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C h i n a R e s e a r c h W o r k s h ops This interdisciplinary workshop series features current research by faculty, visiting scholars and advanced graduate students at the dissertation-writing stage. It is co-sponsored by the 21st Century China Program, and 17 workshops were held during the academic year. Resources and Conflict: Assessing the Role of Oil and Fishing Resources in the South China Sea Dispute for years 1980 to 2013 Patrick CHESTER, UC San Diego SEZs Go Global: Chinese industrial zones in Africa Nikia CLARKE, Oxford University

Chinese as a Major Negotiating Language in the Opening of Japan: Luo Sen’s Journal of Perry’s 1854 Expedition Demin TAO, Kansi University

Charting the Role of Chinese Demand: Socio-economic Perspectives on the Integration of the Pacific, 1750-1850 Robert HELLYER, Wake Forest University

Theorizing Economic Diplomacy: The Case of China (1949-2015) Zhang XIATONG, Wuhan University

The Development of “One Belt and One Road” and Its Impacts on China-US Relations Xia LIPING, Tongji University

Becoming a Good Citizen for a Better Life: Why Does the Middle Class Prefer Negotiation over Rightful Resistance in Shanghai? Yihan XIONG, Fudan University

Discussion on Villains of ‘1949-1966’ Chinese Films Dishan LIU, UC San Diego Gendered Meanings in Translation: Surrogate Dating in Cyberspace and the Reconstruction of Asian Femininity & Western Masculinity Haiyi LIU, UC San Diego Explaining China’s Changing Periphery Diplomacy Feng LIU, Nankai University Laozian Sense of Social Responsibility: A Modern Development of Laozi’s Philosophy Xiaogan LIU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Interpersonal History across Boundary: Paul S. Reinsch and His Three Different Experiences in Sino-US Relations Jianbiao MA, Fudan University


Individual Paths to the Global Ummah: Islamic Revival in Northwest China Alex STEWART, UC San Diego

2014 – 2015 Annual Report

Political Contingency and Rebellious Alliance: The Case of the Chinese Red Guard Movement, 1966-1968 Fei YAN, Stanford University Factionalism and the Exit of Central Committee Members in China: A Network Approach Yin YUAN, UC San Diego Multinational Firms and the Microfoundations of the Commercial Peace Jack ZHANG, UC San Diego

Fudan Annual Report 2015  
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