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+ Investor Documentaries & Virtual Analyst Site Visits Professional documentary content and virtual site visits for stakeholder communications


Investor Documentary The virtual site visit Capturing your operations in documentary

strategy, provide an analysis of your

style video content can make your investment

company’s future prospects, show how your

story more accessible. An investor

company interacts with host communities of

documentary can be published on your

manage investor concerns about unknown

website to engage with your investor and

operational risks by giving stakeholders a

stakeholder audiences. It can supplement,

complete overview of your operations.

replace or precede an analyst site visit to bring your operations alive in video.

wealth of experience producing

An investor documentary will deliver a return

documentaries for companies across a

on your investment by creating longevity for

diversity of sectors and market capitalization,

your ‘story’ and enabling you to easily engage

including at the pre-listing and pre-acquisition

with a broad base of local and international

stage of company development.

stakeholders, from employees to financial institutions, in a single medium, with a consistent message.


We are passionate documentary makers with a

We will manage the entire production process for you from planning through to final signoff to ensure that it occupies as little of your time

An investor documentary can be used to

as possible, whilst delivering on your defined

promote an investment proposition, explain a

communications objectives.

+ Make your company’s operations visible and accessible Investor documentaries are an intelligent way

Play your documentary into AGMs,

to engage with your stakeholders and are an

investor seminars and online digital

economic alternative to an analyst site visit:

seminars as well as on your website

Why produce an investor documentary? •

A greater longevity for your story

Easily engage with a broader stakeholder audience including analysts, institutional

IR Squared? •

investor relations and corporate

industry media, employees, governments

communications. •

communications objectives

Promote an investment proposition or that drive your company performance

Provide analysis of your company’s long

generation with experienced

term growth prospects using documentary

communications professionals •

and is fully compliant with all regulatory

or strategy that differentiate your

requirements •

Our production team is entirely in house

Illustrate the intellectual property, capital investment proposition

IR Squared brings together the video production dynamism of the YouTube


We create innovative and decisive video content that is rooted in clearly-defined

value story by showing the fundamentals

At IR Squared we only produce video for

investors, retail investors, financial media,

be international

Meet full fair and timely disclosure requirements

and also prospective investors who may

Reach all of your stakeholders in a single medium with a consistent message

A desirable return on investment relative to the cost of an actual analyst site visit

We are highly experienced in the field of

Show the depth and breadth of talent

video for investor relations and

within your company’s operation


Manage investor concerns about unknown

Unlike larger video-for-investor-relations

operational risks by giving stakeholders a

firms, we don’t charge you a premium for

complete overview of your operations

our advice

Show how your company interacts with

Making digital media work for you

We can help you to do more with video

host communities


Corporate Social Responsibility A short film to about your CSR activities can be planned and filmed in conjunction with an investor documentary. A CR focused film can show investors and other stakeholders that your company behaves responsibly in all territories of operation. By showing that there is good practce on the ground you can assurance your stakeholders that operational risks are being sufficiently managed. You can show that your company is working with the communities in which it operates to create jobs, or to provide training, that will serve the company and its host community. This may create further opportunities for future concessions. Existing and prospective investors can see the operational benefits that your CSR policy is generating for the company. Employees can be motivated to feel ‘part of’ something positive. Political risks can better managed by showing local and government officials how your company is benefiting the host community.



Planning and production A safe pair of hands

Planning •

Collaboration with you and your

Filming and editing •

advisers to develop the ‘story’ and

operators and producers with many

define the core messages

years of combined experience filming in extreme scenarios all over

Development of an editorial

Production of a draft storyboard for

Development of a filming schedule and liaison with contacts on the

Discussion of your broader video objectives and the capture of library

Provision of master DVD for use in AGMs and investor seminars

Incorporation of documentary into digital seminars

Sourcing camera operators from an contacts when required

Highly talented editors work closely with your producer to produce documentary content that meets your objectives

Advance recce of filming locations whenever possible

your website and YouTube

international network of existing

footage for future projects •

Publication of the documentary on

planning, filming and editing

ground at the filming locations •

A highly experienced documentarymaker producer on location for all

your approval and signoff •

the world

approach and visual style •

Highly experienced camera

Publication and uses

Re-editing of your content for additional uses



We make it happen

IR Squared People Our small team is here when you need us most and we bring with us a huge amount of experience in print and broadcast journalism; video production, investor relations and corporate communications. You can read individual profiles of each member of our team on our website at as well as videos about our other ways that we can help you to make the most of using video for your investor relations and other stakeholder communications.

Contact us IR Squared is part of NewMedium: NewMedium, Metway Studios, Canning Street, Brighton, BN2 0EF 0844 561 0782

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Capturing your operations in documentary style video content can make your investment story more accessible. An investor documentary can be...

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