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p h o t o g r a p h y

irsida bejo


selected works

art design .

through the walls . towers destined to {crumble}

* photo location. tirana. albania. circa 2012.

* quote by italo calvino from invisible cities.

un . {DO}mesti {CITY}


. {HOLLOW} fulcrum

* photo by Erwin Blumenfeld. 1939.

an ongoing curiosity

* quote from The Libertine, 2004.

kafka .{esque}


b r a n d i n g






online retailer

. cultural heritage photography competition & traveling exhibition

p o s t e r s


{MUSICAL ENCOUNTERS OF TWO WORLDS} . Festival where albanian traditional folk music meets international classics

This is where the story starts, after an interruption… It lingers – residual, delinquent – as a premonition, a possible model for a less possible image. The image, an induced wonder to reveal the felt presence of absent motion.

c o n c e p t

p h o t o g r a p h y


BRIDG{-ing} . {DI-}chotomy

US . Canada {border}

DROWN{ing} . BEAUTY {sur}real . life{scapes}

MUSEUM of {Arm}aments




{SPL} . {OMA}

{EMP} . {F.O.Gehry}


{Broken} Threshold . Delayed {Domesticity}

{S.F. Federal Building} . {Morphosis}

{M.H. de Young} . {Herzog & de Meuron}

{Re}ACTIV. Public Space in ALBANIA:

{En}abling New Cont.inuities that Inform Urban Performance


urban scape

The time between the dissolution of the old & the creation of the new constitutes a period of transition that is inevitably schizophrenic.


{Im}permeable Scapes . {Co}habitation through a fenced dialog

{Urban} Portrait {Tirana}


{sprawl}ing: {COLORS} {TEXTURES} {MOODS}

{Hollow} Museum of Absent {Publics} {Obsolete} . {Zones of Exclusion}

{Hi}jacked {Commun}ications Monu{mental} +. {Mob}ile Horizons




m o b i l e


street {moments}

p h o t o g r a p h y

art design


All content Š 2007-2014 IRSIDA BEJO

art_design_photography {selected works}  

all content © 2007-2014 irsida bejo. {diagstudio}

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