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For franchisees, the Iron Tribe Fitness

future could shift because you decided to

Franchise model will guide you, but it’s the

download this report. What you are about to

changing of people’s lives that will inspire you.

read (and what more than 30 Iron Tribe

On the one hand, our proven model provides a

franchisees have already discovered), is the

path to financial freedom.

business. You are building a life of For clients, their lives change as they realize


Iron Tribe is far more than a gym. We are a Tribe of members. While most people initially

So, somewhere in the process of reading this

join to lose weight or manage stress, most

report, you’re going to realize just how special

stay for years because they become a valued

the Iron Fitness business model truly is, and

member of a tight-knit community. They’re on

you’ll understand the many differentiators that

a team who values them. Belonging is what

set us apart from the competition. When your

they long for...it’s what they pay for...and it’s

personal “AHA” moment occurs, you’ll want to

what they stay for. It’s hard for friends to leave

schedule an appointment to take the next

friends. Our unique brand is built on the


realization that this thing we call ‘team training’ is life-changing.

2 2

Iron Tribe Fitness



you’ll discover you are building more than a


have been changed.


life a more meaningful purpose. Through it all,


On the other hand, changing lives will give your

franchise. In the process, thousands of lives


that exploded into a nationwide fitness


story of an experimental garage gym hobby

06 What Makes Iron Tribe Different? The culture is your advantage.

08 4 Unique Training Programs Push, Power, Perform & Peak.

09 Train At At Home Or ITF Facility Either way, results are just around the corner

10 Why Invest In An ITF Franchise? 6 Life-changing reasons.

11 5 Sources of Brand Differentiation 5 reasons we are different.


Award Winning. And that’s just the beginning.


04 Why Iron Tribe?


It seems rather remarkable


02 Introduction


That, in the next 15 minutes or so, your entire


It seems rather remarkable.







-Daniel Burnham


“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die.”


Table Of Contents 21 Giving Back So the world will NeverThirst.

22 ITF Facility Images Our facility brand on display.

30 Leadership Team A Tribe of culture-minded visionaries.

32 Next Steps Become an Iron Tribe Fitness owner.

33 Franchise Qualifications We’re not for everyone, but we’re probably for you.

34 Don’t Envy Us. Join Us. Secure your location before someone else does.

35 Live A Life Of Purpose Create fitness communities that change lives.

12 6 Advantages of Owning An ITF Hint: It’s about changing lives.

14 The Support Everyone Wants The business model everyone dreams of.

16 ITF’s Behind-The-Scenes Systems The technology that keeps you profitable.

17 ITF’s Revenue Model The revenue model that changes lives.

18 Culture Codes Our success lies in our culture codes

19 Valuable Resources How to learn more about Iron Tribe Fitness

20 True Life Stories Of Life Changed Two remarkable stories

Until then, let’s introduce you to your future.



WHY IRON TRIBE? He’s a successful entrepreneur, a health and fit‐ ness visionary, co-founder of Neverthirst Water, published author of two books, host of TribeCast, an ever-growing, popular pod‐ cast with customer reviews of 4.9, and founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness. For decades, he has helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives. And now, Forrest Walden has a new mission: To help YOU, too, change as many lives as humanly possible on your way to a fulfilling life, vibrant health, and financial prosperity.

“If a fit pro grows his business to two profitable locations, you’ve got a smart fit pro. If he doubles it to four locations, you’ve got a brilliant fit pro. If he grows it to over 30 locations, you’ve got a an industry legend. If he does it twice, you’ve got Forrest Walden.” - Aaron Crocker, Brand Restoried






“I was one of the original ‘garage gym’ beta-testers back in 2009. I was there in 2010 when the doors opened to the first Iron Tribe Fitness location. I experienced firsthand the power the Tribe had on both myself as a client, and on the community. That’s why I own five ITF locations myself.”

JD GETTMAN FRANCHISEE “My wife, Katie, and I were members of Iron Tribe Fitness before we became owners. That gave us a unique ‘insider’ perspective that was invaluable in making our decision. The company’s purpose statement, “We create fitness communities that change lives,” really spoke to us.”



When my wife introduced me to Iron Tribe Fitness I’ll admit I was hesitant to join, but then I decided to keep an open mind. As I got to know the members, the common refrain I kept hearing was...

“I can’t imagine my life without Iron Tribe.” That consistent theme blew me away. When you sit back and think about it, who would actually say that about their gym? That really resonated with me. That’s why Kate and I became franchisees and started changing lives. And in her words, “It’s extremely rewarding.”

That’s opening almost seven locations a year. That’s when Forrest was given Birmingham Business Journal’s ‘40 Under 40 award’. Then, in 2008, he and a few friends started working out in his garage as a hobby. But that hobby begin to grow so rapidly he was forced to open a brick and mortar business in 2010. That garage gym hobby became Iron Tribe Fitness...one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the world. In the process, Iron Tribe Fitness has been recognized by INC 5000 as ‘One of the Fastest-Growing Companies’ three years in a row. They’ve



I’ve always had a passion for both fitness and business, and I longed to find a way to blend them together. When I came across the Iron Tribe model, something clicked. So in 2014, I became a franchisee. And let me tell you, it has been so fulfilling to own a business that really makes a lasting impact on people’s lives. Not only are we helping others become the best version of themselves, but we also are making a lasting impact though the life-long relationships we are building with our members and team. After opening our second location, there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to...

“Make plans to open more Iron Tribe locations in the future.”

business people do–they seek out proven, successful

Men’s Journal announced Iron Tribe is ‘One of the top 5 workouts

the entrepreneurs he’s help prosper, Forrest Walden is known as

entrepreneurs who can offer valuable and actionable advice. A

in the nation’. InfusionSoft awarded ITF the Ultimate Marketer fo

a fitness business legend. He’s sought out by some of the

few years out of college, in 2001, Forrest opened a personal

smartest business minds, not only in fitness, but also many other

training studio and became the first franchisee on the eastern

types of businesses as well. Hardly a week goes by without

seaboard of a popular fitness franchise called Fitness Together.

the Year. After sorting through thousands of businesses and their customer reviews, The Loyalty 360 company proclaimed Iron Tribe Fitness as having the, ‘Best customer experience and

dozens of calls coming from businesspersons seeking his

In only eight short years, he had grown that concept to 55

engagement’. And Auburn University honored Forrest Walden as

advice. And why wouldn’t they? After all, that’s what smart

locations in three states, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida.

the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ for his excellent work with ITF.

Iron Tribe Fitness


‘One of the fastest-growing companies three years in a row’

received CRM’s coveted Marketer of the Year award.

To the clients he’s trained, to the trainers he’s groomed, and to


And that’s just the beginning.

‘Marketer of the Year’

‘One of the top 5 workouts In the nation’

‘Ultimate Marketer of the Year’

‘Best customer experience and engagement’

‘40 Under 40’

‘Entrepreneur of the Year’




The power of turning fitness into a

The culture, not the equipment, is your advantage.

sport–where every member is on the team–and every one starts. Contrast the utilitarian gym model with Iron Tribe’s team training model, and you’ll notice a stark difference. In ITF’s

of memberships per location, and is designed to serve only a

culture, every individual is treated with the respect of a star

fraction of that number on a daily and monthly basis.

athlete. When a new member joins, our cultivation process showers them in coaching, encouragement and support.

If everyone they signed up were to actually use the

Every member, from the newest to the multi-year athlete,

gym facilities, the system would immediately be

knows they are a valued member of the team.

overloaded. Not only would there be massive overcrowding, the equipment would quickly break down or wear out. It’s a system that oversells

More than a gym. A TRIBE.

memberships hoping the majority never show up. That soulless business model is designed to sign up as many members as possible without caring one iota about their wellbeing. It’s a ‘facility as service’ corporate machine that up-sells expensive personal training, low quality supplements as a profit center, and a token t-shirt as a symbol of belonging.

Iron Tribe Fitness is more than a gym. We are a tribe of members. Our team training model places each member square in the middle of the action. No one is left out. No one feels alone. Everyone knows they are cared for. Our workouts are designed to be intense (but not too intense) and competitive (but only in a good way). It’s in this environ‐ ment–in this culture–that Iron Tribe Fitness is able to trans‐ form bodies faster than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Merely functional, a gym is forgettable.

What people crave is a TRIBE.

Intense workouts in a like-minded community create a tight-knit, nearly unbreakable bond.

Functional gyms (those utilitarian facilities boasting they have

If there is one truth in fitness it’s this: Merely functional, a gym is

all the equipment, amenities, and bells and whistles members

forgettable. That’s why thousands may join a gym and only have

could ever hope for), can be found on almost every corner of our

a few hundred active users. Under this investment model, suc‐

cities. Walk in and what do you see? A sea of equipment from

cess is not based on member participation...rather it’s based on

wall to wall. What do you experience? A pushy sales person

total sales volume. Which, by the way, is the reason so few

looking for a quick commission who could not care less if you

members remain consistent in their workouts. Members are

ever walk through the doors again. How do you feel? You feel

smart. They know when they are viewed as nothing more than a

strangely alone. Unfortunately, that means you are not alone in

number. It’s why millions of gym members never go to the gym

the worst possible of ways. The big-box gym model, and the

they joined. Deep down they say to themselves, “You took my

smaller 24 Hour type fitness models are built to sell thousands

money, but I know you don’t care about me.”


Iron Tribe Fitness


This team training environment creates a unified atmos‐ phere–a esprit de corps–and culture of, “We’re all in this to‐ gether, we’re struggling together, and and we’ll all get through this together.” It’s one of the oldest truisms in the book... When people struggle together, they bond together. They be‐ come friends. They become a team. They become a family forged though sweat and effort. They become a TRIBE.


Introducing Iron Tribe’s 4 unique training programs designed to transform bodies faster than anything you’ve ever experienced. AFTER


TRAIN AT HOME OR IN AN ITF FACILITY It doesn’t matter if your clients are training from the comfort of their homes, or from the electrifying atmosphere of your gym, our



PUSH, POWER, PERFORM, and PEAK transformation programs are proven to get results. Your members can easily schedule their workouts from the Iron Tribe app on their phone. They can choose from one of the four workout options, and choose a specific class time. They can even schedule a time to challenge another Iron Tribe athlete to a friendly workout competition as they attempt to beat each other for bragging rights. It’s all in the spirit of good fun.

Sometimes, all that’s needed for someone to change their life is

Strength, as they say, is the mother of all skill. It’s the foundation

an encouraging PUSH. We all know the hardest part of a fitness

of all skill. Want to play 36 holes of golf in a day without needing

program is getting started. That’s why PUSH is the entry point for

Advil afterward? Become stronger. Want to hit the slopes and ski

most clients seeking a non-intimidating, barbell-free, team style

the day away without threat of injury? Become stronger. Want to

workout. This 45-minute class is perfect for the entry-level

protect yourself against others? Become stronger. That’s why

athlete seeking to scorch body fat, increase their overall fitness,

our 45-minute POWER class is the perfect fit for anyone wanting

and keep one’s metabolism burning calories for hours after one

to take their strength to the next level. Self-promoting from

leaves the gym. And since the focus is on using simple cardio

PUSH to POWER is the next logical step for those wanting to

equipment, body weight exercises, and hand weights, any able-

increase their strength and focus on key power-building lifts, and

bodied person can do it.

aggressive metabolic conditioning.


site, or follow along during a live stream workout with their favorite coach. Our Facebook group is where every member can go to get even more encouragement from their fellow ITF members, and share their struggles and success stories. Whether it’s a face-to-face workout in your gym, or a virtual workout from home, results are just around the corner...and encouragement is daily.


Now we’re talking! Once you’ve got your basic conditioning

If you are ready to rip your shirt off an the beach or pool and have

under your belt with the PUSH program, and have increased your

heads snap around in awe, our one-on-one PEAK nutrition

overall strength in the POWER program, it’s time to increase the

program gets you shredded. This program gets down to the diet

intensity of your workouts with more performance-based

of the matter, making sure you are using the most reliable and

training using our 60-minute PERFORM program. The focus is on

powerful method on the planet: SCIENCE. The science of micros,

increased strength development and high-end skills. At this

macros, and calorie consumption. PEAK is how you shock your

level, you’ll be able to compete against the best athletes in town.

friends the next time they see you!

Iron Tribe Fitness

one of the many archive workouts on our private membership



8 8

Or, if they prefer to do a solo workout from home, they can fire up


Graphic Design & Infrastructure

9 9








The boutique fitness industry has experience over 400%

The trouble with most fitness franchises is the lack of

growth since Iron Tribe entered the market in 2010. A

brand differentiation in both the eyes of the customer



and the owner. That makes for a confused customer

memberships, and 42% of those belong to boutique

and a frustrated owner. Iron Tribe Fitness, on the other

fitness clubs. The demand is enormous and the fitness

hand, was designed to be different before we opened

industry is only expected to grow.

the doors to our first location.

What started as a garage gym hobby in the back yard of Forrest Walden’s home in 2008 has become the vision for launching a new kind of fitness community. Two years later, in 2010, the first Iron Tribe Fitness location opened in Homewood, Alabama. Today, Forrest owns and operates five locations. That means there’s no ivory tower leadership running a franchise who has no idea what it means to be in the trenches.

Gyms and exercise programs that exist in a vaccuum never perform up to their potential. There is no differentiating power in a squat, bench press, or sit up. An exercise is an exercise, no matter what label you put on it. What seperates Iron Tribe from all the other gyms and exercise programs is our culture of belonging. There’s incredible bonding power among the members of Iron Tribe Fitness. Our culture is our differentiation.









We can't think of a better way to spend our lives than

Between 1996 and 2018, fitness membership grew by over 22%, sustaining its growth through recessions,

honor and privilege of changing thousands of lives.

depressions, and epidemics. Not only that, but the

Making meaningful contributions to others is what

annual fitness spend per member increased 2.2% since

makes life fulling and rewarding. If you are like us, it’s

1996, and skyrocketed to 3.5% between the years 2011

what will give your life more meaning, too.

through 2018.

ITF Corporate utilizes their five locations as a testing ground to beta-test every new concept, weed out flawed processes, and ensure a positive ROI before rolling out to franchise partners. Whether it’s a newly designed workout, an emerging technology, or testing a new marketing plan, it all gets proven at ITF Corporate first— at Forrest’s expense—to ensure you’ll profit from it.

Forrest Walden has disrupted the fitness market—twice.

helping other people change theirs. And we’ve had the



Within a week of the U.S. Government-mandated

Being forced to pivot during COVID-19 proved to be a

quarantine, Iron Tribe Fitness pivoted and started

tremendous challenge, and yet, it became a competitive

offering our members a fully functional, online training

advantage over other fitness franchises who were ill-

platform and experience. Plus we signed up over 100

equipped or failed to make the transition. Now, Iron

new virtual members over the 12 weeks of the Great

Tribe Fitness has a sophisticated online/offline


business system that equally gets results for members.

Iron Tribe Fitness


MARKETING THAT WORKS Iron Tribe Fitness considers itself to be a marketing company of its own services first, and fitness provider second. It's why we've won CRM’S Marketer of the Year Award, InfusionSoft’s Ultimate Marketer of the Year Award, and why we’ve made Inc. 5000 lists. Clients on de‐ mand is always the goal, and it’s why ITF was able to sign up over 100 new virtual members during the COVID19 shutdown.

First, in 2001, he opened the first Fitness Together Franchise on the eastern seaboard. It was an industry disrupter because of its private personal training suites and premium pricing. He privately owned six locations himself and secured the Master Franchise rights to three states, AL, NC, and FL. By 2008, Forrest had opened 55 locations...opening almost eight new locations every year. The second time Forrest disrupted the market was when he started Iron Tribe Fitness from scratch! He hired the most experienced training team, the savviest marketing team, and the brightest systems-minded team he could find. The result is one of the best-branded, smoothest operating fitness franchises in the world. Just like before, he’s owns five of his locations and stays in the trenches of operations to ensure both he is leading from the front with his franchisees. Now, there’s over 30 Iron Tribe Fitness franchises opened.





Memberships provide monthly and annual recurring revenue,

Because we stay away from the so-called high-value, low-price

while meal plans, high-quality supplements, and clothing make

(HVLP) gym model, we don’t need to sell 2,000 or more member‐

significant contributions to the bottomline. Then, there are the

ships at $19 or $29 per month. When your fitness model is based

The Iron Tribe Fitness Franchise model offers qualified investors

new member 6-week challenges that serve two purposes.

on premium pricing, like ITF, you get healthy margins in a small

several attractive advantages including, changing lives, broad ap‐

The first is to get people through the door at a discount. The

footprint, so there’s no need to occupy 15,000 to 20,000 square

peal, proven business systems, multiple income streams, strong

second is to up-sell them to regular memberships.

feet of expensive space.




“I can tell you from personal experience that after opening multiple locations of Iron Tribe Fitness, there is something very liberating about a well-run facility. It creates remarkable freedom that affects every part of your life...from family relationships to your confidence in the future.”

ROI financials, and being a service leader.



Our members say it all the time. ITF becomes a self-funding,

Iron Tribe Fitness is a full-service gym experience for members

self-liquidating membership. Athlete’s routinely come off high

who appreciate the uniqueness of our brand value. In the eyes

blood pressure meds. Type 2 diabetics often reduce, or even

of our members, the quality of coaching, our four unique

eliminate their meds altogether based on doctor’s orders. It has

training options, an incredibly supportive culture, and a stellar

become common place for people to lose 10, 25, 50 and even

reputation for getting results are the four major points of

75 pounds and more. In the end, many of our members are

differentiation that helps us command a premium over

saving money by joining Iron Tribe Fitness.

discount gyms.



Thanks to our four core training modalities (PUSH, POWER,

While our current franchise partners come from various back‐

PERFORM, AND PEAK), we are able to offer a broad swath of

grounds, they all join the Iron Tribe team for the same reason.

services to a diverse membership base. For the most

They want an outstanding investment that will benefit

intimidated beginner, we offer PUSH as an easy to digest entry

themselves and their families. The best gym franchises are

point. Members can then self-promote to more challenging

the ones which get great results for their members, generate

classes as they grow in both skill level and confidence.

high ROI for their owners, and will be around for the next generation to inherit.

Keith Trawick Chief Information Officer


“My name is Keith Trawick, and I must

who have, over the last 25 years sought my help in solving some

Payment Processing and Merchant Services division. Why am I

Iron Tribe Fitness is the next great fitness brand to break into the

confess that I am NOTan IronTribe Fitness

of the biggest challenges fitness owners face. Industry leaders

sharing all of this with you? I’m sharing it because it’s important

big leagues. Just like all the other fitness brands I’ve mentioned,

franchisee. So why listen to me? You may

like Crunch Fitness, LA Fitness, David Barton Gym, New York

for you to know that I’ve seen behind the curtains of all these

I’ve seen behind ITF curtains...I’ve seen the inner workings...I’ve

find the answer to that question quite

Health and Racquet Club, and Urban Active who currently operate

brands. I rub elbows with the biggest names in the industry. I have

seen the infrastructure...I’ve seen the leadership team...and I’ve

interesting. Because while you probably

36 clubs. I founded Club Administrative Services, an outsource

intimate knowledge of what it takes for a fitness franchise to

seen the culture that sets them apart. It’s because of my vast ex‐

couldn’t pick me out from a lineup of one,

provider of accounting, payroll, billing, and customer service

succeed, and what it takes to get to the next level of success.

perience that I can say with a clear conscience that Iron Tribe

you’re likely to recognize the names of the

functions for health and fitness clubs. I’ve also served as Senior

major fitness companies I’ve worked with,

Vice President for ABC Financial, where I created and led the

Iron Tribe Fitness


Fitness is better than them all. It’s also why I firmly believe ITF is So hear me now.

the best investment an investor can make in fitness.




It has been proven time and again. There is a strong market for the Iron Tribe Fitness brand, and members frequently thank franchise owners for bringing it to their city. And we’ll be beside you every step of the way providing all training and support you need to open your doors with confidence.

FULL BUSINESS TRAINING In preparation to getting your franchise up and running profitably in the shortest time possible, we do everything in our power to leave nothing to chance. That’s why from the moment you sign the franchise agreement, we are at your side both virtually and in person, to train you and your staff for opening day and beyond.



Design, as they say, is everything. From the moment a

Naturally, the construction phase is where you start seeing

prospect drives into your parking lot and sees the outside of

your dream come true. Day by day, you’ll notice both walk

your building, first impressions matter. Design is the first

by and drive by traffic curiously looking to see what

emotional imprint your prospect will have with you and your

progress has been made. You’ll proudly take progress pic‐

staff. It’s the first unconscious impression that leaves a

tures to post on social media and help build anticipation.

mark. It’s the moment when your prospect is impressed in all

From the initial Scope of Work to opening your doors, we

the best of ways.That’s why we’ll guide you all the way through

are here for you.

PRE-SALE SUPPORT Marketing begins four months out from opening your doors. This gives you plenty of time to create pre-sale so you can have a solid base of members the day you open your doors. Then, about two weeks from opening, you’ll do aggressive guerrilla marketing to further drive members into your Tribe.

the design phase.

SITE SELECTION PHASE Choosing the correct site is critical to your success. That’s why we’ll walk you through every step of the process. Drawing from decades of experience in franchising, we’ll make sure your mar‐ ket research, demographics, site selection, and structural re‐ quirements are all in line with the most successful Iron Tribe Franchise locations.


Iron Tribe Fitness



IRON TRIBE’S BEHIND-THE-SCENES SYSTEMS KEEP YOU ON TRACK & ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS While your members are accessing their workouts on the front side of the portal, you’ll be managing your business systems on the back side with our world-class software tailored specifically for Iron Tribe Fitness Franchise Corporation. We call it Iron Tribe Central, but you’ll call it a life saver. That’s because it puts everything you need to run a very profitable business at your fingertips. From contacts to contracts, from invoices to class schedules to special events, it’s all just a few clicks away, and assessable at any time from any device. Iron Tribe Central gives you the know-how to do everything right, and keep your business on track as you change lives and secure your future. It’s the same technology being used by more than 30 of Iron Tribe’s most successful franchisees. But there’s no reason to envy all them–when you can join them. When you do, we’ll train you on Iron Tribe Central so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. Because if there’s one thing we’ve discovered over the last 20 years franchising in the fitness industry, it’s that the magic is in the margin. It’s not how much money you make that counts...it’s how much money you keep that will change your life.

IRON TRIBE’S REVENUE MODEL: CHANGE AS MANY LIVES AS POSSIBLE On the surface, it may sound strange to say our revenue model is based on changed lives. But let me explain. While the big-box gym franchises consider themselves HVLP (High Value, Low Price) solutions to the fitness market, it’s that kind of model that actually de-emphasizes the changing of lives. As an investment opportunity, their business model is based solely on total sales volume–not on changing lives.

How we do that on a practical level comes in many forms. Iron Tribe Fitness generates recurring revenue through tier-priced memberships, and ancillary sales from prepackaged foods, ITF-branded clothing, supplements, and small group training.

In stark contrast, Iron Tribe Fitness’ revenue model could not be more diametrically opposed. We are in business to create fitness communities that change lives. As a mission-based company, that’s ultimately all that matters to us. Because here’s what we know for certain: when we change enough lives, prosperity, wealth, and fulfillment in life naturally find us. We are rewarded in direct proportion for our blessings on humanity.

The tiered membership model appeals to a wide variety of potential customers, as well as existing members who selfpromote to our smaller, more intimate, more costly group classes. Those who are looking to establish a fitness routine are often times attracted to our New Client Transformation Challenges. This allows prospects a no-risk taste of the ITF culture and coaching. During their initial assessment call, they are invited to join Iron Tribe as a new, paying member. This is the secret of how we sold over 100 virtual clients during the COVID19 shutdown.

Zig Ziglar’s famous quote sums up Iron Tribe’s revenue model perfectly: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want.”

While members are at the gym, our franchise partners enjoy additional sales of ITF-branded clothing, supplements, and prepackaged meal plans.

That theme became Iron Tribe’s official purpose, “Create fitness communities that change lives.”

At every touch in the members journey, they know they are cared for. They are exposed to the coaches where counting reps is replaced with coaching cues... our electrifying culture of support is the secret to holding our members accountable to their goals... and the encouragement of their fellow members keep them wanting to come back again and again. In the end, transformation happens and lives change.

As you can see, it’s more than a tagline. It’s more than a slogan. It’s our core identity. It’s our reason for being. And it’s our competitive advantage. When we change lives, we change our own. In our estimation, that’s the best way to spend our lives.

And the way you can increase your margins is to have the right technology working for you behind the scenes.


Iron Tribe Fitness



OUR SUCCESS LIES IN OUR CULTURE CODES In his fascinating national best seller, The Culture Code, author Coltaire Rapaille explains an ingenious way to understand why people around the world live and buy as they do. The answer is in discovering the codes–THE CULTURE CODES. Iron Tribe Fitness is built on 9 CODES we embrace and live by. These codes are the secret behind our success, and one’s ability to internalize them determines the level of success an Iron Tribe Fitness owner will enjoy.











Iron Tribe Fitness


VALUABLE RESOURCES TO LEARN MORE Hardly a week goes by without Forrest receiving dozens of calls coming from business persons seeking his advice. Because of this, and because he wants to help more entrepreneurs succeed, Forrest has written two books readily available on Amazon. The first book is entitled, Iron Tribe, From Garage Hobby To Fitness Franchise. It tells the fascinating origin story of how a 24-year-old, fresh graduate from Auburn University, entered the competitive fitness market by becoming a franchisee of Fitness To‐ gether, a private personal training studio franchise based in Denver, Colorado.

From there, you discover how Forrest sold his Fitness Together Franchise business, and how a garage gym hobby became the vision for Iron Tribe Fitness. In the second book, Forrest partnered with world renown direct response marketer, Dan Kennedy, to write the No B.S. Guide To Brand-Building By Direct Response. In it, you’ll discover many of the secrets Forrest used to win InfusionSoft’s Ultimate Marketer of the Year Award...CRM’s Marketer of the Year Award...and Auburn University’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Remarkably, Forrest successful disrupted the fitness market in Birmingham, Alabama. From there, he became the Master Franchisor of three states, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida. In only eight short years

From there, Forrest has created a podcast entitled, TribeCast, where he has 69 customer reviews of 4.9 out of 5.

(2001 to 2008), Forrest grew his share of Fitness Together Franchise Corporation to 55 locations.

It’s no surprise, then, that many business professionals change their lives after talking with Forrest.


Iron Tribe Fitness




Iron Tribe Fitness




Iron Tribe Fitness




Iron Tribe Fitness




Iron Tribe Fitness



INTRODUCING THE ITF LEADERSHIP TEAM – A TRIBE OF CULTURE-MINDED VISIONARIES– In the fitness space where Iron Tribe Fitness competes against

only because you haven’t experienced it–YET. The moment you do,

the utilitarian, High Value Low Price ($19 to $29 per month) big-

however, you’ll realize just how powerful it is to have a class full

box gyms requiring up to 20,000 square feet of space (and the

of your fellow members surround you, encouraging you, and

massive lease payments that come with it), our average monthly

even knocking out extra repetitions along side you to help you

membership fee exceeds $200 per month. And our members are

finish your workout. It’s electrifying. It’s awe-inspiring. And it’s

are not only delighted to pay it, they invite their family, friends and

life-changing. Most remarkably, what more than 30 Iron Tribe

co-workers to join them. How is this possible? If I had to answer

Fitness franchisees have discovered is that the ITF culture is not

that question in a single word, it would be: CULTURE. If the idea of

only scalable, it’s infectious. It’s rooted in positive energy.

culture feels a bit intangible and ethereal to you at the moment it’s

Positivity and energy are contagious in the best possible ways.









Jenny manages Iron Tribe's financial operations and oversees human resource needs. Since joining the corporate team, Jenny has helped the business grow and thrive in an ever-evolving industry. She lives outside Birmingham with her husband and two sons. When she's not crunching numbers, you'll find her enjoying quiet time on the porch or serving her local church in a myriad of roles.


Forrest pioneered Iron Tribe Fitness from his home garage in 2010, quickly franchising the company to include 30 locations throughout the country. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, Forrest remains committed to Iron Tribe's core mission of creating fitness communities that change lives. Forrest graduated from Auburn University and lives in Homewood, Ala., with his four children and wife, Mendy.

Back in 2009, while the first location of Iron Tribe Fitness was still under construction, a staff member brought Karen to help clean the facility and lay rubber flooring. She jumped in with both feet as if she were already the president of ITF. As soon as the doors opened in 2010, she became a client and won ITF’s first ever transformation challenge. Since then, Karen has literally worn every hat in the company. Today, she serves as brand president.







Kyle brings extensive fitness knowledge to the Iron Tribe Fitness brand. After he was recruited in 2013, he began implementing his comprehensive understanding and diverse experience in the field of strength and conditioning to radically improve the Iron Tribe Fitness program. Kyle continuously works to develop and improve Iron Tribe Fitness workouts through innovative product development and ongoing coach development.


Iron Tribe Fitness


Sarah oversees social media and design for Iron Tribe Fitness. Through multiple creative platforms, Sarah helps to share the mission of Iron Tribe so others can be transformed by the program, and ultimately become the healthiest version of themselves. She also helps manage brand-wide communication and ensures franchise owners have access to the latest tools and information.

Jessica's first role at Iron Tribe started in 2011 serving as a coach at the first ever location in Homewood, Alabama. With an extensive background in coaching competitive gymnastics, Jessica took to the job quickly. Today, Jessica helps recruit, hire, develop and onboard coaches for the corporate and franchise gyms. She teaches our Coaches 101 and 201 programs and is an invaluable asset to the product side of the business.

Keith has 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Most recently, he served as EVP for ClubReady, a leading ERP vendor in the health and wellness space. He also lead the operations at ABC Financial, as Senior Vice President. Keith has also served as CIO for Crunch Fitness, New York Health and Racket Club, Urban Active, and David Barton Gym. Keith is married and has five children. He holds a BA from the University of Alabama.


Ricky is the CEO of Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, with over 300 locations across 15 states. Most recently, Ricky successfully negotiated the sale of Express Oil & Tire Engineers to Golden Gate Capital. He has been the key advisor and mentor to Forrest Walden’s growth for over 20 years. Ricky is married and lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Marjean, who is a best selling author.

Meghan oversees membership statuses and correspondence for Iron Tribe Fitness. She makes sure all back-end systems are running smoothly and correctly so each member has a consistent experience. When she's not managing multiple spreadsheets, you'll find Meghan enjoying time with her son and sipping small-batch coffee from one of her favorite local brewers.


NEXT STEPS: OUTLINE OF THE PROCESS FOR BECOMING AN IRON TRIBE FITNESS OWNER “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe In the introduction of this packet, we started with a quote from Daniel Burnham: “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood...” In closing out this booklet, we’ve included a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” In both quotes, the theme is the same. “Find something to do with your life that stirs your blood and moves your heart.” It’s a universal desire to want to live our lives for something greater than ourselves on this earth. If you, like us, can’t imagine of a better way to spend your life than by helping other people change theirs, then take the first step and give us a call.

STEP 1: INITIAL/FOLLOW UP CALL On our call, we’ll have a brief discussion about your de‐ sired territory, and if it is available. We’ll also discuss your financial ability to make the investment. Mostly, we’ll get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit culturally. When we say culturally, we’re looking to see if your desire to change lives is in line with our company mission: To create fitness communities that change lives. Assuming the answer is “yes,” we’ll schedule a webinar to share our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

STEP 4: WEBINAR AND Q&A: This is 45 to 60-minute meeting designed to provide a detailed look into the ITF brand, our culture, what is offered to our members and the support we provide our franchise partners. We will also answer any questions you have about the FDD.

STEP 5: DISCOVERY DAY You’ll be invited to meet the corporate team at our home office in Birmingham, Alabama. Here, you’ll get to see our five corporate locations in action. You’ll experience the Iron Tribe Fitness culture for yourself. You’ll get a firsthand, behind-the-scenes look at what makes Iron Tribe Fitness so special. And of course, you’ll hear from our President, Karen Boardwater, and CEO, Forrest Walden, as they share the vision and future of Iron Tribe Fitness.

ITF FRANCHISE QUALIFICATIONS As you’d expect, an Iron Tribe Fitness Franchise is not for everyone. And while your investment in becoming an ITF owner is not insignificant, it’s a fraction of the cost of owning a utilitarian bigbox gym franchise needing up to $2 million in net worth, a facility that requires up to 20,000 square feet (not to mention the lease payment that goes with it), and over 2,000 members paying $19 to $29 per month just to break even on a monthly basis.

In stark contrast, the day your Iron Tribe Fitness community hits the 300 membership mark, you’ll be begging to open your second location. Instead of needing 15,000 to 20,000 square feet, you’ll only need 2,500 to 5,000 square feet. Most importantly, when your fitness community reaches 300, you’ll be generating about the same revenue per month that a big-box gym generates with 2,000 members. Except you’ll be doing it at a fraction of the investment... and your margins can be incredibly healthy.

Crunch Fitness, for example, boasts they have 6,368 members per location. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of volume it takes to make a profit under that investment model. And here’s the secret they don’t want you to know.The nation’s commercial gyms require 10 times more members than they can handle just to break even.

Most importantly, your members will thank you for bringing ITF to their neighborhood, because you’ll be building fitness communities that changes lives. So, don’t envy us. Join us.









STEP 2: FDD REVIEW The FDD is a document regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. It is not a contract. It’s purpose is to serve as a summary of key information about the franchise system and the legal relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. If it’s your first time reading an FDD, you will likely have a lot of questions. We’ll be happy to an‐ swer any of your questions and clear up any concerns.

STEP 3: APPLICATION In this step you’ll submit a Franchise Application and Per‐ sonal Financial Statement. Neither document creates obli‐ gations on either side.


Iron Tribe Fitness


If, after your Discover Day experience, you’d like to move forward with becoming an Iron Tribe Fitness franchisee ...and if our executive team agrees that you are likely to thrive as an Iron Tribe Fitness owner, you will be offered a Franchise Agreement.

STEP 7: FRANCHISE AGREEMENT SIGNED Congratulations! You are now an Iron Tribe Fitness Franchise owner. You’ll be working hand-in-hand with our corporate team over the next 8-12 months as we help you scout out the best location and negotiate the lease. Actual construction usually takes three to four months. As construction is going on, you’ll begin marketing and pre-sales, which allow you to open your door with an existing membership base.


6% 1%








Dear fellow entrepreneur, Imagine rolling out of bed every day with a sense of purpose driving you, meaningful mission in front of you, and a highly-skilled team around you. The purpose is to change lives. The mission is to change as many lives as possible. And your team is the force by which you accomplish both. Sound too good to be true? Not if you ask Jamie Warren, a multi-unit, Iron Tribe Fitness franchise owner in Tennessee... “Forrest, I have just returned from attending an event at my gym in Nashville. One client after another walked up to me to thank me for bringing this business to their city. They are passionate and excited about the results they are getting. They love the great team around them, and they told me how much Iron Tribe has impacted their lives. In those few moments, I felt like you must have been feeling all these years as Birmingham clients continue to give you that same feedback!” Both Jamie and I, along with dozens of other franchisees, agree that we can’t think of a better way to spend our lives than by helping other people change theirs. For example, envision cancer patients, victims of multiple sclerosis, men with triglycerides in the 2,000’s (normal is under 150), and women carrying 100 extra pounds of bodyweight. Then, visualize the doctors who treat them, the pharmacists who provide for them, and the families who love them. Finally, imagine the one fitness community where they all workout side-by-side...and when you do, you’ll discover that special place is called Iron Tribe Fitness. If you are ready for a life-changing career, both for yourself and your clients, then I invite you to schedule a follow-up meeting with us to discuss the next steps in becoming an Iron Tribe


Fitness franchisee. When you do, we’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), and have you fill out the Request for Consideration (RFC) paperwork. As soon as we get all those necessary steps out of the way, then we’ll invite you to come to Birmingham, Alabama to personally see our five units, and experience our Discovery Day. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a life of purpose to gain. Sincerely,

Forrest Walden


Iron Tribe Fitness




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Iron Tribe Fitness - Franchising  

Everything you need to know about building and growing you Tribe.

Iron Tribe Fitness - Franchising  

Everything you need to know about building and growing you Tribe.


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