortnight of Festive Fun in the town centre. Last year Stavros Flatley helped The Mayor switch on Barnsley’s Christmas lights and this year It all starts on Wednesday 17th November when the Mayor “switches on” the lights helped by Pepper Pig (left) and a delegation of Dignitaries. An exciting new event will take place on the lower County Way car park, on Wednesday, as part of the Christmas lights switch on programme, hosted in association with Hallam FM, please tune into your radio for regular updates. From 3.30pm a spectacular free concert with X Factor finalists, local performers and a special headline act to be confirmed, there will be fairground rides and the event will finish with a spectacular fire work display at 7.30pm. The following week The Christkindlmarkt will run from Friday to Saturday (26th to 28th November) and will once again delight shoppers with an eye for something special for that Christmas gift. The Gmendr Altstadtfager Guggen Band will be attending the weekend from Swabich Gmund, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the town centre together with a number of local brass band performances. We here at the Eye will keep you up to date with whats happening.....

X Factor finalists Lucie Jones, Stavros Flatley and the Mayor turn on Barnsleys Christmas lights last year.

Photography Business Celebrates It’s First Birthday Local Barnsley based business Blue Lights Photography owned by Adele Haywood celebrated their First Birthday with a showcase of her work to friends and family. Blue Lights Photography was set up by Adele in October 2009 during the recession and it has gone from strength to strength with her travelling all over the country to photograph people’s weddings going as far away as Aberdeen and Shrewsbury. Adele said “I love taking photographs and I always have done even from an early age. I put my energy and passion into giving people the best that I can deliver. I try every time to excel myself and give my clients images that they can treasure forever” “My first year in business has gone from strength to strength and I have found that if you are offering the quality that people are looking for then the clientele will come”. Adele grew up having a passion for taking photographs and her earliest memory is being aged three and this continued into present day. Adele’s specialises in people photography offering: wedding, engagement, bumps2babies, tots2teens, modelling portfolios, studio photography, product photography, occasions and events, lifestyle photography along with prints, canvases and more. Adele has organised and will be attending at The Wedding Fayre, Priory Campus, Pontefract Road, Lundwood, Barnsley on the 7th November 2010 between 10.30am and 15.30pm. contact Adele on 01226 630090 or email

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Hair & Health


Being Breast Aware Whatever your age, size or shape it’s important to take care of your breasts. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, so it’s important to look after your breasts by being breast aware. Being breast aware is an important part of caring for your body. It means getting to know how your breasts look and feel, so you know what is normal for you. You can then feel more confident about noticing any unusual changes.

How do I check my breasts? There’s no right or wrong way to check your breasts. Try to get used to looking at and feeling your breasts regularly. You can do this in the bath or shower, when you use body lotion, or when you get dressed. There’s really no need to change your everyday routine. Just decide what you are comfortable with and what suits you best.

Remember to check all parts of your breast, your armpits and up to your collarbone.

At the moment were ever you look in the media, weather it be in TV, magazines, or newspapers there’s a group of chaps dominating the headlines by the names of Robbie Williams and the rest of the Take That boys. Maybe there not regarded as the coolest or most popular band amongst other fellas. Weather that was down to there music or post image, one such image that springs to mind is the old rocker style, with dreadlocks and all that leather, not good. But in there defence there most recent styling is in my opinion great. The clean cut side parted style, maybe abit 1940’s. This style seems at the moment have been embraced by fellas young and old and rightly so, it’s a cool classic style that for me will always stand the test of time.

The breast awareness 5-point code

Ideally for this style you want a nice face on the back and sides and popular with younger clients is a slight weight line towards the top of the hair. Depending how you want he finished look would determine the product you use for high gloss or the classic slick style, I would recommend either American crew pomade which is high in gloss with a medium hold or moulding clay which is a strong hold for more matt finish your probably better using either American crew fiber, this product gives you maximum hold and matt finish or American crew defining paste that is more medium hold.

1. Know what is normal for you 2. Know what changes to look and feel for 3. Look and feel 4. Report any changes to your GP without delay 5. Attend routine breast screening if you are aged 50 or over

Going for screening In the UK, women between 50 and are invited for breast screening every three years as part of the National Health Service Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP). This age range is due to be extended to 47 to 73 in the near future.

Breast cancer is curable. The earlier is is diagnosed the easier it is to cure.

As you are no doubt aware Christmas is around the corner, and over this month and next I will be giving you some great gift ideas for your self or for presents. One of which is ideal for all you budding Rafael Van Der Vaarts comes the American Crew football gift pack, which contains, A.C. fiber a daily shampoo and a branded football. And at £16.95 what a barging

For an appointment just telephone 01226 208555 or pop in and see us at The Thomas Whitworth Forum / Hanson St. S70 2HZ

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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10 Eye on Hair As Christmas approaches, we asked “The Expert” Zena Claire, What’s New & Now is for seasonal styling. Zena not only runs a busy salon but, educates for Paul Mitchell, allowing her a backstage pass into what’s hot & what’s not…..

Give the gift of style this Christmas

Slim Style Paul Mitchell® Luxury Hair Care and The Barnsley Eye magazine have teamed together to give 5 lucky readers the chance to win this luxury slimline wallet and styling set. Stand out whether enjoying the party season or looking super-stylish whilst buying pressies for your loved ones with this statement white wallet – the accessory trend for the season. Achieve winter glam with these speedy styling essentials, Fast Form, Super Skinny Serum and Heat Seal. Fast Form™ is a cream gel containing natural moisturizing ingredients to help to soothe every strand and add shine whilst the Express Style® technology helps hair dry faster, so you can style those locks in minutes. Super Skinny® Serum is a lightweight conditioning and smoothing serum which helps soften, add shine, reduce static and help reduce drying time. Protect fragile strands whilst heat styling with Heat Seal®. There is a Slimline Wallet worth £14.99 that is FREE when clients buy any three Paul Mitchell® products

Style with speed from Paul Mitchell® Luxury Hair Care Stockists - 0845 6590012

Christmas traditionally is to celebrate the birth of Christ, and the giving of gifts to love ones mirrors the wise men giving luxury gifts to enhance the celebration… Why not treat your loved ones to a well thought out gift this time around? Luxury individual gift packs tailored to individual hair types or ghd styling irons RRP £119. Or Paul Mitchell curling wands RRP £45 or maybe a Luxury Gift voucher for that special hair designer to create their magic on your loved one.


Seasonal Party Pin Up’s Why not book a free consultation for your party hair this season? Your hair designer should be able to offer you a wide range of options to suit your individual taste & personality. Pin Up’s do not have to be traditional, which is why I recommend a pre salon visit just to check your salon choice is going to achieve your end results and is up to the job

Pin up’s from £20 Zena x

Happy holidays!

Answer this question to

Q: What does “Express Style Technology” help your your hair do?

Stocks Lane, off Summer Lane, Barnsley S75 2BL

Jool Media Ltd, Unit 22, BBIC, Snydale Road,Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP. Don’t forget Name, Telephone Number and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Hair Design



FULL SET SILK DIPS £20 INC. NAIL ART (with Chilli Nails)

Thomas Whitworth Forum, (within Lucorum Complex) Hanson Street, Barnsley

October 2007 | Barnsley Eye

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12 Eye on Local Business Be Groomed like the Stars


GROOMING guru Jason Shankey is set to become one of the UK’s leading authorities on male styling. The stylist to the stars whose client list includes X Factor favourites Olly Murs and Jamie Archer as well as Calum Best, Jensen Button and David Furnish, has taken 10 years to perfect his own product range which will help revolutionise male grooming in 6 quick and easy steps.

The leading expert who has worked with industry giants including Gillette, Boots and Braun, this month launches his own ‘Expert’ retail line which will be available in design houses such as Harrods and House of Fraser and our very own Tony’s Barbers and the Men’s room in Barnsley. This is a fantastic achievement for Tony who has been trading in Barnsley for 21 years and is the only Cut Throat Barbers in Town.

Stockists: Ted Baker•Pleasure State•Ayten Gasson•Bassoni Local Designers: Kelly Anne Couture•Emily Sharp•Waxx (Men) 8 Pitt Street , Barnsley S70 1AW Tel: O1226 246611

All the Jason Shankey products will be available at Tony’s from mid November.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Local Business 13 It’s a Family Affair

When Emma sat in the doctors surgery unhappy and over weight little did she know that a year later she would be 7 stone lighter her sister and mum 7 and a half stone between them and mum Julie Cutts fit enough to donate one of her kidneys to her sister to help save her life. A chance meeting of a Slimming World member in the waiting room has not only changed her life and her familys but gave the chance of a normal life to her aunty Dawn Davies age 44.

MONDAY Mapplewell 6pm call Trish 01226 380115 Broadway NEW TIMES 5pm and 7pm call Christine 01226 381348 Brierley 6.30pm call michelle 07887906493 TUESDAY Mapplewell 9.30am call Trish 01226 380115 Penistone 10am and 6.30pm call Janice 07863002193 Barugh Green 5pm and 7pm call Christine 01226 381348 WEDNESDAY Cudworth 6pm Grimethorpe 6.30pm call Michelle 07887906493 Oxspring 6.30pm call Janice 07863002193 THURSDAY Royston 12.30 call Christine 01226 381348 Darton NEW TIMES 5pm and 7pm call Christine 01226 381348 Royston 6.30 call Debbie 07973257958

“Its completely changed my life”. Long gone are the takeaways pasties and rubbish we all had now I eat normal healthy food like shepherds pie loads of free food like veg and fruit and the whole lot of us are benifiting from it. I can play with my kids I can walk to school and not be out of breath and my knees be killing me I now have my life back. “I joined Slimming clubs before with mates but they would always pack in as I was painfully shy so I would give up too but this time I joined alone and was welcomed as soon as I got through the door from Christine the consultant at Royston Slimming World, I was so scared I would be the biggest one there and they would shout out my weight but its not like that at all its like a group of mates sharing ideas and helping each with recipes and ideas when we need it. When I had lost around 4 stone my mum joined as she knew she needed to lose weight to help her sister Dawn as she had kidney failure and was eventually going to have to go on a dialasis machine”. Julie Cutts 51 said “the Doctor told me to lose 2 stone and I went on to lose 4 and a half stone as I was determind to be at my fittest to help me get over the operation and I have done it!” Both women were voted Woman of the year in there groups and Emma went on to get through to the district finals boosting her confidence no end, no longer the shy person she was. “It gave me my life back and I will never go back to feeling like the biggest person in the room,unhealthy and fed up my family love the new me”

LOSE A DRESS SIZE IN 3 WEEKS!!! 10MIN = 1 HOUR WORKOUT ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Burn Fat & Lose Weight Anti Ageing Reduce Cellulite Build Muscle Tone Increase Flexibilty Increase Bone Density Promote Circulation Improve Varicose Veins Minimise Lower Back Pain Look Fab! COMING SOON

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Be Positive.... Be Happy! by Maria Nortcliffe MAR. MICHT Autumn is here once again. The nights are well and truly drawing in. We are looking forward to Bonfire Night, Christmas shopping and all the festivities associated with November and December. It is exciting for some but can be endless hard work for others. Many people go into a kind of decline as the year winds down and can even become quite depressed at the thought of another year drawing to a close. A recent study by the NHS Information Centre found that a quarter of all middle-aged women will fall victim to depression. Strangely enough many well known people have recently spoken about their own experiences in the press and popular magazines. It affects people in all walks of life, even those who seem to have everything seem to be touched by it, and it seems to be on the increase. Depression has many causes. It can be due to increased and often never-ending workload. It may be relationship problems at work or in the home. You may have experienced a bereavement or separation or divorce. On the other hand some may have a genetic pre-disposition to depression and some may develop symptoms when going through the menopause. There are some practical things you can do to help and one is to seek help. Your first port of call will be your doctor who will be able to refer your for counselling. Talking to someone who is trained listen can help you through a difficult time. They can also show you strategies to deal with problem situations and help you to increase your self esteem. Along side this you can benefit from complementary therapies. Choose a therapy you can enjoy and be pampered. Take time out for yourself. A good therapy can help you relax and begin to feel better about yourself. If you can afford to have a regular treatment you will appreciate it more as the weeks go by, you will relax more fully and the benefits will begin to last longer. A good therapist will also be encouraging and will congratulate each stage of your recovery.

cleaned the whole house as you intended but you have cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom and tomorrow is a whole new day not yet started. Give yourself a treat. Treats need not be expensive. Your treat can be something simple that you enjoy like a walk in the park, or a luxurious bubble bath. Try to give yourself a treat every day. Look after your body. Sometimes we can be depressed about being overweight, so try to change what you eat. Eat more vegetables and fruit instead of cake and biscuits. Try to avoid fried foods. Try to cook meals from scratch and avoid too many take-away meals. Even if your weight loss seems slow enjoy the boost that eating well can give you. It may not be the right time for you to give up smoking but be aware how many cigarettes you smoke each day and maybe try to cut out one or two each day. Be aware how much alcohol you are drinking and don’t rely on a drink to ‘make you feel better’. Unfortunately, in the long run alcohol does not make you feel better and can damage your health. Be as active as you can and improve your fitness. Activity can help you to feel better about yourself. A new activity can be fun and make you feel as if you have achieved something. It can also lead to making new friends and is something to look forward to. You can also change things by having a makeover or a new haircut. We have all watched shows like Trinny and Suzanna and seen what an impression a new haircut, new style of clothes and so on can make. So try it for yourself. Take a trusted friend out shopping and ask them for their honest opinion as you try on a new outfit. There are so many positive things to do. You may not feel like doing all of them and even doing one may be a huge effort but, you know, even making a very small change can make a huge difference. Help yourself to feel better but do it one small step at a time. You will be amazed how things can change. Written by Maria Nortcliffe MAR. MICHT

When you are in the grip of depression it is difficult to see a way out, but there are ways of changing things, even though it may only be slight, that may help. Sometimes we feel bad one week and the next things don’t seem quite so bad even though nothing has changed. What may have changed is that you simply see things in a different way. So what can you do to bring this change about? During a bout of depression you sometimes don’t realise how negative you can be. One trick is to try to find something that has happened during the day about which you can be positive. Try being thankful for simple things. It could be something like ‘the sun shone today’ or ‘I enjoyed my dinner today’ or ‘I have a wonderful husband, or wife’ or ‘it was nice to see the grandchildren today. Once you realise that there are things to be thankful for, you find other things because positive feelings attract more positive feelings.

Appointments also available at Skin &Tonic 334a Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley Telephone: 01226 747727

Be forgiving to yourself. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t achieved perfection. Make smaller targets so that you feel as though you have achieved something. You may not have

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Local Business 15 SKIN CARE by Claire Bryan

Chesham Road,( near one to one gym) Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NT

Festive Chic(onomy) If you are feeling the pinch and the thought of buying a festive dress is just a frivolity too far - have a look at the key trends for the season and see if you can utilize existing items from your wardrobe. We all think embellishment and sparkle for Christmas and the New Year, but there are lots of ways to update outfits without the bling. WARNING – sparkle and embellishment draw attention, work out the bits that you want to draw attention to and add it here.

❄ ❄

Colour – anything goes, but red, nude, grey and purple are all glamorous, use navy or midnight blue instead of black. Add a colourful necklace, jacket, scarf or earrings to update an existing outfit.

For a strapless number attach a ribbon of flowers or feathers over one shoulder for the bang on trend asymmetric look.

Get out the summer maxi and add striking jewellery, coloured or embellished shoes and a velvet stole

❄ ❄

Update last year’s dress or outfit with embellishments – add velvet banding (or belt), brocade bag and feathers or plumage to your shoes.

Prices start from £6.50 . Christmas gift sets now available

Hollywood Lash Extentions ,calgel overlays on fingers, minx toes and sienna x spray tan or eye package £63 (saving £58 on original price) limited spaces available so book early to avoid dissapointment.

Tel 07927 659572 Chesham Road,( near one to one gym) Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NT

Corsets and bustiers – come on, we all have one lurking don’t we? You don’t have to show everything you have, get an on trend cropped jacket, satin or silk shirt, or lace top and put it over the top. Velvet is back – take out the old and update with new accessories, a cocktail ring and low swinging pendant will do the trick!

Enjoy the challenge of updating last year’s look and think about the money you have saved – to pay off the bills in January!


Witten by Kirstie Trasler Stylist & Image Consultant November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Vintage Decades

by Lorna Beechill, Darton High School

drastically different clothes from their parents, with the mini skirts and bold hippy colours! Also music had a very big influence on fashion with the big rock stars setting trends for the British youth. At this time there was a very split fashion subculture, these were the mods and rockers. The mods were described as fashion obsessed with their tailor-made Italian suits, woollen jumpers and ‘boat’ shoes. Whereas the rockers were completely opposite to the mods with their leather jackets and the greasy rock n roll look.

Over the past 30 years Vintage clothing has become more and more popular. Ever since the late 1960’s the idea of wearing ‘old’ clothes has become the norm, even for celebrities such as Dita Von Teese and Kate Moss! From the early 1970’s onwards vintage clothing shops were opening everywhere. Before vintage clothing became popular it was mostly known as ‘second hand clothing’ but the word vintage sounds more sophisticated than this, and over the years people have just adapted to it. The popular type of vintage clothing starts from the 20’s and 30’s as the modern era began and both men and woman started to wear more sporty and comfortable clothing, you could say this is due to the likes of Coco Chanel and Gucci making an appearance in the fashion industry! Pieces of clothing before this time are usually referred to as antique, as they are very old and very hard to find! So if you’re having a route through your great grandma’s wardrobe and come across an antique dress be sure to have it checked out because it may well be worth a bob or two! Although Christian Dior was popular in the 40’s and 50’s fashion wasn’t as popular as it should’ve been due to the World War 2. The colours of clothing at this time were boring and bland colours such as black, navy or any other dark colours. Also with materials being scarce people were instructed not to use excess buttons, decorative trimmings and extra stitching, so as you can imagine this was not a great time for fashion designers and fashion lovers! It’s not while the 60’s and 70’s that fashion took a very noticeable change, and probably for the best! With some very big fashion designers coming onto the fashion scene such as Vivienne Westwood and Mary Quant! Young woman and teenagers started wearing

In the 1980’s both men and woman started wearing more loose shirts and tighter trousers, this was when leggings came into fashion for women! Also in this era brand names became more popular, making the likes of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are big contenders in the fashion industry. At this time Madonna was at her prime and was the typical material girl, making young woman and teenagers look up to her for fashion statements. 90’s fashion is not viewed ‘vintage clothing’ as anyone who knows about vintage will tell you, pieces of clothing should be at least 20 years old for it to class as vintage. It seems that the latest fashion is to wear clothes that were fashionable decades ago, maybe this is because fashion designers are running out of ideas? Or maybe just because celebrities wear vintage and we like to follow the crowd? Either way I’m not complaining because vintage clothing is easy to find, unique and as cheap as chips! Also with vintage clothing coming from lots of different eras there will always be something that suits you and your lifestyle!

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Fashion 17

Gallery is a fresh new concept in menswear retail. Based in Barnsley, the heart of South Yorkshire and surrounded by an increasingly affluent demographic. The Gallery concept is one for the discerning male, a man who thinks about what to wear before leaving the house, an air of effortless chic, yet tailored with an ability to create presence with one’s ensemble. Gallery is about fashion for the image conscious, it is about appealing visual wonderfulness. Offering a large selection and absorbing mixture of directional, high end fashion brands and unique designer collaborations. Providing our customers both online and in-store with a true fashion fix from formal to casual, high end fashion to street wear, footwear and accessories. We have been opened almost 2 years, and the business is growing rapidly and we are gaining a good reputation for quality service and excellent designer brands. We stock over 22 brands in our store including the following: • Vivienne Westwood

• Etienne Ozeki

• Anglemania Cleberation with Lee Jeans

• Elvis Jesus

• Unconditional

• Gibson Suits

• Diesel Black Gold

• DR Denim

• Evisu

• Alexander Mcqueen Footwear

• Money

• Swear Footwear

• Franklin and Marshall

• H By Hudson Footwear

• Bolongaro & Trevor

And many more!

• Antony Morato We have kind, friendly customer service and due to these excellent services we won the Barnsley Civic Trust Shop Awards 2010 *First Prize* in menswear fashion. We are always looking to improve and we are looking at other top brands on the market to bring in store. Gallery is taking part in a Fashion Show at Holiday Inn Barnsley on the 24th November arrivals for 7pm show starts at 8pm, this is for charity and tickets can be purchased at Gallery. Don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity to see some of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

OUR CLOTHES ARE OUR ART! GALLERY GALLERY 18-20 Market Hill Barnsley South Yorkshire United Kingdom S70 2QE

Telephone: 01226 283782 November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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18 Eye on The Civic Trust Shop Awards

Civic Trust Shop Awards 2010 Barnsley Civic Trust strives to promote an exciting, vibrant and pulsating town centre. Working with local partners to deliver an award for town centre shops and businesses, recognising business skills, innovation, architectural design, and the impact of window displays on the street scene. Barnsley Civic Trust’s Shop Awards was once again a great success, with over 200 individual town centre businesses taking part and this year has been better than ever. Organised by Civic Trust members, with the generous support of Barnsley Council’s ‘Barnsley In Bloom’ team as well as Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, the Shop Awards celebrate the best in town centre business. This years shop awards for 2010 covered 16 categories taking in all aspects from Large Shops to market stalls. With 48 individual Winners and runners up the award ceremony was held at the Civic on the 5th October the Mayor and local dignitaries attended.

Overall Winner: Kennedy Travel

__EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 18

The Winners Large Shop – W H Smiths Small Shop – Ca rpet Creations The Mall - Bodyc are Semi Open Mark et – Hills Fruit & Veg Indoor Market – Pats for Pants Café – Koffi Bea n The Lounge Ladies Fashion – Every Inch a Wo men Men’s Fashion – Gallery Hair and Beauty – House of Beau ty Bridal – Eleganc e Charity Shop – B arnsley Hospice Travel Agents – Kennedy Travel Jewelers – Barn sley Gold Rush Florist – Flowers R us Overall Winner – Kennedy Trave l

4/11/10 12:41:49


19 134 Doncaster Road , Barnsley , S70 1TS

Every Inch a Woman - A Dedicated Dress Agency for the Curvy Lady Sizes 16-32 We stock New, Dress Agency & Vintage Ladies Clothes, Shoes & Bags We have also opened ‘Smaller Version’ upstairs. Due to popular demand from the Smaller Version Curvy Ladies 42-44 Shambles Street, Barnsley, S70 2SH

Tel: Jo 07881 786621 Open Tuesdays to Friday 10.00 - 5.00 Saturdays 10.00 - 4.00

s n r u b k cafe c a bl




8:30 AM - 4:00 PM MON - SAT

01226 779951

58 Market Street, Barnsley S70 1SN


Vanilla Salon would like to welcome Robina King as the new Therapist Long Standing member of the team Chloe Sunderland returns Special offers throughout November Half Price Hair Extensions Mon, Tues & Wed Half Price Cut & Blow with New Stylist Kelly Marie should bec £28 now £14 (For a limited period only.) All stylists are level 3 available to suit all Budgets New Stylists Kelly Marie Ladies Cut & Finish 1/2 Price Throughout November

Call Vanilla Today to avoid Disappointment 01226 208502 free parking and we are open 6 days a week - with 3 late nights


9 The Arcade, Barnsley -across from Aroma Cafe Bar Open Tues - Sat 9.30-4pm JOIN OS ON FACEBOOK LUCYSBOUTIQUE LUCY NUGENT




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20 Scores a Hat Trick! Elegance Bridal Studio has been crowned the Best Bridal Shop in Barnsley for the third year running, this was awarded by The Barnsley Civic Trust at a ceremony at the Civic, last month. The shop awards are a celebration of local businesses within the town centre and to entice shoppers to discover the ‘Best Shops & Market Stalls in Barnsley’, which have the Barnsley Civic Trust stamp of approval. There are several categories for shops & market stalls to enter, which are then judged by mystery shoppers, who give their time voluntarily. They visit each business within the various categories, marking down their experience whilst following strict criteria. Julia Carr, proprietor of Elegance Bridal Studio which is located on Eastgate, was overwhelmed and emotional when discovering that her business had won again for the third year running. ‘I am very proud to have won again, this is a fantastic achievement and is a guarantee to our customers, that they will receive only the best customer service, in our award winning studio’ said Julia.

Photograph courtesy of

Elegance Bridal Studio provides a private and unique experience. Working by appointment only at 2, Eastgate, Barnsley. Customers have the exclusive use of the studio, which boasts a luxurious private fitting room, for brides to relax & enjoy trying the latest bridal gowns, by top designers Jean Fox, Trudy Lee & Wendy Makin. These designs can only be found at Elegance Bridal Studio, within the Yorkshire region. The studio stocks an exquisite collection of flattering gowns at sensible prices, each dress is chosen by Julia for its superb fit, style and exceptional quality. This provides every bride with excellent value for money and are accompanied by stunning veils, tiara’s, jewellery and shoes, that have all been hand-picked to compliment each gown, all alterations are carried out on the premises. Within the same building you can also discover their dedicated formal hire department ‘Sensational Formal Hire’. Owned and operated by Julia’s husband John the Groom and his party will experience the same high level of customer service and quality. Working by appointment only, the men of Barnsley can relax on leather sofa’s and enjoy refreshments whilst trying all the latest styles and colours of formal hire available by Cameron Ross and hand crafted leather shoes by Loakes. Both businesses’ compliment each other, and offer free formal hire for the groom when the bride purchases her bridal gown, from Elegance’s new collection. Also for even more peace of mind FREE wedding Insurance is also offered, which ensures that customers can buy with total confidence from Elegance Bridal Studio & Sensational Formal Hire. You’re always assured of a warm welcome, award winning hospitality and a relaxed personal service, why not give them a call and discover the difference! Elegance Bridal Studio 2, Eastgate, Barnsley 01226 786527

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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at Factory Prices

as seen on TV

We Buy Your Unwanted Gold

FOR CASH Tel: 01226 714 447 242a Barnsley Road, Cudworth, S72 8NZ __EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 22

4/11/10 12:49:45

Eye on Local Business 23

Broad Close Farm Shop

At Broad Close Farm Shop we specialise in producing some of the tastiest meats you will find in the area. All our beef, pork and lamb is produced here at the farm on a free range basis. We produce traditional breeds such as Dexter cattle and Tamworth pigs which are renowned for there flavoursome and tender meat. Currently we also have free range Bronze and White Turkeys which roam freely and can be seen in the field below the shop. These will produce excellent Christmas birds and should be ordered early as numbers are limited. We now also have a new website where you can order meat for delivery right to your door and also find out what events are coming up at the farm. Our Next event is our Christmas Open Day on Sunday 28th November from 10:00 – 2:00. We have lots of activities for the children including a visit from Santa, Bouncy Castle, Pony rides as well as interaction with the animals. And for the adults we have craft stands and gifts. There will also be a BBQ and warm refreshments. This is a charity event and

monies raised will be going to various charities including Silkstone Scouts and other local charities and organisations, so please come along and support us. Why not bring the kids when you visit the shop and let them see the goats, pigs, rabbits and other animals in the pets corner which is free to shop customers, and if you come between 10 am and 2.30 pm you can enjoy a Hot Pork, Beef, Bacon or Beef burger Sandwich and a hot drink on one of the picnic benches or take away to eat. Broad Close Farm Shop. Cone Lane, Silkstone S75 4LY

10% off when you spend ÂŁ20 or more

This is available in the shop with this voucher or through the website using the code BR01.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Top TV Show Comes to Barnsley with Great Marks! Come Dine With Me the top Channel 4 television programme came to Barnsley last month with hilarious results. The show has five amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants.

menu from Heart shaped Potato gratins to all hearts and flowers desserts. Luckily, she also writes comedy.

Rounding off the week was the discerning palate of Phil Davies “Yes, I am a food snob,” he says. “Probably the snobbiest of food snobs around.” But did his fancy-pants menu turn out top drawer?

The curtain opened on the week with amateur-dramatics fan and self-confessed drama queen, Verene Farrell. (Above) The mum of three served up some theatrics on her menu, with edible flowers, kangaroo and a surprise visit from some unwanted guests.

Unfortunately not on this occasion as our very own columnist Romantic novelist Milly Johnson won and being the kind of women she is gave all of the contestants a share in the winnings 0 bless!!

The show must go on, and it will with no-nonsense drag queen, Christian Whitely-Mason. Christian hoped to bring a personal touch to his evening - by baking fairy cakes with his face on them and a good old traditional feast. Then there’s a trip to ‘Party Paul’s’ house - that’s self-made businessman, Paul Hoyle, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. “You might find, with putting a bunch of South Yorkshire people together, it could come to loggerheads,” he warns, “because we will all speak our minds.” After Paul’s meal all the guests where in for a Vegas treat with Paul’s very own impersonation of Elvis God Bless the King!

The show recieved rave reviews in the national press and was a great weeks viewing and all of the contestents were great with some fantastic comedy moments - the eye’s personal favorite? Has to be Paul’s impression of Ginger Spice (below) and Verene’s fantastic guitar outfit. Where did she get it from? WE WANT ONE!!!!

Romantic novelist, Milly Johnson, was the fourth host of the week, and she’s was sticking with what she knows by cooking up a love-themed

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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4/11/10 12:50:19

Eye on TV



Evenings Menu Verene wasn’t afraid to bring some theatrics to the table her food looked great throughout the show and so did she...her “Guitar” dress was a particular favorite of ours.


Christians evening was far from a Drag. Looked like a great evenings fun with some of the best comedy moments and his Massive Sunday dinner looked fantastic!!!!


Milly came across on the show as an absolute “sweetheart” and her food reflected that as everything she did was full of love....Special mention to the The dessert - georgeous!!!!


“Party Paul” lived up to his reputation - we couldn’t stop laughing at his antics but his food was far from funny - it was pretty good. Next time you have a Party Paul - hint hint!


In all honesty we thought Phil’s food was the best on the show but maybe his night didn’t have the fun and frolics of the others. All the same - top marks to Phil he knows his stuff!!!


PS: if any of the come dine with me contestents want to invite the Barnsley Eye ‘round for dinner - we’ll be there in a Flash!!!!

READERS COMMENTS OF THE SHOW : The Come Dine with Me “Barnsley” was absolutely brilliant and great pleasure to watch. It was nice to see Barnsley on the map (so the speak). The show itself was very funny and witty; it was a good mix of people who took part, which made it entertaining. Chris I loved watching The Show - One of the funny moments for me was on Phil’s night when Christian/Bacardi gave Phil a bottle of Lambrini, with its own personalize label. After Phil’s week of wine snobbery that was the perfect way to finish off the week, him being given a cheap and cheerful bottle of good tasting wine! Marie, Town Great to see Barnsley people portrayed on TV for once as they really are “down to earth”, “fun” and “full of GREAT humour”. I was pleased to see Milly win as she came across as a really, really nice person who gave great critique without being horrible! Sarah

Gail Lawrence provided the beautiful flowers on Milly’s night.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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26 Eye on Food Gustosecco Puddings

Cooking for hoards of relatives and visitors at Christmas can be a challenge - that’s why the range of puddings and dessert garnishes from Gustosecco are such a god-send.

Thai Red Chicken

This week Barnsley Oriental Supplies have a great recipe for making a truly authentic Thai Red Chicken curry at home in 30 mins! And guess what? You’ll be surprised just how easy and tasty it is when you use authentic ingredients. This recipe should make enough for 4+ portions Ingredients: 2 desert spoons Mae Ploy Red curry paste of your choice

All the delicious recipes, from fruit compotes and warming rice puddings to Garni dessert ‘sprinklers’, are made from naturally dried ingredients. They are the perfect store cupboard staples. With a stock of them in the kitchen this Christmas you can produce any number of fantastic puddings at anytime. Easy, pleasy! Choose from: Spiced Fig Compote 200g, Serves two/four, £2.99 Just add orange juice and clear honey to the dried ingredients to produce this wonderfully indulgent sweet and sticky fig compote. Delicious served with single cream or creme fraiche. Seville Rice Pudding 160g, Serves six, £2.99 Just add milk to produce this lovely rice pudding. To dress it up for a Christmas dinner-party dessert, add a small spoonful of warmed Seville marmalade or a good orange or kumquat confit, some cantucci biscuits and a glass of golden dessert wine. Chocolate Rice Pudding 160g, Serves six, £2.99 Simply add milk to produce a truly indulgent pudding. The cinnamon in the recipe gives this pudding a real Christmassy taste - just serve warm with a splash of pouring cream and a Bourbon biscuit. Garni Fantasie 100g, Garnishes two dishes, £2.95 Garni Fantasie from Gustosecco is a wonderfully simple idea - it’s a pack of dried sweet ‘sprinkles’ that you can use to take a humble bowl of icecream into the realms of an impressive party pudding in minutes. There are other delicious desserts in the Gustosecco range: Lavender Rice Pudding, Elderflower Rice Pudding, Pear&Cherry Compote. Gustosecco is available in Fortnum&Mason, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Whole Foods Market, in delicatessens, farm shops and good food outlets across the UK. They are also available on the internet at and can be delivered direct anywhere in the country.

For further information on the Gustosecco range and the company story visit:

2 x 400ml cans of Thai coconut milk 1 x desert spoon squid brand fish sauce 40g x coconut palm sugar 6 x fresh/frozen kaffir lime leaves 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 4 teaspoons of chopped fresh coriander to garnish 3 or 4 chicken breasts (or 16-20 king prawns) 1 x courgette cut into 1cm cubes Half a medium sweet potato or carrot cut into 1 cm cubes 200ml chicken / veg stock (you can use water if you have no stock) 800g Thai Jasmine rice (similar to basmati) Method Heat the oil in a wok on a medium heat then add the curry paste. Stir-fry for 1-2 mins or until it becomes fragrant. Slowly add half the coconut milk, a bit at a time, continuously stirring. Add the sweet potato or carrot and cook for 3 mins Add the rest of the coconut milk, then the chicken and then the courgette. Cook for a further 2 mins or until the chicken turns white. Add the coconut palm sugar, make sure you put in on the edge of the pan so it melts. Add the stock, fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves and simmer for 15 mins. Serve in a bowl with a side of 200g of cooked jasmine rice. Garnish the curry with a sprinkling of chopped coriander leaves. Enjoy! All these great products and more are available in our new store Barnsley Oriental Supplies. We’re open 10am – 5:30pm Mon-Fri and 10am-1pm on Saturday. Unit 8, Longfields Court, Wharncliffe Industrial Estate (nr Carlton, off Laithes lane) Barnsley S71 01226 630082

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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__EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 27

4/11/10 12:55:52

__EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 28

4/11/10 12:56:04

__EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 29

4/11/10 12:56:09



4/11/10 12:56:20

__EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 30


4/11/10 12:56:22

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32 Eye on Local Business SPECIAL OCCASION WEAR & ACCESSORIES FOR CHILDREN “Why Hire when you can, but for less”

TEL: 01484 866 668 Email: Call Anytime: 0845 260 7477 P.O BOX 15, SCISSETT, HUDDERSFIELD, HD8 9YQ

Bridesmaids • Christenings • Weddings Boys Suits 0-3 months to 16 Years Range of Accesories


Christmas 2010

Wedding Favours and Luxury Handmade Chocolates for all occasions for 2010 / 2011

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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4/11/10 12:57:22

Eye on Local Business 33

Take A Look At SOS - The Largest Independent Television, Aerial and Satellite Shop In Barnsley. Brothers open second shop to cope with demand! Due to the digital switchover date looming and the demand for new digital products, Lee and Dean have opened a second shop. They have a television shop on Doncaster road at Stairfoot which has been so successful they have also just opened a second much larger store on old Doncaster road just near Barnsley Alhambra roundabout.

If you want do it yourself then SOS stock a wide range of high quality aerial and satellite items as used by professional installers, not low grade products often found in DIY stores. They also sell all kinds of TV brackets, HDMI leads and other cables in all lengths, amplifiers, set-top boxes and everything else you would expect to find.

When I asked the secret to their success Dean said “Customers feel reassured by our openness, if they have any questions or problems they can easily contact us by phone or call in to one of our shops. People hate call centers and faceless companies that are hard to contact when you have any issues or need further help�. If you have a faulty TV then the engineers at SOS can repair it for you, with certain popular models such as Samsung they can even repair it the very same day. Because SOS repair a lot of TVs they know what are the more reliable sets and which to avoid, so if you are looking for a new TV they can advise you what to get, quote a good price on a new TV, deliver and connect up to all your existing equipment then show you how to use it and if there is a problem with your aerial signal they can resolve this at the same time. They also offer a free recycling service for your old LCD and Plasma sets. SOS install more TV aerials in Barnsley than any other company, especially since we are nearing the digital switchover; they have been installing aerials for over sixteen years so have a lot of experience in solving signal problems in poorer reception areas. Lee said he hates to see homes with separate aerials for each room when one good aerial with a quality splitter or amplifier would do a much better job.

Tel: 01226 218877 Web: New Shop address: 8-14 Doncaster Road, Barnsley, S70 1TH

this logo is for use only by Digital UK, digital platforms, manufacturers and retailers (typically with retail premises and selling a wide range of TV equipment - IDTVs, digital boxes and digital recorders). For more detail contact: or call 0870 190 2851.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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4/11/10 12:57:37

34 Eye on Local Business

Free Membership Gives Great Results with RTR

Free membership of an accident and breakdown scheme, together with accident assistance in a single package is being offered RTR UK, a Yorkshire based accident assistance company. RTR is an accident assistance company that has developed its accident and breakdown scheme in the last two years and now has over 500,000 members. It is supported by a national network of leading vehicle recovery companies and is able to deal with all vehicles from a moped to a 44 tonne Truck. Recovery charges are discounted by over 50% and there are significant other benefits which can dramatically reduce the cost of the recovery and repair of your vehicle.

The close relationship of RTR with the UK recovery industry proved to be very useful for one Skelmesdale motorist when he recently had an accident in Sussex, whilst on holiday visiting relatives. Dennis Hayden was driving his Nissan Pixo when he was hit by an oncoming car that had strayed onto the wrong side of the road. Both Dennis and his wife were hurt and their car was badly damaged and

undriveable. The police closed the road and by chance a passing relative, recognised the car, stopped to help and also took a number of photographs. Dennis rang his insurance company who said that that because it was Friday there was little they could do to help. In the event the Police arranged for his car to be collected by a local recovery company under a separate insurance policy that he held and he waited until Monday to collect his possessions from the storage yard. When he went to the storage yard, late on Monday afternoon, he was pretty fed up because he had no transport and had made little progress in getting his car returned home or repaired. He told the Recovery Operator about his problem and they said “Have you tried RTR?” They then rang RTR for him and even sent some of the photographs by email so that RTR could see the accident situation. RTR immediately took over the problem and on Wednesday morning a replacement car was delivered to the Sussex address where he was staying and the appointed solicitor made the first contact. Dennis said “within hours of RTR being involved, the hire car was delivered and I had been contacted by their appointed solicitor. The process had suddenly become far quicker and less stressful. It would have been quicker if I had been a member of the RTR breakdown and recovery scheme” The solicitors took over all aspects of the claim including the personal injury and advised regarding any insurance aspects or letters received from the other party trying to encourage him to admit responsibility for the accident.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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gigs • films • museums • theatre •• theatre & the rest gigs • films • museums • & the rest


November 2010


What’s onWhat’s aroundonour town our thistown month? around this month? CALLING ALL BANDS Theatre

Gigs Events


UFOs And The Extraterrestrial Message. Tel 01924 848806 FREE ENTRY

Are you the next Cribs, Arctic Monkeys or Kaiser Chiefs????



Open daily from 10.00am till 5.00pm

Fri 12 November - Time: 7.30pm. Tickets £5. From 01226-744659 or from the Theatre 01226-744442. The Academy Theatre, The Take 2 Centre, 311, Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, S70 5TU. South Yorkshire S70 5TU

1940’s Dance Night

at Woolley Hall Go back in time and learn to stroll, swing and jitterbug with top DJ Major Swing and live singer Cherie Lawrence playing all those classic war time tracks. Includes handmade pie and pea supper. Call 01226 392300 to book, suppoty MacMillan Fri 19 November - £15 per person, incldes dance and supper with £1 going to MacMillan. 7.30-11pm Woolley Hall, New Road, Woolley West Yorkshire WF4 2JR

Penny Dreadful

3rd November

The Missionary’s Position A host of eccentric acts and comedy routines

7:30pm £9 Adults,

Blazin’ Fiddles Hot, contemporary fiddle players from the Highlands!

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Tell Tale Hearts

From Here.To There A show about ‘building bridges’!

£7 Concessions

Sat 6th Nov 8pm £16 (No Concessions)

Sun 7th Nov 2:30pm £6 Adults, £4 Concessions £18 Family (2 Adults, 2 kids)


Alun Cochrane Jokes, Life and Jokes about Life A slew of songs drawing on gypsy folk, rock & jazz

Gabby Young & The Other Animals Isy Suttie Stand-up comedy from Peep Show’s Dobby

Sat 20th Nov

Brit Insurance Design Awards Winners

8pm £12 Adults, £10 Concessions

Sat 27th Nov 8pm £14 Adults, £12 Concessions

Wed 10 Dec 8pm £12 Adults, £10 Concessions

Compagnia Sanpapié

BOH Beautifully performed, exciting Milanese Dance

London Classic Theatre

The Caretaker Compelling drama from Harold Pinter

Thurs 11th Nov

19th Nov - 14th Jan



£10 Adults,

32 Domestic Objects

£8 Concessions

Thurs 18th Nov 7.30pm £12 Adults, £10 Concessions

A private collectors diverse range of Braun

Mon to Sat 10am 5pm Sunday 10am - 4pm Last admission 15 mins prior to close

19th Nov - Friday 14th Jan Mon to Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun10am - 4pm

Free Exhibition in The Gallery@

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Entertainment 37

For People Who Love To Laugh - “Love Comedy”

The Barnsley Eye Speaks to High green Comedian Joe Bromehead to get the low down on “Love Comedy” a brand new comedy concept at The Holiday Inn in Barnsley: What is Love Comedy? Love Comedy is a brand new product created by 2 South Yorkshire Lads hoping to bring stand up comedy to a venue near you. Who is Love Comedy? Love Comedy is Joe Bromehead (Right) and Richard Hirst. Joe is a stand up from High Green who has been performing for less than two years but already receiving rave reviews. He was a recent finalist in Beat The Frog World Series and has already performed with Sarah Millican and Angelos Epithemelou. Richard is a Barnsley Born lad who currently works in the NHS in Barnsley and is currently promoting the nights. Why Love Comedy? We have secured a great partnership with Holiday Inn Barnsley in their amazing Scarletts Nightclub which will give you an experience of stand up that is currently only available in the large cities. Our launch night review on only emphasizes this and if you want to check out what all the fuss is about get down to one of our nights. Where is Love Comedy? Our premium night is currently based at Holiday Inn Barnsley whom we hope to have a long and successful partnership with. These nights are monthly and are on the last Friday of the month. As well as great comedy, food and drink is on offer along with VIP tickets (more details on request). Watch out though for other nights in Barnsley and beyond which will compliment our feature nights, and offer something different. Finally, What are people saying? “It was a splendid first night and those who didn’t stay for the disco left with smiles on their faces” – “Will definitely come back” – Paul, Barnsley “It’s better than watching it on the telly” – Amanda, Barnsley “Very Funny” – A man who’s name the Eye didn’t get Joe will be returning to Barnsley Eye soon with a regular column to tell you where he’s been gigging and who he currently likes on the comedy scene. email : for details or telephone 07747 054027

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November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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38 Eye About Town 01/10





























34/10 34/01


36/10 36/06









November 2010 | 2010

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40 Eye on Local Business explore your dark side..........



GEAR Dr TOP Who Live

NEC Birmingham 14 Nov £65 Silver Ticket

13 October - Sheffield Arena


WAR OF THE WORLDS Sheffield Arena 4 Dec £85

JLS MEN Arena 22 Jan £59

STRICTLY COME DANCINGSilver Ticket MEN Arena 9 Feb £67.50


X FACTOR Sheffield Arena 1 March £52.50

KYLIE MEN Arena 4 April £89

Kings of Leon Old Trafford Cricket Ground 19 June £89.50 BON JOVI LCCC 24 June from £89.50

Take That­ Wembley Stadium 8 July 2 night hotel package from £259


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The Barnsley Eye supports PETA The People for ethical Treatment of Animals

4/11/10 13:02:36

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Eye on Entertainment This is the Walkman Friend... by Brian Grumly - (The Man with The Plan)


November Album Review

It chewed up cassettes and offered poor sound quality, but the Sony Walkman was once the height of music technology. Join me in waving farewell to this cherished – if flawed – gadget. I am sure I am not alone in feeling a small degree of sadness after hearing that Sony is retiring the Walkman? Like vinyl-lovers who mourned the arrival of cassettes, I finally understand what it’s like to watch a piece of music technology, once regarded as the pinnacle of cool (no, really), fall from grace and, in the Walkman’s case, suffer a quiet death.

My other memories are less pleasant: the damned thing chewed up my lovingly made mixtapes. Concertina’d many C90 top forty compilations that I had recorded on my brothers midi-system complilations that had took ages to make....and had even proved DANGEROUS to make - hovering over the pause button on a Sunday afternoon ready to pounce and hit it before the DJ started talking after Transvision Vamp had faded out - this also came with the added pressure of my brother coming into our bedroom and kicking me to death for even touching his Midi-System. Remember the cloths you got to wipe down vynil - well after I’d used my brothers Midi I had to wipe down the tape deck to wipe away dirty greasy fingerprints. Like a murderer on Columbo covering his tracks. The Walkman also slowed down malevolently as the batteries died, not forgetting the rubbish sound quality it offered - like listening to your music through the walls of a neighbours house.........2 doors down!!! Finally, I threw the last one I owned at the pavement in a fit of tech-rage – aged 17, I think, this time with only slightly improved taste in music – and turned my affections to the latest revolutionary gadget everyone had (which turned out to be just as rubbish), the Portable CD player. Which when I rode my bike to college skipped to every bump..............I used to actually plan my routes on the smoothness of the roads - even if it took me 8 miles out of the way!!! So RIP The Walkman. You’ll not be forgottern. Even if it is for all the wrong reasons....Ipods - MP3’s????? The kids dont know how good they’ve got it these days!!!!!!!!!! Brian Grumly, Nov ‘10

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Cover fan-made

I first got my hands on one when I was about nine. It was pale green like the colour of snot and I smuggled it to the edge of the school playground with my friends, with earphones so large that they could easily double up as earmuffs in winter - I distinctly remember unfolding the casette sleeve to ULTRAVOX THE COLLECTION so me and my freinds could sing along to the words...not yet grasping the fact that I was the only one who could actually hear the music....believe me - the technology was THAT new!!!

Dearne FM DJ Vicky Norton gives her low down on this months new releases:

Cheryl Cole – Messy Little Raindrops I’ve got to say it takes a born survivor to come out on top after a very public divorce and a near-fatal bout of malaria like Cheryl has done. Messy Little Raindrops is the follow-up to her last year’s 900,000-selling debut album 3 Words and it shines with moments of pop brilliance. Lead track and current single ‘Promise This’ is a guaranteed dancefloor slayer, her collaboration with, ‘Let’s Get Down’ is full of life and ‘Hummingbird’ pleasantly recalls a subtle version of Beyonce‘s ‘Halo’. It’s a surprising listen and there is definitely enough in there to satisfy all of her fans.

Take That - Progress So Robbie is back...this might not be the Take That that we’ve been used for a very long time but I think it’s a Take That we could get used to. This direction would never have worked without Robbie on board to give it the confidence needed to pull this off. You might think that Gary and Robbie would take the lead on most of their songs after their recent duet but you’d be very much mistaken. ‘Affirmation’ is an upbeat song by Howard, granted in places it does sounds like it’s a little too fast for him. ‘Flower Bed’ is a hidden track from Jason and ‘What Do You Want From Me’ is completely and utterly Mark.

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years Of Magic Tuesday 16th November - Sunday 21st November 2010

This year’s Disney On Ice spectacular will celebrate two very special anniversaries 100 Years of Magic, and the fact that this will be the 20th Disney On Ice show to perform at the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield! Produced by Feld Entertainment, this fanfare production features more than 60 unforgettable Disney stars that span the decades, a sing-along score of award-winning Disney music, stunning choreography, elaborate sets and beautiful costumes. With Mickey and Minnie leading the fun, audiences enjoy breathtaking production numbers choreographed by Emmy Award®-winner Sarah Kawahara. 100 Years of Magic will be at the Arena from Tuesday 16th to Sunday 21st November. Tickets priced £12.50, £16.50, £19.50, £29.50 & £34.50 (subject to a booking fee) are available in person at the venue, by phone on 0114 256 5656 or online at

Answer this question to

Q: Name the 3 Disney characters pictured far left?

Jool Media Ltd, Unit 22, BBIC, Snydale Road,Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP. Don’t forget Name, Telephone Number and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

FRANKIE BOYLE “LIVE”@ The Motorpoint Arena Friday 10th December 2010 I Would Happily Punch Every One of You in the Face Tour Following record-breaking sales and unprecedented demand, Frankie Boyle, one of the hottest and most controversial comedians of the moment, has extended the 2010 tour schedule of his live show. In the last five years, Frankie has propelled himself into the premiere league with a host of brilliant performances, both on stage and screen, including Mock the Week and 8 out of 10 Cats, Live at the Apollo and Would I Lie to You to name but a few. Frankie is currently recording his own series, Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights, for Channel 4 to be broadcast in November 2010. Alongside his work in front of the camera, Frankie is also a critically acclaimed writer. His highly anticipated autobiography, My Sh*t Life So Far, topped the bestseller lists last Christmas and has been at number one in the paperback bestseller lists since its release in June 2010. Through the facets of Frankie’s career, his live performances stand strong. His last tour, Frankie Boyle Live sold over 125,000 tickets and played to packed houses across the country. The DVD recording of the show was one of the biggest selling comedy DVDs of 2008, selling over 750,000 copies to date. “This is meat-and-potatoes stand-up, but the sauce is tart, the meat’s bleeding and the spuds are hard as rock” The Guardian “You can forgive Frankie Boyle’s confidence and his apparent belief that he is really that good. That is simply, because he is” Edinburgh Evening News Tickets for Frankie Boyle at O2 Academy; Thurs 24th September Motorpoint Arena priced £28.50

Answer this question to

(booking fee may apply) are now on sale. Tickets are available in person at the Arena box office, by phone on 0114 256 5656 and online at

Q: What is the name of Frankies own series to be broadcast in November?

Jool Media Ltd, Unit 22, BBIC, Snydale Road,Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP. Don’t forget Name, Telephone Number and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Photogrpahs by Paul Hilton of Visual Impact Photography 07971 309999

44 Eye on Sport

H Mathew (Buster) Mallin H Mathew Mallin of Stairfoot was introduced to the noble art of Boxing at the age of 14 while he was a pupil at Priory School and Sports College. Within 12 months of joining a boxing gym Buster started picking up honours; winning an A.B.A Golden belt at Crystal Palace along with a A.B.A Silver medal in the same year. At the age of 16 he was selected to attend National Boxing academy in Durham on a 2 year student athlete programme. After a successful amateur career Mathew recently turned professional at light middlewieght (11st 3 ¾ lbs) signing a 6 fight contract with Dave Coldwell promotions. He won his debut fight (above) against Swansea’s Chris Brophy last month after putting the Welshman down from a right hook to the top of the head in the third round. Mathew is sponsored by his employer MITCHELL & URWIN BRICKLAYING CONTRACTORS who have not only helped him financially but they have been extremely sympathetic with his vigorous training regime as he builds up to fights and tournaments. Mathews’ next fight is at Rotherhams Magna Centre on Saturday the 27th November - ticket prices are £30/£50 and are limited due to the exiting other proffessionals on the bill - see page xxxx for more details and how to obtain tickets.











John Blackwell of MJ’s gym in Wombwell keeps an eye on Buster’s weight as he prepares for his second pro fight. Underwear by Waxx Underwear

tel: 0845 543 8230 • fax 0845 543 8231 •

November 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Sport


Scott Ledger - Select Group Assistant Referee

Images provided courtesy of S Ledger

As a national drive to recruit more football officials gets underway, Barnsley’s Scott Ledger (Pictured above second from left) speaks exclusively to The Barnsley Eye to get the inside track on his unique profession. He’s run the line beside Rooney, Terry and Torres and has probably been on TV more than anyone else from Barnsley other than Parky - every Saturday and occasional Sunday Scott laces up his boots and picks up his flag and heads out on to the football pitch ready to turn in an another top-notch performance. But, unlike the players, for the next 90 minutes he won’t get plaudits the players receive.  In fact, Scott  will consider he’s had a good game if no one really notices he’s there at all and that’s because he’s a Professional Specialist Assistant Referee. Barnsley Eye: Scott - how did you get introduced to refereeing? Scott Ledger: While out injured with a shoulder injury in 2002 I went along to watch a local football match and the referee didn’t show so I volunteered to take the whistle. BE: How did you become an assistant referee in the Premier League? SL: After completing 2 seasons as an assistant referee on the football league I was fortunate enough to be invited on to the Premier League for the start of the 2009/10 season. BE: What was your first Premier League appointment? SL: My first game was between Liverpool and Burnley at Anfield in early September 2009 which the home team won 4-0 with a hat-trick from Yossi Benayoun. BE: What was the best memory from that first game? SL: I suppose it was after I had taken up my position on the touch line moments before the kick off, I had a quick look round at Liverpool’s famous home as ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ rang out around the stadium. BE: What skills do you need to be an assistant on the best league in the world? SL: Well that’s a question I’m asked on a regular basis. I believe you need to have a high level of concentration and your personal fitness levels need to be up there with the fitness of the players. The role as an assistant referee is totally different to that of the referee as we spend most of the game moving laterally and also sprinting at high speed. I train 4 times per week working on my speed and mobility which helps me prepare to try and keep up with the Theo Walcott’s

and Ashley Coles. One attribute which is key to being a good assistant referee at any level is to have the courage to stand up and be counted and make good judgement calls. As assistant referees we are judged on our offside interpretation and every Premier League assistant gambles with his reputation week in week out so a good understanding of Law 11 is a must. BE: How do you prepare for a game? SL: At 3pm on a Monday an email arrives with the upcoming weekends appointments. I confirm the appointment with the powers that be, then I begin to plan my week. I work out my training schedule which consists of speed and mobility sessions and also some resistance work in the gym. The day before my game I perform a speed session down the local park with my flag to polish up on my flag signals which to most dog walkers looks a little bizzaar! The evening before a game is usually in a hotel and I spend time researching the teams - which consists of formations the team are likely to play and which players are probable starters. I like to know as much about the players as I can. I then watch a DVD of both teams’ previous Premier League game to try and pick up any tips such as what type of runs strikers could make to negotiate the offside trap. BE: Finally - What’s your take on introducing goal-line technology or video referring like in say; Rugby League’s Super-league? SL: When it comes to technology in football I would only consider introducing it for goal-line decisions as when the ball enters the goal or not. it’s a matter of fact. Most decisions in football such as penalties, free-kicks etc are an opinion of the match official. Other sports such as Cricket who have the Hawk-Eye system, Rugby who have the Video Referee and also Tennis who use the Challenge system where players can have a point replayed as a computer image, all these Sports have a natural stoppage after each phase of play but football being the beautiful non-stop high tempo game that it is, would lose some of its excitement if after every decision the game was halted to review every offside and every foul.

To find out more about becoming a ref or assistant visit

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46 Classified Eye


Glam up for Christmas ❄ Party Packages: St Tropez Tan inc Body Scrub OPI Toe nail paint and Finger nail paint

Eye Brow Shape

Individual Eye lash Extensions

All for £49

Advertising Space within the Barnsley Eye and Wakefield Eye Magazines. Great Rates! Call 01226 713000

FOR SALE Advertising Space within the Barnsley Eye and Wakefield Eye Magazines. Great Rates! Call 01226 713000

FULL GLOSSY COLOUR ADVERTS COST LESS Within Zena Claire Hairdressing THAN YOU THINK IN THE 01226 245456 or mobile 07981382556 BARNSLEY EYE!!!!!

November: Seasonal Stylish hair Modern & traditional Pin up’s, Curlz, Quiffs & plaits from £20

place of invention and creation. Designers of then. ABarnsley and Wakefield Eye Magazine’s Corporate Identity • Brochures • Flyers • Illustration

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August 2008 | Barnsley Eye

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Bespoke Bedroom Furniture at Freestanding prices and Home Office Furniture

See a photo before you buy on our latest computerised design system

Specialists in sliding doors

Factory Showroom

01226 387525 11am to 3pm Saturday 9am to 5pm Weekdays UNIT 1C METRO TRADING CENTRE, BARUGH GREEN ROAD, BARUGH GREEN, BARNSLEY S75 1JU __EYE_NOV_Complete.indd 48

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Barnsley Eye November 2010  

VBarnsley's number one free glossy magazine for lifestyle, shopping, events, night life and fashion

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