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 Executive Summary  Market Overview  Global Oil & Gas Reserves & Production  North America: Hydraulic Fracturing  Rest Of The World  Competitive Landscape  Global Players

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  Hydraulic fracturing is the propagation of fractures through layers of rock using pressurized fracturing fluid.  This technique is primarily used in the extraction of resources from low permeability reservoirs – such as shale gas, tight gas, CBM, and unconventional liquids – which are difficult to recover through regular drilling procedures.  Hydraulic fracturing services are provided by oilfield service companies  The future of this market lies in the activity in Rest of the World market.  The ROW market is still in state of infancy and hence there are growth prospects for the hydraulic fracturing market.  While the North American market is near its maturity and the movement in the market will be subjected to competition mainly.

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Global Hydraulic Fracturing Market